Steelers Won Super Bowl XL Fair And Square

DETROIT - FEBRUARY 05: Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck #8 of the Seattle Seahawks argues a call with referee Bill Leavy after throwing a pass out of bounds to receiver Darrell Jackson #82 in the second quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL at Ford Field on February 5, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Little known fact:  NFL referees have training camp, too.  Often you’ll see different crews officiating scrimmages to get back into the swing of things.  One thing every team receives is a presentation by a crew chief where he explains to the players what refs are looking for when it comes to holding or interference and also any new rules which were put into place over the off-season.

Bill Leavy recently gave this talk to the Seattle Seahawks.   While there, Leavy took the opportunity to unburden his soul concerning his officiating in Super Bowl XL.   Quoth the zebra:

It was a tough thing for me. I kicked two calls in the fourth quarter and I impacted the game, and as an official you never want to do that,” said the veteran of 15 NFL seasons and two Super Bowls.

Of course, this statement has reignited another bout of insipid crying from the five Seahawks fans still paying attention to that rag tag bunch of losers.   Steeler Nation has had to listen to the whining emanating from Seahawk Township for four years now.  Since their team has fallen into disgrace, I had hoped those latte sipping emo bastards would eventually shut up, get over it, and move on to more interesting pursuits such as cutting themselves while listening to Sonic Youth.

But noooooo….    Bill Leavy is tortured.  He “punted” two calls in the Super Bowl!   He’ll never be able to live with himself if he doesn’t confess his sins to a bunch of players who weren’t even on that team.  I get that Seattle hasn’t had anything remotely interesting going on since Nirvana hit it big in 1992.   And I completely understand the Seahawks franchise has to dwell on their one moment in the sun because they’ve been utterly forgettable the other 34 years of their existence.

But enough is enough.

Even Mike Pereira, the NFL’s former Head of Officiating and Leavy’s boss in 2006, has also had enough.  He penned a column for Fox Sports where he wrote, “Did Leavy’s calls determine the winner of Super Bowl XL?  Absolutely not!  In truth, there were missed calls that went against both teams.”

Well said, Mr. Pereira.  Honestly, I didn’t think this needed stated because I thought anybody with a brain in their head already knew the Steelers won Super Bowl XL fair and square.   The “two calls” Leavy claims to have punted were a holding penalty on Seattle which wiped out a play that put them at the Steelers 1 and a personal foul penalty on Matt Hasslebeck after Ike Taylor picked him off at the Steelers 5.

Yes, the holding penalty was ticky-tacky.   NEWSFLASH:  Most holding penalties are ticky-tacky.  The holding call on Justin Hartwig in Super Bowl XLIII that not only cost the Steelers a first down but resulted in a safety was ticky-tacky.   And for the record, Clark Haggans WAS being held.  Perhaps if Seattle’s line wasn’t so badly overmatched that they had to resort to cheating, the ref wouldn’t have had to penalize them.

The Hasselbeck personal foul occurred AFTER he threw an absolutely horrendous INT.  Sure it kept the Steelers from being backed up in their own end but we all know they would’ve marched down the field anyway.  Besides, worrying about the personal foul is like being mad about a cold when you have the Bubonic Plague.  Instead of crying about the 15 yards tacked on after the play, Seahawk Township should direct their ire at the Neil O’Donnell-esque pick their inept QB threw moments earlier.

Every game has some good calls and some bad calls.  Champions find a way to overcome adversity.   Against Indy earlier in the ’05 playoffs, the Steelers were robbed of a clear Troy Polamalu INT that almost cost them a victory.   They overcame the injustice to win.   In Super Bowl XLIII, no less than three ridiculous calls went against them, yet they still pulled it out.  To the credit of Arizona fans, at least they had the class and dignity to admit we were the better team and not carry on like five year old children who just lost at Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Seattle has nobody but themselves to blame for getting demolished in Super Bowl XL.  Ben Roethlisberger was utterly useless, finishing with a QB rating lower than his age.   The defense seemed nervous and tentative in the first half.  Seahawks kicker Josh Brown missed two easy field goals.   Jerramy Stevens played like he dipped his hands in butter before the game.   And Mike Holmgren‘s inept coaching led to some of the poorest clock management this side of Norv Turner.

The bottom line is this:  the refs didn’t allow Willie Parker to blast off a 75 yard touchdown run.   The refs didn’t force Hasselbeck into misfiring on one out of every two passes he attempted.  And the refs didn’t force the Seahawks to stand around like neon green traffic cones while the Steelers pulled the brilliant razzle dazzle of Antwaan Randle-El firing to a wide open Hines Ward for the back-breaking score.

