Steelers Hire Captain Kangaroo

Meet Al Everest, expected to be the next special teams coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Sure looks like a ball of fire, doesn’t he?   I guess if his kick coverage units don’t work out, he always has the fall back of hosting a kiddie show on WQED.  A group of preschoolers hopped up on sugar would probably have more lane discipline than the Steelers showed this year anyway.

Actually, Grandpa Al was the special teams coach for the 49ers this past year.  He’s a football lifer, whose coaching resume dates all the way back to the early 70′s.   He’s coached just about everywhere, from a semi-pro league in Italy to Arena Football.  Hopefully he can draw on his wealth of experience and straighten out the coverage mess which cost the Steelers dearly this past season.

Joining him on the 2010 staff will be Sean Kugler.   Kugler, formerly of the Toronto Buffalo Bills, is the team’s new offensive line coach.  I ignore the Bills, as does everybody outside of upstate New York, but I do know they’ve been a fairly good running team the past few seasons.  They even had a Pro Bowler at LT who they stupidly traded away rather than pay what he’s worth.  It’s that kind of crack management that brings about Chan Gailey as your head coach.  In any event, you’re only as good as the talent you work with so Kugler will have his work cut out for him next season.

Completing the coaching merry-go-round, the Steelers promoted WRs coach Randy Fichtner to QBs coach.  Fichtner was an offensive coordinator for Memphis when Mike Tomlin was down there getting his start so they go way back.  He’s been here since Tomlin took over and (Limas “Butterfingers” Sweed aside) he’s done a fantastic job developing wide receivers.  Even Nate Washington improved by leaps and bounds after Fichtner got here.  Moving him over to the QBs coach where he can make sure Ben and his wide outs are on the same page is a natural fit.  Of course, Ben has to actually follow his advice and, as desk clerks out in Reno will attest, we all know Big Ben isn’t always the best listener.

Finally, for those of you still watching football, I’m sure you’re happy that the Trifecta of Hate (Baltimore, New England, and Dallas) have all disgraced themselves in this year’s playoffs.  Dreamboat Brady and Peepin’ Bill self-destructed in the Wild Card round while basically handing the Ratbirds the game on a silver platter.  When Baltimore actually had to, you know, EARN a victory, they folded like cheap lawn chairs.  I love how in his second year, Joe Flacco puts up some of the most pathetic passing numbers in playoff history while in Ben’s second he was putting on a ring.  Meanwhile, those buffoons out in Dallas got their one playoff win and then didn’t bother to show up against Minnesota.  Then again, neither did Pittsburgh West (Arizona) who surrendered over 90 points while playing some of the worst playoff defense I’ve ever seen.  At this point, the playoffs have lost interest for me as the one team I liked is gone while the teams I hate have also fallen by the wayside.

Man, if only the Steelers hadn’t gone into that November swoon.  After watching some of these “playoff” teams, I’m more confident than ever that the Black and Gold would’ve done some damage had they gotten invited to the dance.

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  • “O”

    Boy oh boy did New England look terrible against those Ratbirds. Then that rubbed off on the Ratbirds, and they made the Colts look epic.Romo did what he will do every year, just one game later. I hope Jerry Jones stays in that head office for decades to come. His personel decisions are comical,and he never does anything to fix it. Hell he pays convicts to play on his teams. The Rats are finally starting to show their age. Baltimore has a rude awakening coming in the next couple years. Half their defense will be in a retirement home. But what I can’t stand is seeing the Jets barely beat teams we owned and were not there to beat them. Honestly I hope the colts spank the Jets like red headed step children this week because they should not be in the playoffs in the first place. I know it is kinda the Colts fault that the Jets are there but can’t hate on their foresight to know they would be playing the Jets instead of us. I mean really they nicknamed their team after a desease”Gang Green” pathetic. Finally how about them overrated Chargers the only thing they are charging is a one way ticket home for the off season. Like they do every year. Norv Turner still has a job? What the hell is that all about. Unemployment is at 10% and failures like him have jobs thats nukin futs. Then you got Vikings Saints. 40 year old pill popper against the birth mark. Still take the Vikes in that one. Yeah if we had an invite we probably would have had a repeat. But I have to agree that my intrest in the playoffs this year is at an all time low.
    Sorry so long been a while without venting.
    Go Steelers

  • Spacemonkey

    I’m actually rooting for the Jets as they are the last team standing that plays ball like our beloved Stillers used to – punishing running and aggressive defense.

