The NFL Hates James Harrison

And the feeling is mutual, I would imagine.

On Monday, Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro linebacker James Harrison received some bad news.  His appeal of the ridiculous fines levied against him was denied.  Shocking.  I, for one, totally see the fairness in fining James a cool $75,000 for laying out Mohamed Massaquoi with a clean hit but not fining Kurt Coleman (for stretchering out Austin Collie) or James Sanders (for cheapshotting Hines Ward) a single penny for their filthy actions.

According to NFL justice, James would be 67% less dirty (and richer) if he just just pulled up and sucker-punched his opponent like a cowardly little bitch…

Yesterday, the NFL slapped the Silverback with another $25,000 deduction from his paycheck.  Who didn’t see this coming?  He somehow escaped last week’s uncalled for personal foul for “landing with full body weight” on Oakland’s Jason Campbell.   The Ginger Dictator must’ve been distracted with planning his Thanksgiving feast.

But breaks are short-lived when it comes to the NFL’s persecution of the Black and Gold.  This week’s laughable personal foul for hitting Ryan Fitzpatrick square in the chest with a form perfect tackle did not escape their notice.  In fact, when the flag was thrown, I immediately pictured Goodell and his lackey in charge of punishments pumping their fists and high-fiving each other because they got another chance to stick it to the Steelers.

And stick it they did.  Right up the back door.  Without lube.  For those keeping score at home, James Harrison’s badassery has now set him back $125,000.  No other player, not even lowlife thugs who get into UFC-style brawls, have been fined even half that amount.

Instead of pointless meetings with Ginger or appealing unfair fines, James should just write a check for $180,000 and ask the league if a brother can get a discount for early payment.

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  • Smoking Tire

    I am truly speechless. Well known thug and anti-role model, Dick Seymour (aka See more dicks), gets a tiny fine for punching a Steeler in the face after a play. Johnson and Finnegan get into an all out skirmish and get slaps on the wrists. But if you dare have the balls to form tackle a QB while the clock is ticking, you’re asking for it. So to put this in perspective, fighting and bitch slapping is much more acceptable than tackling someone. Way to go Roger. Even the Thugs-R-Us NBA knows when to suspend its players and lay fines for true infractions. Just imagine if Harrison ever actually does lay someone out with a malicious hit. They’ll kill his first born and ban him for life.

    I guarantee the Ravens game this weekend will be determined by a poor officiating call against the Steelers ruling a sack an illegal hit. Anyone want to take that bet?

    • Robert Errett

      Harrison again was there as the ball was thrown, no delay to speak of, no way for the man to stop, perfect tackle. throwing the flag is an insult and poor officiating,the league should be screaming and fining refs for lousy calls. the Raiders/steelers game was pathetic,worst officiating ive ever seen and all biased against the steelers. To me they are unfairly picking on and fining james harrison. The refs are basically trying to fix the game and the bettors and sportsbooks should be calling for an fbi investigation. If you cost my beloved steelers a playoff spot or a playoff game because of your steeler hatred and predjudice i hope they put you behind bars for life. james harrison is not the problem commissioner,YOU ARE. simple as that. your refs are changing the points and outcome, the biggest sin there is in the game. WAKE THE HELL UP AND STOP THE NONSENSE. NFL OWNERS FIRE THIS CLOWN IMMEDIATELY OR TELL HIM TO TELL HIS ZEBRAS CALL THE GAMES FAIR. make no mistake about this,his biased and dumb ass policy is indeed ruining the integrity of the game.

  • Ben

    I’m interested to see if the Steelers-Ravens game is advertised as the hardest-hitting, football-as-its-supposed-to-be-played game as it was in years past. It wasn’t that long ago that ESPN ran a segment called “Jacked up” which showed the most vicious hits from each week. The NFL must have shut that down too during this fake attempt at promoting player safety (while hypocritically pushing for an 18-game schedule).

