Ben Roethlisberger Claims Victim Is A Slutty Klutz

She’s a klutz.

That is the gist of the defense offered by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the hours immediately after being accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old coed in Milledgeville, Georgia.

In a fantastic piece of investigative reporting, KDKA somehow obtained knowledge of the statement Ben gave the police when questioned in the early morning hours after the alleged assault occurred.   This report gives us our first concrete facts about what happened in that Georgia night club.  Unfortunately, it also raises a lot more questions than it answers.   And it also paints a picture of events which, if true, are far more disturbing than any of us could have imagined.

We now know why this case is being termed a “sexual assault” rather than a rape.  Ben admits to being with her in the bathroom of the club where “contact” happened.  And by “contact,” he means some sort of sexual activity ensued.  However, he states the sexual act was not consummated.  Why it didn’t go to completion, we do not know.  But this would explain why this case isn’t being termed a rape.

It’s the old Bill Clinton defense where a man does something of an obviously inappropriate sexual nature yet throws up his hands and claims innocence because penetration never occurred.   But wait, just when you thought Pig Ben couldn’t be any bigger of a douche, things get even worse.

We also learned why the poor victim was rushed to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning.   Evidently, she suffered a significant head injury while in the bathroom with him.   Ben’s explanation for this is “she slipped and fell” thus explaining the bump on her noggin.  This is the the kind of excuse a nine-year-old boy uses when he smacks his brother with a Tonka truck and then his mother demands to know why the kid is crying.  In other words, only a functional retard would use this as an explanation and only a complete moron would believe it.

The bottom line is we are now given a story against which the victim’s allegations can be tested.  If witnesses (at least those not on Ben’s payroll) can confirm she slipped, Ben is vindicated.  If they can’t, he’s in huge trouble.  This would explain the need to interview so many witnesses.   One person who evidently won’t be interviewed is Willie Colon, who was part of Ben’s group that night.   In an obvious attempt to distance himself from the sinking ship that is Ben’s future, Willie’s agent issued an emphatic statement distancing his client from the sexual predator he blocks for.

Another interesting development in the case is the fact the police evidently acquired some sort of DNA evidence off the victim which they hope to match against Big Ben’s little swimmers.  While it now seems to be a fact that sexual activity did occur, the presence and location of DNA found on the victim could prove extremely damning.  When you paint a picture of a petite young coed alone in a bathroom with a hulking imbecile and the end result being her leaving the bathroom in hysterics with a head injury and his sperm on her body, the image of Roethlisberger quickly goes from him being your typical scumbag jock to a whole new level of human filth.

Of course, the Georgia investigators have not had a chance to re-interview Ben or obtain a sample of his DNA because his weasel lawyer is stalling them.  Yep, that’s totally what an innocent man would do.  By the way, Ben’s lawyer, Ed Garland, also took to KDKA to give a propaganda filled interview to the people of Pittsburgh.    Sorry, Ed, us Pittsburghers are too smart to fall for your line of  bullshit as evidenced by the fact our local radio station is claiming that true Steeler fans are uniting almost 100% against Ben. (Fast forward to the five minute mark)

Garland, it should be noted, was the man who represented Pacman Jones when he started a shoot out at a strip club and also was the guy who got Ray Lewis off of murder charges when he and his posse stabbed two people to death outside a night club on the eve of the Super Bowl.   In other words, Garland isn’t the type of lawyer a falsely accused man hires to prove his innocence.

He’s the type of lawyer a guilty man hires to make sure he gets away with it.

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  • DJ

    Whatever happened to innocent to proven guilty? I’m not saying i think Ben is guilty or not, but cant we at least wait til the facts can be obtained before we start convicting him? I read your article and dont see why you are assuming that he is guilty. Havent you ever fallen or seen someone fall after a night of drinking? We need to have a little more social responsibility when we publish stuff in the media. If he is found guilty, then write your negative comments until them show some responsibility.

  • chris

    DJ, I explain very clearly why I think he’s guilty. I explain very clearly his version of events and why I find them not believable. And if you took the time to listen to that radio link I provided, you will hear that I’m not the only Steelers fan in Pittsburgh who has no problem believing these charges are true.

