No Justice For Ben Roethlisberger

Oakland Raiders Richard Seymour walks off the field after being ejected for slapping Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the second quarter of their NFL football game in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 21, 2010. REUTERS/Jason Cohn (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

The NFL is a joke.  And I’m not laughing.

Richard Seymour perpetrated one of the vilest acts of cowardice in league history on Sunday.   His sucker punch of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was a criminal act which should have landed him behind bars courtesy of the Pittsburgh police department just like any other common thug.  Menaces such as him should not only face huge fines and lengthy suspensions but permanent banishment from the game.

In short, a cheap-shot artist like Richard Seymour does not belong in the NFL.

The NFL’s response to his reprehensible actions?   A $25,000 fine.  That’s it.   Meal money and a slap on the wrist.  No suspension.

This is the most outrageous decision yet from the corrupt administration of Roger Goodell.  Prior to this, I thought the Ginger Dictator was an arrogant but basically well-intentioned man.   Now I see my mistake.  He is at best an incompetent boob who hands out punishments based on whims and at worst has an obvious vendetta against certain teams and players.

After Sunday’s game, James Harrison made it clear he felt Seymour should be suspended.  James points out, quite correctly, that if guys are going to be suspended for things which happen DURING PLAY, incidents which occur when players moving at incredible speeds are given a mere split-second to react, how could you NOT hold somebody accountable for purposely throwing a vicious right-cross after play is over?  It’s hypocritical.

Seymour knew full well what he was doing.  It was a punk move done by one of the biggest dicks in NFL history.   I guess it’s only natural he plays on a team of punks coached by a moronic punk who beat up his wife when he wasn’t sucker punching assistant coaches.

But they have Roger Goodell in their hip pocket so they have that going for them.  Earlier this season, Harrison was fined an outrageous $75,000 for a clean unpenalized hit on some clumsy receiver who ducked into his shoulder while he was attempting to make a form perfect tackle.  The reason for the huge amount?   Harrison “was a repeat offender.”

Okay, let’s look at what an upstanding citizen Seymour is.  In 2006, he was fined for stepping on a Colts offensive lineman after a play.  In 2009, he was fined for pulling Bronco Ryan Clady’s hair.  Hair pulling?  Seriously?  Way to act like a nine-year-old girl, assclown.  Wait, it gets better.  In December 2009, Seymour was ejected and later fined $10,000 for hitting Browns running back Jerome Harrison after a play was over.

Is that not the very definition of “a repeat offender?”   How many criminal acts does Seymour get to perform before he’s fined $75,000?   Will pulling out a knife and shanking Big Ben in full view of 65,000 people be enough?  Or is it just Steelers who are subject to the stiffest penalties allowed?

I don’t know why I get so worked up over this.  I should have seen it coming.  The NFL has no interest in player safety or enforcing their phony rules concerning helmet-to-helmet hits unless the play in question involves a Steeler.  Austin Collie gets stretchered out after a spear by Eagle Kurt Coleman.  No fine, no suspension.  James Sanders cheap shots Hines Ward with clear and malicious intent.  No fine, no suspension.

But LaMarr Woodley shoves Tommy Bieber with less force than I push my goddaughter on her swing and it’s a $12,500 fine.

The Raiders are a joke.  The NFL is a joke.  The NFL’s rules are a joke.  And Roger Goodell is the biggest joke of all.

And I’m not laughing.

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  • Jack Sprat

    I guess there isn’t a taunting rulein the NFL then eeh? And Ben had his hands on Seymour why?


      Obviously you were not watching the game and are a Raider fan. Ben never touched him or said anything to him. He squeezed by, so maybe unitentional contact and said hurry up and lets get the extra point.

  • Mike

    Oh please…face it, Richard let loose a punch that 90% of the country would like to take. People are loving seeing that punk laying on the ground. And don’t give the excuse that he was never convicted. It is a lot harder to pick on a 300 pund defensive lineman rather than a 120 lady.

    • macarbo

      90% of the country would like to let loose a punch. Oh, then I guess it makes it ok. If that had been Tom Brady he would have had a multiple game suspension, make no mistake about that. Goddell and his crew are a bunch of idiots!!

