Big Ben Can Keep His DNA

What a disgrace.

It’s been over two weeks since I last posted about the Ben Roethlisberger situation.  In that time, everybody from veteran Pittsburgh sports reporter John Steigerwald to the hilarious cartoon series South Park have taken their shots at him.  While the Big Laughingstock deserves to be mocked and I have no doubt Steigerwald’s story about Ben blowing off a terminally ill child is absolutely true, I have resisted posting about those things here.  Despite what some of the more ignorant commenters may want to believe, this is not a subject I am particularly happy to write about.   In fact, this is easily the saddest chapter in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers, to which I am not anxious to pile on.

However, in recent days we’ve finally started to get some facts which provide us with a picture of what went on that night and how the sexual assault case pending against our scumbag QB may or may not proceed.

First, the Georgia investigators withdrew their request for Ben’s DNA.  While some head-in-the-sand Steeler fans took this as a positive sign, they ignored the fact that Ben is still in a ton of trouble as this article illustrates. Czar Roger Goodell wants a word with Ben, which is never a good thing, while coach Mike Tomlin stated he was “very concerned for the future of the franchise.”   Hardly optimistic sentiments.

Then came a strange scenario where it was revealed the bar where the assault occurred no longer has the security footage from the night in question.   Evidently, the tapes were recorded over before the police could confiscate them.   Now, the logical explanation is that Pig Ben and his weasel attorney greased some palms to “accidentally” erase the footage.   After all, this attorney already admitted to hiring private investigators to dress up like college kids in an effort to dig up dirt on the poor victim and we know Roethlisberger has no morals so it’s not much of a leap.

However, we were then given this account of events from the manager of Capital City night club.   It seems the victim had been drinking that night.  Which is a problem since she’s underage.  So let’s see, we have an underage girl drinking when she shouldn’t be and we have a security camera recording the bar area the entire time.

Gee, I wonder why that footage was erased so quickly?

This would explain why everybody is in C.Y.A. (Cover Your Ass) mode.  Capital City has hired a lawyer.  Ben hired Ray Lewis‘s lawyer.  One of the off-duty cops partying with Ben hired a lawyer.

Wait…  What?

Yeah, evidently an off-duty Coraopolis police officer was with Ben that night “as a friend.”  Why would he need a lawyer?  If you read the manager’s account, the victim’s friend claimed when she went to follow her into Ben’s Rape Den the VIP bathroom, she was blocked by Ben’s “friend” who was standing guard at the door.  I have many friends but I never knew blockading a door so your “friend” could manhandle a groupie was part of the Wingman Code.

If this manager’s story is to be believed, we finally have a good idea of how this case is shaping up.  From Ben’s side, he’s going to say him and this drunk girl went to the bathroom for some alone time.   But before he could get little Ben out to play, he grew bored with her and decided to go back to drinking brews with his posse.  On the way out, this slutty drunk chick slipped and bumped her noggin.

Then there will be the victim’s version which doesn’t require you to be a blithering idiot to believe.  She’s going to say, yeah, she was drinking.   So she went into the bathroom with Ben to make out.   After clumsily pawing her, she decided she didn’t want to be degraded by that ape and told him to stop.  He got mad at getting shot down by a cute coed so the hulking imbecile decided to toss her around because nobody refuses a big shot like him.

I’m sorry to rain on some of your misogynistic parades but no means no, even when you’re drunk.  Going into the bathroom with him and even letting him stick his foul tongue down her throat (if things even progressed that far) IS NOT the same as consenting to sex.  I realize some of you, particularly Penn State grads, are not aware of this fact.   But I assure you, women have the right to refuse your advances even if they’ve led you on to some extent.   So save the woman-hating “blame the victim” bullshit for some other blog as it’s not welcome here.

And, if the Rooney family truly wants to run an organization with class and dignity, neither will #7 come this September.

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  • “O”

    Wow kinda harsh Chris. I would have at least waited for a conviction. The VIP room where Ben was had no cameras because it was an addition to the club. So they would not have had footage of what happen anyways. Them not needing Ben’s DNA is because they did not retrieve any DNA from the girl’s body or her clothes. If you don’t have a sample to match a sample with you don’t need Ben’s DNA. The girl had been busted with a fake ID a couple of weeks prior. Her blood alcohol content was .20 10 times the legal limit for a minor. At .20 you are basically in blackout mode. She most likely does not even know what happen because she was so drunk. When high profile people go to the restroom they often have people at the door so nobody can take a picture of them using the restroom. Add that together and I come up with a different outcome then you do. I will still wait to pass judgement until all of the facts are out.

