Defiant Roethlisberger Answers Assault Charge

Ben Roethlisberger channeled his inner Bill Clinton on Thursday afternoon as he addressed the sexual assault charges filed against him earlier this week. Let’s hope the final outcome for the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is a little more positive than it was for our former president.

A weary and disheveled looking Roethlisberger emphatically denied any wrongdoing in this case. If I were accused of rape, I’m sure I’d have a few sleepless nights but Ben looked like he had just rolled out of bed and splashed water on his face moments before taking the podium.  I have faith in his ability to put his personal life aside and not let it affect his play although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about him looking like a kid who was just told there is no Santa Claus.

Most distressing had to be his soft and pudgy appearance. I know when I’m depressed I tend to stuff myself full of Cool Ranch Doritos and Hot Pockets, which is fine for your humble blogger, but not so good for an elite NFL quarterback. Head coach Mike Tomlin, who stood at Ben’s side during the press conference, has to be wondering with training camp a week away, who’ll be able to complete their wind sprints first, Ben or Casey Hampton?

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Kati

    He look extremely disheveled in this video. I am hoping as much as any that the allegations are false. Not just for his football career, but for his dignity and future.

  • Chris

    If this lady’s story was true she could have easily quit her job, collected unemployment and looked for a new job. But first she would have gone to the police to report the rape and the DNA proof would have been collected as rock solid evidence. Then she could have found a lawyer for her criminal case and also file a civil lawsuit last year.

    Oh, wait I’m sorry I almost forgot that I made all this up! Somehow though it sounds much more feasible than her story right?

  • chris

    Other Chris: First, thanks for choosing a different commenting name in the other thread. I opened up the comments so you don’t have to log in hoping to get more feedback although it doesn’t prevent people from using the same name. I need to use “chris” since that’s what I sign my blogs with and I appreciate you trying to avoid confusion.

    As for Cowgirl’s story. I’m by no means an expert on rape but I have heard that in many cases nothing is reported for days or even weeks. In this case, waiting almost an entire year seems very excessive, though.

    And I also have read that she STILL works at Harrah’s, which is mind-blowing if she suffered as much trauma as she claims. I mean, she claims they basically covered up what happened to her. Now I know the economy is bad but why in hell would you continue to work for people that would do something like that?

  • Chris 2

    Hey Chris,

    I don’t understand why she wouldn’t quit her job immediately and start collecting unemployment if what she claims did actually happen. She could have then worked on getting her life in order after going through a terrible ordeal. She is going to get slaughtered in her interrogatories and depositions. They will want her personal computer she says Harrah’s employees came in her house and altered. Forensic computer detectives will be able to find erased and deleted files and e-mails. They will ask for every cd-rom, thumb drive, external hardrive, online storage site, all her e-mail addresses. They will go through all her bank and credit card accounts. They will go through every medical record including any psychological problems she has ever had. They will ask and find out any way they can about every relationship she has ever had. This includes dating married men and having relationships with imaginary people. LOL

  • chris

    She didn’t quit her job because she thought they were her friends and would help her. If you read her statements, she claims she did report the rape to the Harrah’s Security Director. And by the time she realized they weren’t going to do anything, all the “evidence” was gone so she couldn’t go to the police. That’s her story, anyway.

    But it is completely logical that she wouldn’t quit her job the day after the alleged “assault.” She thought her friends and co-workers would take her side. Now the fact she still works there, after they not only allegedly covered it up but allegedly told her things along the lines of “We don’t care you were raped,” that makes ZERO SENSE.

  • Chris 2

    If her supervisor did nothing that is when she should have gone to the police. Remember, according to her story she thought that her supervisors and bosses would not side with her. She says she knew that Ben was good friends with the president of that Harrah’s. Well if she thought that then why not go to the police? Here is a fact. You cannot get fired because you were raped at work, reported it to your supervisors and then went to the authorities. The reason this is not possible is because Harrah’s would be fined and all the employees involved would be charged. This is not even including the huge lawsuit she could file against Harrah’s which she would have had so much proof of a year ago.