  • Alex

    i do not agree with you on that punch. Roethlisberger fell like a soccer player, he did not have to. so it was not that severe. the punch itself, was stupid and a fine should do it.
    but we had all that already in the nfl and it never got really bad. some things just happen with the emotions.

    i fully agree with you on all the jokes the NFL (sorry, no, Roger Goodell) is making on every given monday, when he fines players things that comes with a good and tough game of football.
    if anybody has to be suspended it should be the commisioner, he is the worst part in that game.

  • theresa

    what a load of crap. Seymour should have been suspended. He suckerpunches a qb after the play, and gets ejected, and he’s done it before, but all he gets is a 25k fine. The loser should have gotten much more. What is a Steeler did it to one of Goodells golden boys like Brady or Manning? They would have gotten much more than a 25k fine! Goodell SUCKS and Dickie Seemore should lay off the steroids.

    • aztex999

      Good point – if it had been Brady, you know damn well there would have been a 5-figure fine and a suspension.

  • redskins mike

    Bens a punk! he needed a punch in the face. old school raiders football!!

    • ZMan

      Exactly. Old school Raiders get their asses kicked by Steeler Football. Just like the old days baby.

      • Michael B

        HA! Aint that the truth!!!!!! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!

  • Tire

    I agree. Goodell has a definite double standard going with the way he doles out punishments and fines. Granted, the Raiders are a pretty low profile team with few players anyone knows or cares about. So making an example of Seymour would likely go unnoticed by most. It’s the principle of the matter though. You are 100% correct. Blatant acts of violence should be punished more harshly than football plays that may or may not have any malicious intent. It’s hard to take a commissioner or a new set of rules seriously when he’s all over the place in how he reprimands. Way to muddy the waters even further Goodell.

    • Matt

      Yes, it was old school raiders football!! 35-3 with their butt being kicked again. Moron.

      • macarbo

        Well said!!

  • joe

    If this was John Q public, in public life this would be Assault 3rd degree, Misdemeanor, punishable up to one year in jail. Fined $25,000???? Godell, you are an asshole!

    • Aracheal37

      Ya Know Listening to all those clowns, that are saying its Not that big of a deal, I ask you about this name Lagaret Blount, RB now for the Buccaneers, These people now saying its alright for sEEmo BKA (Elmo) to do this, are the same people that said its Horrible that a player would do that to another, But now because of your feelings Toward either or Both of these PLAYERS, Now ….. Its Cool, What Are You saying really, or trying to say? I wonder?? Im cool with it if We are allowed to do the same, But when were being made an example of…. On national tv!!!! Naa… Not Gone be able to Do!!!!

  • T Boy

    After seeing the video I disagree. The context is important. after Rothlisberger throws a TD, Seymour is walking away and Rothlisberger runs up to him, grabs his jersey and taunts him. Seymour swats Rothlisberger away like a mosquito. Rothlisberger goes down like an Italian soccer player, but the “punch” was mild — basically an open handed shove from a very strong dude. The ejection and fine is appropriate — no malicious intent on Seymour’s part — he just wanted Rothlisberger out of his face.

    • Ron

      Yes, context is important and obviously you are not well informed regarding it; probably becuase you were not watching the game and only saw a video clip. Roethlisberger, was running up to his teammates to inform them to get ready for the extra point. Yes, he did touch Seymour’s shoulder pad in an effort to get closer to his linemen. Seymour, being the little, pouting baby that he revealed himself to be, took offense to the incidental contact and suckered punched an opponent. Regardless of whether or not he knew it was Roethlisberger he was punching or if he was being taunted by Roethlisberger, the action is reprehensible regardless. In the 11 years I played football, if I ever reacted (which includes when I began playing at the age of 7) to taunting like that, my coaches would have kicked my ass out of the game (as well as my father would have had a few choice words for me) – the refs would need not bother ejecting me. However, somehow a veteran, professional player like Seymour, according to a bunch of monkey-shit brain morons (hint: that includes you) believe it is somehow justified. I’m willing to guess, with logic like that, it would take at least two hands to count how many times you’ve been suckered into a fight because someone called you a name. It amazes me how people never realize that words aren’t worth fighting over.

