Ravens Coach Endorses Thuggish Behavior

So much for class.

Mike Tomlin used his weekly press conference to talk positively about the Pittsburgh Steelers and their playoff chances.  He spoke highly of overrated quarterback Joe Flacco and even said nice things about obnoxious loudmouth Terrell Suggs.  Hopefully someone other than Jonathan Scott tries to block him this time.  The closest Tomlin came to uncouth trash talk was when he referred to the Ravens as “a very salty group.”

Meanwhile, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh used his press conference to show why he’s the perfect leader for a gang of thugs.  “I was glad we broke his nose,” Harbaugh commented to reporters yesterday.  To which the Baltimorons in attendance giggled with glee.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find out the coach who represents the area and the reporters who live there have taken on the low-class behavior typical to that decaying hellhole of a city.

Say what you like about Brian Billick but at least he always kept the fact his team was the dirtest bunch of cheaters in the NFL to himself.  It’s nice to know the Ravens are lead by a man who is not only proud of his team’s goonish behavior, he endorses it.  Newsflash for you, Johnny Boy, what Haloti Ngata did ILLEGAL.  He was fined $15,000 for his disgraceful actions and should have been suspended if not for the NFL’s anti-Steeler bias.

I wonder what would happen to Tomlin if the Ginger Dictator got wind of him encouraging his players to take cheap shots at their opponents?

Then again, this isn’t the first time the Ravens have publicly admitted to their criminal tendencies.  Ray Lewis broke Rashard Mendenhall’s collar bone during a particularly hard-hitting contest back in 2008.  Afterward, he and Suggs talked of “a bounty” being placed on certain Steelers’ heads.  The NFL, under the direction of known Steeler hater Ray Anderson, conducted a sham of an “investigation” before quietly sweeping it under the rug.

Ray Lewis did make a great hit on Rashard.  But then he had to jump up, thump his chest, and point at him so the rest of his defense could see Mendy was laid out.  Typical punk-ass behavior from “God’s Linebacker”, although what else do we expect?  Lewis would be in jail if it weren’t for football and Suggs would probably be his girlfriend.  That way he could put his purty mouth to use for something other than talking trash he seldom backs up and whining when his team loses.

Gotta love the Raven Way as endorsed by their very own leader.  Put bounties on the other team’s players.  Try to kneecap the other team’s star linebacker on an extra point attempt (as Chris Chester tried to do to James Harrison in their last meeting).  And attempt to break the nose of the quarterback who owns you.

Pure class.

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  • Ravens Rule

    I don’t know how you can say the Ravens are dirty cheaters when the Steelers led the NFL in fines for illegal hits.

    • Steel City 2011

      I don’t know how you can say the Ravens are dirty cheaters when the Steelers led the NFL in fines for illegal hits

      Really… You gotta be smoking something very good. Most of the hits have been controversial as well as the fines as they have been in the news in the sports world all year long as the Refs have it out for the 6 time superbowl Champs. Think about that next time you decide to contibute to a mature conversation. Also, dont you remember the fines being reduced , not to mention most of the fines you speak of were not even penalized at the time. By the way, the Raiders are the most penalized team in the NFL… Do your homework before you decide to talk about what you know nothing about!

    • KickYoAss

      I agree, the RavBaboons are not a bunch of thugs. Now MURDERERS, thats a different story.

  • John

    I cant believe SI links to your joke of a blog.

    • Bill

      And I can’t believe that since you feel that way you went ahead in the middle of your busy day to comment here. And to Lee below if SI is slumming by linking here what does that say about all the Ratbird sites that get passed over? Aren’t they even worthy of slumming?
      Interesting that someone takes the time to say that something sucks that they aren’t even able to achieve. Does that mean they suck even more?

      • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

        Let’s not be too hard on them, Bill. I’m sure SI would link to some Ravens blogs if anybody in Baltimore were intelligent and literate enough to form complete sentences. Too bad they don’t have a separate section for “Best notes written in crayon” since the Ravens fans would dominate that.

        • http://baltimoreravens.com Wiseman

          Gee . . . according to the NFL players poll provided on ESPN, HINES WARD was voted the “Dirtiest Player” in the League!! We forgot how clean the Steelers football is . . . . thank you so much for continuing to prove how stupid back of the woods Pennsylvanian retards really are! Now go back to your lousy coal mining job or wood mill where you came from and masterbate to your picture of Big Ben since thats all the action you have in life . . . MORON! HAHAHA!

