Jenn Sterger Has Good Taste In Towels

Brett Favre Should Be Suspended

I don’t usually write about other teams because, frankly, I don’t care about any teams other than the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, a situation has occurred which I think pertains to the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Roger Goodell’s absolutely ridiculous suspension policy.

Deadspin is sort of the National Enquirer of sports websites.   They delight in catching athletes in compromising positions and love spreading the latest gossip.   But their unique position often allows them to break stories which the major networks, who are at the mercy of the sports leagues and their players, do their best to ignore.

A few months back, Deadspin broke a story involving Brett Favre propositioning former Playboy model Jenn Sterger.   Sterger, who some of you may know as one of the hosts of Versus daily sports show The Daily Line, was hired by the New York Jets as the team’s “Gameday Host.”   She was basically the team’s own personal Erin Andrews, someone hired to stand on the sidelines and give useless nuggets of information while looking hot.  Sterger’s hiring coincided with Favre’s being traded to the Jets from Green Bay.

Yesterday afternoon, Deadspin supposedly posted proof of Favre’s vile behavior.   They have emails Favre sent to Sterger, desperate (rather pathetic) voice mails he left her, and (allegedly) pictures of his penis sent in an effort to entice her.   They compiled all these things in a video you can watch by clicking here. Warning:  For those of you who do not wish to see the Gunslinger’s love gun, the uncensored pictures appear toward the end of the video.

I think it’s safe to say the Gunslinger is not slinging a Magnum.

To Sterger’s credit, she refused Brittfar’s crass advances.   Displaying the kind of morals that the skank down in Milledgeville did not have, she also didn’t whine to her bosses or file a lawsuit.  Even though if these emails, messages, and photos are authentic she would have had CONCRETE PROOF, she still chose to keep this information to herself.   Only prodding and investigative reporting by Deadspin brought this issue to light.

I bet Deanna Favre is real happy right now.

What does this have to do with the Steelers, you may ask?   Big Ben was suspended for “violating the league’s personal conduct policy.”   What was his violation?   Being arrested for sexual assault?  He wasn’t arrested.  Being charged with sexual assault?   He was never charged.

Ben was suspended because he went to a college bar, bought some sorority girls drinks, and then propositioned one for sex.  Period.   There is absolutely not one shred of credible proof he did anything other than that.  And he was suspended for doing what I believe about 500,000 horny men do every Friday night at bars all across this country.

What did Brett Favre allegedly do?  Sterger was an employee of the Jets.  Brett was also an employee.   But in practical terms, Brett was her direct superior.  Without Brett’s cooperation, how was she supposed to report on the team?  How long would a “Gameday Host” last if the team’s star quarterback refused to talk to her?

If you’re somebody’s boss and you ask them to sleep with you, that’s sexual harassment.  If you or I had an underling and we sent them suggestive emails or desperate phone messages, we’d be fired.  If we sent them pictures of our dicks, we’d be slapped with a lawsuit.

There isn’t one single bit of proof Ben did anything different than other normal guys do on their night off.   His fame and celebrity caused a hysterical sorority girl to trump up a bunch of phony baloney to justify her loose morals.  And because of this girl, Ben was suspended for four games by the Ginger Dictator.

Is there concrete proof that Brett Favre sexually harassed a member of the media in the most disgusting way possible?   No but there is a helluva lot more evidence against Brett than anybody had against Ben.  If this is not a violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy, I ask what is?   Unless Roger Goodell feels it’s perfectly okay for a highly important player to solicit sexual favors from a woman covering his team, Brett Favre MUST be suspended.

After all, fair is fair.

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  • joe

    I agree..BB was harpooned..Lots of hypocrite people out there demanding he be traded..for what??

  • Justin

    I am so confused. Ben is ack in your good graces now? I thought you hated Ben less than a month ago.

    • chris

      This post has nothing to do with whether I like Ben or not. If you bothered to read it, my point is pretty clear.

      Ben’s case = no evidence = suspension.
      Favre’s case = lotsa evidence = not a peep from the NFL.

      Whether I think Ben is a great guy or not is irrelevant. The NFL’s suspension policy is a joke.

      • Justin

        I just have always assumed that you didnt care for Ben. Especially the last few months. Now you seem to think more like I do. Love the site, though it is a new experience for me to actually agree with you when it comes to Ben.