    • macarbo

      How do you know Ben was taunting him? He was just po’ed because they were getting their butts kicked. And he didn’t just “swat him away”. Boy you Steeler haters see what you want to see.

  • mary

    I watched the game live and he was not taunting him or grabbing him. He was running past him with a smile on his face when he got punched. And to those who say the punch was light, it lifted him off the ground. Watch it again. No matter what you think about ben, if this was Brady getting punched after a play was dead, Seymour would have been out for the rest of the season.

  • Rick

    To all the morons who think this was right, get a life, if it was one of your team mates that got hit by a Steelers you would be screaming bloody murder.
    This was a blatant act of violence towards another player. This is no different then when the titan’s player stomped on another players head a few years back the act was the same. Violence towards another player after the whistle was blown. Goodell is wading in muddy waters, and he had better start treading lightly. His time in the NFL is coming to an end with every blatant act he’s focusing towards the Steelers. If Harrison or one of the other Steelers had done what he did, they would have been suspended. I’m sick of Goodell double standards. I wish the Rooneys would request a meeting with that Asshole Goodell and tell his straight up, back off or else.

    I have no respect for the NFL at this point, after Sundays biased game with the refs it’s gotten pretty pathetic to watch games now knowing that the refs are trying their hardest to lose us games.

  • bob

    come on now jail are you retarded wan wan bla bla cowered no hes someone that wont take someone mocking him its about time someone blasted the arrogant man he deserved it and whom ever wrote this you must never been in a fight in jail gets some cinchonas get out of the desk nerd and be a man

  • Brian

    I wonder if these Ben haters would have the same reaction if it was Brady or Manning getting hit. Ben’s past should have nothing to do with the present situtation. It was a player hitting another one after the play ended. That is the issue. I am a Steelers fan and do not condone what Ben did and lost all respect for him. But stick to the issue and not the past.

    • macarbo

      My point exactly.

  • Anon

    There’s clearly a double standard going on here, when James Harrison can be fined 75G for a within game hit, and someone can assault a quarterback after the play is over and get a slap on the wrist. Time to make the dissatisfaction known:

    The phone number for the league office is 1-212-450-2000. Godell’s email: [email protected]

    • Steven McCrae

      Don’t bother. Goodell does not car about fan or player opinions. His legacy and your money is all that he cares about. Your e-mails and calls will fall on deaf ears at the NFL office. Call the team owners with your complaints if you want any kind of action.

      • Anon

        Couldn’t find contact points for ownership… I definitely don’t expect a reply from Godell, but I’d like to think a large response from the fan base would do some good. At the very least, I feel better making sure I did what I could to be heard on the matter. It’s simple fairness.

        • Steven McCrae

          Oh, I agree with you. I am just more cynical on this matter. I am of the opinion that Goodell is running this show from top to bottom and that he cares only about our money and his legacy. Fairness is not in his vocabulary. I meant no disrespect with my comment. My snotty comment was directed towards Goodell.

  • Steven McCrae

    I think that even Ben does not think that this fine was too low. But, when compared to others, the totality speaks volumes about Roger Goodell. This commissioner is a nightmare. The integrity of the league comes second to the pursuit of his own legacy. The owners would be wise to end the reign of this dictator as soon as possible!

    • Ron

      Even though I am no fan of Goodell, it should be noted that it is not him that determines who gets fined or suspeneded; though, I’m sure it requires some form of blessing from the man who has decided to single-handedly dismantle everything we love about football (i.e., Goodell). Goodell does not care about the game we call football, he is more concerned about the commodity he calls football. His objective is to increase the league’s profits and thus the size of his bank account. And, if sacrificing the quality of the game requires it to obtain the sort of publicity that ensures bigger profits, he is more than willing to do it.

      • Steven McCrae

        Oh, I agree with you. I am just more cynical on this matter. I am of the opinion that Goodell is running this show from top to bottom and that he cares only about our money and his legacy. Fairness is not in his vocabulary. I meant no disrespect with my comment. My snotty comment was directed towards Goodell.

