Ben Roethlisberger Did Have Sex With That Woman

Yes, that woman there. She’s his type. Deal with it, people.

New information has finally come to light concerning the sexual assault claim filed against Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Although it’s still too soon to make any definitive judgments, it’s beginning to look more and more like the rape accusation made by Andrea McNulty is actually a case of romance gone sour. Man, it makes me squirm just typing that.

An affidavit filed in Nevada court by a former co-worker of McNulty’s may provide the clearest picture yet of what happened in Ben’s hotel room back in July 2008. Granted, this is just one affidavit but it seems to corroborate some of the previous speculation about this case. For example, the co-worker endorses the idea that McNulty’s mental breakdown occurred over her failed online relationship with a woman who pretended to be a man. The co-worker also lends credence to the idea the suit is a shameless money grab as she says McNulty told her during a lunch that she hired a lawyer and was going to make “big news.”

Perhaps most disturbing is the way the co-worker portrays McNulty’s attitude after sleeping with Ben. She basically calls her a stalker, citing a plan to fly to Pittsburgh so she could “accidentally” bump into Ben and resume the relationship. I guess she’s unfamiliar with the terms “booty call,” “one night stand,” or “trick ass hootchie.” Then there is this gem where McNulty allegedly “expressed she was hoping for a ‘little Roethlisberger.’ ” Needless to say, Big Ben is extremely lucky his Little Roethlisberger fired blanks that night.

Again, it is still too early in the proceedings to declare the case open and shut. But the idea McNulty boasted about sleeping with Ben while concocting a fantasy whereby she’s the next Deanna Favre is a whole lot more believable than most of what we’ve heard from her side. They always say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Hopefully next time Ben has a desire for some soccer mom Cowgirl lovin’, he does the smart thing and picks them up in the baby food aisle at Walmart like everybody else.

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  • Paula S

    This definitely sounds like this blonde hussie was living in a fantasy world where she thought she’d be his next wife. When will women ever learn?

  • Clickbank Product Reviews

    Obvious. She even bragged about the encounter to a co-worker and said she hoped to be pregnant w/ his kid.

  • chris

    Paula: I stopped trying to figure out the mindset of the opposite sex shortly after puberty. I can understand the allure of sleeping with a celebrity, even if he’s a big goofy looking guy like Ben. What I’ll never understand is why a woman, any woman, would think a random hook-up is the beginning of a relationship.

  • “O”

    Chris that is so true. Trying to figure that out could take a lifetime. I just hope her co-workers comments have some validity, so Ben and the whole Steelers Nation can wash our hands of this mess and move forward. But I do know this, woman never have random hook-ups. There is always a hidden agenda, especially when that hook-up envolves a celebrity. I read the article of what her co-worker had to say and to me it sounds like she just wanted to make headlines and some money. The article said that she was even planning on buying a plane ticket to Pittsburgh to “randomly bump into” Big Ben. Sounds like two people had different ideas about what was going to take place after they had their encounter. We will see if this ladies comments hold any water,and maybe this mess will just go away.

  • chris

    “O”, I wish this case would go away but I have a feeling she’s going to see it through to the bitter end. She’s come this far, I doubt she’ll give up now.

    Although I do think her plan was to spring this on Ben right before training camp so he’d just give her some money to make her go away. But he threw a monkey wrench into Plan A when he decided to fight it instead. Unless she has a torn semen-stained dress or a videotape of the incident, I’m not sure what other hope she has of forcing Ben into a settlement.

    I mean, he’s already pretty much admitted to sleeping with her. It’s not like he can be embarrassed much further.

  • “O”

    She does seem pretty crazy. I wouldn’t be very surprised if she did save something from the one night stand. Such as a dress or something in that neighborhood. Ben’s lawyers should get in touch with her co-worker and get an offficial sworn statement from her. Then the cowgirls credibility will go right out the window. But you are right about Ben. He can’t be embarrassed further then he already is. Or maybe he is not embarrassed at all, she really could be his type(minus the crazy part).

  • Robyn

    Judging by the women Ben’s dated in the past, this nutjob certainly is not his type. I’m guessing that there were copious amounts of alcohol involved that night. And i’m pretty sure that McCrazypants’s coworker did make an official sworn statement, so it seems its two againts one now. This woman’s case is getting weaker and weaker

  • chris

    We’ve all seen the “Drink Like A Champion” photo so we know Ben has been known to imbibe a bit too much to drink. I’m sure alcohol played some part in this mess.

    However, I have to side with O on the idea McNulty might be Ben’s “type.” I’ve been to Vegas and while this was in Reno, I’m pretty sure they aren’t much different. Hotties are standing around every 5 feet out there. The fact Ben chose her of all people seems to indicate he found something about her attractive.

    Maybe it was the cowboy hat.

  • “O”

    Everybody has there own type. That is were “to each his own” came from. Everybody has a different idea of what is and isn’t attractive. But I will say alcohol can fool you into thinking people more attractive then they really are. I have had it happen to me before, and I’m not embarrassed by that. It is one of those things you learn from and prevent from happening in the future. Chris your absolutly correct about Vegas and Reno. There are beautiful woman all over the place. So he had to have seen something he liked in her. Even if he had his beer goggles on that night.

  • Susannah

    Ughhhh! I just hate to hear he felt it was necessary to get down with that trick. Heck Ben, I had plenty of hot, successful, educated girlfriends that are single AND not of the gold-digging variety–and if my man keeps under achieving I might be on the market myself. LOL! Next time, hit me up sweet pea because I will be more than happy to help my QB out!
    Good Grief!

  • chris

    Susannah, I sure hope your boyfriend doesn’t read my blog. :)

  • Susannah

    Thank goodness he doesn’t Chris. LOL! He is European and really isn’t in to any sports but soccer, hockey, and polo.

  • Derek

    My question is how much money is Big Ben going to give this woman to make this go away? Big Ben better start dishing out some Big Bucks!

  • Robyn

    Oh Derek… your trolling efforts, while cute, are weak. Especially after the email evidence that’s come to light. You either aren’t actually following the case, or are plain stupid. Perhaps a little of both.

  • chris

    I believe it’s more of the latter, Robyn. Although this post and his little tirade in the other thread clearly show he’s not bothering with little things like facts or logic either. Usually I’d simply drop the ban hammer on annoying trolls like Derek but I have a feeling us Steeler fans are going to have to deal with this kind of stuff all season long.

    Thanks, Andrea.

  • Smitty681

    From Day One when this story broke, I said that Ben probably slept with this woman consensually, if his probably being drunk at the time means he could still give her his consent. She’s not all that bad looking, and there are lots of pics on the internet of Ben “Drinking Like a Champion” with lots of women around him, some gorgeous, some merely pretty. A couple of gallons of beer makes a guy think with the wrong one of his body parts, and not too many guys would tell Andrea McNulty no thanks after having a few dozen beers. He obviously thought she was a one weekend stand. She obviously thought she was going to become the Brenda Warner of the Steeler Nation. When he didn’t call her after a few months (how many of us guys never did the same thing), that made her decide that consensual sex without a long-term relationship was suddenly rape. Does that make Ben a rapist? No! Does that make him a thoughtless macho player (not just in the NFL sense)? Maybe! Next time he better ask his bed partner of the weekend for a notarized letter from her PCP that she’s not a nutjob that thinks a one night stand equals a commitment to make her the Queen of the Steeler Nation for life!