Know Thy Enemy: Kansas City Chiefs

The Pittsburgh Steelers travel out to the Show Me State this weekend to take a gander at the new look Kansas City Chiefs.  Unfortunately for long-suffering Chiefs fans, what they’ll see is more of the same losing football they’ve seen for more than a decade.  KC is a text book example of how not to run a franchise.  Unless you’re trying to run it into the ground.  The Chiefs have won exactly four of their past thirty four games and that trend doesn’t look like it’s about to reverse itself anytime soon.

Let’s start as we always do with the offensive side of the ball.  Their best weapon was TE Tony Gonzalez.  He was traded during the offseason because he wanted to play for a winner.  Then there is Larry Johnson.  Johnson put up incredible numbers for the Chiefs (on an incredible amount of carries) in two consecutive seasons.  He also displayed an O.J. Simpson-esque touch with the ladies as he was arrested on four separate occasions, all of them involving violence against women.  KC rewarded this misogynist with a 6 year $45 million contract.  Only after insulting his head coach on Twitter was he finally released a couple weeks back, eventually finding a new home with every criminal’s favorite hideout, the Bengals.

Although those players are gone, there are still plenty of mistakes on the team.  Following a season when he played exactly one month of decent football, the Chiefs traded for Patriots backup Matt Cassel.  Before taking a single snap, they rewarded Cassel with a 6 year $63 million deal.  Geniuses.  Of course, the only remotely decent WR he has to throw to is Dwayne Bowe. But Bowe will not play this Sunday because he’s sitting out a four game suspension for steroid use.  Todd Haley coached a high-powered Cardinals offense all the way to the Super Bowl last season but he’d have to be Miracle Max to improve on the 18 points per game average the team had last year.

For the Steelers, it appears to be all systems go on the offensive side of the ball.  Bruce Arians allegedly plans to rein in his Flying Circus in favor of a more balanced attack. I’ll believe that when I see it.  Still, a heavy dose of Rashard Mendenhall would be exactly what this team needs to get back on a winning track.  Especially since KC is ranked down near the bottom of the league in rush defense.

Which brings us to yet more bad news for the Chiefs.  Only 0-16 Detroit gave up more yardage last year as KC set a new record for futility by recording a total of only 10 sacks.  This year they’ve switched over to a 3-4 and used their first two draft picks on stud defensive prospects, Tyson Jackson and Alex Magee. They also took on more Patriots garbage by taking ancient LB (and former Steeler) Mike Vrabel in the Cassel trade and signing the equally ancient Zach Thomas away from the Cowboys. With no pass rush, the secondary got picked on last year and yet it’s probably the strength of this unit.

For the Steelers, there are injuries aplenty to worry about.  Troy Polamalu remains “questionable” but is definitely not playing Sunday.  Look, if we can’t beat the Chiefs without Troy, just forfeit the rest of the season because we’re done.  In other injury news, Travis Kirschke‘s sprained calf is now torn because Mike Tomlin is a filthy liar.  He did try some individual drills this week but evidently he’s still a few weeks away.  Shockingly, I’m okay with his absence because his backup (or the backup to the backup if you’re keeping score), Nick Eason, has done a fairly solid job.  Last year, the Steelers D sacked Cassel seven times as they dazed and confused him all afternoon. While he’s now a year more experienced, I still expect James Harrison and company to be after him like a school of sharks tasting blood in the water.

Although they say “Any Given Sunday” for a very legitimate reason, this weekend should be little more than a tune-up.  I expect a professional, tidy effort from the Steelers in taking care of business like good teams do when they play the dregs of the NFL.  Get in, get your win, and get out without anybody getting hurt.  Next week we have the first of two games against the Ratbirds which may very well decide our season.  No time like the present to start playing winning football.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Cecil

    Well Chris, I have some numbers for you on BA’s Flying Circus and how it could be more balenced. Take a look at the play calling for the Cleveland, Denver, and Minnesota games:

    Cleveland: 36 rushes 35 passes
    Minnesota: 20 rushes 26 passes
    Denver: 28 rushes 29 passes

    I think that our offense is more balenced than you seem to think, however the yardage I understand that the yardage gained on the ground vs. through the air is a little misleading.

