Big Ben Accused of Sexual Assault. Again.

There’s an old saying:  Once is a fluke, twice is a pattern.

For the second time in less than a year, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is being accused of sexual assault.   Yesterday afternoon, TMZ broke the story of Big Ben’s involvement in an incident which occurred at a nightclub in Milledgeville, Georgia.  The story has since been reported by the national media after being confirmed by the Georgia police.  The alleged victim, a 20-year-old female student from Georgia College & State University, was treated and released from the hospital on Friday morning.

The Steelers say they are currently “gathering facts on the incident.”  Meanwhile, Ben’s weasel agent released a statement where they took the high road by launching a preemptive attack on the victim by saying, “Obviously, given the prior accusation against Ben, we are skeptical of motive, but we will continue to cooperate with everyone involved.” Ben was evidently interviewed by the police some time Friday afternoon.   No charges have been filed as of yet.

The details of the night in question are still a bit hazy at this point. What seems to be clear is Ben and “a group of friends” (including teammate Willie Colon apparently) started the night drinking heavily at a bar called “The Brick” until about 1:30 a.m.   They then moved on to another club, Capital City, where the incident allegedly occurred. Roethlisberger’s accuser claims she was in the ladies room when Ben entered and proceeded to assault her.

As with the Andrea McNulty case, I’ll withhold final judgement until more details emerge.  But I think this incident firmly establishes once and for all that what I’ve been saying all along is absolutely true:  Ben Roethlisberger is a dick.

Using simple logic, the female student wouldn’t go to the hospital seeking treatment unless there was some sort of physical proof she had been with Ben.  So even if we are to believe Ben’s weasel agent’s inference that this woman is a lying skank who is trying to cash in on having sex with Ben, we are still left with the fact that Ben spent the night getting hammered and then banged a groupie in the ladies restroom.  Great behavior there, Ben.   You make Skippy look like a choir boy.

And of course if this allegation is true, then you have to take another look at the McNulty case.  Sure the woman seems to be a little off her rocker but being weird doesn’t automatically make you a liar.   Honestly, the fact the vast majority of his Steeler teammates can’t stand this idiot should’ve been a red flag from the get-go.  When a person of such outstanding character as Hines Ward dislikes you, that should tell you something.  Regardless of the outcome of either sexual assault allegation, Ben Roethlisberger has once again brought disgrace to himself, his profession, and most importantly to the Steelers organization.

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  • tdogg24

    ben is a dick?? wow chris.. hows it feel to put an article online hoping that people read and believe your “false” statements? This stuff happens all the time with professional athletes, especially those who are elite: michael jordan,kobe bryant, tiger woods, etc.. you are telling me it is hard for you to believe that a girl(who also has alcohol in her system)has a chance to fool around with a pro QB, and then lie to make money off of it, is impossible? you got a lot to learn! and the only reason Hines Ward ever got mad at Ben, was caused by Ben not playing in a game that he felt he couldve played….and let me top it off with this statement: Its a compliment if you send a girl to the hospital after messing with you (not including rape).. i mean, his nickname is “Big Ben”!!!!

  • tdogg24

    I know the first comment is long, but it is worthwhile.. and TRUE!!!

  • http://yahoo mark royse

    I agree, These women get out too and get drunk and think of a dream they might have if they have sex with a pro athelic, That all of a sudden there a girl friend and then the possibly to have a chance at all that money. Then when it turns out to be all about the sex for ben. she turns into something else to get money. Big Ben needs to learn from all the rest and stay home and possibly settle down with a good woman.Something happened like this to Jerome Bettis too.

  • detdc

    Blame the victim. She was asking for it, right. Stay classy, Pittsburgh.
    If this was a 2nd string lineman he’d have been released (and probably arrested too.) Instead, the teflon white-guy QB has legions of fans who will blame the girls and pretend everything’s cool – as long as he throws some TD passes.
    Due credit to Chris for writing what few others can admit.

  • Jamie

    First off, there is no “rape” allegation. “Sexual assault” or “sexual manipulation” is a whole different allegation than “rape.” And if there was any evidence of a crime when she went to the hospital, he would have been arrested on the spot. Even bringing up that screwball McNulty is completely unfair to Ben. Her motives were established by HER OWN FRIENDS a long time ago. So there’s no “trend” here, other than that Ben needs to stay away from these gold diggers and get a steady girlfriend. As a woman, I get disgusted by these girls who are so obviously looking for a big payday. I know people who have ACTUALLY been raped, so it angers me when women make false accusations, because it makes it tougher for the real victims.

  • chris

    Jamie, if you’re going to put things in quotes, try using words that I actually used. Where in my article do I ever use the word “rape?” I’d appreciate it if you actually took two minutes to read what I wrote before making up things I never said and then arguing against the stuff you made up.

