Week 10 Recap: Owned

At least my fantasy team won…

A week after getting manhandled by the friggin’ Browns, the New England Patriots marched in to Heinz Field and humiliated the Pittsburgh Steelers 39-26.  If the Saints game on Halloween was the low point of the season, this is the Grand Canyon.  Thirty-nine points are the most the once feared Blitzburgh defense has ever surrendered in a regular season home game.   The win also raises Tom Brady‘s career ownage of the Steelers to six wins against only one loss.

Where do I start?  The Black and Gold came out flat and predictable.  I swear run-run-DEEP BALL is all Bruce Arians has in his playbook.  Meanwhile, the Patriots had fire in their eyes.  Tom Brady was throwing hissy fits left and right.  Maybe it’s his time of the month.

Tommy Bieber marched his boys right down the field on their opening drive, throwing on our inept secondary at will.  The first of three touchdowns to Woodland Hills alum Rob Gronkowski was really the only “excusable” score of the night as William Gay had perfect coverage and was just beaten by a great throw and catch.  Don’t worry, Gay had plenty of bad plays left in him.

Bill Belichick is a genius, alright.  His brilliant strategy of “Find the guy Gay is covering and throw it to him for an automatic first down/touchdown.” is something only his keen analytical mind could concoct.  Gay couldn’t cover a fat girl in a sleeping bag.  Bryant McFadden was nice enough to lay out comfy 6 yard cushions for our guests.  In fact, I can’t think of anybody in the secondary, Troy Polamalu included, who played decently.  We’re ten weeks into the season and it’s clear this five DB nickel package they use against passing formations is NOT WORKING.

The Steelers offense didn’t fare much better.  Hines Ward was concussed on the final play of the first quarter on a helmet-to-helmet hit by James Sanders, snapping his streak of 186 consecutive games with a reception.  Actually, Hines was credited with a reception but the call was overturned on review.  Gotta admire the balls Belichick has for not only getting away with an illegal hit but challenging the play on which it occurred.  By the way, you watch, I GUARANTEE Sanders won’t be so much as fined for that flagrantly dirty hit.

James Harrison, you see, is the only player who pays for hitting people hard.

Speaking of James, did he play last night?  Did LaMarr Woodley?   James Farrior?  I must’ve missed them as the linebackers didn’t so much as harm a hair among Brady’s luxuriously flowing locks.  Much of it has to do with our revamped front three, who were pushed all over the field.  When the defense doesn’t get to the QB, we’re doomed because the secondary depends on hurried/bad throws to make up for their inadequacy.  Lawrence Timmons played but was hurt late in the game.  Losing him for any significant period of time will be an utter catastrophe.

The Steelers had only a little over 100 yards of total offense at halftime.   While Peyton Hillis gashed the Pats for 184 yards last week, Rashard Mendenhall never got on track.  Some of it is Arians clear lack of commitment to the run.  And some is the new O-line not getting much of a push.  Mendy had a couple nice runs toward the end of the half but the running game was completely abandoned when the Steelers fell twenty points behind in the third quarter.

While my fantasy team appreciates his epic garbage time performance, Ben Roethlisberger‘s gaudy numbers were piled up once the game was out of hand.  The revamped offensive line wasn’t great but wasn’t nearly as bad as some had feared.  They surrendered five sacks with at least three of them due to Ben holding the ball too damn long.   At this point it’s too late to teach the big doofus three steps-THROW! but this is why chucking the ball 35+ times a game is a losing proposition.  He simply doesn’t make decisions quickly enough or throw accurately enough for it to pay off.  For how badly the team played, the game wasn’t completely out of reach until Big Ben’s poorly thrown pick-six in the fourth quarter.

Not that his receivers are blameless.  Emmanuel Sanders is certainly no Mike Wallace.  He played like a rookie, dropping a number of catchable balls and running the wrong route on a pivotal play in the end zone.   Antwaan Randle El also got in on the act.  As much as I like ARE, he’s no Hines Ward when it comes to being a sure-handed safety valve.  We can survive losing Santonio but subtract both from the mix and this is a very mediocre group of wide outs.

As if terrible defense and a sputtering offense weren’t enough, our special teams also had their fair share of suck.  Jeff Reed missed a FG, actually a gloried extra point, as his Farewell Tour continues.  There’s a paper towel dispenser in for a rough night.

