Ben Roethlisberger Beats Sexual Assault Rap

If there’s no semen, you must believe him.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will not face charges stemming from the sexual assault allegations made by a 20 year old coed in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Georgia District Attorney Fred Bright announced today that his office will not be pursuing charges because there is not enough evidence to successfully prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Now before anybody gets carried away with their misogynistic rants, please remember this doesn’t mean a crime didn’t occur, it just means they can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.  Without hard indisputable evidence, it’s very difficult to make a case stick under the strict standards of criminal trial.  Anybody who hears the circumstantial evidence in this case can clearly see that something very very bad and very very wrong happened that night in Georgia.

The important facts are these.   Ben and his posse were out clubbing that night.  So was the victim.  They met up and Ben invited her to the VIP area at the Capital City night club.   He bought her and her friends shots.  Then his BODYGUARD led her to the private bathroom.  Yeah, nothing suspicious about that.  He followed her back there shortly thereafter.   Kinda creepy but I guess you could spin that different ways.  What happened in that bathroom we’ll never know.   What we do know is after she emerged from the bathroom, she IMMEDIATELY went to the cops who took her to the hospital.  At the hospital, they found BLOOD and BRUISES on her VAGINA (please stop and think about that for a minute) and took a RAPE KIT.

Yes, this sexual assault case was actually a RAPE CASE.

The rape kit found male semen.   Unfortunately, the semen sample was too small to run a DNA test so we have no idea whose little swimmers they were.   Take a wild guess.

I can’t say I’m really surprised by any of this.  First, you had Barney Fife leading the investigation.  Photos emerged of the investigating officers posing with him AFTER allegations were made.  Ben goes out and hires the best lawyer money can buy, the same lawyer who cleaned up messes left by both Ray Lewis and Pacman Jones.  This weasel then hired a whole army of “private investigators” to dress up like COLLEGE KIDS and dig up dirt on the poor victim, which no doubt explains why she later wrote a letter to the DA asking for charges to be dropped.  Meanwhile, the club where the assault occurred mysteriously decides to erase the tape which may have provided valuable clues to what happened that night.

Ben Roethlisberger’s money and fame bought him more than enough protection from the “investigation” so that justice for the poor girl who was viciously assaulted raped never stood a chance.  Forgive me for not being pumped up that our QB has skated on an alleged sexual assault rape for a second straight year.  Believe me, it’s just a matter of time until he manhandles a 17 year old high school girl so we can go through all this again…

I have been a Steeler fan dating all the way back to the time I wore a #12 tee shirt to “Black & Gold Day” in kindergarten.  The Steelers already rid themselves of one bag of crap yesterday by trading Santonio Holmes. It doesn’t appear the Steelers will do the right thing by ridding themselves of this piece of garbage.  No matter how despicable and rotten a human being Ben Roethlisberger is, I will always root for the Steelers to succeed.  And when he plays well, I will acknowledge it even though I won’t be proud.   I hope that he takes a page from Ray Lewis and finds religion so that he might turn his life around although I doubt he will.

And just like Steeler fans have always enjoyed ragging on Ray Ray, I will never be a Ben Roethlisberger fan again.

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