    It will be an interesting game against the Ravens because both teams like to bring the big hits. I really hope they just let them play for at least this one game. As much as I hate the Ravens, I cannot think of a team (maybe the Patriots) I respect more.

  • Steven Joseph

    It is getting really ridiculous and I will definitely start affecting James Harrison’s ability to do his job well on the field.

    I say it now time to call Roger Goodell down to the Steeler’s Southside Complex and have it out with him and let the fans have a shot at him too!

    Furthermore, for everytime the referees fail to call a holding penalty on those holding James Harrison, they – the referees – should be fined $5,000 for each failure to call it, when it blatantly happens.

  • Steven Joseph

    Actually, I have had it with Roger Goodell!

    He and his predecessor, Paul Tagliabue, could not make the skin on the late Pete Roselle’s gluteous maximus!

  • Mike

    Chris, let’s comment on the actual NFL announced reasoning behind their ruling in favor of a 4th fine to James.

    “James Harrison was fined $25,000 for roughing the passer, specifically he made helmet contact to the chest of the Buffalo quarterback, who was in a defenseless position at the time the contact was made,” the NFL said in an e-mail Tuesday to The Associated Press.

    Now I am no tackling expert, but logic does not escape me here.
    How does a player get tackled in the chest, which would be in front of his line of sight, and that player be defenseless? Can’t he see him?
    How do you make a form perfect shoulder tackle to a guys chest without leading with the helmet? The helmet is right in the middle of the shoulders, correct?
    If James’ hit a guy with his helmet only, wouldn’t that probably jar his spine to the point of breaking it or to some form of paralysis?
    How many other QBs have been tackled at the point when they release a pass and the defender did not get fined?

    I just cannot find the logic in the ruling here. Any suggestions?

    • Jim

      Tackling someone while leading with your SHOULDER is just not that hard. ESPECIALLY when the subject is pretty much standing STILL with his arm outstreched. I’m not a fan of either team, but I saw the play live on TV and Harrison CLEARLY chose to lead with his helmet. Was it flagrant? no, I’ve seen worse, but he could have laid a punishing hit on Fitzpatrick without the helmet and THAT was what he should have done. He had options and he chose to do it wrong once again. If he truly thinks that is the way the game is supposed to be played, then he has other issues that need to be addressed as well.

    • chris

      Trying to find logic in Goodell’s rulings is like trying to decipher one of Santonio Holmes’ tweets. There may be a word or two you recognize but you can read it three or four times and still not figure out what the hell they’re saying.

      QBs are “defenseless” on at least 50% of sacks. Ever hear of a blind side sack? So those are illegal now? If the QB doesn’t see him, he’s defenseless, right?

      “Helmet contact to the chest” is how kids are taught from peewee football on up. SPEARING is illegal but James didn’t spear anybody. If he speared Fitzy, he’d have a broken sternum.

      You’re taught to put your facemask in the chest and follow through. That’s what James did. If that constitutes “helmet contact to the chest,” then almost every sack is illegal.

      For another good post, check out “Football Fan’s” post a few comments below this. His words echo my sentiments exactly.


    Ah boohoo. You’re more whiny than Tomlin and Clark. Tomlin said the fine could take away from Harrison’s college fund for his kids and Clark wants to “protest”. Quit crying and hit people legally. Harrison plays dirty and now he is targeted. That’s what happens when you continue to cheap shot and then tell the media during the week that you don’t care.

    The guy is an idiot and Clark’s tweet will only bring more penalties to the Steelers this week. As a Ravens fan, THANK YOU!

    • Steven Joseph

      Hey, Ravens fan!

      Even your own boy – Terrell Suggs – claims that the NFL has there radar gun zeroed in on Harrison!

      As he said, all Harrison has to do is “…breathe…” on a quarterback and he’ll be flagged.

      So, what do you have to say about that?

    • Big Daddy

      Fuck You!!! Steelers are going to shut your punk asses down. Harrison and company are going to fuck Flacco up. Is that how you spell his bitch ass name.

