Quoth The Ravens: Waah! Waah!

There are certain things you can count on in life.  The Liberty Tubes will be jammed when you’re already twenty minutes late for work.  The old lady in front of you will take forever counting out exact change for skim milk and a banana at Giant Eagle.  A bird will poop on your windshield right after you finish washing your car.

And the Baltimore Ravens will whine whenever they lose.

Ray Lewis went on the above rant after his team lost to the Bengals 15-10 in week two.  They went on to win this past weekend but I’m posting that video to prepare Steeler Nation.  When the Pittsburgh Steelers walk away with their fourth straight victory this Sunday, it will not be because the Steelers are the better team.  It’ll be because the Ratbirds got hosed by crooked refs.

You see, the Ravens never lose.  They never commit a penalty.  There is a vast conspiracy around the NFL.  A conspiracy which wants to see Baltimore suffer.  When Oliver Stone makes a movie to expose this injustice, one can only guess.

What’s worse, the whining from Ratbird players has seeped all the way through to their obnoxious fan base.  Every single Baltimore defeat is met with a borderline psychotic dissection of correctly made calls which only serves to reinforce the notion that Raven supporters are the most childish in sports.  They’re an unstoppable juggernaut headed to the Super Bowl when they win and they’re royally jobbed in defeat.  It never changes.

Think I’m kidding?  If you feel like killing a few brain cells without the aide of sweet sweet alcohol try typing “Baltimore Ravens” and “Whining” into the google box on your internet machine.   Literally hundreds of links will pop up.  I know, you might be saying, “But Chris, the Ray Ray tirade just happened two weeks ago!”   That would be fine except most of the links have nothing to do with that.  In fact, most don’t have anything to do with this season.  They go back years.

From this season:

Frankly, there was no absence of malice shown by NFL officials making those calls last Sunday, but what else is new? Through the years, considering how the Ravens have seemingly become the hunted in the eyes of NFL officials, there rarely is.

From 2009:

Funny, I haven’t even read any comments about pass interference on the last Ravens drive in the 4th quarter on 3rd down. It was blatant interference and no one called that. One thinks that the Pats either have the refs in their pockets or the NFL makes it clear that Tom Brady in the super Bowl will sell seats. Frustrating for other teams that don’t get the same level of consideration…”


Except for middle linebacker Ray Lewis, most of the Ravens didn’t want to criticize the officiating, so I will. I’ve been covering the NFL since 1987, and no one will ever accuse me of being a Ravens’ homer, but this was one of the worst officiated games I’ve ever seen. Yes, the Ravens got hosed, to make it plain and simple. They didn’t get any good spots on short yardage situations either on offense or defense.

From 2007:

“It’s hard to go out there and play the Patriots and the refs at the same time,” Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister said. “They put the crown on top and they want them to win.”

Those are just a few examples.  The Ravens and their insipid fans always find a reason to whine and complain.  Last season, the Steelers beat the Ratbirds 23-20 and from the outcry you would’ve thought the ref tore off his zebra top and did Hulk Hogan poses at mid-field while wearing a “Sixburgh” t-shirt after the game.  If you recall, a Raven TD was wiped out due to a holding penalty which sent the conspiracy theories into overdrive.  Never mind that on THE VERY NEXT PLAY, Derrick Mason dropped an easy TD in the end zone.  Just like two weeks ago, never mind that Joey Flacco tossed FOUR INTS in the loss to Cincinnati.

Nope, it was all the referee’s fault.

So prepare yourself, Steeler Nation.   When we win on Sunday, it won’t be due to the steady play of Charlie Batch or the stifling presence of the best defense in the NFL.  It’ll be because the league wants the Ravens to lose.  They get to cry, we get the W.  Sounds like a fair trade to me.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Rapistburger

    When the Steelers lose I’m sure it will be because they don’t have Rapey McRaperson until next week

    • mike

      Considering the man has been fully investigated and never charged with a crime, I am not sure if it is really fair to be throwing those kind of accusations around. Now your MLB, Mr. Murder VonMurderstein was charged, indicted and tried for murder….so oh well.

    • mike

      Sorry…..double murder….my mistake.

  • ahmed moiz

    Facts really don’t change by he says or she says.In fact, there are so many times, when officiating crew has made bad calls against Ravens that all of us can’t count them of the finger tips. Just couple examples 1) Remember call against Suggs for brushing Brady’s head for 15 yard or 2) Remember Holms’ catch at goal line? and so on and so on. Now stop all this nonsense and See what happens on Sunday. Go Ravens………………..

    • mike

      So your response to the arguement “Raven’s fans never think they lose….they only get jobbed”, is to state how the Raven’s have been jobbed? Uhhh….ok….nice comeback dude.

      PS….5-2 in the last 3 years and 19-11 overall….basically the Steelers win about 65% of every meeting with the Ravens which in NFL terms is significant. Start acting like rivals not whiny little bitches, someone has to be our rivals….lord knows the real Browns can’t fill that role.

  • Dan

    Um, I think we have a pot kettle situation here. You wrote an article whining about the fact that Ravens fans whine. And cited random user comments as your source. Don’t quit your day job.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Pointing out that Ravens fans whine isn’t the same as whining every time you guys lose. I wouldn’t expect you to understand the difference. Baltimore’s school system is one of the worst in the nation.

      And I’d tell you not to quit your day job but considering your city’s unemployment rate, I’m sure you don’t have one.

  • John

    The writer of this article obviously didn’t see the game. If he/she actually saw the play(s) that Ray is speaking of – as did the announcers, sports program reporters such as Bob Costas – then they’re in dream land and an obvious
    “Steeler Nation” fan. You can brag because the Santonio Holmes call at the goal line was turned over vs. the Ravens and was the most controversial call in Ravens-Steelers history. It’s not a dream. You saw it. Wake up.

  • Ryan

    Hah! I like this guy… whining about Ravens fans whining. Then says something about our school system? What does that have to do with anything? Whining is whining sir. Every team in the NFL has had questionable calls, you’d be lying if you didn’t admit to that. You’d also be lying if you didn’t whine about the ones that have happened against the steelers. And um… lol @ the unemployment reference, the rate in Baltimore is just 7.9% while in Pittsburgh it’s 10.5%. Congratulations on your factual comments, you’re a moron.

  • Matt

    How about we all just sit back and watch the helmets fly instead of this back and forth whining? As a Ravens fan, I’m not going to lie about being angry with those calls but Cam Cameron didn’t do the offense and, in turn, the team any favors with his insistence on passing when the run game was working perfectly fine. And how about you stop trying to make tasteless statements about Baltimore’s schools and unemployment when Pittsburgh (along with the rest of the country) is in the same boat? Talking trash on the field is part of the game. Talking trash about another city’s employment and educational situation is just low.

  • Ryan

    Quoth the steelers – We got owned!


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  • Bill Simering

    Are the Steeler’s not crying because they did not have Ben? You can day what you want about the Ravens but in the end Ray was right on at least the call when Terrell Suggs hit Carson Palmer! All I’ve heard from Steeler fans after the loss to the Ravens was if the kicker didn’t miss those two field goals and if they had Ben things would have been different, maybe. But they did miss those two kicks and Ben out of his own stupidity was suspended. Remember the Ravens missed a field goal as well, if all three were maid the score would have been tied! Give it a rest, it was a great game played hard by both teams! Quit crying already!