Beating Ravens = Taking Candy From A Baby (Contest!)

There’s nothing like the smell of playoffs in the air.  Everywhere you go in Pittsburgh, there are signs to remind you of this weekend’s impending contest with the Baltimore Ravens.  You cannot escape it.  This city lives and breathes their Steelers.

If you’re like me, you walk a fine line between cautiously optimistic and absolute wreck.  I’m not some Rainman-like savant, although it would come in handy if the North Shore Casino was ever finished.  I’m not a superstitious person by nature (I own a black cat and yes, his collar is gold) but playoff time seems to kick my OCD reflex into high gear.

Walking around downtown, the assortment of scraggly unshaven faces tell me I’m not the only one like this.  A Playoff Beard is only my first concession to a successful post season run.  Does anybody else wear the exact same shirt week after week if the Steelers continue to win?  The same pants?   Same underwear?  C’mon, I can’t be the only one.

When I watch ESPN and hear the talking heads jumping aboard the Pittsburgh bandwagon or see things like the current cover of Sports Illustrated, I get nervous.  When email buddies from inferior NFL cities tell me they have a feeling the Steeler are going to the…  I have to stop them and shush them up, lest their words jinx the team.

I was thinking back to the last time the Ravens and Steelers faced off.  There was a lot on the line that crisp December day.  The AFC North title.  A guaranteed spot in the playoffs.  A first round bye.

And a couple pair of Steeler Crocs.

To that end, I thought if a contest riding on the game brought the Steelers luck last time, we HAVE to do something similar this time.  Cue the people at Mars Snackfood, makers of fine chocolate candies.  Through my ever-growing influence and their kind generosity, we’re teaming up to announce the first ever Beating The Ravens Is Like Taking Candy From A Baby M&M Contest.

These aren’t any plain ordinary M&M’S, though.  These are officially licensed Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Blends M&M’S.  Mars has reached an agreement with the NFL to produce a line of My Team M&M’S which are customized with the logos and colors for every team in the league.  How cool is the Steeler version (pictured above)?

Whether it’s a gift for that special fan in your life, adding team spirit to your baked goods, or serving a really unique snack at your Steeler Sunday party, these are guaranteed to be a big hit.  You can purchase them directly from the My M&M’S website in either 7-oz bags or a 5-pound box.

You can also win some from me.  The people at Mars have kindly gifted you lucky NPC readers a chance at not one not two but FIVE 7-oz bags (retail price $12.99 each) of these customized Steeler M&M’S.   All you have to do is what you did last time.  Guess the TOTAL NUMBER OF POINTS you expect to see scored this Sunday in the AFC Championship game.  In other words, dream up a final score, add the numbers together, and post that guess IN THE COMMENTS.

If your guess is grossly incompetent, your sweet tooth will still have a shot at winning as I’ll take all the participants, put their names in my Steeler ball cap, and pick a 2nd winner.  One guess, two shots at winning.  Each winner gets five bags and I’ll contact them for their addresses and info after the contest is over.

I received a sample of these M&M’S and let me tell you I’m not only a hero at work for sharing the coolness, I can’t wait for this weekend when my friends and family get a load of my find.  So put your thinking caps on and enter the first annual BRLTCFB M&M Contest!  I really need to come up with a shorter name for this thing…

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  • Tenser

    Total score of 41

  • Todd Williams

    I think the Steelers will win 19-17, for a total of 36 points.

  • Uncle Dave

    Steelers win 21-17, with a total of 38 points scored.

  • http://ebonybird gilly mccully

    uncle dave, uncle dave, there making fun of hines ward over at the ebony bird……they said he looks like emporor ming’s shit or something like that. they said he’s a cheap shoy artist and shgould be fined big by the league. but i gotem good uncle dave, i told them i hope hines knocks ed reed the f^ck out. yeah i told em back uncle dave, i sure did… guys gotta get over there right away.there bad men, baaadddd men

  • The Ebony Bird

    Hey NPC, we might launch something like your guess the score contest at the EB.  And I haven’t looked much, but are you launching the 24/7 Chat feature?  I’m predicting a 38-34 victory for the Ravens in a suprising offensive shootout.  Or not.

  • Chris

    Ebony: No plans for a chat feature at this time. And I don’t think the Ravens could score 38 points on the Steeler defense if they played 3 games on the same day.

  • Andrew M

    Cool contest!

    I believe Pittsburgh wins it by a score of 20-13, 33 points scored.

  • Dave

    I predict 27-10 as the final score…Don’t ask me how they’ll score a TD. But, that’s my score and I’m sure we’ll find a way to let them have a junk TD.

    Total score = 37

  • Ben

    Final Score: Pittsburgh 24 – Ravens 13



  • Robyn

    Steelers: 17
    Ravens: 13

    total points: 30

    By the way, just wanted to say love the site!  I just happened to stumble upon it the other day.  good stuff here!

  • Terry

    Steelers: 38
    Ratbirds: 6

    Total: 44

    Go Steelers!

  • Craig Stokan

    17 – 3 Stillers…..Total of 20

  • Carleen

    13-10 Steelers! Total of 23.

  • Ryan

    31 total, 19-12 Steel.

  • Jason A

    Too superstitious to predict a winner, so..

    Total score=22 points

  • John

    Steelers win 20 – 14, total score 34!

  • Harrison P

    Steelers Taking It To The House!
    17-13, Total Score 30!

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  • synecdoche

    Steelers 20 Ravens 14
    Total of 34 points scored

  • Steve

    21-10 Steelers. 31 total.

  • Drunkbear

    Mr Woodley 7, ravens 6.  Rest of the Steelers 10
    Total score: 23 combined.

  • SteelerfaninDallas

    Steelers 21
    Cravens 9
    Total 30
    Steeler fan in Dallas

  • Todd

    Total score: 27.

    Total non-calls on Harrison holds: 4.

  • Mike

    Total pts — 26

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  • DebraC

    Steelers 20  Ravens 13 = 33 points total and I want my M&M’s!

  • steelersrule13

    I am going with 34 points total 24-10 good guys

    ready for a shot at #6!!!!

  • Ryan Mastrangelo

    41 points total,
    god only knows how many pints total

  • Kelli Hart

    Total 52: Ravens 24 Steelers 28

    Go Steelers!