Don't Fall For The Tampa Trap

In footballese, a “trap game” is a game played the week before a contest against a tough or division rival opponent.  Teams have a tendency to underestimate their current opponent and worry more about the game looming on the horizon.  The trap is thus sprung when what would otherwise be an easy win becomes a surprising loss.

While the 2010 season is not even a month old, this weekend’s tilt between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers has trap game written all over it.  When the schedule was announced, I’m sure we all scanned the first month to see who the Black and Gold would be facing while Big Ben sits in time-out.  Except for the Negative Nellies who thought we’d go into the tank without the Messiah behind center, most people figured they’d win at least one of the four games. And I’d wager the gimme was seen as week three against Tampa.

Well, expectations have changed.   The Steelers first two opponents were formidable squads who were seen as favorites over the Black and Gold.  The Falcons are a rising team in the NFC yet our D held them without a touchdown.  Atlanta rebounded with a 41-7 destruction of a fine Arizona team in week two which makes the Steelers’ performance all the more impressive.   Tennessee was not only a popular playoff pick but some even saw them as possible Super Bowl contenders.   The complete and utter dismantling of the Titans on their home turf was a loud and clear statement that Pittsburgh is a force to be reckoned with.

Which brings us to this week.  The Bucs are vastly improved from a year ago.  They’re undefeated with victories against the Browns and Panthers, who are clearly the dregs of the NFL.  A win is a win but nobody should confuse the quality of their opposition with that of the Steelers.  We’re Alabama, they’re Boise State.  We’re number one, they’re struggling to sneak into the top twenty-five.  This is a game we should win.

Except flashing red DANGER! signs are going off all over the place.  The Steelers are unsettled at quarterback.  The game is in godforsaken Florida, where the hellish weather conditions play havoc with a player’s ability to go four full quarters.  And the hated Baltimore Ravens loom next week.  If there is a recipe for disaster, this game would have all the ingredients.

It became most apparent in Mike Tomlin‘s weekly news conference. He said Charlie Batch held the “pole position” for the starting job although Byron Leftwich was absolutely 100% good to go.  Yesterday, it was announced that Batch will indeed make his first start since 2007.  Well, if Leftwich is in such super-duper spiffy condition, why isn’t he starting over the guy they were about to release?   There are only two answers.  First, Tomlin is a dirty liar and Byron is still hobbled by the bad wheel.  Or they think they can skate by with Batch at QB while saving Leftwich for next week against the Ratbirds.

Having gone undefeated against two pretty good teams, the goal should be to emerge from Ben’s exile 3-1 at the very least.  2-2 would be somewhat disappointing given how the season has started.  However, reading between the lines, it sounds like they’re saying, “We don’t sweat Tampa.  We’ll start our B-team and still beat them.”  And if that’s not falling into the trap, I don’t know what is.

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  • Sonny

    Trap game? are you joking? They don’t have a QB why would they be not paying attention Get outa here with your crap game

    • chris

      Yes, because this team would NEVER take an easy game for granted. Like last year when they beat the Raiders, Chiefs, and Browns to make the playoffs…

      Oh wait, they didn’t.

  • Sonny

    Tampa is 2-0, Tomlin was def co there, they won’t be overlooking the buccaroos

  • joe

    I don’t think that the steelers are bringing their”B” game…Casey is coming back and so is starks..

    • chris

      All I’m saying is if Leftwich is your #1 QB and he’s healthy, why not start him? We haven’t heard who starts but it seems they’re leaning toward Batch. If they’re “saving” Byron for the Ravens, I think that’s a mistake to think you can beat the Bucs without your best players on the field.

  • SFC L

    Indeed the point has been made. Last year we failed to do what was expected of us. We were sundered by the lowbie teams and learned a valuable lesson. DO NOT underestimate the pups nipping at the heels. I will say this. Tomlin knows we are waivering on the QB possition, the D knows this hell the team as well as the QB knows this. If we are all fans of the Steelers then we all know the recipie for success, run it down the throats of evey team we come play. We dominate the clock, keep the other teams O off the field and smash them again and again. We dont need a superstar QB, it’s great to have in the back to keep them off thier game, however. Stick to the plan !!! RUN RUN RUN

  • Ram

    Maybe they are not saving Byron after all.. Maybe he is still hurt and not in game condition… they probably want him to play backup this week.

  • Spikeu

    Batch is a hellofa QB. I think he’s the best they have right now. In my book, he’s way better than Leftwich. This guy has had some really unlucky breaks…literally. He is a true master of the game. I just hope he can hold up for a whole game. The new O-line seems to be better at protecting the passer, so hopefully everything is goiing in their favor now, although it may not be obvious to most.

    • chris

      Wow. I really wish I had your optimism. Batch was a helluva QB about four years ago. Now…not so much. I really don’t know what you’ve seen of him in the past few years that leads to such optimism. I know the Steelers definitely don’t share your assessment or else they wouldn’t have been planning to release him before Byron got hurt.