Cardinal Fans Act Like Philadelphians

There’s an old saying about how nothing poisons people like the spoils of success.

Members of Steeler Nation have been burdened by those spoils for over three decades.  Most inferior NFL teams are happy when they simply make the playoffs. We’re only satisified with championships. The bar has been set high but thanks to people like Dan Rooney and his well-run organization, satisfaction is ours more often than not.

Every once in awhile, one of those teams which has been a proverbial dog for a long long time manages to get the sun to shine brightly on its ass. And when that happens, their fanbase doesn’t know how to react.

Take for example the Fighting Belicheats. New Englanders barely acknowledged their football team until Bill Parcells took them to the Super Bowl in 1996.  Once they started to cheat win championships, all of a sudden a rabid fanbase emerged from the woodwork.  This phenomenon isn’t unusual. When long-suffering fanbases begin to win, they tend to go from one extreme of not caring about their team to the other extreme of being obnoxious homers.

They don’t know how to enjoy victory with the humility and class of Steeler fans.  They don’t act like they’ve been there before because they haven’t been there before.  Oakland, Denver, Indianapolis, and New England are but some examples of this.  Philly and New York fans are D-bags as well but that has nothing to do with winning or losing because they come by their douchebaggery naturally.

Which brings us to the Arizona Cardinals. The Cards have been around for 60+ years and have tortured three different cities with their sad and pitiful ways. The most recent victim has been Arizona, where the Cards have finished in the bottom third of the league on a regular basis since moving there in 1988. They’ve done nothing but maintain a position as the doormats of the league until this year.

And now their fans don’t how to react. At first, they reacted with joy. Then joy turned to denial. This denial culminated in the disgraceful display of barely selling out the stadium for their first home playoff game in forty years.  But with more winning came a stampede to jump on the bandwagon.  Which has now culminated in the story of two yahoos who decided to celebrate their biggest ever win by using diesel fuel to burn pro-Cardinal slogans in the lawn of Eagles’ QB Donovan McNabb.

At first, I simply saw the act as sympathy for their Philly brethren who couldn’t get there to do it themselves.  Then I debated whether the criminal act was classless because they lit something on fire or because they lit something of McNabb’s on fire?   After settling on the latter, I noticed one of the fine gentlemen wore his Cardinal hat in his mug shot which told me it was indeed a show of support for the team.  A show of support against a team they already beat.  Well, they are unaccustomed to winning…

And to be fair, the whole incident would have been a lot smaller except McNabb tried to throw water on the fire with a bucket but came up 2 yards short.

Thank you, I’ll be here all week.  In the meantime, stay classy Arizona.

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  • Tim Redinger

    Isn’t it always like that in a lot of markets – Buffalo is no different (unless your talking football, were always there).  But take our NHL team for example, before the lockout season they couldn’t give seats away.  One hot season and behold, a waiting list and a cap on the number of season ticket holders.  The sports fan in many a market can be fickle.

  • Chris

    Fickle I can understand.  Pittsburgh is a great sports town but if the PIrates miraculously became decent, there’d be about 20,000 new fans spring up out of nowhere.  That’s fine.  What I don’t understand it totally apathetic fanbases who suddenly become rabid flag waving tattoo getting frothing at mouth when defending their team lunatics.

  • Always Sonny

    “A show of support against a team they already beat.”

    I’m sorry but this actually happened before the game was played.  McNabb took a picture of it to get pumped up.  Moreover, this comparison to Philly fans because they don’t act like they’ve been there before is illogical.  Philly in the last 15 years has witnessed all 4 teams make it to their respective championship, as well as the Phillies making it twice.  In that span, there has also included 8 conference championship losses (4 for the Flyers, 4 for the Eagles).  Add 5 title appearances with 8 conference title appearances  and you have 13 teams who provided hope and only one delivered.  Act like you’ve been there before?  Yeeaaaa, actually we’ve been there too many times and always know that dissapointment will probably rear its ugly head.  In short, don’t ever compare AZ to Philly because even your readers, like the ones above, will call bullshit.  Also, Pittsburgh is smaller than Aurora, Colorado and nobody wants to live there.  That’s why half your fan base who you think is so wonderful lives somewhere else.  Right, that’s REAL loyalty there.

    Oh, and your baseball team sucks there laddy, and the only basketball legacy you have is a movie called “Fish that saved Pittsburgh.”  Dr. J, Wilt Chamberlain, Moses Malone, World B Free, Sir Charles, and Allen Iverson would like to know if you even have a squad.  Finally, you must be half-retarded because not too long ago your hockey team was going under, and if it weren’t for The Kid nobody would be at your stinkin Igloo.  Loyalty, my ass.  Act like you’ve been there before?  How about act like you know what you’re talking about.

  • Chris

    Always well spoken Philly fans. Your team lost so why don’t you just go beat your wife or abuse an animal or whatever it is you guys do for fun? Only winners are permitted to post here.

  • Always Sonny


  • Chris

    Ah, you guys sure know how to win with class.  Guess that’s why your baseball team wins one every 50 years.   And your city wins one in any sport every 35 years or so.  Must be awesome to look forward to that next one in 2045.

  • WJS

    Pittsburgh fans are the last people that need to be taking shots at other teams. The biggest bunch of front runners follow the Steelers and the Pens. The Pens were dead last in attendance in 03/04. Just goes to show you that they are just like cockroaches.

    The people in PGH sound like uneducated hicks. The city is ugly and the people are big and fat with mullets.

    be thankful you have sports because that city has NOTHING else going for it.

  • chris

    What are you, 12 years old? Did mommy let you borrow her laptop overnight? I’d respond to your insults but I’m not going to pick on either a minor or an adult suffering from mental retardation. Then again, I guess that goes without saying for somebody who is blissfully ignorant of the fact Pittsburgh is world class when it comes to theater, music, art, and culture while Philly is only world class when it comes to crack addiction and wife beating.

  • Robyn