If an NFL player or coach gets screwed by a bad call, the league fines them heavily if they so much as hint that the referee messed up (even if he obviously did).   Yet now we have a ref kissing a bunch of patchouli-smelling ass by stirring up a bunch of stuff with no basis in reality.   Do something useful for a change, Goodell.   Instead of suspending innocent quarterbacks who did nothing except have a little bit of fun with a ho in a bathroom, how about shutting this imbecile up?

Nobody wants to hear it anymore.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Randy Byrd

    What really irked me about the aftermath of that game was Holmgren’s whining. “I didn’t know we were going to half to play the Steelers and the officials, too” He should have looked at himself in the mirror. At the end of the first and second half Seattle’s two minute offense was terrible and that has to fall on the head coach. Prior to Randle-El’s pass to Hines Ward everyone in the stadium and the millions watching on TV knew that play was coming, except for the Seahawk’s secondary. That also has to fall on the on the head coach.

    • K Johnson

      The whole conversation is pretty pathetic. If the Seahawks want a ring so bad, they should go bak to the Super Bowl. We did. Make it happen.

  • Jason

    Speaking as a Seahawks fan, I have to say, I don’t hate the Steelers. I hate their knuckle dragging fan base. No one said your team didn’t win that Super Bowl. What they say – and now the ref in question officially agrees with us – is that there were some calls that were of a questionable nature that influenced how the game went.

    That you feel it necessary to come out here and right these jacktarded posts defending obviously bad calls as run of the mill and blah blah blah just highlights how bad you know those calls were.

    Newsflash dummy: if your team won fair and square, the ref wouldn’t be apologizing. So take you Super Bowl trophy and your rapist quarterback and shove em.


    • steel68

      Jason, Jason, Jason…
      Lets address this masterpiece of yours one segment at a time….

      You said:
      “That you feel it necessary to come out here and right these jacktarded posts defending obviously bad calls as run of the mill and blah blah blah just highlights how bad you know those calls were.”

      First of all, YOU came here…YOU are the one visiting this Steeler site. So don’t whine that we “come here” to voice our opinion. And if you are going to whine about it…don’t expect to be met at the door with milk & cookies. You’re on our turf, this is how we feel.

      Second, nobody on OUR side is claiming that anyone on YOUR side is saying Pitt didn’t win…that doesnt make any sense…then again, neither did your entire post.

      Third, our point is that ppl like you have been lying for so long about this that you actually believe there were like 15 terrible game-changing calls that went against you. You’re like Fox News…just keep repeating the lies long enough and ppl will start to believe it.

      Fourth…the ref himself also said that it was a very well officiated game.

      Fifth…you talk about how WE talk about the questionable calls….well at least WE talk about them. You guys never actually try to DEBATE the calls….you just comment on “polls” or what a guy at work said…or the fact that the article was written by a Steeler fan….

      You wanna talk about the calls, bring it sweet pea…I’m right here. let’s go.

      • Brian Remington

        The length of the ‘nuh-uh!’ seems to be inversely correlated with the insecurity of the poster. The funniest thing I keep hearing is that the Steelers would have definitely gotten in form less-than-1 on fourth down even if Roethlesberger wasn’t given a fake touchdown in the first half but the Seahawks would not have gone in from the less-than-1 after the phantom hold in the second half. The clip on Hasselback was just further proof that something extremely unusual was going on with the calls.

      • steve

        FOX News doesn’t lie. They tell it like it is. People in general don’t like the truth, because it is tough and it hurts. We should get out of mamby pansy land and maybe we should go back to values like our grandparents had. Our country would be a whole lot better

  • Tom DeMatteo

    Typical arrogant Steelers fan. But how about we deal in reality, instead of the revisionary history that eminates from Steeler land.

    Over 100,000 sports fans (not Seahawks fans or Steelers fans) voiced their opinion on Super Bowl XL on Here are some of the results:

    Do you think officiating mistakes affected the outcome of Super Bowl XL? (103,167 votes)
    61.7% Yes
    38.2% No

    Which played the biggest role in determining the outcome of the game? (118,130 votes)
    57.5% Officials missing calls
    28.3% Seahawks not making plays
    14.2% Steelers making plays

    What grade would you give referee Bill Leavy’s officiating crew for Super Bowl XL? (118,130 votes)
    50.6% F
    24.8% D
    13.9% C
    8.8% B
    1.9% A

    Do you think the official made the right call on Darrell Jackson’s offensive pass interference in the endzone, negating a Seattle touchdown in the first quarter? (118,130 votes)
    73.8% No
    20.5% Yes
    5.7% I’m not sure

    Do you think the football broke the plane of the goal line on Ben Roethlisberger’s touchdown run in the second quarter? (118,130 votes)
    59.3% No
    25.9% Yes
    14.8% I’m not sure

    Do you think the official made the right call on Sean Locklear’s holding penalty in the fourth quarter, negating an 18-yard reception to the one-yard line by Jerramy Stevens? (118,130 votes)
    74.3% No
    15.3% Yes
    10.4% I’m not sure

    So stop acting like Seahawks fans are alone in thinking that the horrible job by Bill Leavy’s crew affected the outcome of the game.

