Big Ben Whipped It Out

Art Rooney II, current president of the Pittsburgh Steelers, spoke publicly for the first time since his disgraced quarterback learned he would not face sexual assault charges down in Georgia.  The key point in the press conference was that the Steelers were prepared to suspend Ben Roethlisberger immediately.   However, they will act in conjunction with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell so that only one mutually agreed upon punishment will be issued.  For those hoping for a quick resolution to this sad state of events, the bad news is no decision will be made until after next weekend’s draft.

What I found most interesting about II’s statement wasn’t so much what he said but what could be read between the lines.   He apologized to Steeler Nation several times and seemed to clearly be aware of the fact the vast majority of true Steeler fans have turned against their scumbag quarterback.  I give him credit for being honest when it came to admitting that if a player was really good, they were going to get more leeway than a guy on the practice squad.  But then he went into a pretty evasive explanation for trading Santonio Holmes, who was most definitely an important part of the team.

I was also interested in his answer to the rumors that the Steelers are willing to listen to trade offers for Big Ben.  If they were completely false, he would’ve made a declarative statement such as “Ben Roethlisberger is and will be our quarterback.”  Instead, he simply said he didn’t discuss potential trades.  Now, you could spin that one of two ways.  Either he said that to get Ben’s attention and let him know he’s on Double Secret Probation.   Or he said it because the rumors are true.

Please let it be so.

In the meantime, DA Fred Bright released all the police reports and witness statements pertaining to the rape alleged rape that his bumbling office couldn’t figure out how to prosecute.  By the way, remember how a few days ago I went on a rant about what an inept job those corrupt hayseed cops did down in Milledgeville?   Well, it was revealed today that Sergeant Jerry Blash was forced to resign.

Who’s Jerry Blash?   Oh, that’s right, this guy:

Not that Pittsburgh police officers are any better.  Unless being pimps for your hometown team’s star QB was recently added to the job description.  If you’re bored or interested in finding out what a colossal tool Ben Roethlisberger is, you can read all the transcripts from the case by clicking right here. If you don’t feel like slogging through all the sordid details, I suggest you just skim the underlined parts.  It’s creepy and disturbing on several thousand different levels.  Not the least of which is the fact an off-duty police officer partying/bodyguarding Pig Ben was the one who pulled the drunken victim aside, led her down a hall, then stood guard at the bathroom door while her friends pleaded with him to let them get her out of there.  Good job, officer.

It gets even worse.   The victim in her statement clearly establishes she told the hulking imbecile “No” on several occasions.   Of course, Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t taking no for an answer.  In fact, he had his penis out before they even entered the bathroom.  How’s that for a visual?

“Hey Deke, see that hot coed over there?  The one who’s smashed out of her mind?  Yeah, lead her to the back and stand guard.  I gotta whip it out.”

What a piece of garbage.  That’s your starting quarterback, ladies and gentleman.  The man Art Rooney II says wants to earn your trust and respect.  He could spend the rest of his time here in Pittsburgh healing AIDS babies, running the ferris wheel at Kennywood,  helping the McMutrie sisters care for orphans from Haiti, and cleaning the monkey cages at the Pittsburgh Zoo and I’d still think he’s a lowlife.

In fact, I’d be rooting for the monkeys to bean him with their poo.  And if one managed to consistently hit their target (his melon-shaped head), I’d demand the Steelers sign him to be their next quarterback.  At least then I could watch their games without feeling dirty.

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  • steelersix

    I completely agree with your comments above. In fact, I am going to mail my five-year old son’s “7″ jersey to Mr. Rooney and ask him exactly how I am supposed to put that name across my little boy’s back?

    The actions of our QB go beyond wrong and right in my mind and journey into the area of sick and disturbed. Personally all of my life I’ve been disgusted and sickened by such behavior – as I hope any descent person is. Now I ask you guys how in the world I am supposed to blindly support such an individual? Such actions would be that of great hypocrisy.

    It honestly makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe he didn’t do anything illegal, maybe he did. But at the end of the day, he’s obviously just NOT A GOOD PERSON, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to put that monster’s name on my child or myself.

