Terry Bradshaw Rips Big Ben

*Wipes tear from my eye*   Tell it like it is, Terry.

The greatest quarterback to ever wear the Black and Gold ripped his current counterpart a new one on Sunday’s NFL pregame show.  Saying Terry Bradshaw does not like Ben Roethlisberger is like saying there’s been a mild disagreement in the Middle East the past, oh, thousand years or so.  One thing you can’t accuse Terry of is being a johnny come lately.  He’s made his feelings clear on a number of occasions, first during an off-season charity golf event where he plainly stated, “Ben doesn’t like me and I’m learning not to like him.”  Last week, TB stated he “prayed” the Ginger Dictator would keep Ben’s suspension at six full games. Ouch.

The Blonde Bomber saved the best for last.  During his “Fired Up” commentary, Bradshaw just absolutely waylaid the disgraced quarterback.  It was an amazing piece of television if only because the NFL is always treated carefully by the media who are loathe to bring up player misdeeds.  The Steelers in particular get more reacharounds than any team, particularly by their local PR Staff reporters.  To see a national broadcaster single out a player and then bend him over like a drunk ho in a bathroom stall is not your everyday occurrence.

Clearly, the hostility Bradshaw has for Ben has not diminished during the recent campaign to paint him as a great guy who kisses babies and helps old ladies across the street.  The source of Terry’s hatred is pretty easy to understand. Ben was a jerk to him. Terry holds a grudge.  That tends to happen when you treat people like garbage.

Listening to sports talk radio last night was equally amusing.  Bradshaw gave his heart and soul to the Steelers.   Yet, when Turkey Jones of the Browns broke his collar bone, the Three Rivers faithful CHEERED their quarterback being injured.   Stay classy, Steeler Nation.  On the flip side, you have a guy like Big Ben, who hasn’t accomplished 1/10 of what Bradshaw did and yet a morally bankrupt segment of Steeler fans will stand by this punk no matter what vile acts he’s accused of.   Embarrassing.

TB isn’t bitter or jealous.  Expecting the quarterback of your old team to represent it well and to be at least something resembling a decent human being isn’t exactly a high standard.  He just has the guts to say it.  And for that I applaud him.

Terry Bradshaw was and always will be the greatest QB to ever play for the Steelers.  Always.  And while I’ll be extremely happy to see Ben behind center four weeks from now, he will never receive the level of respect myself and all true Steeler fans have for Mr. Bradshaw.  Thank you, Terry.

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  • Allen

    Hear, hear! While I hope that Ben has “reformed”, he can only wish to hold a candle to the Blond Bomber! Its refreshing to see a “hammer” lowered on someone instead of worrying about someone’s “feelings”.

  • Dee

    Ok Terry we get it…you have a strong distaste for Ben…but starting to get irritated with him keep using camera time to rant about this. At first I took it out of concern for the franchise, but if he says one more thing (we have moved on), I am going to start to wonder what is really behind his comments. IF Ben had continued on the right path and won say two more championships, that would take away from Terry’s feats in teh 70′s…so sometimes wonder if envy plays a roll in his continual ranting. Move on Terry, the fans, Ben and Goddell have.

  • Dave

    What do you mea “What Ben did”. You are going above the law and assuming Ben is guilty. If you want to argue guilty of bad judgment, that is fair. However, if you was to assume he did something wrong then you are out of line. I believe the owners should handle suspensions not the Czar Goodell. How you give a man not charged with anything more suspensions than a man that spent 2 year in jail is beyond me.

  • ERIC


  • Luke

    Ben hasn’t accomplished a 1/10th of waht Bradshaw did? Are you serious, you may want to check the stats my friend. The most important being SUPER BOWLS. Which means Ben has accomplished 1/2 of what the blonde bomber did and at an earlier point in his career.

    Now I’m not happy with what Ben did. I have two daughters myself and I think the Steelers should of dumped him right away, but people deserve second chances and I hope Big Ben is serious about his redemption. If not, he needs to be dropped like a bad habit.

    But back to my original point, Ben has DEFINITELY accomplished more than 1/10th of what Terry has. No doubt. Sounds like you may have a grudge yourself.