    • Jeff

      I’m not sure how anyone ever thought for a second Ben didn’t score after watching the replay. Everyone says he wasn’t over when he hit the ground. That is true, but he had already scored in mid air before being bumped back. Get a straight ruler it’s not the hard.

    • Gino

      Those are people who hate the Steelers J-Ass

    • Gino

      Steelers fans have 6 reasons to be arrogant. Seattle fans well seahawks uniforms tell the whole story. How do you even root for a team with uniforms like those.

    • steel68

      See, this guy is a perfect example of what I was talkign about earlier.

      No interest in actually debating the calls….just what a poll said.
      Guess what kid…McDonalds burgers ar emuch more popular than the local diner’s are…but it doesnt make them better.

      National Enquirer sells more than National Geographic…it doesnt make them more reliable.

      Get it…?

      You want to debate, lets go….but learn to fight your own battles. Polls are for sheep.

      • Tom DeMatteo

        This poll proves the point I was making, which was that the the complaints about the officiating in Super Bowl XL was not a Seattle complaint, but a national complaint. We can argue about the each and every call this sun comes up and it won’t change a thing; you believe what you believe and I believe what I believe. But you spin it any way you want with your revisionary history, but America knows that the outcome of the game was affected by horrible officiating.

        • steel68

          And you continue to prove my point. Ya’ll have never actually tried to debate the 2 or 3 calls…and you’ve NEVER addressed the calls that went against Pittsburgh, because it takes away from your
          “We were robbed” sob story….like I said, have some self respect.

          • Tom DeMatteo

            In all honesty, if you think that debating the 7 or 8 bad calls would change either one of our minds, then let’s debate.

  • Chad Hill

    Even NFL Network had a show Top 10 worst blown calls. They had the whole super bowl as #8. Keep telling us we are whining. Sounds Like you guys just dont have the integrity to admit your wrong.

    • steeldawg

      This statement is incorrect. The ESPN show was about “The Top 10 MOST CONTROVERSIAL Calls” not “BOLWN” calls. You should no what you’re talking about before you – you know – actually say something!

      • Tom DeMatteo

        Well you are right and you are wrong. The show was called “Top 10 Most Controversial Calls”. But it was not on ESPN; it was on the NFL Network. Those in glass houses…

        And in that Top 10 were three seperate calls that went in the Steelers’ favor (Super Bowl XL, Renfro TD catch, & the Immaculate Reception). Wow, what a surprise?

      • Chad Hill

        Maybe you should do the same dip shit. It wasn’t espn it was NFL network. And you got the point. LMAO you cant even correct me right.

  • Wow

    Oh wow…a STEELERS fan on a STEELERS blog saying that they won it fair and square…very unbiased. I can sleep easy tonight.

    Idiots. You’ve had to put up with crying? K…well the rest of the league has to put up with your fan base’s arrogance year after year so I guess we’ll call it even.


  • Ricky


    Looks like its raining in seattle again and there is nothing to do. The squeakhawks are still at it.

    Jason, Tom, Chand, and lets not forget Wow,

    The horse is dead please stop kicking it… I am a Steelers fan and yes this is a Steelers blog, but at the same time I have always been known to look at things from boths sides of the fence and admit when I am wrong. The calls you are calling botched or wrong were not game changers. That was a horrible game and both teams played like it was a preseason game not a superbowl no matter how you look at you espn stats of voters. The game was like a battle of two retarded kids fighting for the same baseball and we happened to be the better retarded kid that day. When you look at game changing calls you need to pick a real one like when the Steeler played the Lions in the 98 Thanksgiving game and the overtime coin toss was horribly botched by the refs. The Steelers lost that game because of that call…. yes there were people upset for a few months but we got over it (and the nfl put replays back in the damn game). You squeakhawks need to refocus your energy from a lost cause to something constructive like goign after your coaching and ownership to build you a real team that can be competative and you can take pride in when they are on the field win or lose. After this is accomplished you may one day again see the 6 time world champions in the superbowl (by that time it may be the 7 time world champs).

