Nobody Likes Ben Roethlisberger

Forbes Magazine recently conducted a poll of the most hated people in sports.  The results are not surprising to anybody with the slightest sense of morality or human decency.  They are, however, a terrible reminder of how one of the most honorable and respected franchises in all of sports, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are now just any other football team.  Gone are the days when Steeler Nation could hold their heads up high for winning the right way.

You can read the article here. Or view the list in pictures by clicking here.

The most hated athlete in America continues to be Michael Vick.  Beating, torturing, and drowning dogs is not something easily forgiven.  Although, it does bring to mind some sweet irony.  Last year, the hot rumor making the rounds was that Mike Tomlin was interested in Vick.  Tomlin’s mentor, Tony Dungy, serves as Vick’s spiritual adviser and both men grew up in the same section of Virginia.  When I broke this news last summer, I recall the howls of protest as many people stomped their feet declaring they’d abandon the Steelers if they ever brought in human garbage such as him.

Oh how times change.

We’ll ignore number two on the list, Al Davis, because the negative feelings directed towards him are because his team sucks, not due to anything criminal.  Which brings us to number three on the list, the second most hated athlete in America.   More hated than the man who won a Super Bowl via cheating (Bill Belichick).  More hated than a team destroying cancer and self-promoting fool (Terrell Owens).  More hated than steroid abusers like Manny Ramirez or A-Rod.

Benjamin T. Roethlisberger.

Shocking, I know.  The people of this great nation have spoken and, SURPRISE, arrogant jackasses who run around the country raping women are not well-liked.  I guess the mountain of unsold #7 jerseys which clutter warehouses because Pittsburgh area stores are smart enough not to sell them (not that anybody with the slightest shred of morality would buy one) should be clue enough.  When your hometown fans can’t stand you, one can only imagine what the rest of the country feels.  At least T.O. or Belicheat are still beloved by their own fans.  Of course, us Pittsburghers have long been wise enough to recognize a scumbag as a scumbag regardless of whether he played for the hometown team (see: Barry Bonds circa 1992).  It’s nice to see the rest of the country knows a vile pig when they see one, as well.

Unfortunately for us, we’re still stuck with him until the glorious day when he wears the black and gold no more.  A day that for the vast majority of us can’t come soon enough.

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  • waldoon

    I know a little thing like facts often gets in the way of taking these “funny” pot shots at people. When called out, which I’ve done of several occasions recently to writers such as yourself, the common response is “oh its satire” it doesn’t need to be factual. Sorry, doesn’t cut it. If you write it like fact you should be forced to pay the consequences if its not. While there are several “iffy” digs at sports personalities here, the one I’m specifically referring to is Bill Belichick. Because, evidently if you’re from PA you can spout off fiction as fact when it comes to him and get away with it. Steeler’s fans and Eagle’s fans will jump to your defense even if you are “full of it” because they’ve both lost to the man, and that is more important than accuracy. Getting to the point, Belichick never cheated in the Super Bowl. The ONLY person to even allege that he did was forced to print an embarrassing retraction when it turned out he was wrong. The Boston Herald has the retraction in archives if you want to check it out. Bill Belichick was accused by the NFL of “taping defensive signals”. He was wrong, he admitted he was wrong, he apologized, he was fined $500K – that’s it! I’m not excusing it, this is clarification. Because 3 years later, and after the Patriots have gone 37-11 without the supposed benefit of taped defensive signals most fans have moved on. Only the haters that don’t look at the obvious fact of an undefeated regular season without these tapes (the incident was in the first half of the first game in 2007 and all tapes were turned over that week) keep this myth alive. The tape of the Rams walk through NEVER HAPPENED. The story died a miserable death as did the NFL writing career of the guy that wrote it. Only people from PA, especially if your name is Specter, can’t seem to get that through your heads. Matt Walsh stated he never filmed the walk through. The NFL concluded he was in the stadium because his job required him to be there for the equipment used on the field. He put this story to bed in 2008. So continue to bury your heads if you want. If yelling cheat is the only way Philly fans can get over losing in the Super Bowl than I’m wasting my time with fact. I’m done, so lets hear from all you PA fans that don’t want to deal with fact.

