Terrell Suggs Won't Shut Up

The classy individual pictured above is linebacker Terrell Suggs.  T-Sizzle has been running his mouth, as usual, nonstop since a date for the rubber match between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers was set.  He recently appeared on ESPN’s First Take program where he told sexy co-host Dana Jacobson, “This is Armageddon.”  He would later refer to the third chapter in the best rivalry in all of sports as “World War III.”

I will give credit where it’s due, Suggs is a helluva player.  He was a one-man wrecking crew for the Ratbirds in our previous meeting.  He’s the total opposite of washed up Ray Lewis, who still brags and swaggers like he’s twenty-five years old then goes out and does his best impression of the Invisible Man.  And I will agree with one thing he said:  the winner will go to the Super Bowl.

And can you really blame Sizzler for being a little bitter?  I hate the Patriots primarily because they always beat us.  Naturally, the Ravens have to be a little peeved about the fact they always get owned by the Steelers.  The Ravens have always been the little sisters of the poor compared to the vast riches enjoyed by the most successful franchise in NFL history.

Lame t-shirt, though.  I’m surprised he found one under 2XL considering the rampant obesity in Baltimore.  They have to import those cheerleaders from out of state because I’ve never seen a female from Charm City tip a scale under a buck fifty.  So in the spirit of reciprocation, here are a few t-shirts I find much more attractive.

And of course, my personal favorite:

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  • Spence

    You think Dana Jacobsen is sexy? HAHA….Steelers fans.

    Ravens gonna win Saturday.

  • T=Money

    It sounds like someone is a little bit jealous of RAY LEWIS & His talent. You are obviously delusional. We have owned the Shittsburgh Sheilah’s this year & you know it. You will not win. Ravens 24 Squeelers 10

    • Anthony

      You own the Steelers this year? What? You beat our FOURTH string quarterback by 3 whole points. You’re a moron.

      • Jay

        4th string my behind. He’s got a backup’s talent considering he was your backup for how many years again?

        the man can still play some so don’t insult him w/ the 4th string BS.

        BTW, your DEFENSE choked at the end of the game. Remind us, what position does Ben play on defense again?

  • Rob

    Haha the fact you’re this mad about it just means he won. Quick question… you ever even lived in Pittsburgh? Or near it? Or did you just hop on the bandwagon like everybody else did?

  • jrock

    from pittsburgh you fucking retards from baltimore are ignorant and don’t realize you won’t win with whack ass flacco. we are going to make you little bitches cry on saturday. go back to your shithole

    • TonyV

      I agree with jrock… there is something about the Baltimore Ravens that makes me drive down to Baltimore and take a shit on Ray Lewis’ doorstep and leave.. those mutha fuckers can not seem to understand that we own that city when it comes to playoff football…. Terrell Suggs isnt even worth my time either.. BUCK FALTIMORE…. bitches

    • Cdave

      yo jrock i bet you’re some football player who couldn’t even start varsity in high school because you were too slow and chubby. queer. go ravens man

  • Boardwalk Elvis

    Been my experience that the vast majority of Pittsburgh fans don’t live anywhere near Pittsburgh. Because Pittsburgh is a shitty place to live and the only work available is selling heroin to all of the other toothless criminals. Just sayin.

  • BmoreDave

    All the Burgh has going for it is Carson St. Outside of that it’s a city of outdated single family homes, bad roads and horrible weather.

    My grandparents visited there once; My Grandmother fell in a pot hole, never to be seen again and my grandfather lost control of his wheelchair in North Oakland, got up enough speed to actually jump the Monongahela, but lost control of his landing due to wet roads as it had been raining all day… everyday for the past 50 years.

    I haven’t seen anyone come out of Pittsburgh with a tan in all my 30 years. Plenty of mustachio’d women though… so that’s nice.

    God help you if you get lost in Pittsburgh… You’re never less than 45 minutes away from where you’re going and it’s humanly impossible to remember the names of all the neighborhoods… there’s Grundle Park, Herpes Hill, Rapey Valley, Fairywood and a million more. They discover 2 new neighborhoods every week actually, but no one can figure out why they keep naming them as they’re all equally shitty.

    Sure Baltimore has it’s draw backs, but at least everything is close, the land is flat and the weather warm and sunny. There’s more than enough crab cakes, chubby women and shitty beer to enjoy before you’re eventually and unavoidably shot, stabbed or beaten to death.

  • http://nfl.bowlbus.com/ Bowl Bus

    Hey Ravens fans!

    We’re sending a bus from Baltimore to Pittsburgh this Saturday. Join us and tailgate all the way for less than the cost of gas and parking!

  • truth

    Wow, Ray lewis washed up?? really?? He has more tackles than anybody on his team and the Steelers, and finished 6th in the league in tackles. All while being on a top tier defense.
    check it out:

  • Lee

    Truth is there are MANY people in Baltimore wearing that exact same shirt and we pretty much mean what it says!