    Ohh on the fanbase remark, Forbes puts Steelers as the 2nd biggest fanbase in all sports and I cant wait until the Steelers play in Seattle next and our fans outnumber you in your own stadium… its a beautiful site.

  • 7-Up Yours

    Seahawk fans are not at all half the whiners this article makes us out to be. I can honestly say I don’t know a Seahawk fan that truly believes if it wasn’t for those 2 bad calls (even though there a lot more than 2) the Seahawks would have won the game. The fact is, the Seahawks played a poor game. More specifically Holmgren coached a crappy game full of predictable calls. The Steelers were the better team that day, and they probably would have won with better officiating…..but that doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t complain about the said terrible officiating.

    p.s. “Seahawk Township” is a dumb catch phase. Only you East Coast folks have townships.

    • steel68

      Very respectable post. I wish all Seahawks fans were like you.

  • beethousand

    My memory of the game is a bit vague. As an aside I admit that as a Steelers fan, I am totally biased and totally arrogant! Does anyone have any insight to help my recollection…

    It seems to me that there were some pretty bad calls against my Steelers as well in XL. I don’t remember specifically, I just remember being annoyed at times. Maybe some big plays being reversed or whatev??

    I think the problem with the Seattle bad calls were that I guess they happened towards the end of the game and therefore hold more significance?

    Curious about any feedback. Feel free to badmouth me and call me names because I’m a Steelers fan and I can take it because we’re better than you.

    • steel68

      You are correct, there were SEVERAL bad calls against the Steelers in SB XL.

      The super late push down way after the play was over. (Seattle’s Center shoving Pitts DE)

      The catch that was the first catch Jeremy Stevens FINALLY didnt drop, and he took 3 steps, was leveled by the safety and fumbled it. Pitt recovered and it was ruled incomplete.

      On the INT that Ben threw, when we were about to go up 21-3 on the worhtless Seahawks…Ben was shoved blatantly from behind. It was an illegal block because Ben was technically a defender at that point, chasing the ball carrier.
      Oh, and this resulted in about 50 more yards for Seattle because of this no-call.

      Locklear was holding Clark Haggans on almost every play. We all saw it. Except the refs.
      Then when they FINALLY called him for Holding, and it was Holding…maybe not blatant, but it was Holding…they all cry.

      They’re mum about those calls though because it lessens the potency of their own case.

  • Chad Hill

    I think the Hawks would have won. And im not saying they would have for sure but its a bitter pill to swallow when they your franchise’s first Super bowl goes down like that. They basically had a 14 point deficit because of those calls. #1. Jackson push off -7 #2 BS holding negates a play to the 1yd line. Alexander would have put that in behind Jones and Hutch -14. And lets not forget Rothlesburger down at the 1yd line. Would they have kicked the FG or went for it? Im sue Seahawks fans would love to put this game past them but cant because of articles like this! And that damn ref stirring the pot 5 years later!! Oh god luck on trying to outnumber the 12th man in Seattle!

  • Jeff

    20 Reasons Seattle Can’t Blame the Refs (final copy)
    1. On plays when there wasn’t any penalties…one team made plays…one team didn’t.
    2. The Refs didn’t give up the longest run in SB history………………………..Seattle did.
    3. The Refs didn’t get fooled on a 43 yd trick play, Randle to Ward for a TD, Seattle did.
    4. The Refs didn’t miss two field goals…………………………………………….Seattle did.
    5. The Refs didn’t drop 4 very catchable balls in key situations, that was Seattle’s TE.
    6. When the same Seattle TE finally caught a pass, he took 3 steps, was hit by the Safety and fumbled. But luckily for Seattle, “the Refs” ruled it incomplete.
    7. The Refs didn’t carelessly let the 1st half clock tick from 48 seconds ALL THE WAY DOWN to 13 seconds before FINALLY running their next play…………….Seattle did.

    8a. And now, 54 yds from a FG, 13 secs left, Seattle foolishly heaved it deep, trying for a TD rather than a shorter play & timeout to set up an easier FG try which then missed by just a few feet.
    8b. 2nd half, 50 yds from a FG on 3rd down, Seattle boneheadedly does the same thing again, they fling it deep, ignoring trying to get a little closer for the FG which again missed by just a few feet.

    9a. 3rd & 28, Pitt’s QB makes a play scrambling/completing a 37 yd pass to Seattle’s 2.
    9b. 3rd & 18, Sea’s QB misreads the zone defense & throws an interception at Pitt’s 5.

    10. Speaking of 3rd downs, Pitt was great then with plays like the 37 yarder above, QB runs when nobody was open, a nifty shovel pass, a shoestring catch by Ward, etc.
    …However…Seattle was only 5 for 17 then with plays like the INT above, dropped passes, wrecklessly going deep in short yardage situations, etc.

