Santonio Holmes Enjoys Assaulting Women, Too

It is officially the worst off-season ever for a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Earlier today, a lawsuit was filed by a woman in Orlando who claims that Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes assaulted her at a nightclub earlier in the month.  Stop me if any of this sounds familiar.  She alleges that her and her college-age friends where hanging with him in the VIP section of the Rain nightclub when a stupid argument between her and ‘Tone ended with him throwing a glass at her face.   Not the booze in the glass, mind you, THE ENTIRE GLASS.

What an idiot.   Everybody knows you take your groupies back to the private VIP bathroom before you assault them.   Has your fearless leader taught you nothing?

Yes, much like our douchebag quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, Holmes has a long history of being a troublemaking asshole.  He has three kids from two different mothers, neither to whom he’s married.  One of the baby mamas called the cops after he choked her, slapped her, and then threw her around.   She dropped those charges most likely when Mr. Green (aka cash money) found his way into her bank account.  On the plus side, he’s also been arrested for drug possession and disorderly conduct three separate times so not all his offenses are violent.

I already know what some of the comments are going to say.  “Ack!  Another lying ho looking for money!” or something along similarly misogynistic lines.  I guess she may be lying.  Although it seems a little odd to me that of thirty-two NFL teams and all their active players, most of whom are rich and famous, why is it that the same two Steelers keep getting accused of doing things they shouldn’t be doing?

Right now, I’m absolutely embarrassed to be a Steeler fan.  And anybody who lives in Pittsburgh, grew up in Pittsburgh, or has the faintest inkling of what it means to be a true Steeler fan has to feel just as sick as I do.  Over the next month or two we’re going to see exactly what kind of people Dan Rooney and his son Art II truly are.

Dan Rooney is the Ambassador to Ireland largely because he built up a reputation of being a man of strong character who runs his organization in a responsible and classy fashion. There’s a reason he has a sterling reputation while guys like Jerry Jones or Al Davis are laughingstocks. But this team has quickly become the joke of the NFL, full of criminals and idiots that reflect directly on him, his family, and his city of birth.

Time to start earning your reputation, Dan.  The time for sitting on your hands and turning a blind eye to these goofs on your team is over.  Start getting things under control or everything the Rooney name has stood for since the late great Art Rooney was in charge will be lost forever.  As a proud Pittsburgher, I can’t tell you how tragic that would be.

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  • “O”


  • Mario Lopez

    how times have changed, this isn’t your daddy’s Steelers. Can’t run the ball, no more smash mouth, Defense not dominating, & biggest of all, forgot how to draft players with CHARACTER…I’m not OK with the black eye #7 & #10 have put on this team lately. Ben just flat out needs his ASS beat…BLEEPING egomaniac..

  • JD

    Welcome to the Pittsburgh Bengals…

  • blah

    oh no, nicepickcowher isnt getting as many hits and comments with a santonio post, MUST.WRITE.ANOTHER.BEN.HATE.POST

  • “O”

    There would not be Ben hater posts if he handled himself like an adult! Now we have the latest Santonio fuck up. This is getting ridiculous, Tomlin better get this teams shit together. They are acting like the Ravens or Bungles now and it is sickening. If the chin was here this shit would not be happening. These idiots need to be made an example of right now or the whole team is going to start acting like common criminals. Woman beaters of Pittsburgh is the message I’m recieving. Hey lady you are in my seat move your ass, oh no well here is a free drink. What a dirtbag!

  • anthony

    Only the fact that niether of them have been charged yet keeps me optomistic.

    No matter how things end up, they both need to be suspended by the organization for 4 weeks in addition to whatever the league does with them. Geuss Limas Sweed won’t get cut this year.

  • chris

    News of the Ben sexual assault case broke on March 6th. It’s now March 30th. In over three weeks time, I’ve written a grand total of THREE posts on the incident. Yep, I’m really beating that topic into the ground, moron.

    Now, let me respond to those of you who are true Steeler fans.

    Anthony: The Holmes case is civil, not criminal. There will be no charges, per se. Reading the link I provided above (gold text is clickable links), it sounds like he attacked her, she went to a cop, and then ‘Tone offered cash to shut up about it. Then he either reneged or she wanted more and that’s why she lawyered up.