    Anyway, love the site and content. But there will be the occasional piece of info I disagree with :) Keep trucking on!

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Disagreement is fine, as long as it’s POLITE disagreement. I don’t expect or demand every commenter agree with me, just be civil when doing so. :)

      As for Ben’s “accomplishments” vs. TB’s, you need to check some facts. Bradshaw: 2 time Super Bowl MVP, one time NFL MVP, 4 Super Bowl rings. Ben has ZERO SB MVPS, ZERO NFL MVPS and half as many rings. He hasn’t accomplished anywhere near as much as TB has. Sorry, but it’s true.

      • john

        I dont know that I agree with you at all. An MVP…yes its great, but its also glorified. There are a ton of superbowl MVPs who dont do squat in the NFL. Its an accolade for one game. Yes, its the biggest game…but its still one game. Its not a reflection of greatness. Deion Branch anyone?

        Yes Bradshaw has 4 superbowls…but in the timespan of Ben’s career? I’m not so sure…Ben’s still got ways to go. Will he win 4 superbowls. I dont know, but he sure as hell gives the Steelers an excellent winning record. Putting us in the championship race every year is all anyone can ask for.

        Whats worse is that everyone is quick to point out the Boos against TB. But no one remembers the abuse he heaped on his wife. The cheating, the tail chasing. Perhaps you should give that a bit more attention.

        There’s a reason why he’s been married 3 times….all in the span of a decade.

  • Siggy00

    “I had separated myself from God. I lived only for Terry Bradshaw, not for God. I tried to be one of the boys and went to every honky-tonk I could find and chased women and behaved in a way that was totally alien to anything I had ever known before … my whole life was out of control … I was trying to be someone else and was doing a rotten job of it.”

    -Terry Bradshaw

    People in glass houses Mr. Bradshaw.

    A three time divorced boozer is judging someone else?


    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      There are about twenty million DIVORCED people in this country. Many million more former or recovering alcoholics.

      I wonder how many people have been accused of rape twice in one calendar year… I’m guessing not too many.

      Comparing Bradshaw’s flaws with Ben’s is like comparing jaywalking to child molestation. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

      • john

        Who says he actually raped anyone? I did not realize that accusations of rape are tantamoun to actual rape. Did you read anything about the first accuser? A history of mental issues? Making up things about previous lovers?

        Or how about the second instance? Yes, I’m fairly certain Ben attempted some sort of sexual act. But almost no DNA was found on the woman.

        So what you’re saying is, its ok to be abusive to women as long as you’re married because so many people do it. But oh no, once you start sexual relations with some random person and she ends up accusing you for whatever reason (first time around) and because you and her are so piss drunk you act extremely boorish/almost commit rape that you’re worse than the booze drinking, wife abusing guy? seriously?

        If this was Tony Dungy making comments about Ben I’d understand. But to jump in favor for TB…well, that just shows a lack of historical perspective.

        • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

          Where did I say it’s okay to abuse women? Clearly, you have a problem with reading comprehension.

          The poster I responded to is attempting to take a quote from Terry about drinking alot and being unfaithful during marriage and say it’s the same as being accused of rape twice in the same year. Those aren’t remotely the same. If you can’t see that, then I feel sorry for you and any women in your life.

          And I’m not going to rehash the question of Ben’s guilt. Make up all the silly excuses or rationalize it any way you wish. Whatever makes you sleep better at night. He’s a scumbag off the field and the SECOND BEST Qb the Steeler have ever had on it. People can disagree but they would be wrong.

          • siggy00

            Bradshaw specifically mentioned Ben’s actions in bars.

            Well the facts show Bradshaw did plenty of skirt chasing also.

            People in glass houses.

  • Siggy00

    “I feel I’m good enough to be starting for some team in the NFL this weekend, so if I’m not going to be starting here, I wish they would trade me to a team that needs me”

    -Terry Bradshaw September 12 1974

    “I kept hearing I’d be traded to San Francisco. Man I would love that. I even went so far as to go into the locker room singing ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’. Nobody laughed or said a word. I figured maybe I’d get my wish”

    -Terry Bradshaw September 12 1974

    Bradshaw never wanted to play in Pittsburgh. He was demanding play me or trade me in two months of his pro career.