    11. Even Pitt helped Sea. when WR Ward dropped an easy TD in the endzone.
    12. Even Pitt helped Sea. when CB Taylor dropped an easy INT early in the game.
    13. Even Pitt helped Sea. when QB Big Ben tossed a gift-wrapped INT, with a Pittsburgh WR wide open in the endzone for a TD that would’ve put Pitt up 21 – 3…..21 – 3 !!!
    14. & on this play, the Refs helped Sea too, for no flag thrown on #94 for blocking Pitt’s QB blatantly in the back, giving Sea. the ball at Pitt’s 19 instead of the Sea. 45 !
    15. The mean ol’ Refs helped Sea. again with no flag thrown on Sea’s center for leveling Pitt’s DE after the play was over. Hmm, ESPN recalls these plays, somehow Sea doesn’t.
    16. Who failed to step out of bounds to stop the clock late in both halves…….Seattle.
    17. Who kept punting deep through the endzone giving Pitt the ball at the 20, Seattle.
    18. Late in the game, needing a TD and FG, no particular order & currently in easy FG range on 4th down, who again went for the TD, losing the ball & game………..Seattle.
    19. Who outrushed Seattle & contained their star RB Alexander (the NFL’s leading rusher), just enough to force several 3rd downs…Pittsburgh.
    20. “Seattle…the sum total of all the above, your bad coaching decisions & clock mismanagement, breaks on big Pitt mistakes, breaks from the Refs…& your inability to make big plays adds up to…NO EXCUSES

    • Gino

      Jeff you are right on with your statement. If you disagree with Jeff I recommend you some how get a hold of that game and watch without you Seattle and Steelers hater blinders on.

    • steel68

      Jeff, that is so cool that you have this list.
      I am the one who wrote it. Its pretty cool to still see it floating around.

  • steel driver

    Anytime you have a team with a fan base like the Steelers, one of the largest in the NFL, you have infinitely more people that hate that team for their success. Polls conducted against a team like the Steelers in a controversial game will always favor anti-Steeler sentiments. Polls mean little in this regard.

    Great teams overcome bad calls and adversity. There were PLENTY of opportunities for the Seahawks to win that game and couldn’t. The uncalled block in the back on the Roethlisberger interception was basically a gift TD to the Seahawks as it set up a first and goal. I never hear Seahawks fans screaming about that blown call.

    Ben’s controversial TD was actually challenged by Holmgren meaning that the call on the field of a TD was backed up by instant replay. To have blown that call twice, the officiating crew from beginning to end would have had to have been inept. I don’t buy it. And on 4th down…who knows what the Steelers would have done? History isn’t static.

    That game was horrible on many levels including officiating. While the Steelers were the recipients of controversial calls, the Seahawks were the recipients of non calls and having to play a poorly performing Steelers team and STILL couldn’t get the job done.

  • Peepshowmopguy


    It’s so kind of you to be tolerant of the constant whining of us “latte sipping emo bastards” All five of us apparently. Oh that was real clever. Sonic Youth? What is this 91’? They aren’t even a Seattle band. That’s just lazy. Did you come up with that all by yourself, or did you just copy what was said on every MNF cast played in Seattle over the last decade. You forgot a few. Throwing fish, it rains a lot and geeky Microsoft nerds. And those are the easy ones everyone knows. Insults are the lowest form off communication, and often are used to hide ones own low self esteem, insecurities and intelligence. You like the bully on the football team who makes fun of the kicker for being gay, while secretly harboring a crush on in.

    Instead of making intelligent analysis and commentary, you have to degrade it down to 5 year old name-calling and platitudes (is that to big of a word for you? It means “a flat, dull, or trite remark, esp. one uttered as if it were fresh or profound.”). Your supporting evidence: See, look at all these other unrelated instances where calls were/were not made, that totally proves my point that those calls were legitimate. That kind of argument is right on level with Junior High debate teams and Congress. Then you follow that up with ridiculous assertions like “we all know they would’ve marched down the field anyway,” like the Steelers offensive juggernaut had yet been stopped. You said it yourself. How many yards did Rothlesburger have at the end of the first half? 2? Didn’t he end the game with the WORST rating of any QB to win the game? I mean were talking worse than Trent Dillfer here.