    Bottom line is, like O correctly points out, neither he nor Ben would be in trouble if they didn’t act like idiots. Don’t want to read negative news stories or blog posts about yourself? Simple. Just don’t throw glasses at women or fuck groupies in VIP bathrooms.

    I don’t think wanting my team’s players to not act like filthy degenerates is too much to ask.

  • “O”

    Well put Chris. How hard can it be to stay out of trouble? You don’t have to be an adult to know that men don’t throw drinks in womens faces! Especially with the glass included.

    On a side note why the hell is it taking so long for these po-dunk cops to finish their investigation? Either he is guilty or not but three weeks of nothing new. WTF is taking so long? Chris have you heard anything I have not over here on the West Coast?

  • chris

    Thanks, O. No, it’s not that hard to stay out of trouble. There are 53 players on 32 NFL teams, many of whom are rich and/or famous and many of whom I’m sure go out every weekend. The fact the same two Steelers keep getting accused of doing the same bad things should tell people something.

    As for the case, all the latest info I have is in my last post (“Ben can keep his DNA”) on the subject. I have no idea why it’s taking so long to either press charges or not. Although I did hear that in the Mike Tyson rape case, it was three MONTHS from the initial crime report to charges being brought. So I guess it’s not uncommon for these things to move slowly.

  • “O”

    Thanks Chris and keep up the good posts. Never mind what the worshipers of Ben say. His actions lately have been less then desirable.

  • blah

    A part of me wants Ben to come out and demand a trade because of idiots like you who have no loyalty to a guy who brought this town 2 super bowls. And who jump at the chance to tear down one of the best players this town has ever seen when he HASNT EVEN BEEN FOUND GUILTY. Yeah, a part of me wants that just so brain dead people like you will see who really was the straw that stirred the steelers drink for 2 super bowls. Then you will look back and regret the days you falsely accused, under appreciated and took advantage of the greatest QB we had since Bradshaw.

  • chris

    I’m loyal to the Steelers, not one player out of 53 who won as a team. And I’d rather go 4-12 with Dennis Dixon than make the playoffs with this sexual predator behind the center. Perhaps when you stop masturbating to your Ben Roethlisberger fathead and start dating girls, you’ll be equally as sickened by that disgusting human being as the rest of Steeler Nation.

    And calling that overrated assclown the greatest QB since Bradshaw is laughable. The Steelers would barely skip a beat with Dix behind center if the defense plays up to their usual standards. Anybody can win when their defense carries them like our D has carried Rapistberger his entire career.

    Not to mention it will be a lot easier to root for the team when you don’t have to hold your nose while that piece of trash takes 45 minutes to decide whether he wants to throw the ball or not.

  • http://idareyoutokeepthisup,butyouwontcauseyouknowitstrue BLAH’s newest name!!!

    Chris is right. I do enjoy masturbating to my Ben Roethlisberger fathead.

  • anthony

    @ Blah: The only superbowl that Ben “carried” us through would be the last one. The defense and running game got us our fifth, despite what seahawks fans say.

    but as much as I’d like both of them to stay, it’s starting to look like shape up or ship out. these come out to be the second against both of them, and I’m sure that there are lots of Raiders fans who would love a sexual predator under center.

  • gwil

    As a “true” Steelers fan I agree with most of your comments however I am tired of so many people making comments like “Out of all of the players in the league why does it keep happening to these two”. It does not keep happening to JUST these two. Below is a list of NFL players that have been accused, charged or convicted of assaulting women. I put this list together in a matter of minutes so there are many more that could be added. I’m sure some of these men are guilty and I’m sure some of these men are being extorted….

