Big Ben Down…And Possibly Out

Roethlisberger Faces Suspension

And things just got VERY interesting.

Courtesy of ESPN’s Chris Mortenson and Adam Schefter (who is usually very accurate on his information), they have learned that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be suspended between 4 and 6 games next season. The suspension will be a MINIMUM of 4 games. If he doesn’t agree to a series of conditions such as counseling and so forth, he’ll be slapped with the full 6 games.

EDIT:   It’s official. Per, commissioner Roger Goodell has handed down a six game suspension that may be reduced to four if he complies totally with all the NFL mandated behavioral evaluations and counseling.

In addition, Schefter is reporting that the Steelers are actively shopping their disgraced quarterback. Unlike the Santonio Holmes fire sale, the Steelers aren’t willing to simply give Pig Ben away. They are seeking a top 10 draft pick in this year’s draft. So far, the teams who have allegedly shown interest are the Raiders, Bills, and possibly the Seahawks.  Oh what irony that last one would be.  That would be picks #6, #8 and #9 for those scoring at home.   With the draft T-minus 30 hours away, things may have hit a tipping point.

Stay tuned…

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  • bilbroxain

    I have a feeling the Raiders will probably bite.

  • chris

    I’m sure they’re interested. The question is if they offer a fair price for him. It seems clear the Steelers aren’t going to just give him away. And, btw, the Raiders don’t have a #1 pick next year because they already gave it to the Patriots.

  • bilbroxain

    Yes, but the raiders already offered up their corner (I’m not even going to bother trying to spell his name) to try to get McNabb from Philly. I’d actually think that he and a 3rd/4th round draft pick either this year or next year would be worth it to the Raiders.

  • chris

    I don’t really think that’s enough. I like Nnamdi (I ain’t trying to spell his last name either) but I think even disgraced Ben is worth two #1 picks. Let’s say Nnamadi is a first rounder, then you need to get at least the Raiders 2nd rounder plus more. And I don’t even know if we’d get the Philly deal because 3-4 teams were bidding for McNabb.

  • oracxs

    You are gloating about this and I don’t understand it.

  • chris

    First of all, please point out where in my post you think I’m “gloating.” I just recounted the facts as I’ve heard them and that is all.

    Secondly, if Ben is traded, you’re right I won’t lose any sleep over it. He’s a scumbag. I do not like rapists or alleged rapists or any kind of rapists. I have been a Steeler fan all my life and I’ve always been proud that we don’t stoop to the level of Cincy or Oakland. See, there are more important things to me than winning football games.

    I’d rather go 7-9 with a team I can be proud of than win a Super Bowl with a team full of criminals.

  • psycho4steelers

    “I’d rather go 7-9 with a team I can be proud of than win a Super Bowl with a team full of criminals.” Chris

    Redemption is a hard road. And sometimes it is traveled alone, apart from those who were there for you time and time again in the past. Redemption is a personal quest. One that may be started by the urging of others or the solitary cry of a man that has come to his senses. This road of Bens is his own doing, urged by others for the choices he’s made. Obviously not a man that has come to his senses. He has tarnished the Steelers of old…..from 1933 to present day, they have all been scarred by this deviant. He has tarnished the Steelers. I am happy and sad at the events of today. Ben will be punished, and if God is good, traded. As hard as that is to say, we must be Ben free in Pitt. That hurts from a fan point of view, but from a fathers……I can’t be any clearer….THERE IS NO ROOM FOR RAPISTS ON THE STEELERS!!!! I’m sorry Ben, that jersey I bought in ’04 is in the landfill. I’m sorry to that young woman in Georgia, her pain I carry and will for sometime. Week 3 I will be in Tampa, rooting for MY STEELERS with all I have. And then…….wait and see I guess. I hope the Raiders take him, He’ll fit in fine in the east bay. Friggin Hood. So with that and a prayer that Oakland shi!$ a couple 1st rounders and some cash I say goodnight. The Steeler nation will heal but this scar will never fade. DAMN HIM!!!!!