  • Paul Benedict

    There were two helmet to helmet hits. There was the one on Sanders as well.

    Ward though either caught the ball and was no longer defenseless or he dropped the ball while in the process of the catch, hence defenseless (or fumbled..not a question).

    Bellicheat had the temerity to CHALLENGE the catch. Should the outcome of the reply demanded the flag? How did he know there would be no consequences? And should we consider Brady and Bellicheat evil geniuses or did they steal the calls again?

  • Michael B

    Not only is T Boy a moronic name … your opinions are outright moronic and childish at best.

  • littleben

    The NFL is a joke, no question about it. Contrast this with the LeGarret Blount incident last year where granted, he let his emotions get ahold of him a bit more than Dick Seymour did, but still, punched a defenseless player who may or may not have been perceived as taunting him.

    Seymour – no suspension and $25k fine
    Blount – suspended for a full year and his chances of getting drafted along with maybe millions of dollars went up in smoke

    College football has its faults, but its still way ahead of the NFL when it comes to class and integrity.


    the nfl commish should step down frpm his job and replace with a more fair person

  • Ron

    Get this, Seymour is quoted as saying he did not know why Ben Roethlisberger: “I’m not sure why he [Roethlisberger] ran up on me. I just turned around and it was a natural reaction.” NATURAL REACTION!? – so it is natural to sucker punch another person without reason. I know three-year olds that show better control of their actions (I think a nine year old is way above this guys level of maturity). Based upon this, this article’s reference to Seymour as an “assclown” is probably the most sufficient use of the word that I’ve yet to see.

  • Aaron

    Stealer fans are the biggest crybabies in sports. Whhhaaa, our big fat sloppy rapist QB got slapped!!! WWWWhhhaaaaa!!!
    The wimpiest fan base in all of sports. Quit crying. The NFL gave you two superbowls this decade!!! Enjoy them!!!
    The phony tough guys of the NFL, the stealers!
    The most bandwagon fan base in America! Ben is a piece of garbage. Pittsburg loves the raper piece of garbage and defends his lowlife actions without compromise!!! what a bunch of hypocritical lowlifes!!!

    • Bill

      Is that the best you can come up with? Ben has had his problems. He was suspended for them. I don’t hear a lot of Steeler faithful praising his actions off the field but he has paid his dues for his conduct. Big Rich on the other hand has a serial problem assaulting other players well after the whistle sounds. This is not being hypocrital. In fact Chris was one of the biggest proponants of Ben’s punishment originally. That has changed now that the world sees that Ginger’s idea of punishment depends on which direction the rain is coming from on the third tuesday following the second month past the summer solstice or whatever criteria the league now uses to assess fines. Ben, love him or hate him did not deserve to be hit. Dick love him or hate him said specifically that he did not even know it was Ben or if he said anything or not. How that consititues taunting I’ll never understand. Bandwagon I think not but what is fair is fair and as we’ve all seen and has been proven manytimes this year Ginger is all but.

  • RocRaida

    You’re not laughing, you’re just crying like a lil bitch. Man up. You whine like a girl.

  • Michal Shepherd


    Just as I posted a few weeks ago, this is a joke of a website, and you are one of the least objective writers I have ever come across (and again, I am a Pittsburgher and a loyal Steeler fan).

    “Richard Seymour perpetrated one of the vilest acts of cowardice in league history on Sunday.”

    League history. Really. The entire history of the league. That is what you are saying- yes? Of ALL the plays that have ever happened in the league. Perhaps you are slightly exaggerating.

    “This is the most outrageous decision yet from the corrupt administration of Roger Goodell.”

    Perhaps you are being a little hyperbolic here as well. It was Seymour’s 2nd offense this year- and the fine was dealt correspondingly to the rules of a 2nd offense. “Most outrageous decision”. The most? Of all his decisions. Since he took the commissioner role. This is the most. Of the thousands of decsions he has made. The most. That is what you are saying, yes?