    Ben Roethlisberger, Jim Brown, Eric Green, Michael Irvin, Junior Seau, Corey McIntyre, Plaxico Burress, Rocky Bernard, Michael Boley, Cornelius Bennett, Lyle Alzado, Rae Caruth, Larry Johnson, Lawrence Phillips, Warren Moon, Tom Cable, Santonio Holmes, Shawne Merriman, Ahmad Brooks, Steven Jackson, Steve Muhammad, Mark Gastineau, Cecil Collins, Steve Foley, Rod Smith, Warren Sapp, Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, James Harrison, Brandon Marshall, Todd Marinovich, Mark Chmura, Dana Stubblefield, O.J. Simpson, Orlando Thomas, Michael Pittman, Pacman Jones, David Meggett, James Lofton, Ron Rice, Charlie Batch, Tyree Talton, Dedric Ward, Mark Sanchez……

    Enough with the “Why does it keep happening to these two” garbage. The abuse of women AND the extortion of rich male athletes are both huge problems in pro sports not just Steelers problems. I would be surprised if a pro team exists that have never had a player that was accused of assaulting a woman. I am in no way defending the alleged actions of these two guys but I am suggesting that you take off the blinders and see the entire picture before you comment.

  • chris

    Gwil, I’m sorry but the vast majority of those names are either former players or guys who were accused years (if not decades) ago. If you comb through the entire 45 year history of the NFL, I’m sure every team has/does have somebody who was accused of violence against women. But weren’t the Steelers supposed to be a cut above? Didn’t they do things “the right way?”

    And anyway, you totally missed the point I was making. The point was Ben and Holmes have been accused MULTIPLE times. Almost every one of those names you listed were accused ONCE. When something happens once, sure you can say “Maybe this guy just met a psycho chick and is being extorted.” When it starts happening over and over again, it should send up red flags.

    At least, it would to anybody who is seeing this situation clearly and not with Black and Gold colored glasses on.

  • gwil

    Chris, I did not know that there is an expiration date on assault accusations for this subject. The point is after quickly searching phrases such as “NFL athletes accused of assaulting women” that list of names was readily available. I’m sure if one was to research only recent assault accusations there would be a long list as well. If you research the list I provided you will find that some of them have been accused multiple time, in some cases by their own wives. I do agree that red flags are up after multiple accusations but it was you that missed my point. I am simply stating that those who insinuate that these two guys are in a class by themselves when it comes to being accused of assaulting women or being accused of assaulting women multiple times are incorrect. That obviously does not make it any better but it is the realistic way to look at the situation.

    The Steelers have TRIED “to be a cut above the rest” but it is impossible for the Steelers and every other pro sports organization that have tried it. There will always be “bad boys” in pro sports and there will always be extortionists ready to capitalize on the fortune and fame of others.

    I don’t have on “Black and Gold colored glasses” but I do try to be realistic and objective in any situation. It would be great if every Steelers player were outstanding citizens when off the field but that will never happen. The difference here is that the guys being accused are star players that the Steelers can not afford to discard of, the way they did with Cedric Wilson for example. The Steelers can get rid of these two first round picks that have not been charged or convicted of anything and become less competitive or they can keep these first round picks that posses questionable character and continue to compete for championships (which is exactly what every other team would do). Not much of a decision at this point. If one of them is charged and found guilty now then there is a decision to be made.

  • chris

    But the Steelers have gotten rid of first round draft picks before they were convicted of any crimes. Tim Worley was a first round pick (7th overall as a matter of fact). He was suspended for failing to submit to drug tests and the Steelers got rid of him the next year. Plaxico Burress was a first round pick (8th pick overall btw) and he was let go as a free agent without so much as a token offer because he missed meetings, defied coaches, etc…

    So don’t tell me the Steelers have never enforced standards for high draft picks or “star players.” That’s just excuse making. Dan Rooney got a rep for running a classy organization FOR A REASON. That’s something I, as a lifelong Pittsburgher, have always embraced, believed, and been proud of.

    Your entire argument is “Hey, I did a google search! Over the past 45 years, every team has had a player that assaults women!” Well, sorry, that’s not acceptable to me. And it’s not acceptable to any true Steeler fan who still believes in The Steeler Way.

    Ben and Santonio are disgusting human beings who don’t deserve to wear the black and gold. I don’t care how many TDs they produce or how many games they help win, they are two of the biggest lowlifes to ever put on a Steeler uniform. And if the team has any pride or self-respect left, they would rid themselves of those asshats as soon as possible (as they have done to many many other high draft picks or star players who failed to act like decent human beings.)