  • PBR

    Statistically Bradshaw was not even on the same planet as Roethlisberger is at this point in his career. It’s TB who had not accomplished 1/10 of what ben has. Terry is a jealous unhappy bitter man who had his feelings hurt years ago when Ben didn’t bow down and kiss his feet when the met. He knows right now if Ben continues at the rate he has been playing he will smash all his records. Let’s not put Bradshaw that high up on the pedalstool. He did play with the best defense ever and threw to arguably the best reciever ever to play in Lynn Swann. If there ever was a chuck it up and let the reciever make a play wideout, it was Swanny. News flash, Bradshaw was not a Peyton Manning or Drew Brees caliber QB. Let him alone Terry, once was enough and we get it. You don’t like him. Before you spout off again let’s make sure some old fluzy from the Burgh that you forced yourself on back in the 1970′s or some chick who’s rear-end you grabbed isn’t lurking out there. Sure up that glass house TB and put the stones down.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Have you ever seen a game from the 1970s? The rules were totally different and passing was extremely difficult because receivers were mugged without any flags. Plus teams passed A LOT fewer times. Not just the Steelers, it was an NFL wide thing. Comparing stats from 1978 to ones in 2010 is a totally invalid argument because different eras.

      Again, check some facts: Bradshaw: 2 time Super Bowl MVP, one time NFL MVP, 4 Super Bowl rings. Ben has ZERO SB MVPS, ZERO NFL MVPS and half as many rings. He hasn’t accomplished anywhere near as much as TB has. Anybody arguing TB is anything but the greatest QB in Steeler history either has no knowledge and appreciation for what happened prior to 2005 or is blinded by undeserving Ben worship.

      • siggy00

        “Again, check some facts: Bradshaw: 2 time Super Bowl MVP, one time NFL MVP, 4 Super Bowl rings. Ben has ZERO SB MVPS, ZERO NFL MVPS and half as many rings.”

        Dumb logic, as usual.

        And after six seasons each? They both had two rings.

        It took Terry 10 years to win four rings. Let’s see how many Ben has after a decade in the league.

  • http://randy RJ

    Time to clear up some misconceptions.

    First of all – I’ve been a Steelers fan since about 1968. I saw Bradshaw get injured. I don’t ever remember the fans cheering him getting injured. Never happened. Maybe they gave him a round of applause when he was being carried off the field (as fans will do out of respect for the injured player). But they didn’t cheer when he got hurt.

    For those of you who are saying Bradshaw wasn’t that good – you are absolutely wrong. Bradshaw was awesome. Someone said he wasn’t as good as Payton Manning. Well you know what? He was BETTER than Payton in big games. 4 Super Bowls played in, 4 Championships. Bradshaw came through in the big games. Sometimes Manning does and usually he doesn’t. Sorry, but I’ll take a Terry Bradshaw any day of the week over Manning. He wins when it counts.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      I believe you’re misremebering because according to the historian on Behind The Steel Curtain as well as Guy Junker on the radio yesterday, fans did cheer when Bradshaw was injured. He even mentioned it himself if you have the History of the Steelers dvd when talking about why he was so angry with Pittsburgh after his career was over.


      I love the Steelers and am a proud Pittsburgher but pretending shameful events like their horrible treatment of TB, the racism against Joe Gilliam, or the trash dumping on Tommy Maddox’s lawn didn’t happen isn’t being honest. We’re a great fanbase but there has always been a segment of boneheads in our midst.

      Tremendous defense of TB vs Peyton, though. Thank you for setting some of these youngsters straight. Sometimes I think people believe all the great football players began playing in 2001. TB was every bit the big game QB that Ben was and anybody saying differently simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  • http://si.com Bob

    Like Ben has said. I havent got to tell my side of the story because they won’t let me. No Ben should not have been there and yes sometimes he acts like he is too big for his britches but this girl who kept following him?… In my opinion she got excatly what she deserved. Remember there is always two sides to any story.