    What I find annoying about Steelers fans, is how much whining THEY do about this game. If Seahawks fans feel cheated out of a Super Bowl, then Steelers fans feel just as cheated out of a LEGITIMATE Super Bowl. In fact since Leavey made his comments, only Steelers fans have been posting long winded diatribes in response. I’ve looked for it from Seahawks fans/bloggers, and there just aren’t any. And if they are out there, go ahead and point them out. I’m sure they are more based in fact, rather than outdated, incoherent, lazy insults from a guy whose spent more time crying in his beer about how unfair it is that some people out there don’t think the Steelers legitimately won that game (don’t believe me? You devoted 939 words to this, I’m guessing over the course of several hours, mostly looking up fancy words like ‘patchouli’ and ‘imbecile’ and ‘ho.’). I bet you even felt better after you posted this. Talk about a fucking pussy.

    Tell you what. I’m going to go back to my office and sip my $5 Café’ Carmel Macchiato, and you can go back to doing whatever it is you do while waiting for your unemployment check to arrive. In the mean time, we can call a truce. I’ll let go of my delusions that the Seahawks should have at least had a legitimate chance to win that game, then you can let go of the delusion that your Quarter Back doesn’t have to force a woman to have sex with him. Twice. But I guess some people really do identify with their heroes, so that may be too much to ask on both our parts.

    The Peepshow

    • chris

      “In fact since Leavey made his comments, only Steelers fans have been posting long winded diatribes in response. I’ve looked for it from Seahawks fans/bloggers, and there just aren’t any”

      Gee, thanks for proving my point for me, peeper.

      So Steeler Nation is passionate about their team being unfairly maligned while the ten remaining Seattle fans don’t seem to care? SHOCKING.

      Don’t worry, though. The NBA was smart enough to get out of that rain drenched hellhole so I’m sure the NFL is well aware of what fair-weather, ignorant, and apathetic sports fans dwell in Seattle. I’d imagine plans for the L.A. Hawks are already well underway.

    • steel68

      All that rambling and you said nothing.

      I thought with the novel length post you’d ahve a point or 2 related to the game, the calls, etc.

      But as usual, you avoid the REAL debate. Anything to take th efocus off actually having to present a legitimate case.

      Just do what the other Seahawks fans do…quote a poll.

  • http://Hello Jeremy

    Seahawk fan here so yep biased as hell.

    Seahawks played like crap that day. So did Pittsburgh I think that is beyond argument. Both teams had chances to win the game both teams blew chances to put the game away. But to argue that the calls did not play into the loss….I think that is a little ignorant.

    1st The Big Ben touch down…was it a TD, I dont think so…but there was not enough evidence to turn the call over. No harm no foul.

    2nd Pass interference. Seemed pretty weak to me but in all fairness could have gone either direction and someone would argue it.

    And now the two that mattered the most( IMO )

    Holding penalty that negated 1st and goal at the one. Would Seattle have gotten in…maybe maybe not….BUT I would be willing to bet a paycheck that the best O line in the league that year, with the NFL MVP at running back who was also held the singal season TD leadser(at the time) would have gotten the ball in He was running behind the best LT to ever play the game and one of the best Guards He would have gotten in.

    Then the call on Matt for unnecassary roughness….come on. Pitt went onto score and the rest is history. No holding call and Seattle would have been up and most likely SB champs…..but hey Im biased as hell

    • steel68

      Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy…
      If you’re going to ASSume…that’s fine…but you can’t have it BOTH ways.
      The running game from your so-called “star” RB and that so-called best O-line in the NFL was held in check all day. Yet youo want to ASSume that they wouldve made magically found a way to suddenly run on Putts Defense and get in for a TD had their not been the Holding call on Locklear.

      That’s fine…but if you’re gonna ASSume THAT…then you have to ASSume that had Big Ben been ruled down a molecule outside the end zone, that he wouldve gotten in on 4th down.

      You don’t HAVE to ASSume that…but ya can’t have it both ways if you’re going to speculate.

      Seattle had a great year and I’ve always kinda liked them in the NFC…but I lost a LOT of respect for them after that. Especially for Holmgren…

      You see…most ppl don’t know, but Hollmgren, who was the head of the Competition Committee that year, made it his TOP priority, to make OFFENSIVE PASS INTEREFERENCE a call that is called mush more liberally. Calls like the one in the end zone were happening all year, but it wasnt the SB and the game wasnt under a microscope, so it wasnt scrutinized to the millionth degree.
      You push off the way Jackson did, as the ball is being released from the QB, and push the flat-footed DB back a full yard…AND ya do it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF….
      you have no one else to blame but yourself.

      • steel68

        Please excuse the spelling, I typed that rather quickly and didn’t check for typos.

        • Chad Hill

          didnt Alexander have over 90 yds rushing?

      • jason

        “The running game from your so-called “star” RB and that so-called best O-line in the NFL was held in check all day. Yet youo want to ASSume that they wouldve made magically found a way to suddenly run on Putts Defense…”

        Wait — So a one yard run would have required magic?