  • gwil

    Worley was a borderline bust with a fumbling problem due to his upright running style and as you mentioned Plaxico’s contract was up and the Steelers did not resign him like they did not resign many other key players that never caused any problems. Not resigning a player is completely different than cutting a player although I do agree that his character could have had something to do with it.

    There is not a pro team in existence that has not had to deal with players of questionable character and the Steelers are no exception. The Steelers had no problem overlooking James Harrison’s alleged assault on a woman. Is it just a coincidence that he was the defensive MVP and possibly saved the Steelers from loosing to the Cards with his outstanding play or are you going to say it is because he was only accused once?

    My entire argument is not based on a Google search. You can not pretend that alleged assaults that happened a long time ago no longer exist because it does not support your point of view. Once again I am simply stating that it is ridiculous to pretend that this problem only applies to Ben and Tone. The google search was simply to inform you that the information you choose to ignore is readily available with little effort. Alleged assaults on women and the extortion of rich and famous men is an epidemic in pro sports and is in no way isolated to these two Steelers players.

    I am a “true Steelers fan” as is my father and his father but I am realistic as well. You appear to be the one wearing “Black and Gold glasses”. There have been many Steelers players with issues. We have already discussed Ben, Tone, Harrison, Wilson, Worley, Plaxico and off the top of my head let’s add Porter, Steed, Ernie Holmes, Bam Morris, Darren Perry and Justin Strzelczyk. In a perfect world all of the Steelers players would be great people but that is fantasy land when it comes to pro sports.

    I do agree that the Steelers have tried to do things the right way but as I stated before it is impossible to be completely mistake free when it comes to judging the character of pro athletes.

    If your opinion is that the Steelers should get rid of players with questionable character you are obviously entitled to that opinion. I would prefer that all of our players are great people too. Don’t forget that I originally stated that I agree with most of your post. Again, my points are that all teams have problems but I don’t see them throwing away star players because of accusations and that people should stop arguing that allegedly assaulting women is a problem that is isolated to Ben and Tone. If the Steelers cut Ben, Tone and Harrison and the Ravens, Bengals or Browns picked them up and kicked our ass for the next 5 – 10 years I bet you would not be so quick to judge without evidence, charges or convictions.

  • vinny600

    While I agree Chris that Ben should be criticized/reprimanded for putting himself in foolish situations he should not be reprimanded for an empty accusation. If the accusation proves to be legit (he is charged) then that’s a different story. I too think if he is formally charged he should be dealt with, I’m just not sure dumping him before he is convicted is wise. Let’s not forget he has not even been charged with a crime much less convicted. All we have right now is 2 women who claim he assaulted/raped them. The one accusing him of rape supposedly made comments about having his baby to a friend. I know it seems unlikely that he would be falsely accused of the same offense twice but it’s possible. That is why we have a criminal justice system, to sort unfounded accusations from evidenced crimes. I know one is a civil case but the fact finding process is what I am referring to. I am not defending Ben’s character or morality just saying we should let the system work before we make any rash decisions.
    As far as Holmes goes maybe he should be sent for anger management counseling. I would be curious to know how much he had to drink before the incident; maybe he has alcohol problems as well. I don’t think his cases are as much of a concern as Ben’s is though because anyone can lose their temper and lash out (most adults, however, draw the line at throwing beverage containers at people) which seems to be Holmes problem (other than the weed which probably should be legal anyway). Sexual assault is much different than ‘losing it’ for a second and doing something stupid.

  • chris

    Vinny, the problem is you’re assuming that the legal system is flawless and perfect. Please don’t be naive. Guilty people go free every day, especially when they’re RICH. OJ Simpson, anybody?

    That is why I don’t care what the DA in Georgia does in this case. If you believe in the criminal justice system and put your faith in it 100%, I admire your innocent and simplistic view of the world. I, on the other hand, am a realist. I realize that when Ben hires a superstar lawyer who then hires 14 private investigators to dig up dirt on the victim, that is no match for a hick Georgia sheriff and a rube district attorney.