    Also, it seems you and some others don’t understand the concept of a blog. I’M NOT THE MEDIA. This is a private blog that I, an ordinary average sports fan, started so I could post MY OPINIONS. I never claimed to be a journalist nor do I claim that I am covering things in any sort of journalistic fashion. If you want unbiased factual news, read a newspaper. This is a BLOG. Please learn the difference.

  • davud greeb

    why dont you let the facts play out before condeming the man yeah he is guilty of bad judgement but at this point nothing else. How do you know she isnt out for the money? If he violated her then off to jail but if it turns out she is lying then she should go to jail accusing a man of any kind of sexual offense is very serious and by reading your article this is why. you have already formed your opinion. hope your not in the jury pool if this goes to trial

  • Tenser

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Here’s hoping that Dixon can read defenses faster than the rapist.

  • Don Lilley

    Wow, such unbiased reporting!! I’m surprised you didn’t have a rope and posse ready to execute him right now! If he’s guilty, let it be proven in court, but don’t pronounce him guilty and her innocent without the proper knowledge.

  • kurt lindsay

    while you are certainly allowed your personal opinion, my guess is you will be singing his praises next year as he wins another another last minute game for us. “uniting against ben” at this point is childish and without any loyalty for a player who has meant everything to this organization over the past few years. let the process take its course for god’s sake. I have enjoyed your blog in the past, but this will be the last time I read it. too bad.

  • nicky


  • Daniel Ludwig

    Sometimes the truth hurts. This may be one of those times Steelers fans.

    I doubt that Chris WANTS all of the things he said to be true, but he’s evaluating the situation with what he has to go by. Unfortunately it seems pretty much on point.

    By the way, not only is this a BLOG and not a newspaper but it’s also a BLOG and not a court of law. So let’s save the “innocent until proven guilty” stuff for the judge and jury.

    Also keep in mind that as much as we all want this not to be true, if it is then it is 4 zillion times bigger than anything football related. If he’s guilty of these things he must be punished fully and nobody should have his back.

    It’s time to remove yourself as a fan from the situation.

  • chris

    Daniel, thank you for injecting a bit of sanity into this discussion. I’m frankly a bit put off by this game of “blame the blogger” which people seem to be playing. I didn’t create this situation. I didn’t make it up. I’m just repeating the information as I learn it and giving my opinions about it.

    Do I want the best QB the Steelers have had in 25 years to go to jail? Of course not. But I’m not going to put a blindfold on, stick my fingers in my ears, and shout “na na na na” when I hear or read things I don’t like. Ben is a great QB. But by an overwhelming number of accounts, he is not a great or even a good person. As you so perfectly put it, sometimes the truth hurts.

  • davud greeb

    lets see is she the first woman to cry wolf and wont be the last u want a role model as a qb i want a guy who can win games not by breaking the law but if he is a womanizer so be it. most of these women throw themselves at athletes and are driven by sheer greed to be taken care of now how do know that is not the case and ben has not settled the 1st case unlike kobe did so that should tell u something maybe a couple a STD’s will slow ben down from rough romps in bathrooms im outta here

  • Tom from Canonsburg

    I am a Big Ben fan. For certain he is guilty of at least one thing. That would not realizing that if you are going to act irresponsibly with women, you MUST be sure that you are on at least equal terms. She must have as much to lose as you do. Not realizing that you are no longer on equal terms is a problem.

  • Bob (in Denver)

    Gotta love a bonehead who doesn’t let the facts or lack thereof get in the way. Okay then. I perceive it as nothing more than a golddigger seeing deep pockets and looking to dig in, Isn’t the national drinking age 21? what is she doing in a bar? I also suspect she took lessons from the slut who accused the Duke lacrosse’d that turn out.

  • chris

    It’s legal for people under 21 to be in bars in Georgia. They just have to be identified as such by wearing a wristband so they are not served any alcoholic beverages. Try doing some research before you shoot your mouth off about things you’re clearly ignorant about.

    And yes, the Duke players were innocent. So was Mike Tyson when that girl left her hotel room, got into his limo, followed him to his suite, and… Oh wait. MIKE TYSON WAS GUILTY OF RAPE. ALL WOMEN DON’T LIE AFTER ALL!

    Sorry to burst your misogynist bubble, Bob.

  • Luther

    Take a bow Chris, both this entry and your previous entry about Pig Ben summed up my sentiments exactly. I’ve clicked through your blog a couple of different times, but this time I’ve book marked it.

