Our Hero Has Returned

On Tuesday, Mike Tomlin was interviewed on Sirius Satellite Radio. Is that still around?  Anyway, he told the hosts that Ben Roethlisberger will be the Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback from this week forward.


Charlie Batch did a nice job in his absence but he is a mere mortal.  Ben is a superhuman freak of nature.  I can’t believe some of the stuff I was reading the week prior to the Baltimore game.   ESPN actually conducted a poll asking if Chaz plays well, should he start against the Browns in week 6.  How is that even a question?   The only people voting “yes’ must have been Bengals or Ravens fans because nobody who actually wants the Steelers to win would ever consider leaving Big Ben on the bench.

Even Terry Bradshaw, who wanted Ben thrown off the Steelers, endorsed having him on your fantasy football team.

A humble and contrite Big Ben took the podium at the Steelers training facility on Monday.  He spoke from the heart, showing a tender and sensitive side which we seldom see.   I was greatly impressed by his well-spoken words, particularly when he recounted how much he missed “his brothers.”  If the Black and Gold are a Band of Brothers, they’ve been missing their five star general for far too long.

The Post-Gazette has wasted no time writing 2,000 word love letters to our quarterback.  I hope Ben at least gave Bouchette a reach around afterward.   I’m fired up about the return of the Messiah but these press releases disguised as reporting are exactly why I always call the local media the team’s unofficial PR department.   Sheesh.

Anyway, the Steelers finished 29th in total offense and 31st in passing offense during Big Ben’s absence.  Now that He Who Tosses Aside Linebackers and Walks On Water has returned, those numbers are going nowhere but up.   There were plays to be made all over the field in every game, we just didn’t have the quarterback to make them.   Mike Wallace beats guys down the field left and right.  Hines Ward has six lousy catches over the past three games.   This is one of the best receiving corps in the league!

Take an unstoppable defense, mix in a vastly improved running game, and then you add a big game quarterback second to none in the history of the NFL?   That’s a recipe for success.

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  • nomeansno

    Did they say if they think he will Rape another girl?

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Who did he rape? The loon in Nevada or the drunk slut in Nevada? I’m sure Ben will be vindicated in the trial.


      Nice attempt at trolling. You fail.

  • If Ben is a “hero” then I’m a Villain


    You must have your head in the sand if you don’t relize Ben did some questionable sh*t. The tapes got destroyed, the cop who interviewed the witness resigned because of the incident, and the prosecutor ripped Ben a new ahole because he knew Ben was guilty. The only reason it didn’t go to trial because the girl who was raped didn’t want to be know as “the girl who got raped by Big Ben,” and have to deal with a long drawn out televised trial. You are a moron Chris. Don’t ever call that rapist a “Hero.” You must not have a daughter.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      If buying hot sorority girls shots and then hitting on them is “questionable” behavior, then 99.9% of college age males in this country are guilty of it.

      And you’re right, I don’t have a daughter. But if I did, she sure as hell wouldn’t be a skank who gets drunk in college bars and then blows athletes in the bathroom.

  • Brian

    Wow really calling him a rapist when not charged with anything… Looks like ur playing judge and jury… Questionable decisions and less than a Steelers QB should be doing yes! But to call him a rapist cause u have a daughter give me a break.. I have a daughter and trust me I always take the side of the victim but funny how maybe the victims saw a chance to exploit a superstar… Ben off the field is no hero and won’t make a mistake again but on the field he is a natural leader and great teammate and great for the Steelers.. Stop throwing stones when the man has served his time for the questionable decisions.. Here We Go Steelers!

  • Mike

    Doesn’t everyone have Sirius XM if your a sportsfan? I cannot live without it while driving.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      I don’t. They gave it to me free for 6 months when I bought my Lexus but I heard nothing that compelled me to renew the subscription once the free trial ran out.

      Then again, I’m not a big fan of sports talk shows. I liked Stan & Guy when ESPN radio was around but now that they’re off the air, the only one I listen to is Mark Madden.

  • Joe

    The ruthless bugger will never be my hero, but all my best to the rest of the team.

  • BestInTheBuisness

    hey chris

    i heard old navy was having a sale on Flip Flops. i got you a pair. lol

    werent you leading the parade to get The Big Hairy American Winning Machine out of the burgh? Didnt you say you didnt want “Pig Ben” playing for YOUR football team? My memory is a little fuzzy. I guess its proper that you refereed to him as “The Messiah” because back in the spring, you definitely put him on a cross.

    Is Ben a dick? yes of course. And i dont care if he is now “Benjamin Roethlisberger”, the nice little white boy from Findlay Ohio. All i care about is seeing #7 under center every sunday for the black n gold.

    the season can finally begin