Big Ben Speaks (Full and Uncut)

As promised, Ben Roethlisberger sat down with two of his biggest cheerleaders, sycophantic media types Sally Wiggin and Bob Pompeani.  The talks about what you would expect from stations who are in bed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, although I congratulate Wiggin on not doing the interview while sitting on Ben’s lap as I’m sure her station would’ve liked.  Of course, Big Shady refused to answer any specific questions about the rape sprees incidents in Georgia and Reno so don’t expect any more lies details on that front.  Instead you can listen to Ben demonstrate what a remorseful and deep-thinking person he is by comparing himself to Superman and quoting TobyMac (A Christian hip hop singer.  Nicely done.) song lyrics.

If you have your barf bags ready, you can watch the Wiggin interview by clicking here and Pomp’s slightly less obnoxious effort by clicking here.

I had an overwhelming urge to point out some of his more laughable statements, such as saying his behavior “was the result of being young, dumb, and immature…” when WAS insinuates these problems happened in the past (his latest assault was less than four months ago) and I would hardly call 28 years old young enough to excuse frat boy hijinks.  But I digress.

I will simply point out that if he was such a great teammate all these years (as some of the blind Ben-Worshipers have argued) then why did he apologize for being a lousy teammate?   And if he was such a victim of vicious smears by the public at large, why did he apologize for his poor public behavior?   Finally, if everything was so peachy in his world and he was simply the target of scheming women, why does he feel compelled to change his life from this point forward?

I hope he follows through on his plan to find religion and become more of a Christian gentleman worthy of wearing the uniform of the Pittsburgh Steelers.   I have my doubts but this is the first step he’s taken in the right direction.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • thirty3

    everyone who wants to use their brain, and make their own decision on Ben, please listen/watch the interviews online. you can clearly hear the alleged victim contradict herself.

  • chris

    Yes, everybody is encouraged to listen/read the stories and make up their own minds.

    In fact, I welcome those who are intelligent enough to realize rape is a TRAUMATIC event and that people experiencing a horrible trauma might not always recall everything with picture perfect detail to read that article (which I’ve linked to already). I’m sure you’ll be able to see what is clear to anybody with more than two functioning brain-cells and won’t lapse into the the close-minded rantings of misogynists who want to see made up “contradictions” where there are none.

    So, yes, anybody who wants a clearer picture of what a foul rapist their former hero is, feel free to read that article. Then check back here for an accurate commentary on it and not the dim-witted ramblings of those who want to misinterpret that article or the poor victim’s statements because they care more about scumbag rapists throwing TD passes than justice for abused women.

  • SteelerChick

    You’re what we call in Pittsburgh “a real jag-off.”

    • chris

      You’re what we call in Pittsburgh “a groupie n’dat.”