Cardinals & Cowboys Try To Be Like Pittsburgh

The Arizona Cardinals continued their lame attempt to emulate the most successful franchise in the NFL  by signing free agent cornerback Bryant McFadden to a 2 year $10 million contract on Sunday.  This is yet another name added to the long list of players they have acquired who once played for the Pittsburgh Steelers or lived in our fair city.  No wonder everybody calls them Pittsburgh West.  And if the current mock drafts are correct, it’s only going to get worse when they draft Pitt’s star running back Shady McCoy come April.

B-Mac will be the only member of the Steelers’ top rated defense not returning next season.  The Steelers had expected big things from him but he could never manage to crack the starting line up until this year.  Even then, he missed several games due to injury continuing a career pattern of being injury prone and inconsistent.  In fact, his heir apparent, William Gay, rotated with him on about 1/3 of the series toward the end of the year and into the playoffs.   I liked McFadden and wish we could’ve kept him but this is far from a crippling loss.  Face Me Ike Taylor was the man who matched up against the other team’s top WR and he’s our clear cut shutdown corner.  Gay, Anthony Madison, and wily veteran Deshea Townshend should be plenty of depth at the position, not even factoring what we might add through the draft.

The big news of the weekend was the Dallas Cowboys also finally realizing the Steeler Way was the only correct way to run a team by cutting ties with WR Terrell Owens.  This marks a change in philosophy for the ineptly run Cowboys as their jackass owner Jerry Jones has long valued “star power” over little things like character or hustle.  That’s probably why the Steelers have two trophies over the past five years while Dallas hasn’t won a playoff game in over a decade.  To their credit, they’ve now removed both malcontent Owens and stripper beater Pacman Jones this off-season in an attempt to rid the team of cancerous troublemakers.  Better late than never I guess.

Owens then promptly signed with the Buffalo Bills because lord knows Trent Edwards will be able to command his respect.  I would laugh at this move but it’s the Bills.  Laughing at them is like making fun of the kids who ride the short bus to school.  They’re not going to win with him but considering they’re about one bad case of pneumonia away from being moved out of the podunk backwater city of Buffalo to a real modern metropolis like Los Angeles or Toronto, they might as well do something to create some excitement out there.

Here in Pittsburgh, we’ll reserve our excitement for when our teams win championships.

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  • brainwise

    Great post. Love the comments regarding “Pittsburgh West,” “the Steeler Way was the only correct way to run a team,” Trent Edwards commanding respect from T.O., and Buffalo being “one bad case of pneumonia away from being moved … to a real modern metropolis.” Funny stuff, man.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    granted the trophies are for real. the “pittsburg way” of playing ball is a real good philosophy. but what does dallas letting go of owens have anything to do with the pittsburg way of football. ?  sounds like another way to take a shot at the cowboys and their fans……ok, fine. i got tough skin, i’m a cowboy fan, we’re tough guys too, just like you blue collar big ole bad steelers…..ya right….you know we ain’t intimidated by the steelers. we had you beat this year. you need to get real. hey, we’ll meet again somewhere down the road, the great teams always do. we’re your greatest adversary. you beat us in 2 bowls. we took one away from you. so pitts/dallas super bowl is the way the game should be played. who knows, maybe even this year?   we’ll try not to let you down this time.

  • Chris

    Thanks, Brain.  Appreciate the compliments.

    Dave:  If you read my post, I made it very clear even to a person from Texas what I meant by “the Steeler Way” and how that related to the release of T.O.  Since you seem to be having trouble, I’ll repeat:  The Steeler Way emphasizes good team chemistry and ridding the team of assholes or troublemakers. 

    Please stop embarassing yourself by whining about how you ALMOST beat us.  You lost.  Nobody cares how close the game was.  We played several close games last season.  All that matters is the end result…which last I checked was a W for us, then a Super Bowl trophy while you didn’t even make the playoffs.

    Oh and it’s PITTSBURGH.  Show some respect to your superiors.

