Sports Illustrated Exposes The Real Ben Roethlisberger

What do you collect?

I admit to being a tad obsessive compulsive.  My comic book collection is meticulously organized as are my dvds, pornos, and books about war.  If that’s not enough, I also collect issues of Sports Illustrated which feature Pittsburgh Steelers on the cover.  My collection is by no means complete (I’m not exactly rich enough to afford back issues from 1975) but it does go all the way back to Kordell Stewart on the cover of SI For Kids.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this week’s issue of SI in my mailbox.  It certainly presents me with an interesting dilemma.  On the one hand, a Steeler is on the cover.   On the other, it’s the demented image of Ben Roethlisberger.  Not exactly a prize addition to my collection.

Now, I know I said I was done with the Big Ben bashing.   But this is my site and I can do whatever I want.   Plus, I read the SI article and it was a scathing evisceration exposing what a complete tool the man really is.   I strongly suggest you seek it out because they clearly spent a lot of time researching the story, especially if you don’t live in Pittsburgh and aren’t aware of some of the things us locals have been hearing for years.  Or click here and read the story online although that takes away the fun of reading on the can.

I’m not going to go point by point through this excellent piece of journalism because I’ve already given my take time and  again.  I will point out two things in the story which are important to note.

A few months after the [motorcycle] accident, a reporter and a cameraman for KDKA-TV, the CBS affiliate that broadcasts Steelers games, were driving on I-376 in Pittsburgh when they saw two men on motorcycles and recognized one as Roethlisberger, who was not wearing a helmet. They began shooting footage, which showed Roethlisberger giving them the finger as he sped away, but the video never aired.

KDKA denies this tape exists.  However, a number of media people in Pittsburgh, longtime KDKA sports reporter John Steigerwald among them, say the footage did exist but it was squashed by higher ups at the network.  I have no doubt this is true.  Anybody that has lived in Pittsburgh for a period of time knows the Steelers rule this town.  They are untouchable by the local media, constantly fawned over and impervious to criticism.  So there should be absolutely no doubt they wouldn’t hesitate to protect our imbecile QB by refusing to air damning footage.

A neighbor who lives near Roethlisberger in a tony section of Gibsonia, Pa., but did not want to be named has also seen the quarterback on his motorcycle. “I’ve never seen him with a helmet,” the neighbor said.

And this is another key statement.   Throughout this entire ordeal, we’ve heard time and time again how Big Shady is “committed to change.”   Yet he also promised to never ride his motorcycle again without a helmet after getting his face smashed back in 2006.   A near death experience and facial reconstruction surgery that would make the Six Million Dollar Man jealous clearly wasn’t enough to teach him a lesson.   So why are we assuming that a bunch of hillbilly cops down in Georgia letting him skate on raping a college coed is going to scare him straight?

Earlier today, news broke that New York Giants great Lawrence Taylor was arrested in connection with frequenting a 16-year-old prostitute.   L.T. was one of the greatest linebackers who ever lived but he is also one of the biggest screw-ups.  He was repeatedly suspended for failed drug tests while playing, went to jail three times for cocaine possession after he retired, and has run afoul of the law on many other occasions.  After several of these incidents, he’d proclaim he received a wake-up call and was going to change his ways.

But he never has and he never will.   You know why?   Because some people are just rotten human beings.  They can’t change and they don’t want to change.  Maybe it has something to do with their upbringing.    Maybe it’s related to why they became great athletes.  None of that matters.  What matters is that some people are no good.  And while I hope Ben Roethlisberger isn’t one of them, it would seem the evidence suggests otherwise.

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  • psycho4steelers

    Nice piece Chris,
    I found the article pretty insightful. Also the LT thing was almost expected. From that tool, what else would you think would happen? Volunteer work in a womans shelter? I guess you never out grow “entitlement syndrome”. But in lighter news, Those “Cats” from up north signed Pac-Man. LOL, I guess they needed a hood on their squad also. Always trying to be the Steelers, I think they’re emulating the wrong characteristics. LOL. Not that this is funny. But…..ah hell.

  • psycho4steelers

    Another example Chris…..Its getting ridiculous.

    Brian Cushing Supended 4 games

    Brian Cushing of the Texans was appearantly suspended after failing the leagues drug policy. Unbelivable for the second year kid. Doesn’t anyone that these yahoos hire do anything but take their money? I mean really? All that cash and he tests dirty. It’s a sad state of affairs in the NFL. Perhaps a play stoppage will wake these schmucks up. And who knows, we may rebound better than ever. Or, hopefully better than MLB or the NHL did anyway.

  • chris

    I’m over making fun of the Bengals for who they hire. It’s sorta pointless when you realize the Steelers have just as many idiots and criminals as they do. Plus, I’ve really enjoyed Ochocinco on Dancing With The Stars.

    As for Cushing, my understanding was the drugs he got suspended for were steroids. Personally, I’m not going to get that upset over that because I believe 90% of the NFL takes something at least some of the time… They’re just not dumb enough to get caught. Yes, I know steroids are cheating but he’s trying to make himself a better player and in turn help his team win. To me, that’s not even in the same universe as beating up women or raping coeds.

  • oiii

    Good point Chris. We have no room to bad mouth other teams about having dirt bags on their team because we have just as many.

  • psycho4steelers

    I understand the “making fun of” point….That,s what I meant in the not funny ending. Sometimes my “humor” doesn’t translate in writing. When I learn to write better perhaps my comments will be enjoyed. LOL? Anyways, the Cush thing is a different animal but it doesn’t help the sport in the eyes of the casual fan, which is what the NFL depends on for revenue. Diehards only spend so much per year. The casual observer buying that jersey or ticket is who they (the NFL) are marketing to. And with the BB press, LT ad now Cush, a lockout will kill the NFL. We saw what happens to Major sports when the “casual” fan is repulsed by the greed, roids and shenanigans. MLB and MLH still haven’t recoverd. JMO. Anyways, had a couple of copper pieces burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks for letting me drop ‘em here.

  • chris

    Oh, I got that you were making a joke. I guess I just find the whole situation too sad. It used be great fun to point at the Cowboys or Bengals and laugh at what lowlifes they are. Now, not so much.

    And I don’t think the bad behavior is going to affect the NFL. I don’t follow baseball attendance closely but I was at PNC Park with 32,000 other fans when Barry Bonds made his final visit and we were applauding and chanting “Barry!” even though everybody knows he’s a roid head. I don’t think fans care that much about roids or players getting arrested (at least, not enough to stop watching/going to games).

    But you do make a good point about the lockout. It did hurt both MLB and NHL popularity pretty badly. The NFL hasn’t locked out (yet) so I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I don’t think there will be one myself. Unlike NHL or MLB, NFL players are mostly idiots who don’t know how to save their money. All you have to do is tell them “No paychecks this year!” and they’ll come begging back because how are they gonna afford their 6 cars, 4 houses, and 8 illegitimate kids?