I apologize for the scattershot rambling nature of this recap but so many things went wrong last night, I have no idea where to focus my disgust.  The entire game was a complete disaster.  No running game, pitiful passing game, horrific secondary, zero pressure from the linebackers, Skippy being Skippy…  It’s a sad state of affairs when the Browns dominate teams (Saints, Pats) that blow out the Steelers.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Ben


    I agree with everything you said, and I want to emphasize a few points.

    First the good: Roethlisberger led game-winning comebacks last night for our fantasy teams.

    Now the bad: We were outplayed and outcoached in every facet of the game.

    First, the defense was brainless and heartless. I’m a huge Dick Lebeau fan, but I am beginning to wonder if the game is starting to pass him by. It is either a personnel or coaching problem when you consistently cannot figure out how to stop teams from destroying you by simply lining up and throwing 5-10 yard passes all night. Granted, this type of gameplay is Tom Brady’s and Bill Belichek’s specialty. But, if it wasn’t for penalties and dropped passes on the New England offense’s part, Brady would have ended the first half with a perfect QB rating and the Patriots would have been leading 28-3. The defense looked completely heartless as well, until Silverback started a fight after Brady eased through our front seven on a QB sneak, spiked the ball, and screamed a big “F U” at all of Steeler Nation. Even after that, there seemed to be no great effort at stopping the 5-10 yard outs by hitting somebody. Further, the Patriots averaged almost 5 yards a carry on the ‘awesome’ front seven, worrying me to no end for the future when we go against a team actually good at running the ball.

    Then, the offense was embarrasingly bad until garbage time. A combination of an offensive line with no talent whatsoever aside from the stud Maurkice Pouncey, and a QB who cannot/does not throw the ball without holding the ball for 5 seconds, led to the disastrous result of giving up 5 sacks to one of the league’s worst pass rushing defenses and a terrible completion percentage until Belichek surpringly called off the hounds late. If the Patriots would have remained in “F U” mode on defense as well as offense, we would have given up 10 sacks and lost 39-3.

    As a sidenote, I thought it was interesting that the Steelers listed the obvious concussion suffered by Ward early as a neck injury until after the game so he could have possibly came back in (you know he would have if they would have let him).

    Then, the special teams was bad as well, mostly because Jeff Reed has forgotten why he is the Steelers’ kicker. The only rationale was that he made kicks in Heinz field when no one else could. But, he doesn’t seem to be able to do that anymore. The return game actually wasn’t that bad, but we were unable to recover any onside kicks when we needed them.

    All in all, this was one of the most embarrasing performances I’ve seen from the Steelers since the Patriots thrashed the Steelers 41-27 in the AFC Championship game I was at in Roethlisberger’s rookie season. Hopefully, the line will get healthy, and the defense will turn it around. Otherwise, I’m not convinced we could even beat the Browns.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Interesting comments, Ben.

      I would only note the Steelers of 2008 had one of the highest ranked defenses across the board in every category of the past 30 years. I find it hard to believe the game “has passed by” LeBeau in two short years. I’m all for second guessing coaches and game plans (since I do it plenty) but at some point, I think we must admit the talent is just not there. B-Mac and Gay are garbage and Troy isn’t Troy anymore.

      Chuck Noll couldn’t lead the 2010 Buffalo Bills to the playoffs and Dick LeBeau can’t will these putzes in the secondary to cover somebody.

      The Hines thing did amuse me, as well. It was obvious he had a concussion yet I’m sure he tried every trick in the book to get back out there. I haven’t heard Tomlin’s response yet but I suspect he or somebody on the staff told him “Yeah, okay Hines, it’s a neck sprain. Maybe you can come back.” like a doctor giving a kid a lollipop before they stick him with a needle.

  • zam

    Owned is correct, Chris. Also, love the “fat girl in a sleeping bag” image.

    Here’s my thoughts:

    1. Our Defense has become a grouping of pussies…and that’s Roger Godell’s fault. He found a way to make the Steelers lose – castrate our Defense. These guys are clearly not intimidating anyone because they’re afraid of fines. On the other side, the teams we’re playing are well aware of this and are taking advantage. With the Pats, the thinking was obvious “make as many dirty hits as you want boys, they’re watching them – not us.”