    • Nate

      So Ben “hasn’t told his story,” But yet you seem to act like you know exactly what went down. Were you there? Because if you weren’t you should just shut your damn hole. Ben is a disgrace, plain and simple. And it’s not just the multiple rape accusations. It’s the despicable way he treats EVERYONE. I’m a life long Pittsburgher and 20+ year Steelers fan–until this past summer. As the face of the franchise, Ben is the lowest form of humanity in my opinion. He’s basically ruined everything I held dear about my once chrished Steelers. And you people who defend his disgusting actions make me ashamed to be from the same town as you.

      • rwalton311

        ummmm, maybe you should move then,innocent until proven guilty,sound familiar?i’m a 40 year steeler fan.and a retired marine,all veterans sacrificed all for you to have your say,maybe its time to keep quite

        • Nate

          Ummm, hey rwalton311, why don’t you move? I fully understand the elements of criminal law–I’m a 2L at Duquesne. But since when is it a “right” to play professional football? And also, not being charged with a crime is not the same as being innocent. Why do you think the verdict in a criminal trial is “not guilty” instead of “innocent?” Because all that is saying is that the case wasn’t proven beyond a reasonable doubt. OJ was found “not guilty.” You think he didn’t do the crime?

          Also, having severe character issues the problem for me, and that’s what he showed more than anything. The guy has been a slimeball all over town.

          Finally, what does you being a Marine have to do with the story? Is that supposed to impress me? Because I gotta tell ya, I’m also a student of history and know for a fact that the US Military has not actually “defended our freedoms” since WWII. Every significant conflict since then has been about political and capitalistic goals, not protecting American citizens. Your patriotic BS doesn’t work on me.

  • CarpeDiem63

    I have been a diehard Steelers fan since the Bradshaw era … but his rants are becoming nothing if not tiring.

    Let’s look at the facts on Big Ben’s misdeeds. The first girl bragged to her friends that she slept with Ben. She is not TV repair person … so her stated guise of that being the reason she went to the room is BS. The second was a drunk college girl who was following Ben around. Only that girl and Ben really know what happened but there wasn’t enough grounds to proceed with a charge. So he is only ‘guilty’ of having sex in a public bathroom. Not exactly what the NFL wants paraded around … but not illegal. Big Ben is only guilty of letting Little Ben do the thinking in terms of his reputation.

    Ben is a franchise QB who may very well break Terry’s records given his young age and accomplishments on the field to date. I think this is where TB’s vitriol really comes from. It’s ugly Terry … move on or you will lose fans watching when you broadcast.


  • Robyn

    I’m not really on either side of this argument (although I am by no means a Ben Apologist), but I think if Ben wants to show that he’s truly “reformed”, it might not be a bad idea to place a phone call to Terry Bradshaw and hash out their differences like grownups. While I appreciate Terry telling it like it is, there are plenty of thugs in the NFL that he could be trashing as well; it’s clear that he has a personal problem with Ben.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Robyn! I was wondering where one of my favorite “regulars” had disappeared to.

      Anyway, well-reasoned as usual. I tend to agree his singling out Ben for repeated trashings reeks of a personal vendetta and using his national TV position to carry on the vendetta is definitely a tad petty on Terry’s part. But it takes two to tango, so to speak, and I feel it’s unfair to attack or belittle TB for stating his opinion like this is all his fault (as you can see many are doing).

      That said, I do hope he’s stated his peace and lets the issue go. Continuing to harp on it will just diminish his valid points and make him look bad.

    • Nate

      Let’s be realistic. The idea that Ben is “reformed” is absolutely laughable. People like that never changed. The only way I’ll ever believe that hes anything but a total scumbag is to see him out in the community in Pittsburgh treating common people with the decency and respect they deserve, every waking moment he’s not on a football field. Anybody with a brain knows that will never happen unless there’s a camera on. I just look forward to the day when he, Bruce Arians, and Mike Tomlin are gone from this team. Maybe then some class and discipline will be restored to the once great franchise that is now just like every other crappy team filled with whiny millionaire thugs in the NFL.