    As I said before- this is a second class site, with second class writing, that is so blindly biased towards the Steelers. There is more to life than the Steelers, young writer. Read a book. Pick up a hobby. Take a class. (preferably journalism). It’s truly sad. You really lack any notion of journalistic integrity- how do you get listed on CNNSI’s NFL team page? It’s baffling.

    Fox Chapel, PA
    [email protected]

    • Tom G

      Michal, I guess you do not understand that this site is an opinion based blog? It’s not meant to be true journalism, nor unbiased.

      Have you ever seen a player bunch a quarterback in the face after a play? I haven’t, and I’d venture to say no one else has. There’s been a lot of very dirty plays over the years, but this was outside the play, hence it probably should rate as one of the vilest acts of cowardice in league history.

      And I won’t even begin to address your defense of Goodell.

      What a silly little post on this silly website…

      • Michal Shepherd

        No, I have never seen quarterback “bunch” someone like that. Well said though. (Thanks for helping my “second rate website” position).

        And a fan blog does not excuse one from being outrageously, overly, and most importantly, continuously subjective. Geesh. Can’t believe this even needs to be explained.

        • Tom G

          I guess my typo proves your point, eh?
          Why don’t you put down your grey poupon and go douche. You obviously have some sand lodged there.

          A fan blog is based on opinion. Opinions tend to be biased and subjective. Get over it, Einstein.

    • Brent Kuhn

      I think it pretty obvious that this is a FAN site for Steelers fans not a sports news site i would expect it to be a little biased

  • Brent Kuhn

    Breaking news…Big Ben has been accused of raping the entire Raiders defense on sunday apparently they have video evidence and thousands of people saw it when it happened

  • Jeff

    Michal….as stated earlier this is a team specific BLOG, Not a journalistic essay. Look at every team blog on and you will see more of the same. You seem to have an high opinion of your logic and humor. To be honest they both lacking and you opinions are just lame. Just between you and me, you are coming across as an ass, not the learned scholar you pretend to be.

  • Michal Shepherd


    I respect your email. While my position is that the “head writer” of this site lacks any vision or objectivity- at least you have well communicated some of your thoughts.

    And I really don’t have a hight opinion of myself- I am pretty much a regular guy. I just get frustrated with folks who talk/write before they think. I have always preferred people who think before they talk/write. Like you.

    All the best,

  • Mike


    Read the definition of a blog and tell me who, you or chris, has the hobbie here.

    blog – web log: a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies; “postings on a blog are usually in chronological order”

    It appears to me that Chris’ hobbie is the Steelers and he chooses to publicize his thoughts and opinions about it.

    Next, consider one of the definitions of “opinion”:

    a : belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge
    b : a generally held view

    It seems to me that a blog is a personal reflection of an individual’s perspective, opposed to actual factual journalism. Chris’ belief is stronger than impression, which is a phrase for the term “bias.” So, a blog is as versatile as one chooses and as objective/ subjective as one chooses.

    You criticize Chris for not reporting facts, when he is meaning to publicize his opinion and is not required to present facts or is he selling it as a credible source. You criticize him for not having a hobbie. Is your hobbie
    running around, viewing people’s hobbies, then telling them to get a hobbie?

    I question the integrity of your knowledge. The debate whether blogging is actual journalism is on-going. Right now, since it is not definite that blogging is factual news and consider credible sources, you should way on the side of caution on not take every blog you read as serious, factual news. Take every blog you read for what it is, someone’s biased thoughts. This way, you won’t get worked up and will have more time on your hands for more important issues, such as being a real Steelers fan.

    • Michal Shepherd

      Too long to read. Geesh. Go away. (but kudos on the time it appears you spent writing it- I’m sure you feel satisfied- but really a waste of time).

      • Tom G

        ^You’re a douchebag. Is that short enough for you?

        • chris

          Thanks for the support, guys. I’m continually amazed in 2010 there are still people who don’t understand the difference between a newspaper and a blog.

          Then again, I’m just as amazed people take the time to visit and criticize a blog they claim they don’t like. If I don’t enjoy something, I avoid it. I’m crazy like that.

