Adrian Peterson Enjoys Gay Bashing

I’ve watched this video twenty times and you know what? It never gets old!

Don’t get me wrong. When it happened, I was not happy. On the contrary, I was concerned because the Pittsburgh Steelers were only up by a field goal. It definitely appeared that the undefeated Minnesota Vikings were closing in on the tie if not the go-ahead touchdown. Then the Steelers defense rose to the occasion, picking off Brett Favre and leading the Black and Gold to glorious victory.

So now I can gloat.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I’m not a fan of Gay. For one thing, he acted like a complete moron at the Super Bowl Victory Parade. But what really grills my cheese is the way he poses and celebrates after making the most ordinary of plays. I’m not some old geezer. I don’t mind guys celebrating, say after catching the winning TD pass in the Super Bowl. However, Gay seems to think tackling somebody for a two yard loss is worthy of a choreographed dance straight out of an episode of Glee.

Thanks to Brett and his Fighting Wranglers, I have a new reason to dislike Gay. He sucks at football. If you saw the game, you probably noticed they targeted him all day. He blew one play where he was supposed to blitz but stopped long enough for the ball to go lofting over his peabrained head. On a crucial third and long, Gay totally whiffed on trying to tackle Percy Harvin. He misses a lot of tackles because he doesn’t wrap people up so much as dive desperately at their feet hoping an ankle falls into his mitts.

I didn’t worry much when Bryant McFadden left to join the Arizona Cardinals Pittsburgh West. After all, B-Mac only started one year and was routinely beaten out by ninety-five year old Deshea Townshend. Hindsight being 20/20, I realize we’re going to miss him. Gay has blazing speed but is a lousy tackler with mediocre coverage skills. Maybe Mike Tomlin, who started out as a secondary coach, can coach him up but I’m not holding my breath. We’ll have to make due until next year when either rookie Joe Burnett is ready to start or we take a better corner in the draft.

In the meantime, I’ll relish the irony of the above play. Gay has spent this season trying to draw attention to himself and his meager accomplishments. Well, he’s got attention now. From this point forward, whenever a “Best Plays of 2009″ highlight package airs, I’m sure you’ll see the clip of young getting JACKED UP by Purple Jesus. Be careful what you wish for…

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • “O”

    All this is, a highlight from a loss for AP.He did not score, the drive went the other way. Basically a mood point and Ap was a non factor back. As far as Gay goes embarrassing but at least he stuck his head in there without wiffing. Speaking about wiffing, I know he is a kicker but he is a Steelers kicker and is supposed to be able to tackle. Come on Reed. Well Chris like I said the defence is back baby! Good point on Gay. He got lit up the whole game, but he would be awesome at flag football. McFadden was a big loss and everytime the ball is in the air on Gay’s side I still wish Bryant was there instead of Gay. You know I saw a couple plays that Ike got lit up as well. Off game or a pattern, what do you think Chris?

  • chris

    O, it amazes me that people are harder on Jeff Reed than William Gay. Reed is paid to kick the football, not make tackles. Was his attempt piss poor? Yes it was. But that’s not his job. I think it’s much worse for your starting CB to get punked out than your kicker whiff on a tackle.

    As for your question, I’d say well over 50% of Favre’s passes were in Gay’s direction. So that should tell you who they identified as the weak link in the secondary. Yes, Ike played a little far off the WRs a few times and paid for it. Know what? Troy messed up, too. Watch the play where Rice caught a short pass and Troy caught him at the 1 yard line. He got fooled by a fake handoff and was out of position as the ball went over his head.

    My point is even the best get burned once in awhile. Nobody’s perfect. I still think Ike is one of the better CBs in the league. Troy’s knee hampering his play and Gay’s massive sucking are much bigger concerns to me.

  • John

    lol, Steeler defense rose to the occasion. Hope you all wrote thank you letters to the referee crew and Chester Taylor.

  • chris

    Blaming the refs? Really? I suppose that Steelers TD that was wiped off the board because of a bogus offensive pass interference call was their way of helping Pittsburgh, right?

    Only losers whine and bitch when you’re defeated by a clearly superior team. Seahawks fans for example. I hate when people act like crybabies because their team got schooled by the best defense in the NFL.