  • PBR

    Come on Bradshaw fans. TB was a slightly above average passer. His career TD-INT numbers are not impressive (212 TD-210 INT). There 5 other Steeler QB’s with better TD/INT percentages in their years with the Steelers (including Brister,Tomczak, O’Donnell). Compare their 1st 5 sseasons in the league.Bradshaw didn’t have a winning season as a starter until his 3rd year in the league. Ben was in the AFC championship game as a rookie and had a Lombardi trophy in season 2. In his 1st 5 seasons Bradshaw threw for 48 TD’s and 81 INT’s, WOW! In Roethlisberger’s first 5 seasons he threw for 116 TD’s and 81 INT’s. Same number of picks, but more than double the number of TD’s. Ben won 2 super bowls and played in 3 AFC Title games in his 1st 5 seasons. Terry won 1 super, and not until year 5. Ben should have been the MVP of Super Bowl 43, but Holmes got the award for 1 catch, if not for Ben they are not in that position. Those 81 INT’s TB threw were in a 59 game span on 1,227 attempts, Ben’s were in a 72 game span on 1,905 attempts. To me that says he is a better more accurate passer. Bottom line Bradshaw is bitter. Too saw Terry Play through the 1970′s and I said then and I feel the same way today. He received too much credit and he was an average NFL QB that was fortunate enough to play on a great team. He needs to let it go, it’s getting old. Be happy with your 4 super bowls and let the kid get his life back on track, rather than throwing him under the bus every chance you get.

  • PBR

    Also Bradshaw didn’t see the Pro-Bowl till year 6, Ben made it in year 4. Terry did make 3 Pro-Bowls, but let’s remember Ben’s 27. I am willing to bet he makes at least 2 more. BTW, Peyton Manning made 10 Pro-Bowls in 12 seasons, Terry made 3 pro-bowls in a 14 year career and you expect me to believe he is a better QB….okay…. Manning 394 Td’s 202 Int’s in 12 years……Bradshaw 212 TD’s and 210 Int’s in 14 Seasons. You’re right, I would take Bradshaw. You people bring up the big game QB thing like it was all bradshaw in those games……what about Harris, Stallworth, Swann, Lambert, Belier, Blount, Shell, Webster, Kolb, Hamm, Greene, Cunningham, White, Greenwood, Russel? Name some Colts who were/are impact players in Mannings career.

    • PBR

      and ask yourself how many of the Colts Manning played with or is playing with will make the Hall of Fame…maybe Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Edgerinn James, and Dwight Freeney, maybe….. Bradshaw played with what? 9 hall of famers and a Hall of Fame coach.

  • Robert Buchman

    Right On TERRY! Your right, Ben is not a good person and does not belong on the Black and Gold. I would rather lose without Ben than win with him! No mater what job you do or who you are charactor has to count! Ben – You are a Bum! You are a disgrace to the NFL, the Steeler Nation, and to your family!!!

    • rwalton311

      i hear cleveland is looking for some “good”fans

    • siggy00

      “Right On TERRY! Your right, Ben is not a good person and does not belong on the Black and Gold. I would rather lose without Ben than win with him! No mater what job you do or who you are charactor has to count! Ben – You are a Bum! You are a disgrace to the NFL, the Steeler Nation, and to your family!!!”

      And I’m sure you cheer on James Harrison, right?

  • Tom from Canonsburg

    In agreement with some of you, Bradshaw was only average. He did have game, but so did a dozen other QB’s from that time period. Can you what Dan Fouts would have done with the Steeler’s O-line & receivers Swan & Stallworth?

    If Bradshaw had to deal with the media of today, he would have been known as a dirt bag. People in Pittsburgh don’t speak of his treatment of the people there. I know several people that waited on him around the city and my wife was his barber for a while. They used to say no one knows you like your barber. He treated her badly and she was witness to how he treated others. All these years later she has nothing good to say about the man. Bradshaw is a jerk.

  • http://randy RJ

    Sorry, I still do not agree with you. You can argue all you want about who the Steelers had on their teams, and that being why Terry was so successful – but you can also argue that many of them would not have been hall of famers had they not won the Super Bowl 4 times – and we’d have never won the super bowl 4 times without Terry Bradshaw as QB. He was a great big-game QB – I don’t care about the other stats you threw out there. When push came to shove, Terry delivered.

    I also don’t care about Manning’s stats – when he’s been in big games, he’s lost more of them than he’s won. I’d rather have a QB with average stats that plays big in big games.

  • Karen

    I say BRAVO Terry, thank you for calling out “PIG” Ben.

