Hug it out, Bitch.

Troy Polamalu Sheds Manly Tears

In my recap of the Pittsburgh Steelers utter domination of the hapless Cincinnati Bengals, I noted defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau ripping superstar Troy Polamalu a new one for attempting a boneheaded lateral after his game-sealing interception.  A few moments later they hugged it out so it’s all good.  Turns out Coach Dad didn’t need to waste his time.  When reporters conducted a post-game interview, our Hall of Fame bound safety was nearly in tears over his silly mistake.

Quoth Troy:

First and foremost, I want to apologize for that play.  It was incredibly arrogant and selfish and foolish of me.  I represent something bigger than myself … my faith, my family, and this team.  I’ll try not to ever let that happen again.

From the Skippy Manifesto to James Harrison‘s clumsy attempt to explain he likes hurting people, not injuring them, this has been a banner year for Steeler quotes.  But this may be the most amazing one of all.  You seldom hear a player admit he blew a coverage or ran the wrong route.  Troy is apologizing for the play WHICH WON THE GAME.

Terrell Owens dropped a big pass late in the game.  Did he apologize?  Of course not, he blamed Carson Palmer instead.  Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson pulled one of the biggest dick moves of the season on his 91 yard touchdown catch on Sunday night.  Did he apologize for his antics?  Why should he when ESPN will air it 538 times over the next week?

Florida Gators fans went nuts when Tim Tebow made a heartfelt speech after an embarrassing loss to Ole Miss.  “The Promise” has since been immortalized by a plaque outside the team’s home, Griffin Stadium.  No offense to one of the finest role models in all of sports but Troy’s apology is even more deserving of such an honor.  Unlike so many prima donna athletes in this Me First era, he clearly understands the importance of being a man of faith and a Pittsburgh Steeler.  His words should serve as a shining example of what it means to be a true hero.

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  • Earl Tha Pearl

    Whom ever wrote that quote caption under the picture where Troy is hugging the defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau STOP HATING, because he knew at the end of another INTERCEPTION he made and then flipped the football to an team mate was a stupid move. The quote under the picture 10 YARD PENALTY FOR SUFFERING FROM DUM A** SYNDROME!

    • chris

      Guess you never watched the show “Entourage”…

  • Pete

    Good post, Chris.

    As I’ve said here before, if football isn’t more than winning and losing, it’s just an empty exercise. Win or lose, Troy has done himself proud by stepping up like this and he’s shown the rest of the team exactly what it means to wear our colors. Chris, you have sometimes commented that the days are over when the Steelers represented something greater than just a professional sporting franchise. For a number of our players, that appears to be the case, but here’s one example of a current Steeler who can take his place proudly beside our finest. Perhaps I’m just living in a fantasy world, but I believe we’ll continue to be The Pittsburgh Steelers as long as we have someone like Troy and Coach LeBeau to connect us to that past.

    • chris

      The Steelers have a number of great character guys (Hines, Farrior, Chaz) but Troy’s humility really sets him apart. I agree the team should represent our city with pride and, with the Rooney family still in charge, I think they’ll always do so better than the vast majority of teams in any sport.

      I just caution people from placing the team on too high a pedestal because, as recent events have shown, the Steelers are still in it to win games. And they are clearly not above dealing with unsavory types if they are important enough to that goal.

  • BossSteelerChick

    Troy has no doubt racked up enough points with God to be deserving of a mistake or two. A man of his talent humbles us with his character, humility and humanity. There has never been a more unselfish player in the NFL and probably never will be. All you haters? Please continue. You fuel his fire… and God love him, he prays for you.

    • chris

      Excellently put, Boss! We are blessed that Troy’s enormous talent is only matched by the strength of his character.

  • Joe

    I have moved out of Pittsburgh in 1978 but remain a loyal fan. Steeler Nation is what it is due to the intergrity of the Rooney family and how they run their business with the quality people and players they attract. (Or dismiss). Troy, Hines, Heath, and others are the players you want to point to as what the best professional sports organization has to offer. Well done Troy.

  • krish Vora

    I have never lived in Pittsburgh, but am a Steeler’s fan for past 37 years. The reason for that was their defensive plays in Seventies on and great classy coaches from Nolls to Tomlin who set tones and demanded their players to properly represent Pittsburgh. I am so proud that Players like Superstar Troy showed their strength in apologize to the team and coaches. What a classy guy. I am sure his parents are very proud of him.

  • Earl Tha Pearl

    You all are so right and Troy also shows us that you can have humility & humanity even in football. Troy shows us what we all should be doing in our daily life (humility for humanity) because what you put out there is what you get back. I also love to see Hines,Mike,Rashard,LaMarr,Roethlisberger,and James Farrior,James Harrison play as a team. Sorry no I don’t watch Entourage.

  • pete126

    Troy is everything we wish all players could be. True sportsmen and members of a TEAM. He SO outshines all the hotdogs and showoffs out there.He’s worth 10 of any TO’s and the like! He plays his heart out and doesn’t expect a standing ovation for every move he makes-even when he deserves one. A wonderful role model for any job in life.