NFL Penalizes Dirty Ravens Too Little, Too Late

Preach on, Ryan Clark.

A day after the Baltimore Ravens unrelenting thuggery was on full display for a national television audience yet was somehow missed by the stripe-shirted men actually paid to watch the action, the NFL has levied fines for their goonish behavior.  Of course as Clark points out, it’s too little, too late.  The entire point of protecting quarterbacks or banning helmet-to-helmet blows is to discourage them from occurring during the game.

If players knew they wouldn’t suffer any consequences until 24 hours after the fact, I’m sure a few of them wouldn’t mind footing the bill for mussing up Tom Terrific’s pretty boy looks.

The major fine came in the form of a $40,000 debit for Jameel McClain’s attempted decapitation of Heath Miller.   Apparently beheading is legal according to Sunday night’s officiating crew.  I’m shocked McClain was fined at all since the last couple helmet-to-helmet blows (including the filthy cheap shot which knocked Hines Ward out of the Patriots game) went unpunished.   I see the key to getting in serious trouble is to commit your malicious actions in prime time.

Or play for the Black and Gold.

The other fine was a pitiful $15,000 slap on the wrist to serial punk Haloti Ngata for smacking Ben Roethlisberger in the face.  Big Ben underwent minor surgery yesterday to restore his herculean nose to its former glory.  Ngata’s in the wrong line of work.  There are tons of airhead Hollywood celebutards who’d pay ten times that amount to have their coke-lined honkers reconstructed.

Besides wishing Ngata was penalized by the two refs WHO WERE STARING RIGHT AT HIM when he smashed Ben’s snoot, I was hoping for a real fine.  James Harrison writes check in $25,000 increments for far less because he’s “a repeat offender.”  Meanwhile, Ngata is a well-known goon, among the league’s dirtiest players, having been fined $10k less than two weeks ago for a late hit.

Why has his amount gone up a mere $5,000 while Silverback’s jumped from $5k for his german suplex on Vince Young to $75,000 for the sweet annihilation of Mohammed Massaquoi back down to $25k for the bogus flag on Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Because the Ginger Dictator has no freakin’ clue, that’s why.  Everything the league does is based on the random whims of this power-hungry despot.  Actually, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he has his big-boobed secretary personal assistant spin a color-coded Wheel of Justice and wherever it lands, that’s your fine.  I can just picture him jumping up and down and shouting, “Big money!  C’mon, big money!” whenever a Pittsburgh Steeler comes up for judgment.

Now that I think about it, no wonder Bret Favre hasn’t been punished for eye-raping a Jets employee with vile pictures of his love gun water pistol.  Despite a mountain of evidence he sexually harassed that poor out-of-work ho, the league has dragged their feet for almost three months.  Clearly, Ginger promised Jenn Sterger she could be the league’s secret Vanna White if she keeps quiet long enough for #4 to pack up his Wranglers and fade off into the sunset.

It finally makes sense!

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  • Pete


    I see this out-right discrimination against our team as a slap at Steeler Nation itself and I think it’s time we slapped back.

    I have two suggestions:

    1) Let’s setup up a trust fund to be supported by donations from all of Steeler Nation, a trust that pays any fine our boys incur. There has to be a lawyer in our ranks who could put this together for us pro bono and we can use PayPal to gather, store and disburse the money. The NFL exists because of its fan base and we own a hefty chunk of that turf. Let’s send a message to our commissioner that we’re not pleased, but if he wants to slap our players around, we’ll take the financial sting out of it for them.

    2) At every game in Heinz Field for the rest of the year, we should organize a chant of ‘Roger Sucks’ and rock the house with it. I think 70k people chanting his name would get some attention, especially if we hit a televised game.

    Enough is too much. It’s time we put a stop to this.

    • chris

      Pete, I certainly support my guys but I would have a really hard time giving money to multi-millionaires when I drive a Subaru to work every day. Some fans already started a “Pay James Harrison’s Fine” facebook page (search some of my old posts from around the Cleveland 75k fine game) although he said he’d rather the fans contribute to his charity.

      I STRONGLY endorse the anti-Goodell movement, however. Whenever a Steeler is flagged for a BS penalty, a “Roger Sucks!” chant and perhaps a few signs that say “We’re mad as hell, Goodell” held up to the cameras would be a nice protest movement.

      Man, I hope the Steelers win an AFC Championship during Ginger’s reign of terror just to hear the Heinz crowd boo him out of the building like Gary Betteman at an NHL game.

    • brian

      Steelers are weak!!

  • Josh

    I cannot say this enough. Ray Anderson, NFL VP, does the fining. Roger Goodell has no input or influence over any of it. Ray Anderson is the one going coo-coo bananas with fines, not Goodell

    • Pete

      @Josh– If you’re correct, my friend, and I have no reason to think that you aren’t, doesn’t it still make sense to apply pressure to the person who’s ultimately responsible for the situation? If Bruce Arians dials up 15 passing plays in a row and each one ends badly, he only does so if Coach Tomlin green lights those plays. If I’m wrong, please correct me, but I have to think that Anderson only has his position b/c Goodell allows it, so Goodell is the one who is ultimately responsible and has the power to change this situation.