    2. Our losses have been to the Ravens, Saints, and Pats. Perhaps we’re not who we thought we were? Maybe SI could PLEASE take us down from #1 in power rankings now? I like playing under the radar with a chip on the shoulder.

    3. The thing I’ve loved and always will love about Steeler football is that we play with heart and passion…last night, I wanted to jump across three time zones and choke somebody. We looked like the stinkin’ Cowboys have throughout their season…lifeless, unmotivated, and lethargic – and that’s at HOME! Those coaches better be hammering these guys this week. They need to buck up – big time.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Good points, zam. #1 and #3 especially. I forgot to mention this but did you notice how many times Ben was knocked down well after releasing the pass? How many roughing the passer penalties were called on the Pats? Oh, that’s right, zero.

      As for the lazy play, coming out flat is one thing but I agree they were phoning it in by the second half, especially the 4th. I was begging for ONE STOP and it looked as if nobody was inclined to bother. I hate to single him out but there was one play where Troy got caught guessing and JUST STOOD THERE. When he stops giving effort, that’s a sad state of affairs.

  • Mike


    I agree 100%.

    Add on:

    I think Skippy left the Steelers mentally before the season started, like a high school kid with senoritis. He proves over and over again how he is the most immature player on our roster.

    I’d also like to see what the bigger, faster Keenan Lewis can do in Willie Gay’s spot. Gay is horrible and not progressing as Tomlin and Lebeau planned. Perhaps Keenan deserves a shot there.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Thanks, Mike.

      I’ve been defending Dick LeBeau but at this point, I agree we need to try something different. Gay had a few good games early in the year but he’s back to 2009 Gay and B-Mac is almost as bad. But did you see Lewis play in the preseason? He sucked. He sucked against BACKUPS.

      That said, what can be the harm in trying him? If he’s worse than Gay (which I’d argue is near impossible at this point), so be it. At least you tried. I’m frustrated that I, a rank amateur clown, can see the huge gaping flaws in the Steelers D yet they don’t seem interested in changing anything. You have Will Allen, Tony Madison, and Lewis on your roster. Use them.

  • Todd

    All good points. A sickening game. My top 4 frustrations:

    1. How the heck are Patriot receivers able to find wide-open gaps in a zone defense if we’re only rushing 3? (this happened at least 2-3 times on 3rd and long for the Patriots) Yet the Patriots are rushing 6-7 and their DBs are ALL OVER our receivers like white on rice?

    2. After 10 plays of seeing Brady throw with impunity with zero pressure, CHANGE SOMETHING. Make Brady do something different. If Brady is constantly dumping 5-10 yard passes, we might as well rush 7 and FORCE the screen! We might at least get some batted balls, and Palomalu wouldn’t have to just react to everything that’s happening. At least then we wouldn’t look like we’re caught with our pants down on every play. LeBeau, please ADAPT when you see something is NOT WORKING! We dictated NOTHING on defense last night.

    3. Roth holds the ball too long for sure, but our O-line is pathetic. The Patriots O-line was aggressive in keeping our D from forming the pocket too quickly. Our O-line started backing up immediately from the snap and just got manhandled on every passing play.

    4. Arians=predictable. The Patriots used the whole field on offense. Arians lined us up in the exact same bunched formation on almost every third down, after predictably running on first and second.

    The only player that appeared inspired was Timmons, who is the ultimate LB. He made some great plays, and was all over the field getting involved.

    Anyway, I don’t have a lot of faith we’ll get very far even if we do make the playoffs unless there are a lot of changes.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Good observations, Todd. I agree with all except #3.

      Last year, our O-line gave up 50 sacks. The year before, it was pushing 60. That averages out to about 3 or 4 a game. If the O-line gives up 3 or 4 with the supposed “A-Team” out there (Starks, Kemo, Colon) then giving up 5 with the B team isn’t so bad.

      Scott and Foster on the left side actually held their own in pass protect, most of the pressure was coming off the right side (Flo and Essex, who I guess that idiot Collinsworth didn’t know missed 5 games with an injury since he kept saying “Essex is one of their only healthy guys.”). They sucked way more in the running game than the passing game and even then it’s hard to know how “bad” they were cause we only ran the ball a dozen times.

