Looking At The Steelers 2010 Schedule

With the excitement over the draft and of course the ongoing Ben Roethlisberger drama, I neglected to mention that the Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 schedule has been announced.   According to Sports Illustrated, this list of teams is ranked near the bottom (21st)  in degree of difficulty.  Of course, any sort of predictions based on that information are pretty much worthless.  In 2008, the Steelers faced the most difficult schedule in 25 years yet emerged 12-4 and won the Super Bowl.  Last year, they enjoyed one of the five easiest schedules but still had a terrible season.

The first thing we need to examine is the early part of the year.  Genital Ben is likely to miss at least the first four games so those are going to be pivotal.  If the team starts out 0-4 or 1-3, even the return of SuperDick might not be enough to salvage the season.  By the way, the past few days of minicamp have seen Byron Leftwich taking snaps with the first team offense so it looks like he’s the early favorite to start those games.

The schedule makers did the Steelers no favors in the early going.  Tampa is really the only one I’d say we should win.  The other three would be a toss-up even if our regular scumbag quarterback was behind center.  Okay, I think Tennesee might be in decline and nobody really knows what to expect from Atlanta but both teams definitely have some talent.   And then in week four we have the Ratbirds, who many are putting right behind the Jets as favorites to win the AFC.

Coming off the bye, there are two tune-up games for Big Shady before the Steelers hit the heart of their schedule.  Three consecutive national night games against high quality opponents are pretty much going to determine how the season goes.  While I don’t think any of them are unstoppable juggernauts, they should all be playoff caliber (if not championship caliber) teams.  If the Steelers only manage one win during that stretch, they’ll likely be in trouble down the line.

Honestly, I’d say only the Tampa, Buffalo, and Carolina games are ones where I fully expect a victory.  I can’t be confident about any of the others.   While I believe the defense should be much better this year, I have a feeling the offense will decline.  So even though I said earlier that predictions at this stage are foolhardy, I’m going to make one anyway.   Gut feeling, I’m looking at 7-9 season.

Although I hope I’m wrong.

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  • bilbroxain

    Alright, I’ll make a prediction too.
    First 4 games: I just have a feeling that we’ll go 2-2 through this streach. We’ll probably beat the Dirty Birds and the P.P.s while losing to the Flaming Thumbtacks and the Nevermores. Then, after the bye, we’ll probably have some ease with the Team Whose Color is Relevant to Thier Play and the Marine Mammals. Then we get to the tough strech. At this point, I have us at 4-2. But, going into New Orleans, we have no idea how the Madden Curse will affect Drew Brees. And let’s admit, after Drew Brees, the Fleur-de-Leis don’t have much at QB. If Brees is down, chalk up a win. If Brees stands, this will probably be a loss. Then, I’m predicting that we will split with the Convicts, with the Prime-Time game in Cincy being the loss. Then, when the Cheatriots come into the Burgh the next week, we’ll be either 5-3 or 4-4. The Cheatriots, of course, are very much so in decline, and I have seen much recently to prove to me that they are trying to buck that trend (them grabbing Algae Crumpler being the ONLY thing I have seen from them), so I chalk this up as a win. so we make it out of the PrimeTime stand at either 6-3 or 5-4. Then we have Oakland and Buffalo. Both of which are still in the Cellar, so I give us wins over the Track Team and Lazer Horns. (8-3/7-4) Now… Round two with the Nevermores. IIRC we have only won twice in M&T stadium (which I proudly gave the middle finger salute to while on a bus ride to New York City) since it was built. Once was the building’s first loss (like they gave us our first loss in Hienz field) and #2 was in the ’08 super bowl run. So, naturally, I feel VERY concerned about this game. So I expect us to lose this game, and, yes, get swept by the Nevermores this year. (8-4/7-5) Then, like I said earlier, I foresee us splitting with the Convicts (9-4/8-5), having a toss-up with the Aeronautical Machines (10-4/9-5/8-6), beating the X’s (11-4/10-5/9-6), and finally winning round two with The Team Whose Color is Relevant to Thier Play to finish out the season. (12-4/11-5/10-6)

    Now, I generally include the fact that at least one of what I have as wins will be a loss, so what I’m looking at is somewhere in the 9-11 win range. and there you have it. My prediction.

  • bilbroxain

    Whoa. Sorry for the wall o’ text, mates.

  • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

    The best part of that post was figuring out what teams you were referring to with those descriptions. It sure beat my daily game of Sudoku on the way to work.

    Anyway, 9 wins I can probably see. 11 or 12, that I have a hard time visualizing. If their defense returns to 2008 levels, anything is possible. But it’s full of guys who are now 2 years older and/or injury prone. And unless the D holds teams under 14 points/game, I have zero confidence in their ability to win no matter who plays QB.

  • bilbroxain

    I’ve made an entire lexicon for football, and currently working on Hockey before I move onto baseball.

    Also, I probably should have docked another game for fan optomism, so that should probably actually be the 8-10 game range.

  • http://www.wix.com/psycho4steelers/12thmanforgedinsteel psycho4steelers

    O.K……2-2 with the “replacements”. 9-3 with Pig Ben. I may be optomistic….but, WTH. That makes 11 w’s. Playoffs? Wild card? Ann # 7….yeah I’m an optomist, so Bill bust out you abacus and erase baseball and hockey. Multiply by pie, and there you go….STEELERS FOOTBALL!!!!!!