  • Patrik Nohe

    Pat from PewterPlank here, I think saying Seymour deserves to be put behind bars is a little ironic considering the serial sex-offender he sucker-punched. Definitely wasn’t a classy move by Seymour (former Patriot, what do you expect) but it’s not like Ben Roethlisberger didn’t have it coming. I think half of America wishes they could just sock that jackass one in the mouth. Especially after he showed up for that press conference with the sleazy slicked back rapist hair-cut. I appreciate his eleven weeks of good behavior, but the guy is also a classless jerk. Not sure he’s worth getting on a soap-box for. Just read this. Definitely a good read though, certainly got everyone riled up and commenting. Nice post.

  • Micki

    I agree 100%, the NFL is a clown’s act, losers all over the place I hope they strike next year just to cool their engine and deflate the NFL ego machine

  • Jack

    Speaking of the Rooney’s, where the hell are they?? Being one of the most respected football families in the NFL, I think the Rooney’s should say something about this whole debacle, including Goodell’s moronic handling of the NFL. The refs are obviously being ordered by someone to watch the Steelers extremely closely, to call every little bump a personal foul, and to forget about everything else going on – especially any penalties by the opponents. When Ben was assaulted, they had NO IDEA who had done it. I think the assholes had to go to instant replay to see that it was that P.O.S. Seymour who punched him.

    Remember what the GREATEST Football Coach of ALL TIME said about the Raiders back in the 80′s: Former Steelers head coach Chuck Noll stated that the Raiders are a “criminal element” in the NFL and that players like George Atkinson should be “kicked out of the league.” Just substitute ‘Richard Seymour’ for George Atkinson…

    Lastly, the following is a quote from Pete Rozelle, a real NFL Commissioner: “In sixteen years in this office I do not recall a more flagrant foul than your clubbing the back of Swann’s head totally away from the play…. Our sport obviously involves intense physical contact, but it requires of all players discipline and control and remaining within the rules. Every player deserves protection from the kind of unnecessary roughness that could end his career.” – Former league commissioner Pete Rozelle in a letter to Atkinson after viewing tapes of the Raiders/Steelers match-up.

    Goodell doesn’t have the balls to explain himself or his ludicrous handling of the NFL. He is a JOKE and could not carry Pete Rozelle’s nor Chuck Knoll’s jock strap.


    • chris

      Dan’s too busy being the Ambassador to Ireland to get involved in team matters. I truly think he’s decided to move on in life and leave running his team to his son.

      And that’s the problem. All the things you say about the Rooneys having power and being respected and so forth… That’s all true about DAN ROONEY. I don’t think Goodell has any respect for Art II. In fact, I think him and/or some of his minions in the league offices are enjoying sticking it to the Steelers now that the old man is out of the picture.

    • Steven McCrae

      Unlike Goodell, the Rooney’s run their organization with respect for others. I bet that they are fuming. But you and I would never know it. Their actions will be taken behind the curtain and with proper measure. Mr. Goodell may someday wish that he had mastered this technique. The reason that the Rooney’s are so respected is that they are unlike this commissioner.

  • tbone

    A little Steeler bias? Holy cow, relax. It was a punch, not a knifing.

  • Brent Kuhn

    I think its a little ironic hearing Raiders fans say Big Ben deserves to be punched because of what he did when thier coach has beaten his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend. no one has been saying what a bad guy he is. I know no charges have been filed so he was probably innocent right?

  • sabretooth


  • Captain Kaveman

    I’d pay the 25k fine to see someone sucker punch Princess Brady in the mouth. Get some scrub to come in to take him out of the game.

