LaMarr Woodley Will Hurt You. Bad.

  • Mike

    haha that looks brutal. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry for Joe flacco

  • NestMinder


    Still, he never broke a running back’s shoulder on a seemingly innocent hit though, so…maybe they should have done the Sports Science segment on Ray Lewis (a real hitter) instead.


    So what play did this happen to Joe on……that actually looked like hines ward and ben after their date last night.I am sure Ben told Hines” dont worry, I am back to put that smile on your face..” -”Ravens 2010 smacking bitches for fun”

    • SFC L

      Get a grip Raven fan. They skimmed by. With all that talk you would have thought they would have dominated, and yet… But alas, ravens 2010…. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
      You can’t be serious. Ravens won’t see a SP in a looong time, you wont see a division title either.