    I have to say, the first three posts in this thread (except for detdc’s) make me sad to be a Steeler fan. The fact some of you (especially women) are so eager to jump to Ben’s defense and blame the victim(s) is truly a sad comment on sports fans in general and Steeler fans in particular. And before we say “This is obviously another faker” because Ben hasn’t been arrested, there is a police investigation ONGOING so let’s hold off declaring the Georgia incident an open and shut case, okay?

    Finally, there is obviously a “trend,” whether some of you want to take the blinders off and see it or not. Yes, pro athletes are targeted by gold diggers. Even Bettis, one of the nicest guys around, was targeted once. Operative word being ONCE. When it starts happening multiple times, it’s time to pull your head out of the sand and see your douchebag QB for who he really is.

  • JD

    To Jamie: Great! The Steeler’s have a quarterback who is just accused of “sexual assault”. Makes me feel much better!?!? Can we all agree Ben is an idiot?. You would think getting accused of something like this once would be enough to make you keep your pecker in your pants. I know these are just accusations, but as Chris put it “once is a fluke, twice becomes a pattern”. The pattern is Ben is either a sexual predator or a moron for putting himself in these types of positions. Kind of disgusted at the people jumping to Ben’s defense. At the very least, true Steeler fans should be pissed that he’s dragging this fine franchise through the shit…again. Go Steelers!

  • R.J.

    What about this girls credibility at that. She is 20 years old drinking at a bar… hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • N.C.

    I don’t care who he is or how many Super Bowls he has won, he needs to grow up or I am ready for the Dennis Dixon era to begin. If this new accusation turns out to be true, I hope that era begins in 2010. I’ve loved having Ben as our QB, but if he doesn’t sober up and stop being such an ass he’s going to get cut loose.

  • nck

    For one thing, I don’t see how blaming the “victim” is any worse that blaming the blamed here. None of US were there. Just because one person is making the other out to be the “bad” guy means NOTHING at this point, as far as who to believe.

    With so many “victims” being con artists these days (duke lacrosse “victim”) I believe NONE until all the evidence is in. But, taking into consideration this isn’t the first incident with BR (why is it happening to him, not Brady, Manning ,etc), that there are many people who know him and dislike him, I don’t blame anyone for having suspicions about him also. One things for sure, BR has GOT to start changing his routine. Someone who makes that kind of insane money and has that much publicity can’t do the same things you or I can do, right or wrong, thats just the way it is.

  • michaelbro8

    A couple of things to add:
    It will be interesting to see how the Rooneys react to all this. They’re a very different set of owners than the rest (Thank God). I think Ben will be on a very short leash from here on out, and if he thinks he’s immune from being outright released, he’s dead wrong
    I’l withhold judgement on Ben’s guilt (as should everyone), but it’s clear he’s not the smartest guy out there, but a hell of a QB. I don’t blame him for enjoying the life he’s got now, but he’s really got to wise up and not put himself in situations where he’s open to this kind of exposure, whether real or not.

  • Zak

    Hmm.. everytime I try to post this, it gets deleted. Too real?

    [edited by chris]

  • chris

    Zack, your comment was deleted (and will continue to be deleted) because I will not tolerate anybody turning this discussion into a personal attack on either other posters or myself.

    Perhaps you do not understand the purpose of the comments. This is a space for you to give your opinion ON THE TOPIC AT HAND. It is not a forum for you to question my motives, insult my opinions, or make accusations directed toward me. That sort of childish behavior will not be tolerated.

    If you want to discuss Roethlisberger and the case against, feel free to do so. You see a number of comments posted above that disagree with me and/or do not support my opinions. That is fine. But if you cannot remain ON TOPIC or post your opinions without resorting to grade school level name-calling, then I will continue to remove your drivel.

    Grow up and learn to discuss things in a mature fashion or find another blog to read.

  • Kris

    Oh Ben, good Lord. I’m not completely ready to declare that he is a sexual predator and grade A douchebag, since he has a history of being completely devoid of common sense, and women can be supergrimy. Either way, he needs like a full time babysitter. That’s the problem with giving functional retards THAT kind of money and fame.

  • Richard

    Also, when discussing what a douchebag Roethlisberger is, let’s not forgot on the very same trip in which his shenanigans with McNulty occured, he got the poor waiter fired for having the audacity to card (underage) women in Roeth’s party. Oh yeah, and the person who came out and testified against McNulty? Not simply a friend, but a co-worker. A co-worker employed by the slimeball casino manager who masturbates to Roethlisberger posters every night and fires waiters for properly (and LEGALLY) doing their jobs. Everything coming out of that McNulty story I take with a grain of salt; women can be crazy but I don’t think anybody with stories against her have any credibility either.

