Pro Bowl Snubs Big Ben & Santonio

The 2009 Pro Bowl rosters were announced yesterday.  A grand total of two Pittsburgh Steelers were selected to the team.  James Harrison was named a starter, his third selection in as many years.  Casey Hampton was chosen as a reserve NT (behind the Ravens’ Haloti Ngata) marking his fifth appearance in the NFL’s annual all-star game.

As is usually the case with the Pro Bowl, it’s more interesting to talk about who didn’t make it than those who did.

Nobody was selected from the Steeler offense.  Remember, this is first time in franchise history that they have a 4,000 yard passer, two 1,000 yard recievers, and a 1,000 yard rusher all in the same season.  Not to mention Heath Miller, who has long been one of the best TEs in the game but is currently having the finest year of his career.  When you pile up those kind of statistics, one would think somebody should get Pro Bowl recognition.

Even though Hines Ward currently has roughly the same stats as Pro Bowl reserve Brandon Marshall, I can understand him not making the team.  His fellow players consider him “dirty” and in a popularity contest like this, his grittiness hurts his chances.  The same cannot be said of Santonio Holmes.  Coming off his Super Bowl MVP performance, many thought this would be ‘Tone’s breakout year.   I’m not sure I’d go that far but he’s currently tied for third in the NFL in total receiving yardage.  What really separates him is that of the top ten receivers, he’s third in average yards per catch.  I’d say that’s slightly more impressive than Wes Welker’s uncanny ability to catch ten 3 yard passes per game.

The other omission I’m sure will cause much agita among Steeler Nation is the snubbing of Ben Roethlisberger.  This one’s a little bit difficult for me because I really don’t see any argument for including him unless you think the Super Bowl winning QB should make the team by default.  He’s eighth in total yardage and his 23/12 TD-to-INT ratio isn’t very good.  Big Ben also suffers by playing in the same conference as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  It’s hard to put Ben on the team ahead of two of the greatest QBs in NFL history.  The only one you could quibble with is the third QB, Philip Rivers.  However, Rivers has a fantastic 27/9 ratio and his team has won twelve games this year.

Regardless, there are a ton of dropouts every season since everybody wants chosen for the Pro Bowl (due to contract incentives) but nobody wants to actually play in it.  Since the NFL stupidly moved it out of Hawaii, I’d imagine there will be even less desire to attend this year.  So of course I’m sure another Steeler or two will make the team before all is said and done.  Although being added because somebody else didn’t want to come is kinda like being the last kid picked in kickball.

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  • Josh

    Rivers and Manning deserve to be in, but this isn’t that amazing of a year for Brady, who only got in it due to his popularity, not his skill this year.

    Regardless, one of the 3 will probably be in the superbowl, so Ben may get in as the replacement…

  • “O”

    Who cares about the Pro Bowl. Who even watches the Pro Bowl. It is just a platform for non playoff teams to show case the two players they have on their team that a worth a shi*. Stupid uniforms with stupid competitions. Reminds me of the NBA allstar weekend and that really blows. More of a chance for your “super stars” to get hurt. If Manning and the Colts go one and done and Peyton plays in the Pro Bowl then I will really be pissed. Can’t play in a regular season game that effects six teams but he can play in a game that does’nt mean a damn thing. Pro Bowl shmo bowl who really cares. Just another chance to inflate the allready inflated egos of these multi million dollar athletes. I could do without this meaningless boring game. I have not watched a Pro Bowl since I was eleven and did not know any better. So boo hoo Big Ben and Santonio and Hines and Heath did not make the Pro Bowl, I say again who really gives a f***.

  • Tenser

    I agree. I don’t know anyone who actually watches the Pro Bowl. They should just hand out the nominations and skip the game entirely.

    No love for Mr. LaMarr Woodley?

  • JLaw

    I agree and second te motion of Woodley gettin hosed again.

  • chris

    Josh, I agree this season hasn’t been exactly classic Tom Brady but he’s got 5 more TD passes than Ben and they’re basically tied in almost every other category. He probably got the edge due to reputation but I’d hardly consider him unworthy.

    And if one of the three AFC QBs doesn’t play, I’m thinking Matt Schaub deserves to be the first alternate. He has more TD passes, a better completion %, and way more passing yardage (1st in the NFL) than Ben. Of course, Ben is a bigger name so the reputation thing will probably give him the nod if somebody drops out.

  • chris

    O, I don’t quite understand your hostility at the Pro Bowl. All all-star games tend to suck. I love hockey but nothing is a bigger farce than the NHL All Star Game. And I know it’s a popularity contest with wonky voting (Ed Reed? The guy who only played like five games this season?) but I still want to see my favorite players make it.

    Although I totally agree with Tenser. I’d be perfectly happy for them to just announce the team and skip the boredom of playing that laughable game.

  • chris

    Tenser and JLaw, I thought about listing Mister Woodley among the snubs. After being Mr. Invisible early in the season, he’s been a monster almost the entire second half. I’d love to see him there as he’s definitely deserving. All I can guess is the fact they pick 6 DLs and only 5 LBs every year probably causes a deserving linebacker (of which the Steelers usually have several) to get snubbed. Hopefully he makes it as a reserve.

  • “O”

    Every year it is who did’nt make the team and why. Popularity, so I don’t watch it and do not care who is in it and who is not. Makes no difference to me. Could do without it. Thats all no hostility. I was still pumped up from that Ratbird fan yesterday.

  • JLaw

    Easy, “O” don’t stroke out on us. He is probably gonna check back in this week and stir the pot some more especially if they get their shot at a one and done. We all know what that fanbase is like. Just grin knowing what Chris said, they can’t beat us when it matters most. Remember every dog gets a bone once in awhile.

  • “O”

    Thanks again JLaw. Just can’t stand Ratbirds fans. Even more so when they try to talk a bunch of mess on this site. Talk to you next year.