Steelers Want Big Ben To Die

Ever wish and pray something you knew would happen wouldn’t happen?  Ever hope things might go a certain way even though deep down inside you know they won’t?

That’s how I felt yesterday when the Pittsburgh Steelers announced the resigning of RG Chris Kemoeatu.  Yes the man who my astute readers overwhelming didn’t want back next year is coming back for more. And not only is he coming back, his resume full of suck earned him a massive raise.  Hey it works for the auto industry, why not the NFL?  Why oh why didn’t my mother fall in love with a 6’5 Tongan instead of a 5’5 Italian?  Evidently a massive body with no neck nor talent is enough to be paid top dollar by the Super Bowl champions these days.

It’s a 5 year contract for $20 million.  Luckily, only $6 million of it is guaranteed so if Kemo performs like he did this year, he can be cut with very little repercussion.  But that’s not the point.  The point is when there are better players out there for the same price, it boggles my mind why they’d bring this guy back.  Loyalty?  Potential?  Whatever it is, I don’t see it.   All I see is him standing motionless as he gets beat for a sack (team high 7.5 surrendered) or flagged for a holding penalty (2nd on the team with 11).

With Kemo locked up and Max Starks franchised, it appears the Steelers are done working on their OL until the draft rolls around in April.  They’re about $10 million under the newly adjusted cap but they have to address depth in CB and WR due to impending losses in those areas (Sorry, Maxine).  I would have liked to at least bring in one FA lineman to provide some options.  I’m not as down on this current bunch as many of you readers are but when any group allows 50+ sacks two years in a row, that’s not good.  Let’s be honest, QB Ben Roethlisberger is the franchise.  Every time he’s sacked, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your entire season.

I would think the Steelers would be interested in cutting that number down a bit but evidently not.  Mark it down right now, your starting Offensive Line for the defending champion 2009 Steelers will be Max Starks, Chris Kemoeatu, Justin Hartwig, Darnell Stapleton, and Willie Colon.  Looks like Ben will have to be beheaded before Kevin Colbert and the Steelers braintrust realize our line isn’t very good and make an attempt to fix it.  In the meantime, Big Ben should look into purchasing Icy Hot in bulk.  He’s definitely gonna need it.

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    “Let’s be honest, QB Ben Roethlisberger is the franchise.  Every time he’s sacked, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your entire season.”


    Great point. I wasn’t happy to see Kemoeatu get resigned but is there anybody out there better at that price?  I’m going to try to chalk it up to the answer being no and the Steeelers going with familiarity  on the line, no matter how bad over the unknown


  • Chris

    RG Brandon Moore of the Jets was out there (he was cut to save salary cap room, not for his play).  He was resigned by NY for 4 yrs/$16 million.   In other words, the Steelers could’ve had a guy the same age at the same position for the same money but who is a lot better (the Jets ran the ball well this year and gave up about half as many sacks).

    “Familarity” or “continuity” is only a good thing if the players you have are, you know, GOOD.  I don’t care if Ben likes taking him to Pitt games, if he stinks we should find somebody better.  Unfortunately, I fear winning the SB convinced Colbert that these guys are actually good.  And it’s going to take a catastrophic injury to Ben before they realize the error of their ways.  At which point, it will be too late.

  • Cooper

    You ignore an obvious truth; the Jets preferred Kemo, letting Moore dangle until Kemo rejected them, and signing Moore for less than they offered Kemo.  The facts clearly indicate the Jets think Kemo is a better player.  If the Jets and Steelers FOs both think so, why should we trust your opiniojn over theirs?

  • Chris

    Gee, I dunno Coop.  Maybe because anybody with half a brain and eyes in their heads can see Kemo imitating a turnstile as guys run past him.  And you might want to double check your “truths.”  Moore signed the same contract the Jets originally offered Kemo, not less as you erroneously claim.  That deal is less than Moore was making before he was cut so the only thing the Jets clearly saw was Kemo as a bargain basement alternative, not an upgrade or improvement.

  • bigdawg

    I’m 330. I got a massive body, no neck and I can’t block worth a damn. Any way the Steelers will spot me 20 mill?

  • Chris

    But are you Tongan?  And more importantly, do you have a good “astonished and bewildered” face for when a LB runs around you like a traffic cone and sacks Ben?

  • Chris

    So, tell us how you really feel about Kemo. I’m still not sure. Anyway, I agree with you (mostly) about Kemo, but what I saw during the season wasn’t just a lack of ability on the O-Line, but what seemed to me to be a lack of understanding. I think (based on certain plays during the season) that these guys just don’t know what they’re doing sometimes. And that, I put on the coaching staff.

  • Chris

    I agree the coaching staff must shoulder part of the blame for the poor line play.  Putting players in positions to succeed despite their limitations is what a good coach is supposed to do and they don’t always do that.

    But at the same time, intelligence is something you factor in when evaluating a player.  That’s why they give the Wonderlic and other IQ type tests at the Combine.  If a guy is too stupid to learn schemes when 3 other guys mostly pick them up, that’s on him.  When a kid gets an F in school, it’s not always the teacher’s fault;  perhaps the child is just dumb.

    Finally, consider this:  Russ Grimm is generally considered a great O-Line coach.  But who did he have here?  Faneca, Hartings, a healthy Marvel Smith…   All Pro Bowl caliber players.  Would he have done any better with this group?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

  • Robyn

    Agreed Chris.  Great coaching can only go so far.  As the old saying goes, “you can lead a lineman to the field, but you can’t make him block”.  Maybe I just made that up. 

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  • Brian Beam

    I couldnt agree with you more.  I dont quite understand the Steelers position on this, but I  really hope they will make up for it in the draft like they ALWAYS seem to do.  Have faith Steeler Nation, have faith!!