  • “O”

    Ben what a disgrace! Grow up and get out of the clubs. I will wait to pass judgement for now but how could he put himself in this situation? You think he would have learned the first time. He is giving our Steelers a bad name. I say shape up or ship out!

  • Doc

    All I’ve got to say is, innocent until proving guilty. He shouldn’t be going out and clubbing, but he has never been even charged with anything, so I’m witholding judgement until then.

    I also find it a little odd that she knew his precise statistics…She said the assailant was 241lbs. Not 240… Not 245… How oddly specific for a drunk woman.

  • http://yahoo tom

    you guys who write these columms are a real hoot! big ben may need to clean up his behavior by not goiing to these places and watch his alcohol intake more than the average joe; but that does not make him a “dick” or guilty. i believe that most of your readers will probably be intelligent enough to see through your non-intelligent dribble and make up their own minds without your slanted opinions.

  • Sully

    I’ve been a Steelers fan my whole life (from Pittsburgh) and all I can say is I’m hugely disappointed in Ben. There is no excuse for a player of his stature to be hanging out in a bar with college students. Whether he did what he is being accused of is another matter. Soon, we will know if there is merit to the charges. If there is, he needs to be released immediately and suspended for at least a season. If not, he has still brought shame on the organization and the NFL with his behavior and lack of judgment. People, this guy is on a $104M contract. He is a marquee player.

    I think regardless of the outcome he should at the very least be suspended for 6 games for conduct unbecoming. He needs to grow up or retire.

  • chris

    Tom, I don’t base my opinion that Roethlisberger is a dick on the fact he went out bar hopping with his “posse.” I base it on the fact half his teammates can’t stand the putz as well as the fact he’s been accused of sexual assault twice in less than a year.

    Some of you people need to realize one simple truth: Being a great football player does not make you a great human being. Pity many of you can’t separate the NFL from real life.

    Sully, you make an excellent point. The Rooneys and Tomlin suspended Santonio for 1 game when he was ticketed for having a couple joints in his car. The NFL didn’t suspend him and the case was later thrown out because the racist Pittsburgh PD stopped him illegally.

    I’ll be interested if the Rooneys are indeed as moral as they claim to be in how they handle their scumbag QB. I agree with you that he should be suspended for at least 6 games although were I the team, I’d suspend him for a year without pay right this second. He is not fit to wear that uniform.

  • KDog

    Santonio did something illegal. At this point, we don’t know if Ben did or not.

  • Blast Furnace

    This whole thing has really disappointed me. I, like many Steeler fans, have been quick to jump to Ben’s defense in the past. But it is now clear to me that there is a problem here. Is this another exhibition of an athlete’s feeling of entitlement or is there something even more sinister at play here? To have a 2nd such allegation in such a short window is beyond troubling and it does demand serious attention and response from the team. I’m not sure I even want this guy on the team at this point. Strike that, I don’t want him on the team. Does anyone know what Philly wants for McNabb?

  • chris

    KDog, no he didn’t. I guess you missed the part about Holmes NOT BEING CONVICTED of anything. According to about 10 people in this thread, a person is totally innocent until he’s convicted.

    Except the Rooneys decided to suspend him anyway. So by that logic, they should suspend Ben, too, whether he’s guilty or not. After all, what’s good for their black receiver should be good for their scumbag white QB, right?

  • KDog

    Fact: Santonio in possession of marijuana.
    Fact: Possessing marijuana is illegal.

    Therefore, Santonio broke the law. I’m not defending Ben; I’m ticked about the situation myself. However, I do want to give him the benefit of the doubt until I know differently. It’s easy for someone to ACCUSE someone of something.

    Does anyone know what the difference is between “sexual assault” and “rape”? I’m clueless on the difference.

  • KDog

    However, that all said, at a minimum, he’s not very smart off the field (don’t forget the motorcycle).

    Btw, Chris, from what instances are you saying his teammates don’t like him? I had not heard anything about that. If you’re talking about Hines calling him out about not playing, I think you’re stretching it. Do you know of other stuff? (Not challenging, just asking)

  • “O”

    Well Ben lawyerd up today. He got the same lawyer that represented Ray Lewis. I agree with Chris on this one. He is a disgrace to the Black and Gold and should be suspended until the jury is out. He is a great Qb but we as Steelers Nation should not have to defend our Qb every off season because he is socially retarded. He simply should not have been out at a club with college students he is not in college anymore. He definately should not be out drinking around woman he has proven that bad things happen when he does. This sucks because now we will probably miss the playoffs two years in a row. Shame on you Ben you moron. I was one of his biggest supporters and now I am embarrassed. The Rooney family will prove that they dont f*** around if this ends up being true, and Ben will be playing for another team. Truly sad.