  • lawrence142002

    You know, it’s not the previous comments from the Dallas fan that was annoying… But like others I’ve seen, he continually misspelled “Pittsburgh”… We’re not from Kansas or Massachusetts, but Pennsylvania. I always think that trash talk would mean more if you could spell the opponents name.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    burg, burge, bulge, el burghe…….could care less really. spelling only counts when it matters. this does’nt. but appologies all the same. i may not be a great speller, or a master of the english language, but i know football. i’ve played it, coached it, and been a fan all my life. i’ve seen championships, and lived thru numerous rebuilding tenures, including a 1-15 season. so i’ve heard and takin it all from better then what you boys can dish out. it actually is quite entertaining. i’m from iowa to let you know what blue collar i’m talking about. i know what hard work on the farm is all about. so i like and respect the blue collar way the steelers have always played football. sometimes the glitz of the cowboys has been annoying, but my hero roger staubach, was an american thru and thru and my old man said, “he’s a player, kid.” so i grew to call them my own. so i’ve paid my dues, and please respect that too.

  • Chris

    Dave: In case you haven’t noticed, this is a PITTSBURGH STEELERS blog.  We do not respect the Cowboys, we do not like the Cowboys, we enjoy making fun of the Cowboys…  That’s the way it is and I’m sure the feeling is mutual among Dallas fans in the blogosphere.  If this is bothersome to you, I suggest you find a blog more in tune with your tastes (like, say, a Cowboys site) and stop adding your two cents whenever we discuss them here. 

    I appreciate the fact you seem to be a diehard football fan and I can even admire the loyalty you have to your team, even if I don’t care for the team you root for.  However, I’m not going to change my feelings about your team nor am I going to stop writing MY feelings on them so arguing their case to me or my fellow members of Steeler Nation is pointless.  Please move along.  

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    well sorry to bother all of you to talk about football. i thought that this is what this blog was about, football. but obviliously i was mistaken. my intention was not to come here like a drunken fool and puke all over your floor and yell; “yeah da cowboys are da greatest”….. i just enjoy bantering football. but it’s also obvilious that you are out of my league. you are far superior in intelligence and knowledge of the game and are an arrogant asshole enough to continue to tell me so. so thanks for your comments, i do apprieciate your time. enjoy the trophy and the championship, because the nfl “team raiders” will be sucking you guys dry for the next few years of your talent. good luck, and good football.

  • Chris

    Dave: Where have I ever said I know more than you or that your opinion doesn’t count?  I just don’t understand what interest you have in this blog when it’s clear that my statements about your favorite team irritate you.  I’m sure there are blogs writing negative things about the Steelers but I don’t feel compelled to go there and argue with them over it. 

    Yes, this is a football blog but a STEELERS football blog.  I never said I was unbiased because I’m not.  I see things through Black and Gold colored glasses and don’t apologize for it.

    If you wish to talk football, be my guest.  If you want to post here, be my guest.  I haven’t deleted any of your messages or banned you like I did others because you have always been polite.  But please, instead of issuing promises of future Cowboy greatness or talking about games you almost won, try to read what I wrote and either tell me why you agree or disagree.  That’s all I ask. 

  • Todd

    I am already preparing for the wave of media articles on T.O.’s unhappiness with the Buffalo Bills…I think if I were getting paid to play a game, I don’t think I’d be complaining to the media about not getting the ball enough.  I’d wear a chicken suit and dance on the side of the field every single game for as much as he makes.

    It sucks that McFadden is gone…he was starting to come into his own.  Oh, well…it won’t be the first player to leave the Steelers for more money.  Now if he left because he didn’t want to live in Pittsburgh, I don’t blame him.  Hehe, no offense to the native ‘burghers, but I only had to live there a year in 1979-80, thank goodness.  I enjoy the California weather just a tad more.  ;)

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  • Chris

    Todd:  I’m pretty sure the Steelers offerred B-Mac the same guaranteed money as the Cards.  The difference was he wanted a 2 year contract while we wanted 5.  I guess he figures two years of starting under his belt will make him a mint in 2012.  Good luck on that.

    If he left due to weather, well, that’d be pretty lame.  It’s not like we’re Buffalo or Green Bay and get 15 feet of snow or something.  Our winters are fairly mild and not very long (it was 79 here on Monday).  I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy the beaches, bikinis, and sunshine out in Cali…I definitely would…but I don’t see what people have against the seasons.

  • sam


  • MoSteelerG

    Gawd O Mighty – Ifn’ you’re a DallASS fan – Go Away!  We Love Football – but we hate you and your pathetic excuse for a team.  I live to Love Pittsburgh – and conversely - Hate DallASS!