Cardinal Fans Declare War On Steeler Nation

I tried to be nice.

Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon, with an assist from the Arizona Cardinal’s goofy looking mascot, decided the best way to pump up a crowd of diehard Cardinal supporters, all twelve of them, was to disgrace the Terrible Towel. I’ve spent the last two weeks poking gentle fun at the team but didn’t have any desire to viciously belittle them like I would have the Philadelphia Eagles had they not choked away yet another NFC Championship game. I’ve resisted picking on them because doing so is like making fun of a short bus kid who shows up at Prom dressed like Mr. Peanut. But with that one simple act, the Cardinals and their fair-weather fans have shown themselves to be the same classless jackasses as you find in numerous other NFL cities.

I am sick and tired of people desecrating the Towel. If the only way you can excite your fanbase is to tear down a symbol of another team’s greatness, that’s pretty pathetic. Almost as pathetic as the Tennessee Titans or Washington Redskins producing their own team towels in a sad attempt to copy the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Not to mention the NFL’s plan to produce “Trophy Towels” to further enrich the league piggy bank. Guess fining Steeler players for clean hits isn’t quite enough for Herr Goodell. Here’s an idea, come up with your own original concept, assclowns.

If you’re from another NFL city visiting this blog to see what fans of a real team talk about, let me explain something to you. The Terrible Towel was started by legendary Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope in 1975. All profit from their sale goes to help children with autism. Desecrating it not only speaks ill of you but is tantamount to picking on the handicapped.  Even a paper as clueless as the New York Times gets it in this tremendous article about all the good the Towel has done for people.  Terrible Towels have been spotted everywhere from the deserts of Iraq to floating around in outer space, not because fans like to wave stuff, but because of the history and tradition they represent.

When will people learn? Disgracing the Towel never ends well.  Bengals WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh decided to shine his shoes with one back in 2005 and the result was a busted knee for Carson Palmer and three years of misery for the team. Titans RB Lendale White thought it was funny to stomp a mudhole in a Towel following a victory over the Steelers a few months ago. Where’s your team at now, Tubby? Oh right, you’re sitting on your couch gaining weight faster than Jessica Simpson watching the Steelers play in the Super Bowl after going one and done.

Hopefully on Sunday the Terrible Towel once again strikes down upon the undeserving Cardinals with the same great vengeance and furious anger it has brought to others who dared to mock the symbol of Steeler Nation.

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  • AZScott

    This is SO not a story.  If it was such a story, why did it take until today for ESPN to grab hold of it?  It’s a towel!!  It’s not like it’s the American flag.  It’s one thing if a player or coach or front office staff member did it like the fools in Tennessee, but this was the mayor of Phoenix.  The team doesn’t even play in Phoenix.  They play in Glendale and practice in Tempe…and now the Cards are undeserving?  The team had nothing to do with what happened at the airport Monday morning.

  • Chris

    According to the article, ESPN didn’t get the video until yesterday.  And I don’t care who desecrated the Towel, I still see your dopey mascot there along with moron fans hooting and hollaring about it.  Watch the video and listen to what Ditka says:  act like you’ve been there before (ie show some class).  The Cardinals have now shown they get a little taste of success and they act like assholes so now you deserve to lose.

  • Pete

    Let’s make one thing very, very clear:  Steeler Nation isn’t just some half-assed, lukewarm connection between the fans and our team.  If you’ve ever been on the street in Pittsburgh during a home game, you’d know that.  We take our football and our team very seriously and we take our colors and our symbols seriously as well.  The team’s logo and flag belong to the Rooney’s and the organization.  That’s a good thing and there are no issues there.  The Towel, however, was created by a fan.  Forget, for a moment, that Myron Cope was a broadcaster.  Forget that he was near and dear to the Roonyes, to the point of being bitched out by The Chief in a downtown restaurant, which caused Dan Rooney to welcome him into the family.  Myron was, first and foremost, a fan; he was one of us.  The Towel is his and when you disrespect it, in our minds, you are not only disrespecting our team and our region, you’re disrespecting Myron.  We take that kind of thing very seriously.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Cliff Harris if he remembers an incident in Super Bowl X that pretty much guaranteed the Cowboy’s loss.  Lambert planted Harris on his wallet that afternoon because Harris disrespected us.  Even our kickers take it seriously.  How many other teams had kickers who were flagged for Unnecessary Roughness this year, or any year?

    This is Steeler Nation, Scott.  You obviously don’t have a clue and neither does your mayor, but that’s alright; we’ll give you an education that you won’t forget.

    Here we go Steelers, HERE WE GO!

  • Chris

    Well put, Pete.  I’ll just add that if fans need to tear down our symbols to make themselves feel better, that’s a pretty sad commentary on how much they care about their team.

  • BuffaloBill

    You freaking fans in Pennsylvania need to get a life. You make it out to like some sort of religion. Sick

  • Chris

    If your team had a history to be proud of instead of a history of losing every big game you ever played, maybe you’d understand.

  • busky

    Well said.

  • buskyman

    A pathetic display by the mayor of Phoenix.