  • PBR

    Super Bowl IX 9-14 96yds (least passing yds is super bowl history.) 0-td’s 0-int

    Super Bowl X 9-19 209yds 2td’s 0-int

    Super Bowl XIII 17-30 318 4td’s 1-int MVP

    Super Bowl XIV 14-21 309 2td’s 3-int MVP

    With the exception of Super Bowl XIII it’s not like he took these games over. He had one great game, but by no means did he single handedly win these games for the Stillers. I would take Manning or Ben over TB. He played in an era of slower players and less athletic DB’s. Ben’s accomplishments speak for themselves as do Bradshaws, but to say Ben has not accomplished 1/10 of what TB did is ridiculous.

  • Robyn

    Do you honestly think that Ben has conducted himself in a manner worthy of representing the Pittsbrugh Steelers? Regardless of the “he said/she said” details of that night in Georgia, the fact remains that Ben continuously put himself in precarious situations that lead his image to be tarnished. As much as I can’t say with certainty that he did assualt that girl, you can’t say that he didn’t. There were only two people in the room that night. Had Ben not made the brilliant (and oh so classy) decision to hook up with a stranger in a restroom, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    • PBR

      I don’t disagree with you. What I do have a problem with is Bradshaw’s holier than thou tirade. He spoke as if he is/was the epitome of perfection. I was always taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. How many times is he going to shoot his mouth off? People have had enough. TB was no angel. You don’t go through 3 wives and that many bottles of booze being an alter boy. The other issue here is claiming Ben has not accomplished 1/10 of what TB did. The guy who wrote this is out of his mind if he truly believes that statement, which I am willing to bet he doesn’t. Ben has won 2 Super Bowls, Been to 3 AFC title games, has the longest winning streak of ANY rookie QB, has won more games over the first 6 years of his career than ANY QB EVER to play in the NFL which includes (Montana, Brady, Manning, Manning, Brees, Unitas, Kelly, and yes Bradshaw). That’s more than half of what Bradshaw accomplished!

      • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

        So a priest or Tim Tebow are the only people who can criticize Ben for being a pig? Do you realize we have PRESIDENTS who were divorced, cheated on their wives, and/or were alcoholics? I hate to tell you but a lot of people drank too much when they were young and/or got divorced. Good people.

        I don’t know any good people who have been accused of rape twice in a year. You?

        And I do believe TB is the greatest QB the Steelers have ever had and Ben hasn’t accomplished anywhere near what he has. I’m glad that you wear a #7 jersey to sleep at night and have Roethlisberger posters all over your dorm room but Steeler football began before 2004. TB is a HOFer for a reason. Ben isn’t even one of the top 5 QBs currently playing and will never be in Canton. He’s not in Bradshaw’s league and if you think so, you would be wrong.

        Reading this thread makes me almost embarrassed to be a Steeler Fan. All I ever hear from posters defending Ben is “He won two Super Bowls! Respect him!” How about a little respect for the guy who won four?

        • PBR

          Then stop being a Steeler fan. Ben will be in Canton, mark my words. Statistically he is the best Rookie QB ever and has won more games in his 6 years than anyone ever and has won 2 Super Bowls. There are players in the Hall with lesser accomplishments
          ie Marino 0 super bowls wins,
          Steve Young 1 super bowl win,
          Jim Kelly 0 Super Bowl Wins,
          Dan Fouts 0 Super Bowl Wins,
          Joe Namath 1 Super Bowl win,

          you get the idea…to say he won’t make the Hall is just being spiteful. He is a shoe in.

          • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

            Um, I didn’t say I was embarassed to like the Steelers. I love the Steelers.

            I’m just embarrassed to be associated with people like you. You’re pretty much the epitome of the worst aspect of our fanbase because a) you don’t appreciate anything that happened more than 5 years ago and b) you’re the first one to laugh at the Cowboys or Ravens for employing criminals but make excuses for your heroes.

            As for your continued pie-in-the-sky dream of Ben in the HOF, thanks for that. I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks. He’s not even one of the top 5 QBs of this decade let alone one of the best of all-time.

