Big Ben Is A Yinzer, Too

And so it begins…

Ben Roethlisberger took the field for the first time on Saturday.   Early last week, Sports Illustrated‘s Jeff Pearlman wrote a scathing article condemning fans for being so quick to excuse Big Ben’s off-season shenanigans.   The estimated 10,000 fans at that first practice responded by…

Showering Ben with unconditional love.   And he responded by showering them with his shoes.

I’m proud of Steeler Nation.  Ben granted an exclusive interview to his P.R. Staff the Post-Gazette on Friday where he said his greatest fear was being booed by his own fans.  It would just tear him up inside, you see.   Gentle Ben is a kind and sensitive man who kisses AIDS babies, cries watching Animal Planet, and loves Twilight (Team Jacob!). It would shatter his fragile soul into a billion little pieces for his people, you know the ones he stiffed on bar tabs, blew off, treated with contempt, etc, to turn on him.  He’s seen the light.  He’s one of us.

He’s a Yinzer, too!

Don’t worry, Ben, we have your back.   We know that slut down in Georgia was sniffing around all night long.   We know she was waving her junk at you like a bitch in heat.   We know she was all up in your ice cream begging for a lick.  That hussy with her DTF name tag and her cleavage baring top (they were probably fake) wanted it and wanted it bad.  She even asked your personal pig off-duty police bodyguard to lead her into that bathroom for some “alone time.”  You’re a big star quarterback!   What drunk off her ass sorority girl wouldn’t want to blow you in a dingy 3×5 bathroom at some dive college bar?

Isn’t that every girl’s dream?

We’re with you Ben.   We believe in you and we will stand by our quarterback just like Hines Ward did when he took you by the hand and walked out of the locker room with you in a show of solidarity.  That is until the next time you come down with another of your fake concussions, then Hines will totally call you a wuss on national TV.   But for now he’s in your corner.   As we all are, Ben.   We love you, man.

Just so long as you win us another Super Bowl that is.  Make it two.  Because that is what’s important here.  That girl in Milledgeville and the nutcase in Reno can get over their stupid rape issues.   The Steelers have championships to win!

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  • Josh

    It’s obvious you hate the guy(Roethlisberger), but it’s unclear as to why for sure. Did you hate him before the 2 accusations or no? You just seem a little harsh considering he was never charged (Not a GREAT excuse, I know) with anything.

    We all know the first accusation was a load of crap, and the lady was looking for a big pay check.

    The 2nd accusation was much more cloudy as far as facts go and the media along with the Pittsburgh haters BLEW THIS SHIT UP. Many people out there still think he was accused with rape. That’s false. Rape =/= sexual assault. The other thing that didn’t help was that the girl that was allegedly assaulted, was heavily intoxicated aka drunk off her ass to the point that the police had to wait for her to sober up before getting any real facts from her. Most of the initial statements came from her sorority sisters. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m 21, in college, and I frequent local college bars with girls who until 3 months ago were in a sorority (They were Kappa Deltas, which around here is the slutty sorority, although these girls weren’t sluts) I know all of this sounds a little too convenient but I assure you I can back this up.

    ANYWAYS, what I’m getting at is college girls and high school girls alike tend to overreact to situations/drama. Most of us men know that most women for some reason or another LOVE drama even if it’s stressful. I don’t know if it’s exciting for them or if they just like to be pissed off at someone, or if they like the attention.

    My point is: These girls very likely overreacted to the situation and when questioned by the police, gave false statements or false aka completely made-up facts about the situation.

    I’m not a big fan of Roethlisberger because of all this but at the same time, nobody knows what happened for sure and even the DA said they didn’t even have enough evidence to warrant probable cause to justify an arrest. That speaks volumes imo.

    My opinion: Some of his actions may have been shady or rude (Still we don’t know for sure) but if the guy says he’s ready to change and get his life back together, I think he deserves a second chance before we cast him out for good.

    • justin

      Of course Chris hate Ben. His Hatred is the subject matter for the name of this blog. i only come to this site to see what Ben has done now that pisses Chris off.

    • chris

      How is it “obvious I hate” Ben? How was I being harsh? Did you even read this article? I defended him in every way possible. I agree, it’s clear the girl was a total whore who made things up because she felt guilty over blowing him. Where did I ever say I wasn’t giving him a chance or I wanted him gone?

      Ben is our QB and will be for years to come. I’m only mad that he’ll miss 4 games because these stupid sluts keep accusing him of rape when everybody knows he’s one of the greatest guys out there.

      • Joe D. Ramirez

        I wish there were more stupid sluts in the world… the kind that didn’t claim rape… I think men would be happier, at least this one.

  • David

    Dang, dude. What the hell is up with the hating, man? You need to get over it. We all make mistakes and you don’t really know anything about what happened in that stall and its none of your business. I’m about to stop reading your blog if you keep this up, man. This world needs more football and less hate, thank you.

    • Joe D. Ramirez

      I tried to defend Mike Irvin after he was suspended for Coke use. It’s not easy, and in retrospect, I shouldn’t have even tried.

    • chris

      David, did you even read this article? I defended him in every way possible. Where did I ever say I wasn’t giving him a chance or I wanted him gone? I totally agree that we all make mistakes in life. Why I’m sure you’ve had a girl or two accuse you of rape. Hasn’t every guy? Girls are just silly over-dramatic sluts like that.

      Ooohhhh you’re about to stop reading. I’m really going to lose sleep over the fact some guy I don’t know is going to stop visiting my free blog. See this is a Steelers blog and Ben is a Steeler so I kinda have to write about him. So I’m sorry my content doesn’t meet with your approval but I really don’t care.

  • Joe D. Ramirez

    Some Cowboys players have falsely been accused of rape (Irvin twice), but in those situations the players were completely exonerated. I don’t think that’s what happened with Ben.

    Your article, if anyone would call it that, wreaks of misogyny. She may have been a C-tease, but it doesn’t mean she deserved to be forcefully taken. The NFL landscape is disgusted by the reports regarding the situation and you have to excuse us for being a little judgmental towards Steelers fans.