    • Bill

      Josh you are correct however Ray Ray receives his marching orders from Roger. It was Ginger’s mandate. He steps up and set the standard. I won’t argue that it may and I use that loosely, help with player saftey. However once the mandate was in place it Ray Ray came up with his sliding scale on fines. All Big Rog has to do is sit back and say ‘ya know Ray, you’re not being very consistant’. Since he’s not doing that he is by ommision saying that the fines are OK.
      In simpler terms if Roger wanted it fixed it is up to him to fix it. Not Ray Anderson.

      • chris

        Well said, Bill and Pete. I know Ray Anderson is the minion in charge of player discipline aka the “Wheel Of Justice” but he’s exactly that: a minion.

        Don’t tell me anybody actually thinks he can go off and do whatever the hell he wants without Ginger’s approval.

        The Tomlin/Arians comparison was a great way to put it, btw.

    • Pete

      @Chris: I totally understand your point RE: money. In a *good* week, I gross less than $200; this week it will be less than $100, but I’d find a way to pony up a few bucks for the cause. Why? because this is a slap at our team–it’s a slap at me and every other Steeler fan. If the flags and fines were being uniformly enforced, I’d have nothing to say about it, but when you single out my guys and let others walk, you’re insulting our franchise, our legacy, myself and the rest of Steeler Nation. Since I can’t put on pads and lay down some smack on the field or offer Herr Goodell his choice of weapons, this is the next best thing.

      Just my opinion and worth exactly what you pay to read it. :-)

      btw, Merry Christmas everyone! (Except Anderson & Goodell–I hope they get dysfunctional Vegamatics and lose the receipts so they can’t return ‘em.)

  • zam

    I said this before, but I’ll say it again…

    My theory:

    Goodell is married to a former fox news anchor. I don’t care which side of the political spectrum you’re on – fox news applies an obvious bias to the news. They root for the republicans. If you get the NFL network (the propaganda wing of the NFL) and are a steelers fan – you’ll get a CLEAR understanding that there is an obvious bias against the steelers. An easy example is the “coach promos” that they use as branding spots in-between the commercials. I’ve yet to see Tomlin on there once this year. For NFL films “sound effects” they’ve never miked a single Steeler all season. Listen to the commentary from clowns like Sanders, Irvine, and Mariucci…they always talk trash on the Steelers…and when we’re doing well, there’s almost no report of it.

    Here’s what it really boils down to for me:

    Kraft (patriots), McCombs (Vikiings), Jones (Cowboys): HUGE Republican supporters

    Rooneys (Steelers): Democratic supporters (backed Obama in a big way)

    Now, check out how the fines are laid out and you’ll find the answer – our favorite sport is being taken over by the right wing – and their using Fox news as their model for keeping the Steelers from a 7th championship.

    You know what really scared them? Seeing us go 3-1 without Ben…that’s when this fine crap started. “we can’t let that Defense win another superbowl” So they found a way to stop them. Fascists!

    • oreokat

      The Federal Election Commission report, as of 11/29/10, shows that Goodell personally supported such right-wingers as John Conyers (D, Michigan), Martin Meehan (D – Mass.), Charles Schumer (D – NY), and Martha Coakley (D – Mass.). He also wrote a check to the Environmental Defense Action Fund PAC (the legislative arm of the Environmental Defense Fund). The biggest check he wrote was to a political action committee called “Gridiron-PAC” which, according to a September 2009 report from the nonpartisan “Center for Responsive Politics,” has “given roughly two-thirds of its donations to Democrats.”

      You proposed we “check out how the fines are laid out.” Good idea. Last I checked, the biggest victim of Goodell’s stupidity by far is James Harrison, the guy who refused to go to the Obama White House after the ’08 Super Bowl. That snub probably didn’t endear him to too many Democrats. And lest you’ve forgotten, one of the main reasons Goodell became commissioner in the first place was due to the Rooney’s staunch support for him.

      Such “theories” are ridiculous. If one truly buys into the political conspiracy you propose, Goodell would be out to get teams owned by Republicans, not Democrats. As a hard core Steeler fan and member of Steeler Nation, I don’t give a flip about the politics of other Steeler Nation members. Let’s stick to the facts and dump the political intrigue, shall we?

  • Pat Dude

    This video sums it up…hilarious!

    • chris

      That is FANTASTIC. Thanks for posting it.

  • publius

    Maybe one of you guys from the Pitts can explain to Ryan Clark that the verb he was searching for in his less than articulate statement that you use as an epigraph is “err,” not “error.” Error is a noun. But then Clark is a football player, and from the Pitts, so literacy is not in his skill set. Do you people have schools out there in fly over land, even elementary or secondary ones?

    • chris

      Actually, Ryan Clark is from Louisiana. He just plays for Pittsburgh. See, in football, they have this thing called “the draft” where players from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY are taken by whatever team wants them.

      Typical Baltimoron. Can’t even troll intelligently.

      • publius

        Wrong again Chris (but that’s not surprising). When Clark came into the league he had one of the highest Wonderlic scores ever at the Combine. Living in the Pitts, however, even just for the season, made him stupid. It’s not clear whether he chose to be stupid, so he wouldn’t stand out among his neighbors, or whether it just happened automatically because he was in the Pitts. Work on that elementary school problem, would you.