        • steel68

          Jason said:
          “Wait — So a one yard run would have required magic?”

          The point was not that it would’ve taken “magic” to get in…but that you cannot ASSume he would have.

      • Mark anoni

        Um, you must really be a Steelers fan if you call allowing 4.9 yards per carry “holding him in check all day”. He only averaged 5.1 yards a carry for the whole season, so it is a pretty safe ASSumption that the Seahawks score a TD there. Funny, but on the terrible personal foul call on Matt Hasselbeck a Steeler fan above stated “Everyone knows” that even if the Steelers were backed up on their goal line they would have driven all the way down the field anyway, but you didn’t bother to call that an ASSumption, which was 20x the assumption that Seattle scores from the 1. Fact is, no one knows how the game would have turned out without those terrible calls, and most big games turn on luck anyway, so if the Steelers got a few huge calls so be it. It doesn’t make their overall body of work less impressive. Sure Big Ben choked in the big game and didn’t deserve it, but he has come through decently on many other occasions, so he’s overall been a pretty decent QB. I’d say no worse than Bradshaw who did just enough when needed as well.

  • Tom DeMatteo

    I just want to know you thing: when did Steelers fans become more arrogant and annoying than Cowboys fans? When did this happen?

    • chris

      Probably around the time we won two Super Bowls in the time it took the Cowboys to win one lousy playoff game.

      But keep putting your faith in Captain Overrated. Maybe he’ll postpone his annual playoff choking for the NFC Championship game this year!

    • steel68

      Mr. DeMatteo,
      When you walk into a bar full of Packers fans with a Bears jersey on and you talk trash….you’r not gonna be met at the door with milk & cookies.

      You come in, arrogant and obnoxious, and then you whine when someone puts you in check.

      Like Seattle, you need to let it go…..have some self respect.

      • Tom DeMatteo

        Still waiting for someone to put me in check. Unless “We’re the Steelers, and you’re not” is the best you got.

        • PittDave

          Wow, “arrogant and annoying?” “Put you in check?” Now, now Tommy. I know it still huwts, but your team lost to a better team that day–a team that went on to win another Superbowl for its fans while widdle Tommy still cwies about doze bad weffewies. Time to realize that you are not going to wake up back in Kansas, er, Seatle, to find that this was a dream. Now, Tommy, get up off the ground, dust your pants off, dry your widdle tears, and stop crying–BEFORE I GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!!! HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!

        • steel68

          DeMatteo said:
          “Still waiting for someone to put me in check. Unless “We’re the Steelers, and you’re not” is the best you got.”

          I’m not the one visiting the other team’s site to prove something. You are trying to address your feelings of inadequecy over your team’s loss.

          YOU are visiting OUR site, and you’ve done so with an attitude….then you get salty about the reception.

          Grow some skin if you wanna play this way online kid.

  • Bill Seahawks Fan

    You are a complete and total prick. One way is not the only way. Seattle is a great if not the greatest city in OUR Nation. People here are cool calm and collective. We care about what happens in this world. For you to call me the things you have makes me wonder if you really give a flying f about anything but you F ed self. Try coming here and meeting us as person. We won’t judge you we will accept you.

    Yes, the Steelers won, but with the help of a larger media base.

    K M Ass

  • steel68

    Good article.

    And as always…no one can counter the points made that Seattle has no one else to blame but themselves.

    Instead they focus on the fact that a Steeler fan wrote the article. Or on some poll.

    Seattle…have some self-respect.

  • steel68

    1. The refs didn’t give up the 75 yd, longest TD run in SB history….Seattle did.

    2. The refs didn’t bite on a 43 yd trick play for a TD….Seattle did.

    3. The refs didn’t miss TWO FGs…Seattle did. (and repeatedly throwing bombs to the end zone on 3rd & short when you’re in LONG FG position, hence not getting in BETTER FG position is ALSO Seattle’s fault.)

    4. The refs didn’t drop 4 VERY catchable balls in KEY SITUATIONS…Seattle’s JEREMY Stevens did.

    5. And when he FINALLY caught a pass, he took 3 steps, was hit & clearly fumbled, and it was ruled incomplete.

    6. The refs didn’t carelessly let the 1st half clock tick down from 48 sec. to 13 sec. before FINALLY running their next play…Seattle did.

    7. Now, with 13 sec. left in the half, who FOOLISHLY heaved it deep, to the end zone Incomplete rather than a shorter play, Time out, to set up a closer than 54 yd FG attempt which missed by 2 ft?…Seattle did.