      Look, I’m glad we kept Ben, I think he gives us the best chance to win, and I’m by no means suggesting anything crazy like start Lefty or Chaz. BUT this automatic blaming of the line every time they give up more than two sacks is unfair when the QB takes twenty minutes to decide where to throw on every play. Steeler fans need to face that we could have Mike Webster, Anthony Munoz, and Jon Ogden out there and they’d give up 3 or 4 sacks per game protecting Mr. Big.

  • Tom G

    This game was disgusting on so many levels. I now fear we’re going to go into another multi-game slide like last year. Remember – we started 6-2 last year until the mid season meltdown. Well, here we go again.
    The Pats show up, and do the exact same thing they do every time we meet them. And yet, it seems as though there’s nothing done to prevent it. I can’t believe we don’t have the talent. We definitely need some help in our coverage, but c’mon the Browns held them to 14 points
    and beat them convincingly.
    Oh wait – I know – it’s because the Pats never lose 2 in a row. I heard the stats during the game last night. 22-2 after a loss. Big deal. We should beat them and it’s not only a loss, but a pathetic performance. I could have accepted a loss if it was 24-21 and a tight game. But it was a joke…

  • http://boston.barstoolsports.com/ Pats fan

    Ahahahahahaha. I remember the last time the Pats played the Steelers in ’08. Yes, we got shellacked, and now I get why Steelers fans were talking so much shit after that game. It’s because you know that we own you in the Belichick/Brady era and pretty much the only way you can beat us is if Brady isn’t playing. Ok, you’ve beat the Brady/Belichick duo once, in ’04. In true Steeler fashion, the team and their fans acted like they won the Super Bowl ending our 21 game winning streak in week 8. Well, I don’t need to remind you about what happened when we met you again that year in the AFC Championship.

    That vaunted defense looked awful suspect last night. Your D made BenJarvus Green-Ellis look like a Pro Bowler last night. Brady was vintage Brady. Welker broke out finally. Gronkowski torched you. Branch got whatever he wanted.

    Rapelisberger may have put up near 400 yards passing but most of it was garbage time. Maybe he should practice more and spend less time cornering girls in bathroom stalls.

    Time to face the music. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and my New England Patriots own you an yesterday was just another example. If you make the playoffs, which is no certainty, you better hope to god you don’t meet us again cuz it’s gonna be another ugly result for your Steelers.

    Oh and I think I know what the response is gonna be. Something about Belichick cheating or Brady’s hair?

    • Ben

      Or, the response could be: you are right. We got smacked, continually get smacked, and likely would get smacked by a Tom Brady led offense because our defense is not very good at stopping quick accurate passing. However, why tempt fate? What if we do meet again and it turns out differently? Congratulations on your win, but be careful of what you wish for.

      • http://boston.barstoolsports.com/ Pats fan

        Well I credit you for being honest and the classy response. My point is that the Pats have dominated the Steelers over the past decade. Given possible playoffs teams, the Steelers are perhaps the team I’m least concerned about. So I’ll take the chance and ‘tempt fate’ should we meet the Steelers again in the playoffs and feel pretty confident about it.

        • CaptainAge

          Impending rant – just warning you all:

          You will get no argument from me that the Steelers were out classed by the Pats last night. I’d also like to post a few stats regarding Belichick – just to shut the Pats fan up about how great Belichick is:

          1991 – Cleveland – 60-10 record.
          1992 – Cleveland – 7-9 record.
          1993 – Cleveland – 7-9 record.
          1994 – Cleveland – 11-5 – 1 playoff win.
          1995 – Cleveland — 5-11 record.
          2000 – New England – 5-11 record.
          Brady Era:
          2001 – New England – start 0-2 – finish 11-5 – superbowl.
          2008 – New England – 11-5 record – miss playoffs – No Brady.

          Notice a trend here – Belichick had 1 playoff season without Tom Brady as his QB.
          To boot, since he is such a great judge of talent – he had Bledsoe as his starter in 2001 until his injury against the Jets FORCED him to start Tom Brady.

