Ben Roethlisberger Demands Apology From Nymphomaniac


How’s that for a headline?

Last Friday, the lawyers for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger fired their first major salvo in the sexual assault lawsuit pending against their client. They filed a 51 page(!) document with the Reno court in what amounts to the legal equivalent of an all-out blitz. Dick Lebeau couldn’t have drawn it up any better. Click here to read an overview of the not-so-brief brief.

Or, to save you time, I’ll give you the highlights. Ben’s lawyer basically presented his accuser, Andrea McNulty, with one of two options. Option #1 is to undergo psychiatric evaluation in order to determine if she’s sane. Option #2, my favorite, is to drop the lawsuit and write a letter of apology to Roethlisberger.

Does Hallmark even have a “Sorry-I-Slept-With-You-Then-Accused-You-Of-Rape” card? I’m sure it’d be a big seller over at Penn State.

Elsewhere in the statement, Ben’s lawyers describe McNulty with affectionate terms such as “self-proclaimed sex addict,” “disturbed and unprincipled,” and “legally incompetent to proceed.” Ouch. And then there’s the inference that this lawsuit has damaged Ben’s ability to earn outside endorsements, thus a counter-suit may be on the horizon.  What’s he going to sue for, custody of her hideous cowboy hat?

This suit is not only ugly but kind of sad.  Sad that real victims have to endure suspicion because of idiots like McNulty, sad that athletes can’t bang anonymous strangers without being sued, and sad that somebody can hire a weasel lawyer to file any bogus lawsuit they so choose. And I’m getting as sick of writing about this idiotic lawsuit as I’m sure many of you are sick of reading about it. With that in mind, until Andrea McNulty produces some sort of solid tangible substantial PROOF to back up her allegations, I’m done with it. At this point, I’m more concerned about Ben hurting his ankle in practice than a psychotic one night stand looking for a payday.

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  • TheFamilyMan

    Hell, I have a third option!

    Send her my number!

  • Zach

    This might be one of my all-time favs:

    “What’s he going to sue for, custody of her hideous cowboy hat?”

  • Zach

    And why is a 2-time SB champ and multi-millionaire sleeping with women that look like her?

  • Derek

    Cute, Ben. You rape the woman and then counter-sue. Real classy.

  • John Davis

    Wow, gotta love those bottom feeding, blood sucking attorneys!


  • John

    She is ugly? Have you not seen Ben’s face?!?!

  • Joe

    She is so disgusting looking! Thats just nasty. very bad taste

  • Abbott

    @Derek are you stupid or ignorant or both. The girl made false claims in what most likely an attempt to extort him. Those are the facts so get off your guilty till proven innocent horse and get with the program.

  • “O”

    @Derek I have seen three of your posts and so far all three you have been called ignorant and stupid. Get a clue and have some class. This is a Steelers blog. You tell Ben that he is’nt classy but you don’t know the first thing about class. You bum get a life. By the way Derek who is your team or do you not have one and just jump on the next bandwagon every year?

  • Big Geoff

    The reports were that her friends had testified that she was bragging about sleeping with Ben and was hoping she was pregnant from the encounter. When she turned out not to be pregnant and couldn’t get her paycheck that way, she filed the lawsuit.

  • NestMinder

    How about sad for another reason – that THAT is what Ben is going around sticking his wang in.

    Ya’ll squealer fans better hope he doesn’t go gettin him the syph or the hep.

    Damn big dummy.

  • Deft Mind

    Before reading any further, you agree that we cannot be held liable for any statements, conjecture, innuendos, accusations, allegations, assumptions, gossips, humor or inferences made in this post.

    @Derek, we get it; you want to bone this horny toad.

    @Everyone who calls her ugly… guys, she’s actually an attractive woman, she just on her you know – that time of the month when all of these pics were taken. Cut her some slack please!!! Hahaha!

    NOW THE TRUTH as reported by API. McNulty gets pregnant by, drum roll puhleeze… Bart Simpson but she claims either Tom Brady or Jay Cutler is her baby’s daddy. In the end she sues Tom for child support, he demands a paternity test and turns out the child was fathered by none other than Homer Simpson!!! Simpson said he didn’t practice SS with McNulty because he was tryna hit a Homer! True story!

    On a side note, just picked this up on the wire, McDonald’s may be suing McNulty for trademark infringement. They’ll drop the suit if she eats a Big Mac! McNulty’s attorney quipped, “My client doesn’t eat meat!”

  • Bill

    Funny how you all know she’s a liar. Just asking but how do you know? By your statements, you are showing that you are part of the culture that says it’s ok for professional athletes to exploit women.

  • chris

    Bill, I have included numerous links to non-judgmental newspaper stories about the case in this post and others. Most of the comments I’ve seen posted indicate the poster has spent at least some time reading the allegations and drawing their own conclusions based on the facts as we know them.

    You, on the other hand, seem to have no familiarity at all with the details of this case. Being a pro athlete does not automatically make him guilty. Quite frankly, it’s pretty ignorant to make such a broad and baseless assumption.

  • julie b

    if you are making judgements based on looks, i’m wondering what she saw in ben r. he is not attractive either.

  • Robyn

    Money. She saw money in Ben. Duh.