          • PBR

            His stats say otherwise. I certainly do appreciate the Steelers of the 60′s and 70′s. And I do feel Bradshaw was one of the best, but he is not in the top 10 of all time in my opinion based on skill and statistics. I agree with the person who said image if they had a Dan Fouts or a guy Like Marino. Bradshaw was an average player surrounded by elite players. Put him on a team like Houston, Cincy, Denver back in those days, and he doesn’t win 4 super bowls. I don’t laugh about Cincy and Baltimore signing those players, it’s their choice to do so. People deserve 2nd chances, but Ben was convicted of nothing nor was he charged with anything. Do you know the truth? Were you in Vegas and in Georgia? Why didn’t you testify? Has a woman in this country ever made rape allegations against a wealthy man that were unfounded and fabricated in effort to get money? Yes, it happens everyday. Wasn’t it christ who said let he without sin cast the 1st stone. I guess you Chris and Bradshaw get to do the stoning.

  • PBR

    Here is one of Pittsburgh’s favorite sons in an article from 2001. I think he is a pretty good guy. TB should go off on him.

    LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 20, 2001

    A civil lawsuit filed this morning in Clark County, Nevada District Court accuses four NFL Players of drugging, then raping, a woman in Las Vegas on May 6th, 2000. The NFL players named in the complaint are Dedric Ward, Charlie Batch, Ron Rice and Tyree Tolton.

  • Tom from Canonsburg

    This below was posted today on SI.com for whoever out there that’s trying to say Ben will never be the QB Bradshaw was.

    “The truth is Roethlisberger is one of the most effective passers in the history of the game … if you know which stats to study. The single most important stat in football, and maybe in all of North American sports, is passing yards per attempt. Roethlisberger boasts an incredible 8.01 YPA in his career. How good is that? It’s No. 5 on the all-time list. (No. 1 Otto Graham averaged 8.62 YPA during his six-year NFL career; no coincidence his Browns played for the NFL title all six years.)”

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/kerry_byrne/09/17/game.of.week/index.html?eref=sihp#ixzz0zo2egrc9

  • Tom from Canonsburg

    Again, Bradshaw was just as much of a jerk when he was in Pittsburgh. The media today does not give most athletes a pass like they did in years past. Sports history shows that athletes were hands off as far as printing anything bad about. As I said previously, Bradshaw treated my wife, others she worked with and many others that she witnessed equally as bad as Ben has in the pass. Bradshaw always gets a pass due to 4 rings and that reason only.

    Ben is truely guilty of being a STUPID jerk, especially with women. Bradshaw & many others have done the exact same thing. Ben is being made an example off by the NFL and the media. Maybe this critisism will straighten him out, where Bradshaw will forever be the jerk.

  • Cynthia

    Is Terry SERIOUS… He probably behaved just as poorly he just didn’t get caught and for him to berate a fellow Steeler says a lot for the type of guy Terry Bradshaw is. I have been a Steeler fan for a very long time and I am on the West Coast, I truly believe that once a Steeler always a Steeler and if Terry Bradshaw felt that way he should have just kept it within the Steeler family not put it out there as it truly showed a lack of loyalty on his part. Okay he doesn’t like Ben but how many of those guys don’t like Terry….Just putting it out there.

  • GJ

    I think that Lil’ Abner needs his head cheked for concussion damage.

  • GJ

    Ya know I was as upset and concerned as any lifelong Steeler fan when the news broke about Ben’s youthful stupidity. It was rank and stunk like the steel mills in August with a high pressure atomospheric inversion stitting over the city. I processed the news and events as they unfolded, between winces I saw the opportunity that the Rooney’s had for doing the right thing. They have set that example many times. I was not at all dissapointed in their decisions on this go around. They have taken what could have been a destructive situation and created greater opportunity for all parties involved. The owness is on Ben as to whether this will succeed or fail. If he fails then the haters can crow. If he succeeds then he has potential to become much more than he is now. With his mind right he may become one of the greatest ever. I’m rootin for him to succeed.

    So Mr. Bradshaw say what you will. My only regret as a Steeler fan is that you never completely got what people like the Rooneys are all about.

  • http://nicepickcowher.com jeffry

    Terry Bradshaw is not a jerk… He is a very nice funny guy. :P