          My point is this, Tom Brady – IMO is the best QB next to Montana to play the game. If there is going to be a hole in the defense he will find it. The problem is the Steelers make no adjustments to fill those holes when they play Tom Terrific. The Pats dial up passes until the games over – they do this repeatedly against the Steelers. They showed a stat at the beginning of the game last night that was troubling – the Pats throw like 70-75% of the time against JUST the Steelers dating back to 2001. You would think they would catch on by now – just say’in.

          This defense currently reminds me of the 2002 Steelers – that had Flowers patrolling the secondary, an old Jason Gildon rushing the passer and no one of note at the CB position.
          There is Ike “swagga” Taylor but he can’t be everywhere. It’s clear to me, how valuable Smith is on the line. Since he’s been out the LBs have gotten very little pressure.

          The frustrating part about watching a game like last night – is that you never get the impression the Steelers learn anything from a beating like that. They will quote better calls, more aggression, better attention to detail – and Tomlin may make the comment we got out “physicalled” or something like that. But never – “hey, they beat us up pretty bad – we are going to evaluate our play and make some adjustments”

          And as an aside – this notion of “Steeler” football which means they have to run the ball to win – won them exactly 0 superbowls in 25 years. The game has changed and if you look back at the past 10 superbowl winners, none of them ranked in the top 5 in rushing. The only fact that seems to draw a correlation to winning is a strong defense and a consistent running/passing attack. So, could we stop saying the Steelers NEED to run and get back to Steelers football please…. Unless you are happy with them NOT winning a superbowl.

          • http://boston.barstoolsports.com/ Pats fan

            Your point might be well taken by a Bill Belichick fan; someone who is just a fan of Bill Belichick and the teams he coaches. But, as far as I know, this doesn’t really exist. I’m a Patriots fan above all else. I love Bill Belichick and I love Tom Brady but I couldn’t really care less who is more responsible for our success over the past decade.

            But just for the sake of argument I’ll counter what seems to be your claim that Bill Belichick is overrated. Separating Brady from the Patriots success cannot be done, but if you’ve watched any Patriots games over the years you’d know the defense has played a tremendous part in the Patriots success. You have to give Belichick, along with some personnel, credit for bringing in guys no one heard of or wanted like Mike Vrabel (ironically a Steelers special team reject), Bobby Hamilton, Roman Phifer, Otis Smith, Antowain Smith etc.

            Sorry but you don’t win 3/4 Super Bowls in the free agency era without an outstanding coach. But whoever you may regard as the best coach of all time I can assure you he had a ton of talent, and I would argue that Belichick probably won with less talent than just about any coach, despite playing in such a tough and competitive era.

            I would say my biggest gripe with your rant is that you alluded to the 2008 season as some sort of failure. Granted, I was dissapointed that the Pats missed the playoffs but one could make the case that ’08 was Belichick’s best coaching job to date. I am not sure there are anymore valuable players than Brady in the past decade, but I highly doubt any other coach could lead their team to an 11-5 record without a player of Brady’s caliber. Missing from your rant is the fact that we actually had a worse record the next year with Brady. Granted we made the playoffs but the division was much weaker in ’09 than ’08. To say Belichick is anything but the best coach of the past decade (I would contend of all time but at least grant me since his tenure with the Patriots) is ridiculous and uninformed.

          • Ben


            You could take two morals from the story you just started about Belichek. One could be that he is reliant upon Brady to be great. But the other is that even one of the greatest coaches of all-time could not make the lowly Browns worth a crap. I’ll take the latter after seeing him consistently out-coach the Steelers’ coaches, whether Cowher or Tomlin, the last 10 years.

            I do agree with you to an extent about needing to be able to pass in today’s NFL. Because of all of the changes in the NFL rules to make it into a high-scoring, pass-friendly league, having a franchise quarterback is a must. I think Roethlisberger is that guy, but he needs to learn to pass quicker if he wants to become great like a Brady or Manning. However, I think the Steelers do need a balance, because Roethlisberger is most deadly on play actions and roll-outs. A run game is a must to fully utilize his talents.

            Finally, I couldn’t agree more about the coaching staff. I don’t understand why the Steelers never seem to figure out a way to adjust to the short passing game that Brady excels at. Lebeau is a great defensive coordinator, but the zone blitz he is so famous for is completely obliterated everytime by quarterbacks who can throw quick, accurate passes. The Jets have had success when they bring pressure while playing man defense. Perhaps the Steelers cannot do this because of their personnel; I mean, Willie Gay is probably the worst cornerback in the league, but this still falls back on the coaching staff for not drafting some corners of quality.