  • chris

    KDog – I’m not disputing marijuana possession is illegal. So is destroying a restroom (Jeff Reed), beating your wife (James Harrison), and pissing on the street (Matt Spaeth). However, none of those guys were CHARGED WITH A CRIME so the Steelers didn’t punish them.

    Santonio was NEVER CHARGED WITH IT yet he was punished. Do you know what the term “double standard” means?

    As for where I get knowledge that Ben’s teammates hate him, well, there are piles and piles of evidence but two quick links can be found here (but this is common knowledge to anybody who follows the team closely):

  • mastor

    Nck, Brady is too busy banging supermodels to mess around with hillbilly bar chicks or casino hosteses. Manning knows what needs to be done to keep the endorsement work coming in. Roethlisberger is a complete jackass and needs to upgrade his taste in women or at least have a crew of high end escorts around when he’s drinking. The guy acts like a 6′ 230 lb spidermonkey.

  • KDog

    Chris – did you read what you sent as examples? An anonymous quote from an NFL scout, something you wrote about and the link to what you wrote about. And the last link was complimentary – talked about how’s he’s grown as a teammate and leader on the team. Get out of the past – sure, he was a crappy leader when he was 23 or 24 years old. He’s grown up a bit. I’m guessing you’re a little different now than when you were that age. I would hardly say those are CURRENT examples of his teammates hating him.

    FYI – Ben’s not been charged yet either.

    Lastly, you ripped into someone above and pulled their posts because you said something to the effect of they were childish and didn’t debate the topic. That being the case, perhaps you should take your own medicine. I found it quite humorous for you to take a shot at me at the end of your post (“but this is common knowledge to anybody who follows the team closely”). LOL – I follow the team plenty close enough. I just don’t find your “evidence” as support that his teammates hate him. I’ve never heard anything like that. I guess you think there are piles of evidence of that since you think the 3 links you posted are part of that evidence. I respectfully, yet wholeheartedly, disagree.

  • “O”

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • anthony

    The fact that she “guessed” his exact stats while drunk should be clue enough that there is something fishy going on.

  • chris

    KDog, I threw those links up with about thirty seconds of research. I’ve heard the fact Ben’s not popular with his teammates from dozens of sources, from local radio talk shows (Stan & Guy, Mark Madden, it was just mentioned Monday which you can listen to here to the local papers to that ESPN piece I linked (and that wasn’t “the past.” They said he was unlikable up until about 2008. Everything is always great when you’re winning. As soon as things went south this year, the team turned on him in terms of Hines saying “50% of the locker room questioned his heart” and James Harrison saying “some of the guys on this team were out for themselves this year”–there’s your CURRENT examples).

    Of course you “haven’t heard” that Ben is unpopular with his teammates. When you live in Columbus, St. Louis, or Brooklyn, I have no doubt that you are going to be unaware of a lot things those of us here in Pittsburgh find out about our team.

    I’m sorry I don’t keep an extensive collection of links to things everybody who closely follows the Steelers already knows to be true so I can cite them on demand. Perhaps I should also keep a collection of youtube clips as proof for the next time I say Ryan Clark is a poor tackler or Willie Parker has lost a step. And I’m sorry if you read things into my tone which I didn’t intend but that’s your problem, not mine. Believe what you wish. Real fans know the truth.

    And yes, people do change from age 23 to age 28. Evidently in Ben’s case, he went from being an immature prick despised by his teammates at 23 to being a sexual predator at age 28. What progress!

  • chris

    Anthony, yes, you’re right. BRILLIANT OBSERVATION. I’m sure this 20 year old college student who had no idea Ben Roethlisberger was in town let alone bar hopping that night googled his entry before going out that night because she expected to meet him, flirt with him, then have sex with him in the bathroom and she wanted to make sure she had his EXACT weight for the police.

    Please, people, THINK before you post nonsense.

  • anthony

    It’s not that hard to google from your phone nowadays. That, coupled with the fact that Big Ben is recognizable due to fact that he is an NFL starting quarterback (and the only ones who people probably wouldn’t be able to recognize would probably be the guys for San Fran, St. Louis, and now Matt Moore for Carolina) means she could have easily identified him upon his entry into the bar, googled his stats, and then cooked something up in her mind, if she wasn’t too drunk. By the way, has there been any reports of her BAC or anything?

  • trkod

    The drinking age in Georgia is 21 what is a 20 yr. old
    doing there anyway?

  • chris

    The law in Georgia states that people under 21 years old are legally allowed to be in bars that serve alcohol. They are just given a wrist band that identifies them as underage and not permitted to drink. But they are fully entitled to be there to socialize, listen to music, hang out, or whatever.