Big Ben Wants To Be Your Role Model

I think I threw up in my mouth listening to that.

I could write ten pages dissecting all the lies, phoniness, and hypocrisy contained in the 90 second statement disgraced Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger read hours after learning he had gotten away with rape would not face sexual assault charges.  Heck, I could write just two on that ridiculous mullet alone.  But since you’re likely sick of hearing about him and I’m sick of writing about him, I’ll limit myself to a few brief statements.

Thanking DA Fred Bright for not pressing charges only shows he didn’t actually watch the news conference.  Bright repeatedly called the poor girl he viciously attacked “the victim” and stressed that the case wasn’t being brought only because they didn’t have enough irrefutable evidence.  It was hardly a ringing endorsement of his innocence.  Anybody could plainly see Bright was not happy about cutting the big goof loose.  In fact, the DA even told Pig Ben to “grow up.”

Of course he’s happy to put it behind him.  I wonder how the young lady who he nearly raped is doing?  I wonder if she’s been able “to put it behind her.”  Hopefully he did pay her off because she deserves something for what he did to her and she for damn sure didn’t get any justice.

Ben wants to be the leader that the Steelers deserve…  How about, I dunno, setting an example by not getting accused of rape every off-season?  Is that too much to ask?  And while we’re looking at qualities befitting a leader, how about not whining and crying about every minor boo boo you get during the season?

I almost fell out of my chair laughing at his desire to be “a valuable member of the community and role model for kids.”   If you’re a parent and you allow your kid to wear a #7 jersey, you should be reported to Child Services immediately.  Either that or make sure you buy little Bobby a baby doll so you can show him the difference between a good touch and a bad touch.   Evidently Ben’s parents failed to teach him this valuable lesson when he was a child.

And, finally, he wants to earn our trust?  Seriously?  Let me ask a couple questions.  Would any of my female readers out there feel comfortable hanging out with him in a dark and secluded part of a night club?   Would any of you with daughters feel comfortable letting them hang out with him?   I personally wouldn’t wish a bruised and bleeding vagina on any of the women in my life but maybe that’s just me.

In summation, shut up Ben.  I don’t care what you have to say.  Just go out there and throw touchdowns because that’s all you’re good for.  We all know what kind of person you are now.   And no prepared statement full of ridiculous B.S. is going to make us forget what you have done.

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  • blacksteel

    I would rather lose without ben then win with him. Really how many guys go out on their birthdays with a picture of the devil on their shirt. Real classy.

  • psycho4steelers

    I too will continue to root for the Steelers but blacksteel does have a point. At what cost? Have we laid our humanity on the altar of winning? Has that (winning) become more important than morality and decency? I hope not. Santonio was a start. The Steelers still have an opportunity to do what is right. As does the NFL. I guess we’ll see what the Steelers and commissioner do with this tool. Until then…

  • bilbroxain

    I hope that this will be Ben’s last season with the Steelers. I know that I will not be wearin his jersey this year.

  • jcogz43

    More on the football side, who would replace BB?
    I mean, i agree with everything you guys have said so far, and i just gave away my BB t-shirt jersey, but honestly without him last year, the Steelers would have been 5-11 instead of 9-7. I agree that it is not right to have a scumbag such as this guy on our team who even dislikes Terry Bradshaw (who btw was just trying to give him some advice) but from an on-the-field standpoint, who?

  • chris

    That’s a very good question, jcogz.

    I would give Dennis Dixon a shot. Remember, his start last year was at the very last minute (the Steelers only found out BB wasn’t playing on Friday afternoon). If he could play that way with little first team practice, I wonder what he’d do when he’s given 100% of the team’s attention.

    Failing Dixon, I think Marc Bulger wouldn’t be a bad fallback option. He had Pro Bowl seasons in St. Louis. He’s had problems the past few years but ever hear of Kurt Warner? After his glory days w/ the Rams, the NFL tagged Warner as washed up and nothing better than a backup. Then he made that comeback with Phoenix. I think Bulger could make a comeback with the right team.

    Honestly, though, QB is only a small piece of the puzzle. Ben had the best season any Steelers QB ever had, statistically, and where did that get them? They have to re-tool their defense. If their D gets back to the old dominant ways, they’ll win no matter who the QB is.

    Remember, Ben was nothing but a game-manager in 2005. He won a couple playoff games with his arm but 90% of the Steelers’ success that season was due to Parker/Bettis and the D. That’s what the Steeler need to get back to and then who takes the snaps will be far less important.

    • spartacus723

      Chris – QB is a small piece of the puzzle indeed. When Stupid Ben was the game-manager in 2005, he had the O-line to thank for his success in the “W” column. He didn’t have to throw for TD’s and 300 yards. We rushed for 5 yards per attempt and hogged up the clock. The D actually played less football reps back then because we managed the clock via the ground game.

      Look at last year – it seemed as though the D was on the field forever in every game. Why ? Because we couldn’t close out 3rd and medium and worse yet, we couldn’t close out 3rd and long. The season stat tables do not reveal the whole in-game truth. The secondary got fried all of the time. The Chicago, KC, and Oakland losses, demonstrate how easy it was for them to blow leads in the 4th qrt, mostly by getting torched in the passing game. We should have lost the Minnesota game too. Thanks to 2 defensive fluke/rare TDs, we didn’t.