    I even fear my passion for the Steelers and the game will be greatly be affected until he is gone for Pittsburgh. I was proud to be a Steeler fan my whole life. We didn’t win Super Bowls in the 80′s, but never ONCE did I go to grab a hat or a shirt and put it back down because I was embarrassed of the story that logo portrays.

    I’d rather lose with Malone, Stoudt, Brister, O’Donnel and Stewart any day, than have to suffer attempting to win with this guy any longer.

    And by the way, think of it this way. What if that was your daughter? And don’t give me the ‘she put herself there’ bull. We’ve all been there. Thankfully, Ben wasn’t there when we were. If she were my daughter, the low life piece of garbage would have more to worry about than the commissioner’s office.

    Thanks for the forum to vent.

    Very disturbed fan, who is asking the organization to do the right thing.

  • blacksteel

    My feelings exactly.

  • steelerfaninnewengland

    As a father of a teenage girl he’s lucky that wasn’t my daughter as he would have a bullet in his head. A lifelong fan it is time for him to go.

  • chris

    Well said, steelersix. Thank you for also reminding us about the kids. When people say “I don’t expect my athletes to be role models” that’s fine for us adults. But kids can’t help who they look up to. Especially kids in Pittsburgh who love their Pens and Steelers. I grew up with two great parents who were good Catholics but nothing was going to stop me from thinking Rod Woodson was the greatest thing ever. If he was ever accused of 1/10 of what Ben has done, I would’ve been crushed.

    And that idea about sending the Rooneys his #7 jersey is brilliant. The next time I’m at the post office, I might look into a PO Box to collect unwanted Pig Ben jerseys so us true Steeler fans can initiate some sort of mass protest. I can think of no better way for the Rooney family to be made aware of just how offended we are to have this guy representing our team.

  • psycho4steelers

    Alright, one disciplinary step left before the Ben situation is laid to rest. Unlike what I said earlier, the Steelers and Rooneys chumped out. Handing down disciplinary action via the NFL is chicken S#!T. The Steelers, MY STEELERS, OUR STEELERS, had an opportunity to stand up and be a model. Instead they followed the likes of Jerry Jones and Al Davis, letting the NFL take action and calling it their own. Sad. After 30+ years of following this franchise, this remarkable franchise, I never thought that Id be embarrassed by the Rooneys. Yet here I sit, dumbfounded and a little dazed. His sentence is to run concurrent? JESUS!!!! Im no saint but tell me this. Are his parents proud of his off-field behavior? If they are Ill shut up. Somehow I doubt it. To allow this miscreant to skate by hurts. But the Rooneys are smart I guess, they know us die hards will root for the B&G, buy tickets and come to watch the Team. Ben is a teammate. We will watch, root, cheer and jeer. We will scream with delight at a last minute pass T.D. and groan with a last minute sack. We are predictable. We are fans. And today I too threw up a little in my mouth.


  • chris

    Ben’s mother died in a car accident when he was a child. I have no idea what his father’s deal is but I don’t think it’s relevant anyway. I’m sure OJ’s parents think he’s a great guy, too. Parents are just that way.

    As for the punishment thing, it sort of has to be handed out by the NFL. The NFL rules are such that if a team suspends a player, the player can appeal to an arbitrator and arbitrators always side with the player. Michael Vick did that when the Falcons tried to take back some of his guaranteed money since he was sitting in jail and he won. But if Goodell suspends a player, the deal with the players union is that the Commish’s word is final and cannot be challenged in court. So it’s better for him to issue a punishment because then Ben has no choice.

    I’m obviously still not happy about that jackass being our QB but I can’t really be that angry with the Rooneys. I guess they could cut him if they REALLY were as moral as they say but that would be insanity in a business sense. I believe they are willing to trade him so I think they are as offended as we are. It’s just they aren’t willing to give him away like they did Holmes so that tells me they have morals, just that their morals only go so far.

    • psycho4steelers

      Pardon the cruel parental, “what do they think”….my bad. I understand the rule of punishments by teams and the NFL. I just believe a “sentence” imposed by the team, even with arbitration, on top of or consecutive with the NFL’s would carry some weight. I know its not my money being spent on lawyers and litigation, so take it for what it is….. idiot spoutings from an irate fan. And as far as your second paragraph……I agree wholly and concur. Been working O/T so I didn’t get back as soon as I’d like. Thanks for waiting….