    Ben is a deviant, an idiot, and an all-around horrible human being. Now maybe you can hold your nose and cheer for the guy because nobody has a cell phone camera video of him raping a woman. But I know better. And the next time something like this happens (and it will because the guy is a total douche), I don’t want to deal with this crap again. The big neon flashing WARNING sign is there for all to see and I’m sad that many Steeler Fans absolutely refuse to see it.

    As for Holmes, it’s not just “losing his temper.” one time. He has a history of run-ins with the law on everything from assaulting his baby mama to drug possession. He is another thug that doesn’t deserve to wear a Steeler uniform.

    Unfortunately, the Steelers have decided that they no longer care about being “the classiest organization in the NFL” or “winning the right way” or any of the other things we used to say about them. Well, sorry, but that still matters to me. If they want to become the Bengals or the Raiders, that’s their choice. But don’t expect me to hold my nose, smile, and pretend like I’m okay with it.

  • psycho4steelers

    Chris, I could’nt agree more. Ben will repeat, not as Champion but as “suspect” in an indecent, unwholesome, perverse accusation. S.H. will continue to beat women while smokin’ a “splif”. ( thx for your ebonics to english dictionary). I am dis-heartend by the Steelers inaction with these two. What must happen? Must the Black and Gold be muddied beyond recognition before ambassador Rooney reacts? I hope not. As in my other posts you can see my opinion, Sit these 2 and GIVE US BACK OUR STEELERS!!!!

  • psycho4steelers

    Chris and all out there, had to share this:


    Sources: Santonio Holmes facing four-game suspension
    Posted by Mike Florio on April 10, 2010 11:24 AM ET
    Late Friday afternoon brought good news for some of the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the report from ESPN that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger won’t be charged with sexual assault in Milledgeville, Georgia.

    Now for the bad news or more like it……..the expected news.

    Multiple sources have advised us (NBC sports) that receiver Santonio Holmes is facing a four-game suspension under the league’s substance-abuse policy. It’s presently unknown whether Holmes tested positive for a prohibited substance or committed some other violation of the policy, such as missing a required test. It’s our current understanding that the internal NFL appeals process has not been finalized.

    Under the substance-abuse policy, a four-game suspension comes after multiple violations. The fact that Holmes, the MVP of Super Bowl XLIII, is facing a four-game suspension means that Holmes previously has paid a fine in the amount of three seventeenths of his base salary (i.e., three game checks).

    Though we’re not aware of the specific identity of the substance involved, Holmes has a history with marijuana. In 2008, he was cited for marijuana possession, prompting the Steelers to suspend him for one game with pay. Recently, he posted on Twitter a message indicating an intention to “wake n bake,” slang for smoking marijuana upon getting out of bed.

    Holmes also has recently been accused of throwing a drink in the face of a woman at an Orlando nightclub. The alleged victim has both sued Holmes and pursued criminal liability, after indicating on the scene that she did not want to press charges. His lawyer has denied the accusations, recently claiming that a witness has signed a sworn statement taking responsibility for throwing the drink. The suspension Holmes faces arose independently of this alleged incident.

    What a piece of work this idiot is……..GET RID OF HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    Thank you for that update, Psycho. If this news is indeed true, I will share more of my thoughts in a proper post. However, I will just say that it makes sense that the Steelers have been entertaining A LOT of WR prospects this past week so maybe they knew something we didn’t. And if so, I suspect that his days in Pittsburgh are indeed numbered.

    I wonder if the Raiders would take a headcase with a 4 game suspension in 2010 for their 2nd round pick this year. If so, MAKE THE DEAL NOW.

  • bilbroxain

    Santonio got traded to the Jets for a fifth rounder.

  • Alan

    STEELERS TRADE SANTONIO HOLMES TO JETS for fith rounder in 2010 draft. Just got up for midnight snack and saw same……..NFL network Jason La Canfora confirms trade…1235am 12-APR-2010….Alan (Psycho4steelers)

  • chris

    Thanks, guys. And here I figured everything is quiet on Sundays.

  • pintoalegre

    Art Rooney II is Dan Rooney’s son and president of the team. Art Rooney III is the son of owner Art Rooney Jr.

  • chris

    Yeah, I know. It was a typo. Thanks for the family tree.