      Ben will be put down for a few games in my view. If he isn’t, there will be a revolt per se by certain players and it may end up being racially oriented for reasons that are obvious. This is why I said in a recent post that Bulger would be a big plus. He can easily start for a few games and give us a better chance to win while dummy serves his time.

      I hope that the Rooney’s message about “getting back to our roots” and pounding the ball on the ground sunk in with Colbert. I think that we need premier O linemen (Iupati, Baluga, Pouncey)and CBs first and foremost in this draft. Gay stinks, and the guys behind him don’t give me much confidence. That old logic used by each team (pick the best player available at the time of your choice) is BS. Pick for positional needs. Every mock draft I have seen is different, with different logic applied to justify each teams pick…. the draft will be crazy like it always is and we may just get lucky in the first and 2nd round this year.

  • psycho4steelers

    Not seeing the NFL do anything more than suspending Ben for a few games (3-4 max), or the Steelers trading him, I think Pitt. will be fine with Dixon under center. And who knows? Remember Ben came in when Maddox went down/out/pulled and the rest is, as they say, history. (Maddox was 2-1 that year, and Ben 13-0). The following year Maddox was 0-2, Batch 2-0 and Ben 9-3 with a S.B. win. 3 QB’s, one goal. Dixon, with the reps in practice, may prove to be a very good/consistent QB. And Batch is stll there. Work on the O-line for Dixon/Moore and Co., would help. But the D is the true measure. If the Steelers can address that and make the proper moves, then the B&G in the post-season will be assured. Just one optimists opinion.

  • myopinion

    Already threw his jersey in the trash. I expect more from the Rooney’s. Anyone else in the organization, front office or otherwise, would have lost their job by now. I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but I also believe in a strong moral and ethical code. I hope the Rooney’s will do the right thing. BTW: Your not the greatest QB and Pittsburgh doesn’t need you. Cut him loose Mr. Rooney, no one is irreplaceable.

  • psycho4steelers

    Alright, one disciplinary step left before the Ben situation is laid to rest. Unlike what I said earlier, the Steelers and Rooneys’ chumped out. “Handing” down disciplinary action via the NFL is chicken S#!T. The Steelers, MY STEELERS, OUR STEELERS, had an opportunity to stand up and be a model. Instead they followed the likes of Jerry Jones and Al Davis, letting the NFL take action and calling it their own. Sad. After 30+ years of following this franchise, this remarkable franchise, I never thought that I’d be embarrassed by the Rooney’s. Yet here I sit, dumbfounded and a little dazed His sentence is to run concurrent? JESUS!!!! I’m no saint but tell me this…..Are his parents proud of his off-field behavior? If they are I’ll shut up. Somehow I doubt they are. To allow this miscreant to skate by hurts. But the Rooney’s’ are smart I guess, they know us die hards will root for the B&G, buy tickets and come to watch the Team. Ben is a teammate. We will watch, root, cheer and jeer. We will scream with delight at a last minute pass T.D. and groan with a last minute sack. We are predictable. We are fans. And today I too threw up a little in my mouth.


  • psycho4steelers

    Hines……Polite but poignant.

    Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward said he is “discouraged” by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s off-the-field conduct and called some recent incidents “unfortunate” for the Steelers organization.

    “I’m not really disappointed in anything,” Ward said this afternoon. “I’m discouraged a little bit because the Pittsburgh Steelers come with a high level. Expectations are high. It’s unfortunate that our organization has to be in the news like this.”

    Ward’s comments came during a brief media interview session following a question and answer period with 40 student/athletes as part of a Gatorade promotion at North Hills High School.

    Ward also indicated that, if the Steelers win the Super Bowl, he would retire after the season. During his 40-minute Q&A session with North Hills football players, the 13-year veteran said his career would be complete with another ring.

    “If I win three Super Bowls, I’m retiring,” Ward said. “I’m telling you that right now.”

    Ward said, if he had his way, troubled wide receiver Santonio Holmes would still be on the Steelers, but he supports any actions taken by the Rooney family and/or the NFL.

    “It’s an unfortunate incident and I would have loved for him to stay, but it’s not my team,” Ward said. “Who am I to question Mr. Rooney and the Pittsburgh Steelers? They have been doing this thing for a lot of years. They felt it was best for Santonio and best for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whatever choices they make, they have our support.”

    Ward, the team’s all-time leading receiver, is confident his teammates can fill the void created when Holmes was traded to the New York Jets for a fifth-round draft pick.

    “It’s unfortunate that Santonio is no longer with us,” Ward said. “(But) Mike Wallace had a tremendous rookie year and now he’s going to get more opportunities to become that guy. …Yes, we’re young. But, at the same time, that’s my job as a leader. I’ve been in this game a long time and I’ve seen a lot of players come and go. I’m up for the challenge.”

    Ward, speaking publicly about Roethlisberger for the first time since Georgia officials decided not to pursue any charges in the alleged sexual assault last month of a 20-year-old college student, said the Steelers’ expectations remain the same.

    “One thing about us is that we’re a close-knit family,” he said. “We are going to rally behind each other and support each other. Whatever decision that Mr. Rooney or the league makes, we are going to abide by it and move on. It’s not going to change the way we approach things. It’s not going to change the expectation level. Our goal is still to win the Super Bowl.”