  • chris

    Cecil, you bring up some good points. However, your stats actually prove my point because two of those (Minnesota and Denver) were our most impressive wins and they came in games where our pass/run ratio was about even.

    Now let’s look at three of our poorest performances of the season. The Bears loss, the Lions game where we held on to win by one lousy TD, and the 2nd Bengals loss.

    Bears: 22 rushes 37 passes
    Lions: 17 rushes 33 passes
    2nd Bengals: 18 rushes 46 passes

    We can go back and forth with stats all day but I think it’s pretty clear that when we’re balanced, we’re good. But when Arians dials up 2 pass plays for every run, we struggle.

  • Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls

    Gotta agree with Chris on this one.

    Just wondering … is Willie Parker hurt?

  • “O”

    Chris,Cecil you both make good points. Yes when we are a balanced offence we win, when were not we lose. But I think the bigest stat is when we are without Troy. The whole team on both sides of the ball lose some swagger it seems to me. Troy is the real MVP of this team. We are without him for two weeks one of those games Baltimore, hope we can pull that one off with the huge hole our defence.
    As far as somewhat quick Willie Parker goes the injury seems to be in his head. He does not plant his foot in the ground and make people miss and get big gains anymore. Instead he has turned in to a toe tapper. I think we may have got our milage out of him.

  • chris

    Joey, the Steelers guard injury information like the Pentagon so who knows. I’m no doctor but with severely limited action + the bye week, one would think FWP’s fairly healed up. He’s been used for exactly 2 plays in each of the past three games.

    By the way, his one run last week against Cincy was a 7-8 yard gain where he bulldozed straight ahead.

    Which goes to O’s excellent point. Whatever his issue, FWP doesn’t run like FWP anymore. He looks unsure about where the holes are and when he does find one, he just dives straight ahead. He used to get past the line, make a cut, then turn on the jets. That Willie Parker hasn’t been seen in ages.

    Maybe it’s an injury. Or maybe, as O smartly suggests, his past injuries are in his head. Anybody remember what happened to Barry Foster?

  • “O”

    Chris new post idea. Fire Bruce now!!!!!!!Ben drops back 42 times and gets hurt wtf!

  • HolyPioli

    Sorry to hear the Stealers forefitted the remainder of the season. Hope you enjoy the taste of your foot in your mouth.


  • HolyPioli

    forfieted (sp)

  • “O”

    To bad KC forfieted to whole last decade. What room do you have to talk. The last time your team was relevant was when Regan was in office. So enjoy your “super bowl” victory. That will probably be the last one till next year when you pick up three more wins. You piece of shit trolling Cheif’s fan.

  • WilliamA69

    Well, it looks like your season is TOAST! Chiefs WIN in OT!

  • Robyn

    Wow, KC fans crawl out of the woodwork after picking up their 3rd win in week 10! Impressive! Enjoy your gift. You’ll return to your regularly scheduled sucking for the remainder of the season

  • Beat by a team you put down


  • chris

    Let them enjoy their smack-talk. They haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1967 and haven’t even sniffed the playoffs in like a decade so they must take what they can get.

    I do find it amusing, though, that the first guy misspelled “forfeited” and then posted a correction, also spelled incorrectly. Gotta love that Missouri educational system…

  • Beat by a team you put down

    “Although they say “Any Given Sunday” for a very legitimate reason, this weekend should be little more than a tune-up. I expect a professional, tidy effort from the Steelers in taking care of business like good teams do when they play the dregs of the NFL. Get in, get your win, and get out without anybody getting hurt.”

    This is the best part. And talk all the smack you want about Missouri education, we can count to “won”.


  • chris

    Yeah, as in ONE Super Bowl in 45 years.

    Congratulations on winning one game. Enjoy your 3-13 season while we enjoy our six Super Bowl trophies.

  • Joey

    I was reading somewhere that Ben Roethlisberger may be cleared to play Sunday against the Ravens. Did anyone else see anything about this?