          • blah

            You should be kissing a coal miner’s rear end right now. Go turn off your lights and heat pump.

          • Jen

            Before you go and slam Pennsylvania, you might want to look up some of the top companies (probably some whom you by your clothing or other things from) that actually are big there. Like in Pittsburgh. Dicks (probably where you buy your manly things like jockstraps so your goods don’t get wacked after making stupid comments such as this one), and American Eagle, where your wife or girlfriend probably purchases your polos so you can pop your colar and act like a huge tool.

            Backwoods, hahaha.

            Hines was voted the dirtiest player because he broke someone’s jaw and did nothing else but freakin smile after every play he makes.

        • Matt

          Before you get too proud of yourself for that statement, try and realize that SI.com links to Ravens blogs for the Steelers page. It just links to any articles discussing that team within it’s database of sites to search. Either that or you guys are a little short on blogs as well…

          • Matt

            Why go to Dick’s when I can get all the Under Armour I need right here in Baltimore? Though I will give you guys props for Heinz ketchup.

        • Kordell Stewart

          Baltimore would dominate the Etch-O-Sketch.

          • Jay

            Hey Kordell, how ya been since moving to San Francisco?


          • kwrapit22

            Sh** is that really Kordell? I have his bobblehead.. probabyl worth what, a buck? Hahahahah

        • Jay

          Hey Chris, before you call and City and Franchise “classless” you might want to make sure you have some class yourself.


    • Kevin

      I was wondering the same thing. Sounds like some chick writing in her diary about how afraid of the Ravens she is. Maybe Harrison can ask the NFL to send him another video of clean hits featuring Ray Lewis text book tackling. How many fines did they both get?

      • blah

        Afraid of the team the Steelers have beaten 5 out of the last 7 times they met?

  • Lee

    I agree with John, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is slumming by having your article as a link.

  • Daryl

    I totally agree. The Ravens are the dirtiest players in the league. They resort to hurting players to get the win. Can’t wait for the black and gold to oust them from the playoffs again.

    • Jay

      Ravens dirtiest players in the league and have to hurt player to win?


      sorta like you guys having to take Carson Palmers knee out to win a playoff game?

      or when Hines Ward cheap shots player who aren’t looking and takes their knees, jaws, etc out ?

      or when James Harrison picked up and pile-drove Vince Young into the field and wasn’t flagged for it?

      meanwhile, Suggs and company BREATH on Brady or simply fall on Carson Palmer and get flagged 24/7…whatever helps you sleep at night, junior.

  • riley

    Ravens are self-admittedly dirty. The dirty birds of the league. can’t wait til Steelers give the Ravens the bird they deserve.
    Class will win over Ass any time. can’t wait for the weekend when BR’s hang their head in shame…again.
    And to the person who wondered why Pitt has been heavily fined, look to James Harrison and his hits. Many were legal as verified by sports analysts and commentators, but they see him and start to pull out flag. Unfair, but that’s the NFL…too many times.

    • Jay

      Ravens are self-admittedly dirty? says who?

      dirty sorta like you guys having to take Carson Palmers knee out to win a playoff game?
      or when Hines Ward cheap shots player who aren’t looking and takes their knees, jaws, etc out ?
      or when James Harrison picked up and pile-drove Vince Young into the field and wasn’t flagged for it?
      meanwhile, Suggs and company BREATH on Brady or simply fall on Carson Palmer and get flagged 24/7…whatever helps you sleep at night, junior.

  • Ravens Rule

    If you took a poll of current NFL players they would all say Hines Ward is the dirtiest player. The Steelers have no grounds to talk…. in fact the Ravens are 10th in the league for fewest penalties.

  • drew

    I’m not going to get into flaming here as I am a Raven’s fan and therefore a guest. I am surprised to see how many Steelers fans regard the Ravens as a “dirty” team. Frankly I think that both teams play hard and beat the absolute snot out of other teams. In the process they will cause some injuries.You can of course reference the Ngata hit or the McLain hit. Conversely, you can reference the Harrison hits this year or perhaps Ward shattering Keith Rivers Jaw 2 years ago. It’s football friends. It’s mean and it’s dirty. Just the way God intended

    • blah

      >It’s football friends. It’s mean and it’s dirty. Just >the way God intended

      Unless your name is James Harrison. Then every hit is critiqued.