            In the end, our defense has become somewhat one-dimensional. Against most teams, it is good enough to win, and against many, it is good enough to dominate. But, against great quarterbacks (Brady and Brees), and even mediocre ones who make quick decisions (Colt McCoy), it is one of the worst in the league.

          • CaptainAge

            Pats fan – you make some very interesting points – it’s nice to see a thoughtful response.

            I’m not going to argue that Belichick isn’t a good coach. I do believe he’s a good coach and a very good defensive co-ordinator. However, he’s not the “genius” that many claim. In fact, I would use the 2007 season as an example of him not being a genius. They set all sorts of offensive records that year and lost the Superbowl. You could make the statement that anyone out there coaching could have won with that roster. New England had the same defensive mindset, and the same offensive mindset – but lost to Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin. I’d hardly say Tom Coughlin is a great coach and I certainly do not consider Eli Manning to be a great quarterback. My point is Belichick would not be considered a “genius” without Tom Brady he would be just a regular coach that makes the playoffs on occasion and maybe wins a Superbowl. My list of his past records and playoff accomplishments are proof that he is incapable of winning without #12. Moving forward, during the 2008 season, the one you consider maybe the best in the Bill Belichick era – they lost handedly to the Steelers. Again, New England had the same defensive mindset, the same offensive mindset, and the same coach – but they were missing Tom Brady. The Browns of 2007 finished 10-6 with Derek Anderson as their QB – are you then trying to insinuate that Romeo Crennel is a genius – because you said and I quote “I am not sure there are anymore valuable players than Brady in the past decade, but I highly doubt any other coach could lead their team to an 11-5 record without a player of Brady’s caliber”. Or you could say – even a broken clock is right twice a day…

            As an aside, it’s not ironic that Mike Vrabel played for the Steelers and was then considered a great New England Patriot linebacker – that’s a coincidence not irony. What would be ironic is if Mike Vrabel told one of his defensive partners to watch the chop block – but he himself was then a victim of a chop block.

            The real test of his “greatness” will be how well Belichick and his Pat’s do when Brady retires. Many coaches are victims of circumstance – Barry Switzer, George Seifert, and Mike Tomlin to name a few. Some coaches try to work their “magic” elsewhere and it fails. This time Belichick turned the tide and succeeded due to Tom Brady. To argue against that is “ridicules and uninformed”

  • Shannon Hudson

    Bruce Almighty he is NOT nor will ever be, He panics if the wind blows, what happened to the power running game with a lead blocker. Moore,Redman,Tank,Legursky hell anybody to take up space so Mendenhal doesn’t get hit 2 yrds deep in the backfield. Also has everyone forgotten about Heath Miller we had no short range passing game all night. Time to grow up as an offense and get a coordinator who cares.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Actually, Heath had 5 catches last night as did Mewelde Moore. Those two pretty much define the “short range” passing game.

      Tank was cut in the preseason.

      I agree a power running game (like the BROWNS have) would be nice but Arians has never had a true fullback and doesn’t want one. I’m with you, we can’t expect Stiller Football when our O-coordinator doesn’t believe in it.

  • Steelers fanatic

    Really a tough night for Steelers nation. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost to the Raiders next week, a certain if we play that way next week. One thing is even more certain, it’s us against the world. The haters will hate, like this garbage:


    Makes me sick…

  • Carpe Diem Steelers

    Jeff Reed didn’t lose the game for us last night … but those terrible missees are momentum changers. He DID lose the game against the Ravens. He is useless this year. I mean a 26 yard shank … are you kidding me? He has to go before he finishes us off.

  • http://www.gofuckyourself.com/whiningpussy/ontherag.html PatsFan

    It sounds like it is this writer’s time of the month. The Steelers didn’t do that well but admit the Pats just rocked!

  • Al Bundy

    Cry me a river.

  • Pats fan living in the Burgh

    Sanders “flagrant dirty hit”?

    I’d hate to think what you would call the cheap shot Woodley took on Brady behind the back after he threw the ball.