Terry Bradshaw Doesn't Like Big Ben Either

Terry Bradshaw, the greatest quarterback in Pittsburgh Steelers history, had some wise words of advice for their current signal-caller.  Yes, I used the words “Bradshaw” and “wise” in the same sentence.  If you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear Terry speak in public, he’s actually a pretty smart guy.   He just plays up the aw-shucks hick aspect of his personality for television.   And the four time Super Bowl champion has concluded the same thing I’ve been telling my loyal readers since I started this blog three years ago.

Ben Roethlisberger is a dick.

Terry shouldn’t feel like he’s being singled out.  Bill Cowher also told Ben not to ride his motorcycle.   Of course, Ben didn’t get along with Cowher, either.  And, yes, Bradshaw made his share of mistakes when he was here.  But nothing ever brought the Steelers anywhere near the level of disgrace that Pig Ben’s recent actions have.

How does Ben sleep at night?

Well, he had to get up early yesterday for his meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  A freshly-shaved and de-mulleted Roethlisberger arrived bright and early for his meeting with Herr Roger. The meeting lasted several hours and Ben’s only comment upon exiting was that the meeting was “very productive.”  I can only hope Goodell channeled Dean Wormer and told him “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

Meanwhile, for those who didn’t heed my words a couple days ago when I said anybody who thinks the Milledgeville incident will be the last is sorely mistaken, a lawyer went on a radio talk show in Boston and revealed that he had been asked to look into a similar incident which occurred six months ago in Las Vegas.  While the lawyer quickly revised his comments to clarify he wasn’t accusing Ben of rape, he did say the incident involved a woman being invited to party with the drunken imbecile in a VIP area of a night club where she was subjected to “non-consensual sexual touching” by Mr. Rapistberger.  So either Ben has some serious self-control issues or he has absolutely no idea how to hit on a woman.

In any case, the city is rapidly turning against their disgusting quarterback.   Even his strongest supporters within the organization are cracking as current Steelers President Art Rooney II was described as “furious” after hearing the details of the Georgia incident.  Most tragically, our friends over at PLB Sports, maker of City of Champions Cereal, have invoked their morality clause in deciding to discontinue their line of Big Ben Beef Jerky.

When you’ve lost your beef jerky, you’ve truly lost it all.

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  • http://www.wix.com/psycho4steelers/12thmanforgedinsteel psycho4steelers

    Well Terry came out and said what we all know…..Ben is an idiot off the field. I believe that Terry has earned a right to publicly criticize Ben. When “The man” tells you to shape up and fly right you should listen Ben. And it appears that over the first couple of weeks of the season Ben will have an opportunity to reflect. Barring appeals and B.S. that is. If he’s smart (lol) Bens hired help, (i.e., his reps) will remain silent and let his big dumb oaf ass sit. Since they haven’t been there for him in the bars and casinos they shouldn’t be there for him now. Having said that, remember the 2004 season? Tommy Maddox went 2-1 and Ben stepped in to go 13-0. We went to the AFC title game where youth reared its ugly head. The following year Maddox went 0-2, Charlie Batch went 2-0 and Ben went 9-3, leading the Burgh to its 5th title. See that? 3 starters, one goal. And success. If Ben sits 4 games this year we have Dixon and Batch (that same Batch). Both have already shown they can get the job done, if even for only a limited amount of starts. The Steelers will be O.K. at that position. Its the O-line and D that need to be addressed. The Steelers need to beef up the O-line and re-tool the secondary. It will help having Troy back, but that is not enough. Look for the Steelers to pick a safety in the draft and acquire a corner and O-lineman via free agency/trade.

    Although somewhat tarnished, The Steelers will recover from this. Eventually. Time to focus on the future, we’ll see what Goodell does and then move forward accordingly.


  • http://www.wix.com/psycho4steelers/12thmanforgedinsteel psycho4steelers

    Oh yeah, on a humourous note….One of Bens donated police dogs was relieved of duty for,(ironically),pawing a young lady. The dog, Cezar, apparently pawed a 9 year old girl, and was quickly retired by the towns local council. The girl is Okay (thats why its humourous)
    Now if a township with all its red tape can take action that quick, whats the Steelers and NFLs problem?

  • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

    I’m pretty sure Ben is going to sit 2-4 games. The outcry over this situation demands Goodell do something. And if Goodell does the suspending, there isn’t really anything Ben can do to fight it. I get your point about the 3 QBs in 2005 but that’s not the optimal situation for any team.

    What I’ll find interesting is if Ben sits for, say, three games and we go with Dixon. What if Dix goes 3-0 and looks pretty damn good? Then Ben returns and we go 6-7 the rest of the way to finish where we did last year? Can you imagine what people will be saying then?

    Nobody on the Steelers is ever more popular than the back-up QB.

    I do agree with you that if we take care of the OLine/D, the team will improve dramatically regardless of the QB. Which is what I’ve been saying all along when the blind Ben Worshipers kept trying to argue that the team depends 100% on him to win. Football is a team game and Ben is no where near good enough to single-handedly lead them to success without a running game or stellar defense to help him out.

    I don’t agree with your personnel moves, tho. They’ll take a safety but unless one of the top prospects drops to them, it won’t be until round 3 or 4. They have Clark for 3 more years so there’s no hurry to find a replacement anymore. And I doubt they’ll trade for anybody because there were already a bunch of great CBs/OL in free agency/traded and they sat on their hands. But I’ll get into my thoughts on their draft strategy next week in my Draft Preview post.

    That is a pretty funny story on Ben’s groping police dog. I heard about it this morning but, honestly, I’m tired of writing Ben Roethlisberger stories. As I said before, all I care about at this point is what he does on the field because that’s all he’s good for. He’s clearly a dick, he’ll always be a dick, and I’ll never forgive him for how he disgraced my city and my team.

  • http://www.wix.com/psycho4steelers/12thmanforgedinsteel psycho4steelers

    I’ll agree with you on the personnel moves I suppose….I get a little exciteable at times. Also funny and true on the back up QB situation there in Pitt. Ahhhh I can still here the “Brister, Brister, Brister” chants. Or was that, “Tomczak, Tomczak, Tomczak” No, No, No…It was Woodley thats right, Woodley. (lol, little joke there, that era hurt.) I know that 3 QBs is not an ideal situation, and I was as nervous as a wh@%e in church that year, but the Steelers showed that it could be done….not that it SHOULD be done but in a pinch, COULD be.
    But back to the TEAM. I too am ready to root for the Steelers again and start reading/writing about something besides Ben.
    Thanks for letting me rant, I’m sorry it took me this long to find this page.

  • http://www.wix.com/psycho4steelers/12thmanforgedinsteel psycho4steelers

    Today could be D-Day for Big Ben, as Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Steelers president Art Rooney II will hold a 2:30pm press conference today to address the media regarding the QB’s situation. I would suggest the two-game suspension I have been predicting for the past week is well on it’s way. Stay tuned.
    Alan…………………1350 15-Apr-2010

  • http://www.wix.com/psycho4steelers/12thmanforgedinsteel psycho4steelers

    Good for Pittsburgh. They recognized where there is so much smoke, there is obviously a fire. Way to go Art II. Ben Stop the off-field B.S. I will always root for the Steelers, even if Ben still dons the B&G. But the stain he has placed on the proudest franchise in the History of the NFL will take a long time to buff out.

    Although Ben is lucky his sentences run concurrent and not consecutively Ben MUST understand he is a STEELER!


  • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

    Psycho – I really enjoy your comments and appreciate all you’re adding to this community and this discussion. However, I had to go back and re-approve your last two comments because my spam filter removed them. When you post 7 or 8 comments per day, several in a row, it thinks you’re one of those viagra ads or Nigerian email schemers. :)

    You’re clearly a passionate fan and I enjoy our exchanges as well as your take on these things. However, if you could maybe gather your thoughts and consolidate them into a few posts, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    As for what Artie Jr. said today, I’ll be posting something on that later tonight. I just got back from work and it seems a whole mountain of things came out today. Never a dull moment in this Steeler offseason…