  • Carpe Diem 63

    We all know Ben let the $100M contract go to both heads. But this article is very apt vis-a-vis the NFL’s personal conduct enforcement policy. It will be interesting to see how this plays out both on and off the field. Favre needs this distraction like a hole in the head facing the Jet’s this weekend. Distraction potentially brought on by himself, for sure.

    One thing not mentioned above is that Ben was SINGLE while strutting his stuff. Isn’t is another level for Favre who is married? Wonder what the Ginger/Goodell is thinking right now!

    • chris

      I did mention Deanna Favre but I left out the whole single vs married angle because it’s not really relevant in terms of it “being another level” of bad behavior.

      There’s nothing illegal about cheating on your wife. Sexually harassing a co-worker IS illegal. That’s what the NFL should be upset about.

      • Carpe Diem 63

        I see your point about legality vs. personal conduct. IMHO, I think Ben’s suspension should have been two games, not four. The ‘TV repair lady’ is a joke and the college girl sex-in-the-bathroom ‘incident’ embarassed Goodell et al. Hopefully Ben has learned from this and will be a better representative for the Rooneys and Steelers.

        But it will be interesting to see how this interestingly-timed Favre story affects his game on MNF … not to mention Goodells response.

  • Desiree

    “Ben was suspended because he went to a college bar, bought some sorority girls drinks, and then propositioned one for sex. Period. There is absolutely not one shred of credible proof he did anything other than that. And he was suspended for doing what I believe about 500,000 horny men do every Friday night at bars all across this country.”

    Chris, are you bi-polar? Because this isn’t the same thing you were saying about Roethlisberger a month ago! You seem to have changed your tune awfully fast. Not much credibility going on with your blogs.

  • Desiree

    I mean, it was YOU who posted this little nugget of disgust towards Roethlisberger during your “Bradshaw Rips Big Ben” blog just a couple of weeks ago, was it not?

    “On the flip side, you have a guy like Big Ben, who hasn’t accomplished 1/10 of what Bradshaw did and yet a morally bankrupt segment of Steeler fans will stand by this punk no matter what vile acts he’s accused of. Embarrassing.”

    • chris

      My opinion of Ben has nothing to do whether I think his punishment was fair or not. You quoted nothing about whether I said the suspension was fair because I’ve NEVER said the suspension was fair.

      I do think Ben was a punk toward a lot of people. I think he treated a lot of people badly. He even admits that himself. That doesn’t mean he deserved a 4 game suspension.

      Nice try, though, sweetie. Now how about we address THIS topic instead of wasting my valuable bandwith with not one but TWO lame attempts to contradict me which only serve to highlight your sad reading comprehension skills.

  • Bryan

    While I don’t think that Favres’ game will be affected by the allegations on Monday night, once the league fully latches onto this thing it will have a great affect on the rest of his season/career. Proving this was Favre shouldn’t be very hard at all with the level of voice recognition software being what it is today. As for the pics, I can only think that Goodell will have an expert “penologist” testify whether these also belong to Favre. It all brings to mind the scene from “Once Upon a Time in America” where Deniro and Woods have a “hostess” at one of their clubs come into the office to see if she can identify who amongst a group of seven thugs was the one who raped her during a robbery years before. The kicker is that all of them have their faces hidden and only their genitals are exposed. I truly wonder if Deanna Favre gasped in recognition when she viewed the pics.

    • chris

      Funny stuff, Bryan. The “Once Upon A Time” reference was especially appreciated by a movie buff such as myself.

      My only comment is I don’t think this will affect Favre’s career because he’s said this is his final season. I know, he’s said that every year since 2002 but I think he means it this time.

      As for the pics, I’d imagine Deanna is the first and only woman to gasp at the sight of the Gunslingers’ peashooter.

  • mario

    Prove it first…hersey doesn’t do it. If he did do what is written…he’s done in the NFL.

  • Sucker Punch

    Since when is it a suspendable offense for a guy to hit on a skank? The NFL has no business interfering with players personal lives…Man up NFL…and stop trying to fagify the league with all your pink ribbon crap!

  • terri

    I’d be surprised if the NFL pursued this much, after all Favre is one of it’s golden boys. It would be unfair to others who have been suspended for less evidence but that’s Goodall for you.