  • anthony

    I’m with O on this one chris, with the evidence we have here, it says that Ben really isn’t as much of a dick as you think he is.

    @O, could you give a link to where you found that she was busted for having a fake id?

  • chris

    O, while I strongly disagree with your take on this, I appreciate you presenting your case in a calm and rational manner. That is all I ask from anyone.

    Even assuming the .20 blood alcohol is true, you’re making just as big a leap to assume she doesn’t have any memories of the night’s events. And it also doesn’t mean she was rendered incapable of saying “no” to having sex with the big imbecile. And, really, why would Ben take a “blackout drunk” woman into a public bathroom in the first place?

    As for Ben’s dickery, I guess my perspective is a little better informed since I live in Pittsburgh. I’ve been listening to sports talk radio for the past two weeks where 95% of the callers every day express what a disgusting human being that man is. If you read the “Just Watch The Game” blog I have on my blogroll (on the left), long time Pittsburgh sports reporter John Steigerwald has numerous posts where he talks about how literally every reporter, newscaster, promotions planner, etc who has ever met Ben thought he was a huge dick.

    The reason I am “harsh” on Ben is because I realize rich and famous people beat charges they’re guilty of all the time. (Ray Lewis anyone? OJ?) Saying “wait until he’s convicted” is stunningly naive. Knowing what I know about this goof’s character (or lack thereof), I have no doubt he is guilty. Whether he is able to use the Rooney’s blood money to beat the rap is a separate issue. Regardless of the legal outcome, my opinion of him is accurate and will not change.

  • “O”

    I just basically put the facts I have read out there and that is it. I am in no way condoning what he did or did not do. I am no millionaire but I have the decency not to take a woman to a public bathroom. I myself am tired of hearing of the next bad thing he does. I know what it means to be a Steeler I just wish Ben did. He is a disgrace even if he is not guilty. He obviously can not control himself when drinking around women. I have heard how rude he is in the Burgh. I just wish there was a QB out there that could actually replace him but there is not. Your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t. Off the subject I will contradict myself because I think Dixon could actually step in right now especially with all the weapons at his disposal. So either way we will be okay.

  • “O”

    I am always calm and rational!LOL

  • “O”

    I can’t remember where I read that might have been straight from But I do remember reading it.

  • michelle

    Roethlisberger could be facing lengthy suspension

    New reports suggest that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is considering suspending Ben Roethlisberger after the Steelers quarterback failed to make a good impression in their much-anticipated closed-door meeting on Monday. MORE:

  • http://havenone catherine mccall

    ol’gal fan
    i am in my 70′s, born in pgh. and a steeler fan for many many years. having a big ben #7 shirt, i will not throw it on the burn pile until more proof is made clear, guilty or not guilty. like others i am sad that a man who had the world by the tail would screw it all up over booze and women. 6 months from now i wonder if he will think it was worth it especially when fans boo him which i am sure will happen even if found not guilty. too much smoke to be no fire. seems like the big name and big money make some of the weak minded think they are above all laws and morals. they should take a look at troy and hines and see what real men look and act like.

  • Alan

    Accudentally commented on Klutz, but I feel this is appropriate for both.

    Chris, I agree wholly. It is a sad time to be a Steelers fan. It sickens me to see what is happening to that once proud franchise. It seems to have become a refuge for criminals and deviants. The Raiders East. From the elation of “6″ to the realization that even the most conservative model of pro sports is now harboring such animals. I too hope the Rooneys do the right thing, and as hard as this is to say, because of what they’ve done on the field, the Steelers must release Ben and Holmes. Pull the band-aid quick. Take the hit and restore Pittsburgh to what we have grown to love. (or at least start the distancing / healing process). The Steelers are better than this, do not Harbour these miscreants. The Steelers, The City, The Fans, and The Rooneys are better than this and this should not be the legacy of “THE CHIEF”.