    It’s really unfortunate that the misogynistic asshole Steelers fans are crawling out of the wood work. A couple of the Steelers message boards I follow are unbearable to read. I pray that some of those idiots are never allowed to reproduce.

    I hope everyone emerges from this mess as well as can be expected, but right now, it looks as Roethlisberger is devolving into Kenny Powers type character.

  • mike harris

    WOW! Tell us how you REALLY feel. While I respect your opinion and, while I’m also sure Bens approval rating is in decline(and should be to some degree) Im pretty damn sure its not even near 40%. While most of the people such as yourself have a huge problem with Ben, youre the most angry, critical and likely to voice your displeasure. While on the other hand TRULY SMART PEOPLE will let the process play out before jumping the gun. And for anybody not to know the difference between ACTUAL journalism and spewing your opinion from a soapbox is the only REAL crime.

  • B Smith

    IT is a blog, and it is his opinion, but when there is a link on SI that takes you to this bullsh*t, you need to blog responsibly. You are on spot with the head bumping, and what not, but to call a guy a Rapist is pretty sh*tty. Call ‘em as you seem…. once it’s proven

  • B. Moran

    No problems with your opionions but you attempt to pass off your blog as fact. Very shady. It appears you have something personal against Ben. Did he pass by and not sign your chest? Let the legal system sort it out. If Ben is guilty I will gladly turn the lock on his cell…Until then he is an innocent American!

  • Curt from Crafton

    Wow, while I do love your enthusiasm and do believe that everyone has the right to their opinion but you should probably tone down your zeal just a bit. You should also be cautioned that some things you attempt to pass off as fact are either flat-wrong or merely an opinion. Viewed through trained eyes a few of your statements are borderline libelous and completely irresponsible.

    From one blogger to another, blog responsibly, you owe it to your readers.

  • davud greeb

    mike tyson was found guilty you are right but michael irvin was falsely accused and never charged so was he guilty too having a opinion doesnt make you right just be ready to offer your apologies if ben is innocent just as im ready to admit im wrong if he is a sexual predator

  • Vicki

    DJ I’m not saying that nothing happened, but she also knew what she was getting herself into, obviouly it didn’t go far enough for her. It’s kind of like the woman that went to Mike Tyson’s hotel room at midnight and said she thought he just wanted to talk.

    Give me a break, I’m not saying that Ben did nothing wrong which still hasn’t been proven (only by you) and I do feel that Ben needs to start living up to some standards at 28 yrs. old.

    This girl was 20 yrs. old, she knew what she was doing to and anyone that would do anything in a bar restroom has a problem too!

  • davud greeb

    like i said b4 if he wins championships thats the bottom line if he is a womanizer so be it joe namath was and no one had a problem with that just as long he isnt breaking the law i don’t care what his personal life is like. im a steelers fan not a fan of the players!

  • Bob (in Denver)

    My,somebody got a new thesaurus. Pleased to hear you believe everything a woman (or anyone for that matter),you probably believe everything your congressman says too. Who brought up Mike Tyson? What are you racist?
    Your naivete is showing!

  • Jack Fact

    I know Roethlisberger isn’t exactly a big success with the ladies, doesn’t have the swagger of a Joe ‘Kissing Suzie Kolber’ Namath or a Tom Brady, but come on. His only crime is that he is a big awkward doofus when it comes to meeting woman. Think about it. His move at that hotel in Lake Tahoe was to call the front desk and ask the girl (McNulty) to come up and fix his television. Not exactly ‘Rico Suave’.

  • Kris

    Have you ever entertained the thought that Ben may have damaged his frontal lobe in the motorcycle accident and subsequent hits to the head (concusions) sustained during several games? Lack of inhibition (inappropriate social and/or sexual behavior).

  • chris

    That’s a very interesting theory, Kris. No, I haven’t thought of that before but it does merit some consideration. I’m a wrestling fan and I remember when the Chris Benoit thing happened (the wrestler who murdered his family), the doctors later said that he had significant brain damage from all the repeated blows to the head. Damage which would explain all sorts of personality flaws/antisocial behavior.

    Another example is Steeler great, Mike Webster, who was said to have behaved very bizarrely after his playing career was over, likely because of all the head injuries he suffered during his playing days.

