Ben Roethlisberger (Allegedly) Did A Bad Bad Thing

So much for things happening in Vegas, staying in Vegas.

QB Ben Roethlisberger has been named in a lawsuit by an employee of Harrah’s Casino in Reno, Nevada (d’oh!). The lawsuit accuses Ben of sexual assault. Yeah, I can’t believe I’m typing these words either.

A woman by the name of Andrea McNulty has filed a lawsuit against Ben and eight (?) other men alleging an assault occurred in July 2008. No details have been released so far but this sounds like something that should be starring Jodie Foster, not Ben Roethlisberger. The suit is civil litigation, which means it’s about money, as opposed to criminal charges which could carry jail time. In fact, no criminal charges were ever filed in conjunction with the alleged incident which is going to make a lot of people doubt the validity of the lawsuit.

Roethlisberger’s lawyer has already issued a stern denial.

I’m not going to make any judgments until I hear the facts of the case. However, whenever a rich and famous athlete has a one nighter with some groupie he picks up at a bar this is the risk they take. There are literally dozens of examples, from Kobe Bryant to Randy Moss, of athletes being accused of  some sort of sexual assault.  In almost every one, the case magically went away after the “victim” was written a big check to help soothe their physical and mental anguish.

What’s shocking about this is it’s Ben. I mean, the above photo aside, Ben’s never had a reputation for hard partying. He’s never made it rain at any strip club I know of.  And believe me, I know them all.  He’s always been the big goofy jock who’d rather hang out with the boys than go clubbin’. Of course, his national exposure has been increasing steadily the past year and there are negatives which go along with that, as Ben is finding out now.

I had a feeling this offseason had been way too quiet for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  After winning the Super Bowl in 2005, Ben obliterated his face in a motorcycle accident. Now in 2009, he’s accused of sexual assault. I knew it would be something with him but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be this.

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  • Robyn

    I might have expected something like this from Skippy. but Ben? no way. and what happened to Ben’s superhot girlfriend? I’m aware that it is possible to sleep with someone while dating someone else, but come on… have you seen this girl’s pic? to put it nicely, she seems like someone Ben wouldn’t necessarily need to force himself on. the whole thing seems sketchy to me…

  • Todd

    Not that I know Ben personally, but he just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would have done something like this. He’s about the last guy I would have thought would be involved in a situation like this. Sucks.

  • chris

    Robyn: Yeah, I’m trying not to be piggish and rude concerning the woman’s appearance but… Let’s just say Tyson’s victim was a Miss Black America runner up and Kobe’s was 19 year old jailbait. Something doesn’t compute here.

    Although maybe “Frumpy Cowgirl” is Ben’s type. You never know.

  • chris

    Todd: I’ve never met Ben either but I have buddies who’ve seen him at bars and such and they swear he comes across like an asshole. Now asshole doesn’t mean rapist… Plus, maybe they asked for autographs and he ignored them or something (They can be obnoxious when they’re drunk).

    I’d say Hines or Troy would’ve been more surprising to me but I won’t lie and say I thought I’d ever be writing this about Ben either.

  • xxxxw/ben

    Hey Ben! I bet this is going to be the most expensive piece of ass you ever had.Oopps forgot about the old lady she’s gonna clean you out.

  • Michael O

    xxxxw/ben, your a moran who should be typing on a different site. To me you sound like a pats fan so go type on a pats site about Tom Brady or something.Big Ben might get out of this scott free, but he could also lose some money. I just don’t like to see him in this situation.

  • b***9

    Ben Don’t seem to be that type of person to do something like that,but now days,you never know..

  • v****t

    Ben Roethlisberger needs to keep his penis in his pants…

  • v****t

    I heard from few friends that Ben Roethlisberger can be an asshole…Well Ben Roethlisberger,the PARTY IS OVER..

  • cake

    I didn’t think Ben Roethlisberger do something like could be the issue.who knows.

  • carl

    QB Ben Roethlisberger,sexual assault 3 women…

  • june

    QB Ben Roethlisberger,has 3 sexual assault case..

  • carl

    QB Ben Roethlisberger, THREE sexual assault,following area’s of: Nevada,Georgia,Pennsylvania…