      • drew

        Look mate. JH isn’t the only one targeted… Man you sound like we did last year… I am absolutely floored at the negative response to all of the banter this week.

        From the city that brought Jack Lambert, Dwight White, et al to us. I mean really? Mean, dirty, piss-ass football… head slapping, tooth shattering football… and all i hear is whining about classless behavior?

        wtf happened to you P’burgh? I am a Baltimore man, but i lived for quite a few years in your fair city… It is

        F O O T B A L L.

        Mean, dirty, and violent. I love it. You love it. While I hate the hell out of losing to you guys, I sure as hell respect you and the style you play. So let’s stop pretending that we are offended by each others’ pre- game overtures and posturing, knowing full well if it was our team, we would be proud.

        Woof Woof. Go ravens. Good luck Steelers. I can’t wait for the fun!

  • The Writer of this Blog is a Moron

    They truly do let ANYONE write ANYTHING on the internet these days.

    I suggest you research the context of the comment made by Harbaugh before writing a biased, moronic opinionated article.

    It was said completely tongue-in-cheek as he went on to compliment Big Ben throughout the rest of his press conference.

    He and Roethlisberger are both Miami-Ohio guys who actually have a good relationship as well as mutual respect for one another. Big Ben even said so himself!

    Harbaugh, like Tomlin, is a classy guy and gives credit where credit is due.

    Maybe the author of this article should write with his head, not with his heart.

    The Ravens and Steelers both play hard, physical football, which at times can be perceived as dirty.

    But hey, to each his own.

    Keep writing garbage like this and SI will no longer link to your blog, idiot.

    • blah

      The only thing that Tomlin and Harbaugh have in common is that they coach AFC North teams.

      • Matt

        Try sitting down and having a conversation with Harbaugh if you ever get the chance. At the very least, listen to more of his press conferences and try not to base an entire opinion of the man on one out of context quote.

        • Jay

          don’t confuse them w/ common sense, Matt.

  • Dan Oh

    You’re a freakin’ idiot. Ben and Harbaugh know each other from Miami. It was said in jest. Your blog is a joke.

    • Matt

      Now now. He’s entitled to his opinion. No matter how completely moronic and misguided it is.

  • Coughee
    • Papi


  • Lloyd S.

    As a couple of other’s here have pointed out, the more complete reporting on Harbaugh’s comment noted that it was toungue in cheek and that his very next words gave Roethlisberger the respect he deserves as a tough and excellent player. Harbaugh really is a class act, as is Tomlin. And as far as I can see, the Ravens play hard, but not any dirtier than other teams. Probably less dirty than the Steelers, which has been fined considerably more for illegal hits.

    • Matt

      That’s because Harrison refuses to learn how to tackle in a way that won’t lead to brain damage to himself and other players. Send him a tape of that Ed Reed hit against the Chiefs and please tell him to stop bitching about being targeted and made an example by the league. That threat of retiring was the most childish response to something I may have ever seen. If he were to just tweak his approach, he wouldn’t be fined for every hit.

  • BmoreDave

    He’s just stirring up the hive. I’m actually much more disappointed with the more mainstream blogs and sites that similarly mishandled what should be a non-story. Ben and he are friends and the only people that care about this story are those well outside the locker room.

    All that said; LOOK AT THAT FREAK’N NOSE!!! He looks like a fat Owen Wilson…but more rapey! It’s a effen questionmark!!! Us Baltimorons should put together a fund raiser and reimburse Ngata for the fine. It’s the least we could do… I mean look at the freak’n nose!

    • Matt

      I guess Roethlisberger wasn’t going to take no for an answer and Ngata had to do something to defend himself from Big Ben’s advances.

    • Greg Lloyd

      BmoreDave, keep looking at his nose while the Steelers beat the shit out of your team.

      Focus on the nose…Look to the nose… while a Qb with one foot and no nose still ends up beating your group of thugs.

      • Jay

        who’s thugs again?

        one player maybe (Ray) from an incident over 10 yrs ago?

        yea, the players on the 70′s Steelers were a bunch of choir boys…we know!

        Ben “beat the shit” out of the Ravens on 12/5 in Baltimore? Really? Did you watch the game?