  • demopgh

    What really boggles my mind Waldoon, is what on earth a patriots fan is doing on a pittsburgh steelers blog? if its not a huge deal like you insinuate, then what on earth are you doing coming to a site like this to write a paragraph “clarification”?

    Here’s a FACT for you, directly from PA. The Steelers have six superbowls, New England does not.

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  • chris

    True, demopgh. Although you have to admire his tenacity. Policing every blog that dares to speak ill of his beloved Belicheat and his spycamming Patriots has to be a very time consuming job. That’s one dedicated fan.

    As for his “points,” I’d love to refute them with facts of my own. Unfortunately, Roger Goodell decided to destroy all the tapes without letting us see them for ourselves. Hmmm… I wonder why he’d do that. I suppose if one is naive enough, they can think it’s because there was nothing to see on them.

    Of course, those of us able to put 2 and 2 together probably realize he destroyed all evidence of the crime(s) and swept the whole thing under the rug because admitting one of the darling franchises was corrupt and their biggest game was influenced by cheating would cause massive damage to the league.

    But of course there was a retraction printed in the slightly-more-credible-than-the-Enquirer ragsheet Boston Herald so of course it was all a lie!!!

  • scrawler36

    I have been a steeler fan my whole life,even though i’m not from pittsburgh and never stepped foot in pennsylvania.It would of been great to actually attend a home game.Unfotunately I live in the land of Bears/Packers.However,there are Die hard Steeler Fans Everywhere…..But Lets get to the point!! I am shocked to see so many fans(steelers)Totally condemn a member of my team.I am not defending Ben But I do realize He is a 28 year old Human Being.I know when I was 28,if a college girl kept running into me at various establishments through out the course of the evening i truly believe I would have bought her a drink or two myself.Unfortunatley alot of you so called steeler fans didn’t read that part of the documents.It was even said out of the mouth of the DA….their groups had encountered each other at other ESTABLISHMENTS through out the course of the evening..Where Did Ben Go Wrong?…He was unable to see that He was being targeted.He used very poor Judgement to the extreme. 20 year old woman none the less,should Ben ask for I.D.? Last time I checked,it is the Clubs’ reponsibility to check I.D’s. Don’t get me wrong I’m not happy about it or say “go for it ben”.But if I want forgiveness from the Lord…Then I better be forgiving people for their short comings as well.Fanship is liken to Marriage..For better or Worse,For good or Bad…That is a True Fan.I don’t argue the suspension 4-6 games Ben deserves that for his lack of Vision,Totally Poor Choices…But in the same Breath I love Him because he is a steeler and i’m not gonna forget all the good he has done for this team.if this offends you guys too bad call Tommy back i’m sure he can still get it done!!!..In closing I AM BESIDE MYSELF THAT STEELER NATION WOULD TURN ON THEIR OWN!!!! you had better re-check your Loyalty and see who or what you are loyal to?…..GO STEELERS..I LOVE BEING A UNDER-DOG THIS YEAR WE ARE GONNA DO JUST FINE…THIS LAST WORD TO BEN “USE YOUR GOD GIVEN BRAINS NEXT TIME YOU GET PUT IN THESE SITUATIONS,BETTER TO WALK AWAY.” I FORGIVE YOU BEN…Jeff….Steeler for life!!!

  • chris

    Steeler fans condemn Ben because people in Pittsburgh have morals. I’m sure you would not understand this since you are not from here. We actually want our athletes to represent us and our city with dignity.

    Your understanding of the “facts” are laughable. Almost as laughable as somebody who has never set foot in the great city of Pittsburgh trying to tell me what a “True Fan” is. I was born into loving this team rather than simply choosing them because it was a cool thing to do to impress your frat buddies. And I will continue to have this team in my blood long after you’ve found another bandwagon to jump on. So excuse me if I care about it being a team I can be proud of rather than a collection of woman beaters and rapists.