  • starbuck

    So Ben got what he deserved? I think anyone who was in his place would disagree. That’s why we have laws; so uneducated morons can’t be judge and jury according to their own whims.
    It was thuggish and a cheep shot and if it had been Brady, Manning, Brees or any other big market QB Seymour would have been suspended.
    The Steelers are being singled out by Goodell according to HIS whims. The man is a petty dictator and he has the balz to claim he is trying to protect players…bull!
    I could count at least 5 plays Sunday where the Raiders carried out hits that would have gotten the Steelers flagged and the players fined…but guess what? No flags or fines for the Raiders…
    Excellence for its own sake is no longer rewarded in the NFL…now it is ONLY about the $$$

  • Lee

    lol…Im laughing at this article. First of all I don’t like either of the teams so I’m not biased. I give them credit were its deserved, but I’m not 1 sided at all. The “punch” was a stupid thing to do, and your acting like it was premeditated….like he knew Ben was going to try to push threw him like a running back trying to find a gap, instead of walking around him (which he clearly could have done) after Seymour just got scored on. Why not just spike the ball in Seymour’s face too, or celebrate your score on his team bench that makes since too right?

    It doesn’t, that was Ben’s mistake that he made in the heat of the game…which is understandable. Seymour’s mistake was even dumber and more obvious. Ben takes harder shots every day and even in practice than that little “NON STEPPED INTO SHOVE”… was a shove not a punch. Don’t believe me, then go back and look at it. 1st point…Seymour’s hand was open the whole time…never clinched his fist. 2nd point, he hit im in the damn “protective” face mask/shoulder pad….thats why they wear helmets people. 3rd point…if you pause the scene with the shove at the point where Seymour’s arm is extended fully…you clearly see it past Ben’s helmet before he starts to fall backwards which means that falling was 1 a delayed reaction from one of the toughest QBs playing today…and 2 it means that he grazed along side of his helmet. again proving that it was a shove…not a punch. A punch makes contact and stays on the point of contact until the object moves, but unless you are a kung-fu open palm master, then your hand will not go threw a body or helmet (in fact the hand looks to hit mostly Ben’s right shoulder which would explain him turning that shoulder while he was falling).

    So with all that being said… Is this a criminal act…no…should he be sent to jail for this…no…. if there is anything criminal its this damn article with all of its slanderous opinions toward everyone and everything including Roger Goodell. Remember…they may have huge football contracts and such..but 1 its not just given to then in there hand and the team say go play…and 2 these people live a different life style than you do….Madonna just spent 2 million dollars for an in home gym (sad i know this)…but to be ejected from a game…or to put it more into perspective…for your Job to ask you to leave in the second quarter and take away a small portion of your paycheck for an act of violence within a violent sport? In my opinion …the punishment fit the crime and yes…it could be a little more…but ask yourself…if you make a mistake at work that coincides with what you already do but it was a mistake that you made on instinct…would u be okay with your job sending you home with a ton of work left to do and taking any money out of your paycheck for what others see as a huge disaster but in reality…it was a dumb mistake? No you’d have a problem with that. I probably make less or more than you do right now and i would have a problem with it. The NFL did a good job with this one. If they let him finish the game i think the fine would have been harsher. But they hurt him and the team moreso by taking him out in the 2nd quarter…when was the last time you honestly saw that people…during game-time. Hey, but In the immortal words of Dennis Miller….”That’s Just my opinion….I could be wrong.”

  • Jack

    Lee – If I hit someone at my job, for any reason in any circumstance, I would be fired immediately and possibly arrested, even though I am a key tech support person for my company and have never been in trouble before.

    Additionally, I attend college and hold a 3.94 GPA and have been recognized in ‘Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities’. I’ve never had a single reprimand of any kind. If I were to hit someone while at college, for ANY reason, no matter the circumstance, I would be expelled immediately and probably arrested.

    The other day I was driving on a busy 65-mph freeway when some moron, while texting, cuts me off almost causing me to sideswipe an 18-wheeler. I blew my horn. He then gave me the finger and repeatedly slammed on his brakes right in front of me. If I had gotten out of my car and punched the jerk, I would have been subject to arrest for assault and battery – even though he deserved to be punched.

    Criminal acts should not be tolerated in our society, no matter who commits them.

    What makes a moronic jock football player with little self control any different than me, or you?

    Goodell is a pussy and will never ‘fire’ a player no matter what criminal act is committed. He just hides in his office and issues fines from afar. If he was required to inform a player in person about the fine, there would be NO fines.

    Okay, tirade finished.