Silverback Named Top Banana

The faceless voters who cast ballots for the NFL’s annual year end awards finally got one right in naming Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year.

The Silverback collected 101 tackles this year, 16 of which were sacks ( a new team record).  He also forced 7 fumbles with his patented tomahawk chop and even picked off a pass for good measure.  Pretty good for an undrafted free agent who was on Baltimore’s practice squad then sent to NFL Europe before finding a home with the Steelers.

Harrison also tied for 4th in the MVP voting, an award he should have also won if not for the ignorant and shortsighted media types who select these things.  He tied with Adrian Peterson, who fumbles if a stiff breeze blows through.  They trailed one behind Chad Pennington, the noodle-arm last seen flinging wounded ducks to Raven defenders and whose qualifications seem to be winning three less games than us in a worse division with a last place schedule.  Clearly, Peyton Manning won the award on reputation alone as he basically didn’t show up the first six weeks of the season and has a head shaped like a #2 pencil.

Oh well, hope that underserved award keeps you warm at night, Pey-Pey, as you watch the rest of the playoffs from the comfort of your home.  As usual.

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  • alisonm87

    Woo hoo! The award-givers finally did get one right. And what better way to celebrate than to don the new, ultra-cool and ULTRA-comfy Steelers Mammoth Crocs that I received in the mail today! Thanks so much for hosting the Crocs contest – these shoes are seriously the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Here we go, Steelers!

  • Chris

    You’re most welcome, Alison.  See, dear readers, you win ultra-comfortable footwear, the Silverback wins DPOTY…  Everybody wins on Nice Pic, Cowher.  Hopefully the trend continues this Sunday.

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  • Throwbacks

    It’s not often I find a really good football article online, most are the same ole’ thing just rehashed.
    Thanks for posting something I could really sit down and read.