    The Jets of 2009 are mirror images of the 2005 Steelers. I find it a lot of fun to watch.

  • JD

    Don’t think the Jets belong but think it would be unbelievable karma if they knocked off the Colts…ask the Bengals. Agree with Spacemonkey, Jets look like 05 Steelers. Good running game and great defense make up for even a mediocre quarterback. Too bad the Steelers have evolved away from this. Go Steelers

  • Dachozen1

    Everyone miss the Steelers punishing running game?? We didn’t win any recent Super Bowls with that style. Cowher tried the run, run and pass formula for years before he got a championship. The reason he got the championship is because he was open to change that archaic philosophy in the playoffs. In a perfect world a team should run 50% of the time and pass 50% of the time. A running team hasn’t won since 2000 Ravens. The Steelers didn’t run the ball well in 2005 and 2008.

  • chris

    I like the Jets, too. They won five out of their last six games so I wouldn’t exactly say “they don’t belong.” Yeah, the last two were against teams who weren’t trying but sometimes you catch a break. The Steelers caught a break by getting two of the worst teams in the NFL back-to-back and lost both games. You get what you deserve.

    I just like their style of football. Aggressive D, run the ball down their throat, big turnovers at key times, a QB who manages the game… It’s a giant FU to all the people who say “You can’t win like that! You have to throw it 45x every game!”

  • http://BTSC rick

    I don’t get it. We hire a ST coach who was fired by the 49ers. Wasn’t he last guy, Leg…sky, hired after being fired by the Rams? What have the Steelers become? The league’s answer to the unemployment office? They failed to get Bobby April so they give up on steak and settle for soy burgers? I can’t believe there isn’t SOMEONE out there with a great resume from a team with outstanding ST’s.

  • steelspikes

    Agree with those who like JETS. By the by, their longtime Special Teams Coach, Mike Westoff, is a Pittsburgher who began his coaching career @ Peters Twp. H.S. I know because he was my 9th Grade Asst. Football Coach.
    Today he is one of the top ST Coaches in the NFL; but there is no way I can think of that he would be lured away from the Jets (he’d been with Miami for a long time prior to NY). As for Captain Kangaroo, I think that appelation belongs to the current Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

  • JLaw

    Go Vikings! Jets backed in thanks to colts cowardly actions. Yes November was our fault however cowardess doesn’t deserve to get a shot either.
    As for old man willy, as Chris has stated before you can only put out and work with the best that they give ya. I’ll give him a fair shake as I do any new players or coaches.
    Go Steelers!

  • chris

    The thing about hiring coaches from bad teams is this: it’s considered an unwritten rule in the NFL that you don’t steal other team’s coordinators. It happens occasionally but mostly when you need a new offensive coordinator you look for another team’s QB coach or you hire their LB coach for your new defensive coordinator. Unless it’s a promotion to a better job, it’s considered bad form to steal a team’s guy.

    So your options are limited in finding a new Special Teams coach or a O-Line coach since that’s hardly a promotion for anybody other than an intern. Which leaves you to sort through either guys who got fired by decent teams or guys who were on a bad team where everybody got fired. I’d prefer Westoff or April, too, but the Steelers aren’t going to steal another team’s coach and April is in the same boat as Kugler as far as resume.

    It doesn’t matter much anyway. I know we all like to point fingers at the coaches but they can only work with what they’re given. If we still had Faneca and Hartings and Tomlin didn’t cut every special teams ace we have coaches Ligs and Zierlein would probably still be here.

  • Matt Hill

    Hiring any coach whether good or bad doesnt mean much until you see how that person interacts and works with the new team. It is about finding a fit or someone that can come in and make changes or tweak that area enough to make a difference.

  • JD

    Trying to get my Steeler fix I ran across this article on another website. Speaks volumes about Polamalu. Proud to be a Polamalu/Steeler fan!

  • “O”

    Man only one Steeler on the all decade team. They really hate us around the league. How is that we only get one player on that team. Not like it really matters but what the hell.

  • chris

    Actually, there were three. Joey Porter also made it and I’d consider him more a Steeler than a Fin. And Alan Faneca made it and he was here for the majority of his career.

    Casey Hampton was really the only person who got snubbed. Harrison’s only had two good seasons and he’s the only other D player worth considering. On offense, none of our skill guys (Hines, Heath, Santonio, Ben) deserve it. They’re good players but none of them belong in that elite category.