        Ben did NOTHING but throw a TD pass where Redman did all the work AFTER you guys were setup at the 9 yard line by Troy’s sack/strip.

        Keep pretending that Ben actually won that game for you. Newsflash: it was Troy and the defense that did that.

        Ben couldn’t move the ball for jacksh*t !

        • Levon Kirkland

          Hey Jay, with a broken nose and a bad foot Ben didn’t turn the ball over like your FlaccoSeaGulls Pansy Ass Q did. So in essence, yeah he did beat the shit out of your team.

          We’ll break Flacco’s nose this time and see if he doesn’t the ball over. Oh wait, he turned it over without anything broken. Can only imagine how awful he’d play with that kind of pain happening at the same time.

          Ben owns the Ravens. No losses to them since 2006. Accept it.

  • John Adams

    Ravens Rule..ah fines imposed by GODell, the most selfcentered, arrogant schmuck that ever chaired the NFL. Nearly all the fines imposed were bullshit. But at least the Steeler players take it out on the guys with the ball, not the ones who help out the Ravens players by handing them a lost helmet and taking a shot in the mouth for their sportsmanship.

  • Obama

    Pittsburgh – how about that economy of yours? Steel business is really booming huh?

  • http://AOL RickT

    Harbaugh is a JACKASS just like his “Criminal Element” team !

    • Jay

      “criminal element” ?

      please explain considering the Ravens have ONE player who was actually found guilty of something: Stallworth.

  • Jaime

    Harbaugh was a bit insensitive in saying that. But you guys need to get over it. Even Ben said it wasn’t a malicious statement.
    Read this (link below) and take it to your filthy, hate-filled Steelers forums and tell those hateful, low-lifes they should have a little compassion & show some class! http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Ed-Reed-Baltimore-Ravens-brother-NFL-playoffs-011211

  • zam

    I’d like to say a big “thank you” to Harbaugh for that comment. You just gave our team a BIGGER chip on their shoulder. And, you’re coming into OUR HOUSE this weekend. Oh, and our guys have had a week off to get extra pissed. Our defense is salivating over all of those opportunities to punish your offense…including more ball strips of Joe Flaccid.

    Oh, and to you Baltimorons commenting about SI syndicating this blog…stop being so jealous! We have one of the oldest and strongest fan bases in the history of football. You don’t. Sorry. Your team LEFT your city…and what you’ve gotten back is frankly, a cheap, dirty imitation of the Steelers. This blog is essential reading for STEELERS fans…sorry you don’t have something similar.

    • Matt

      You really think they are going to take that quote that seriously? And you really think that any amount of trash talk is going to cause either team to get up more for this game than the already are? Wow. Just wow…

      • zam

        Yeah, I think they’ll take it seriously. I take it seriously and I’m not out there practicing and playing every day. Coaches will find any way they can to motivate players…and this one is a gift!

        • Jay

          Zam…go rest…please.

  • Bill

    Dang Chris you do know how to stir things up.

    OK we all know he was kidding (at least I think we all do).
    What I don’t understand is how any coach would say something like that in jest days before one of the biggest games of the season. It won’t help motivate the Ratbirds and can only give the Stiller’s more motivation. Granted Mike T’s press conferences leave a lot to be desired he never takes an opportunity to add fuel to a fire.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Exactly, Bill. Of course he was kidding but it was a stupid thing for Harbargh to say and I’m going to call him on it. The whining and pouting by Ratbird fans only serves to amuse me until we feast on their sweet tears of unfathomable sadness.

      • Matt

        It’s a Ravens-Steelers game. I don’t think any amount of trash talk is going to change how hard the hits are. Pure entertainment for the world to watch. I just hope the winner has enough left to take down the effing Pats next Sunday.

  • Jigga

    Having been born and raised in Baltimore, and lived in western pa for a couple of years, I would feel sorry for the steelers if they lose on sat. The only thing people from western pa have or care about are the steelers. Theres nothing to do in this shithole. The people are fat, dumb, talk so slow it’s laughable. God help you.

  • Jay

    so you say that the Ravens have no class while writing a completely classless article about it.

    wow, just…wow.


    • Matt

      Whether or not he was kidding, this thing is settled on the field. Not in the blogs.

  • Person

    & just like organized religion sports cause nothing but anger and hate….