  • jaime

    mr. godell for harrison fines and for the play when roethlisberger was hurt, an aplause to the buffalo players

  • Thomas Pink

    Steven Joseph had it right when he brought up holding. James Harrison is held on about 75% of the time. The NFL should be fined for that at a rate of $25,000 per game until it stops. That money should be given to James as a bonus on his birthday and as recognition that he makes the NFL better not worse. His work ethic, his desire and drive and his efforts for the team should be lauded not penalized.

  • Jim

    Please !! Stop your whining … it was worthy of a fine and it got one. Yes, there were others that somehow made it by, but their day will come. Harrison just keeps proving that 1.No one ever showed him how to lead with his SHOULDER. and 2. He makes so much money that he doesn’t care if they take it … he’ll just keep doing what HE thinks is right! Grow up folks…..there are plenty of things in this world more important than a bunch of prima donna’s whining about some one trying to control their game.

    • Bill

      It’s a good thing for us there isn’t anything more important than reading a fan blog, then reading all the comments on the fan blog and then posting to said fan blog. If that were the case we’d all be missing your insightful ramblings. Pardon me, I’m off to grow up.

    • Football fan

      Most kids are taught to tackle face mask first so as to avoid neck injury. When you “shoulder” tackle you are turning the head which means you can’t see what you are tackling and it can lead to neck injury when the target moves and you catch your head in an awkward position. If Harrison is going to get fined $25K for a textbook tackle, maybe he should instead just run up, grab the face mask, pull the helmet off and slug the QB. QB responds by taking a swing and both are ejected taking the starting QB out of the game. As we have seen, $25K is all the NFL fines for those actions!

      • chris

        Well said, Football Fan. I guess some of these people criticizing Harrison never played football or watched a show like “Hard Knocks.” I’ve never seen anyone taught to turn their head when making a form tackle. You ask players to do that and some LB is going to get a broken neck.

      • Jim

        That was ANYTHING but a textbook tackle.
        Hopefully your not coaching that technique.
        And tell Chris that nobody is asking players to “TURN THEIR HEAD” when they tackle. They can save that for their next physical. :)
        You wait till somone pings Big Ben with a lead helmet and then tell me how textbook it was.

  • Jim

    Maybe they should all be packing heat when they take the field? That way they could make it whatever kind of game they wanted it to be. Forget cheap shots and helmet to helmet licks …. with everyone packing fellow teammates would decide who needed to be reprimanded.

    • Bill

      That has been discussed to death though. I thought it after Ben was mugged vs. the Raiders. The NFL proved with Flapagain and Johnson that the going rate is 25K. If they were to change stance now it would just prove how hypocritical Ginger really is. The way it has been set for the last two week for anyone to be suspended for a fight the players union would have a field day. I almost say go for it. Almost.

  • Ben
    • chris

      That’s FANTASTIC, Ben. Although I probably would’ve included an extra branch after “Players” to say “Is it a Steeler?” because Ben, Hines, Woodman, etc, have all been victimized this season, as well.

  • Vern

    go to facebook and “like” Fire NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

  • SC Steel

    I think as loyal members of the Steeler Nation we should start a monitary fund that we can send a “donation” to so that we can help Silverback pay for these rediculous fines. That way all he has to worry about is kicking ass and taking names!

    • chris

      Actually, Steeler fans have already done that. I wrote a post on it after the 75k fine was handed down. They set up a Facebook page and the album is filled with photos of fans across the world putting money in an envelope addressed to Goodell.

      Harrison got wind of it and asked instead that money be donated to his charity (James Harrison Family Foundation or some such). So there you go.

    • Big Daddy

      Commissioner Goodelle is a little bitch.

  • Steven Joseph

    Big Daddy,

    How did you like the inconsistency of the referees last night, with the broken nose of Ben, the headslap or contact from Suggs on the play that Ben escaped, and the Heath Miller concussion?