    I would be interested in seeing this line of thought explored but I doubt Ben is ever going to admit to any brain damage until his career is long over.

  • Jb

    You people are idiots. Absent all the facts, it is pure common sense that innocent people don’t refuse DNA (that could actually clear them) or hire high-priced criminal attorneys notorious for vindicating murder defendents. Please remember that the author is just as entitled to his opinion as you are.

  • Jack Fact

    So, using JB’s logic, if someone refuses to take a breathalyser, undergo a urinalysis, or give a DNA sample, he or she should immediately be considered guilty, regardless of the facts.
    Hell, using JB’s own brand of idiot logic, Ben should have simply requested a public defender so that we all can be assured, without a doubt, of his innocence.

  • David

    Two questions:

    Why was she in the bathroom with him? I mean it’s a public place and since some kind of sex act did occur, wouldn’t it be more likely that if Ben was “assaulting” her she would yell or scream for help or something? It’s a public place!!! If she was involved in a sex act long enough for there to be some kind of specimen on her without penetration, it seems unlikely that she was injured before the act.

    Why would Ben put himself in this precarious position after everything he has already been through with the last nut job? It’s obvious that the last girl was “nuts” and this girl probably knew of the alleged assault so it seems more likely that she saw an opportunity. I mean, WHY WAS SHE IN THE BATHROOM WITH HIM??!! I doubt she was dragged kicking and screaming.

  • chris

    Actually, Jack, in most states refusal to take a breathalyzer test when you’re suspected of drunk driving is grounds for automatic license suspension. In other words, those “idiot” politicians passed an “idiot” law saying you’re automatically guilty if you refuse to take the test.

    Amazing how a guy named “Jack Facts” could have his so very very wrong.

    David: I very much doubt a 20 year old coed in Georgia would be aware of the Andrea McNulty case. It was only big news here in Pittsburgh for about two weeks and ESPN barely covered it (assuming 20 year old coeds even watch ESPN).

    I guess you could believe some of the moronic conspiracy theories posted here that this girl was out with her friends, saw Ben in the VIP looking all cool in his satan t-shirt, and googled his name on her phone. Then after reading up on him, decided to concoct an elaborate plan to have sex with him and then accuse him of rape. Granted this only sounds plausible to people with two functioning brain cells but hey, it’s a free country.

    Now, as for the bathroom, from what I’ve read, the VIP section of this bar has its own private VIP bathroom that is cordoned off from the rest of the bar. I’ve not seen a layout of this place but if you have a noisy bar with loud music and tons of people talking and then you’re in a bathroom way far away from that in an isolated part of the bar with a hulking imbecile who already bashed your head against the wall while attempting to penetrate you, perhaps calling for help doesn’t seem like the best strategy.

  • Ron

    I think that I will be the first to say that the whole “Ben Thing” is very disappointing to me at best. Here is a guy, a young millionaire, with profound talent that most of us only can dream about…. yet he is too fucking stupid and probably arrogant to learn from his first mistake 8 months ago….. and NOT PUT HIMSELF in such a position of peril. Chris the Blog Master stated that “But by an overwhelming number of accounts, he is not a great or even a good person…” I know some people who work at the Marriot at Station Square who won’t even wait on him when he comes into the bar. They pray that he doesn’t sit at a table in thier area. As much as it pains me to say it, Ben is a dumb, arrogant, asswipe. I am so disappointed in that fool that I am not wearing my Official $180.00 No. 7 Shirt next year… I plan on breaking out my No. 58 Lambert shirt that I guard with a 12 gauge, or buy an Official No. 43 Polamalu Shirt……

  • Ron

    OH – one last comment……. where there is smoke, there is fire. This crap doesn’t “just happen” by statistical luck. His fault, her fault, it doesn’t really matter. His activities and lack of common sense to keep himself out of potential problematic situations have tarnished him. In a bathroom at a bar ? Come on !! The guy has no class. His true character has been uncovered. You pull off that kind of crap in college before you are famous and very important to a team. When you take the helm of a franchise like the Pittsburgh Steelers, you have to distinguish yourself above others and show some self-respect. Character is extremely important…. however, if you are just a stupid QB, I guess that you can’t help yourself. Big Ben may have fucked up big this time.