    8. Who Boneheadedly did it AGAIN in the 2nd half, this time 3rd down, 50 yds from a FG, bombing it to the end zone AGAIN, forcing a 50 yd FG which AGAIN barely missed?…Seattle did.

    9. Who kept failing to pin Pitt deep by REPEATEDLY punting it deep into the endzone, giving Pitt the ball at the 20, thus losing the game of Field Position and 1 drive that resulted in a TD?…Seattle did.

    10. 3rd & 28, Pitt’s QB MAKES a play, scrambling & completing a 37 yd pass to Seattle’s 2 yd line.

    11. 3rd & 18, Sea’s QB MISREADS Pitt’s zone defense, in FG RANGE, and throws an INT at Pitt’s 5 yd line?….Seattle did.

    12. On 3rd downs, Pitt MADE PLAYS…like th eone above, and nifty QB runs…shovel passes…shoestring catches, etc.

    13. On 3rd downs, Sea was only 5 for 17 with DROPPED passes, going deep on 3rd & Short…INT’s…etc.


    14 & 15…In position to go up 21-3 on you…Big Ben giftwrapped an INT for you…then ON THAT PLAY…#94 of Seattle, blatantly pushes Big Ben in the back as he pursued the DB from behind. Who got away with no penalty called?….Seattle did. And it was about a 50 yd penalty since the ball wound up 50 yds down the field from the spot of the infraction.

    16. Late in the game, needing a TD & FG, in no particular order, and currently in easy FG range on 4th down…who foolishly ignored the FG, opting instead to “go deep again” losing the ball on Downs, and hence, the game?…Seattle did.

    17. Who outrushed Seattle and contained their “star” RB enough to force 17 3rd downs?…Pittsburgh did.

    Sorry Seattle…you had your chances, and you lost the game. America does not like sore losers…let it go.
    Or don’t, because I enjoy reliving the gret moments…


    Pittsburgh rolled through the #1, #2 and #3 seeds IN THEIR OWN BACKYARDS, and proved to Indi (AND SEATTLE) that good teams overcome bad calls,
    including the WORST call of the entire postseason, the reversal of Troy Polamalu’s INT of media doll Peyton Manning late in the game when that INT would’ve iced a victory.

    Good teams overcome adversity and make plays when they have to.

    • steel driver

      Here, here!

    • PittDave

      Amen, Steel68! A beautiful post. I’m curious to see if any Seahawks fan has an intelligent response to that, rather than simply crying or calling names. I really doubt however, that the latte-sippin crybabies that are still whining about the officiating in that game really represent the Seahawks faithful. At least I hope they don’t–if any of my Steelers buds whined like that, I’d kick the jagoffs’ a&$! HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!

  • Ricky

    Honestly guys I am a huge Steelers fan but we all gotta move on from this damn arguement. I am tired of the damn updates from this damn blog on this article blowing up my damn blackberry every 2 minutes.

  • tmd39

    BTW Chris, If karma works that way I would like to believe it does, I sure hope you have daughter. That way, when an “innocent quarterback” rapes her while off-duty cops watch the door, you can see what that feels like.

    • chris

      First off, I’m a good Christian so my daughter would be raised with the same values. She wouldn’t be some drunk whore who blows famous men in bathrooms. The Georgia girl got exactly what she wanted. Which is why NO CHARGES were ever filed, idiot.

      Secondly, the topic here is SUPER BOWL XL. Why are you bringing up irrelevant stuff? Seriously, you’re just embarrassing yourself at this point. We’ve already established the Steelers won the game fair and square.

      So now that you and Conspiracy Theorists of your ilk have been exposed as crybabies and whiners with no facts to back them up, you’re resorting to childish insults? Really? Please stop while you’re already well behind. You’re making a complete fool of yourself.

      • tmd39

        (edit: No, I censored you because you’re an illiterate who doesn’t know how to stay on topic. Nobody wants to hear your preaching or views on child rearing or anything else. Now either stay on the topic of Super Bowl XL and your utterly ridiculous and factually incorrect opinions on said game or I’ll ban you permanently.–your pal, chris)

        • tmd39

          (edit: This is your final warning. You seem to think this is a democracy. It is not. I will brook no more discussion on this. Since you obviously don’t understand what the word “topic” means, you are either illiterate or just plain dumb. Stray once more and it’ll be your last post here. Not that I nor anybody else really cares about your jealous rantings anyway.)

          As for the game, the inability of Steeler Nation to realize that most sports fans don’t think the game was fairly officiated should be no real surprise. Having an illegitimate Super Bowl win must be tough to deal with.

          BTW, you may want to check the definition of illiterate, pal. I may be many things, but illiterate isn’t one of them.