  • eric

    Steelers should draft Tebow in the first round; he is a nice Christian man, will develop into a good QB and not embarrass the franchise.

  • Mike

    I agree with you Chris..Steeler fans just don’t want to face the facts…As soon as we drafted Ben you could tell he was a Wigger….Christ, he talks like he is from the hood….

  • Brad

    Chris you’re not mentioning the fact that the woman in question is refusing to be re-interviewed by the GBI as well. If refusal to be re-interviewed is enough evidence for you to convict Ben, what does it say about this woman.

    There’s also the fact that the woman herself had her license temporarily revoked for driving while under the influence, and that at the time of this event, they tested her blood alcohol level and it showed to be almost double the legal limit.

    Now that doesn’t vindicate Ben, but it does raise a few questions on both sides. However even if Ben is innocent, something has to be done. Even if both these cases end up showing he’s innocent, you don’t see Brady, or Manning, or Brees or any of the other franchise QB’s bringing this kind of attention to their teams. If you’re going to be the franchise guy you have to conduct yourself accordingly. Maybe you have to sacrifice hanging around with drunk coeds, but you’re the leader of the team for crying out loud.

    I love Mike Tomlin, but in a situation like this, it’d be nice to have Cowher back. I mean would YOU like to get a charge like this and then have to face Cowher when you punch back in for work?

  • chris

    Brad, the story that the victim is refusing to meet with the police has been proven false. Her attorney even issued a statement saying those reports were totally incorrect:

    You have to take what is reported by the Pittsburgh media with a grain of salt. They all worship at the altar of the Steelers so they’ll jump at any chance to discredit his accuser.

    I do totally agree with your comment about Tomlin vs. Cowher. I was actually thinking about that very thing the other day. Clearly, the fear/respect factor under Cowher was much higher than it is under Tomlin.

  • Jeff

    Having covered the local Pittsburgh Sports for the last 15 years, I can assure your readers of a few things. First, Ben is not well liked nor respected by his peers in the Steeler Locker Room. He continues to think of “ME” instead of “WE” and until that changes and matures, this “Steeler Nation” of “Ben would never do that followers” will continue to be disappointed.

    A few summers back Ben has the Motor Cycle accident that he was not allowed by the team to ride, nor licensed too in the state of PA. Then we have the Tahoe Incident and regardless if the girl was just a “NFL Groupie” or not doesn’t matter. He shouldn’t have allowed himself to be in that type of situation. After both incidents, the Steelers failed to make the PlayOffs with quality teams. Now we have the latest debacle where the “Chosen One” decides the best way to celebrate his 29th Birthday is to pay some so called friends of his and charter a limo bus and have a “Beer Crawl” in a very very small college town. This self centered idiot then decides its a great idea to force himself on a noticibly intoxicated underage injured female in a bathroom where he had one of his so called “Friends” portray themselves as the “Bathroom Police” and decline access to any other patrons. Now, afterwards since everybody took off for Pittsburgh the very next day unexpectably, all the so called paid man “Groupies” have gotten themselves attorneys. Now, if nothing of a serious nature happened that night, why then would even one of his own team members whom attended the party distance themselves so quickly? Again, its “ME” over “WE” and probably another year of just missing the playoffs.

  • chris

    Well said, Jeff. I appreciate your insightful comments and I hope you continue to share them whenever this topic comes up in the future (as, sadly, we all know it will). It seems that too many Steeler fans have blinders on when it comes to their scumbag quarterback and we need reasonable and intelligent people like yourself to maybe help open up their eyes a little.

  • psycho4steelers

    Chris, I agree wholly. It is a sad time to be a Steelers fan. It sickens me to see what is happening to that once proud franchise. It seems to have become a refuge for criminals and deviants. The Raiders East. From the elation of “6″ to the realization that even the most conservative model of pro sports is now harboring such animals. I too hope the Rooneys do the right thing, and as hard as this is to say, because of what they’ve done on the field, the Steelers must release Ben and Holmes. Pull the band-aid quick. Take the hit and restore Pittsburgh to what we have grown to love. (or at least start the distancing / healing process). The Steelers are better than this, do not Harbour these miscreants. The Steelers, The City, The Fans, and The Rooneys are better than this and this should not be the legacy of “THE CHIEF”.