  • Jay

    Steelers most successful franchise in NFL History? Really?
    Hmmm, the Packers have the most overall titles.

    Steelers history:

    1933-1974: no titles, lost more games than won
    1974-1980: 4 titles won by players fueled on testosterone and bull semen. The “honorable” Rooney’s looked the other way while their entire team used roids since it wasn’t illegal at the time. Steelers players from that time have the largest percentage of deaths than any other team in the NFL. Coincidence? I think not. Mike Webster died poor, sick and homeless under a bridge. Where was the Steeler organization then?
    1980′s: 2 playoff wins, no SB appearances/titles
    1990′s: one SB appearance
    2000′s: 2 SB wins; SB XL win fueled by controversial calls and non-calls

    hmmmm, seems like an awfully streaky franchise to me.
    stay classy, Mr. “Author”

  • jrock

    you guys are idiots. bottom line is rings don’t lie. it’s the one thing every team has in common….the ideology that if you don’t win the super bowl then you finished short of your goals. everyone has down years and streaks, but rings don’t lie. most superbowls. one team can say that. lets not talk history because the only thing that matters when looking at a franchise is if they can get it done to win the big game. and the steelers have done it six times unlike ANYONE else. and as for the city it isn’t voted americas most livable city twice in a row for no reason. great place to live wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else. steel mills collapsed in the 70s and just as expected pittsburgh rose above it and is thriving now. bye bye haters

    • Jay

      yea, Steelers have the most SB rings…but not the most titles, sorry!

      Packers: 11 NFL Championships and 3 SB titles

      Browns: 4 AAFC Titles and 4 NFL Championships

      Steelers: 3rd place!

      • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

        AAFC titles? HAHAHA. Are you kidding me? Nothing counts but Super Bowls. That’s like calling Utica Hockeytown because their club team in 1845 won a couple hockey titles. Stop trying to downgrade the Steelers unprecedented success because Baltimore is a city of losers.

        • Jay

          How old are you Chris?

          12, 13 maybe?

      • BmoreDave

        Actually, since residents of the Burgh have chosen to call it the “City of Champions”, to make a fare comparison of Baltimore and Pittsburgh, you’d have to include the Colts, because eff Indianapolis. Soo…

        Pitt: 6 championships, all since the merger in 77 years (I’m not including the season they combined with the eagles..Steagles!) = One win per 12.834 trips.

        Bal: 2 SB rings + 3 Championships in 45 years (this doesn’t include the seasons between the colts and ravens) = One win per 9 trips.

        Between the two Cities, over their entire football existence, Baltimore has had a much better Championship percentage.

        That said, since the modern era, Pitt’s 6 to our 2 is undeniably enviable. Even if we win a ring this year, Baltimore’s SB winning average is 1 for every 9.334 years, against Pitt’s 1 for every 6.834. We’d have to win the SB this year and in 2012 AND 2013 to take that lead… so I’m doubting any Steelers fans are shaking in their boots with concern about that.

        • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

          Actually, we call ourselves the city of champions because in the past 35 years, we’ve won:

          6 Super Bowl Championships.
          2 World Series titles
          3 Stanley Cups
          1 NCAA National Championship.

          Baltimore has won..what? Oh, one Super Bowl. YIPPEE!! And that was with a team you stole from Cleveland because the Colts owner couldn’t wait to get away from your lousy fanbase and hellhole of a city.

          B-less doesn’t surpass Pittsburgh in any way except murders per capita. If I want knifed or raped, I’ll go to Charm City. If I want to live in a strong vibrant city full of good people, rich culture, and WINNING SPORTS TEAMS, I’ll stay right here in the ‘Burgh.

          • BmoreDave

            5 NFL Championships
            1 CFL Grey Cup
            1 World Series
            1 NCAA Men’s Basketball
            9 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse (We don’t have a hockey team any longer… so I’ve gotta stretch it a bit and throw in another violent, stick wielding sport)
            6 MISL Championships (indoor soccer. just throwing this into the pot to help cover the lack the Hockey.)

            Pittsburgh’s vibrant? Walk through downtown on a Saturday afternoon and tell me how “vibrant” it is. It’s a freak’n graveyard.

            Drive around outside of downtown and you might find some 60 year old hags mulling around outside a bar in the rain, pulling on cowboy killers, stroking their beards and bragging how their sons are earning their hemorrhoids, making 40k a year sitting in cubicles 60 hours a week, working in the “exciting” biomedical industry… congrats on that!

            Parts of Baltimore certainly have a gang violence problem, but I’m betting r@pe will fall dramatically when Big Ben retires or the Steelers are moved to another division.

            And enough talk about Baltimore “stealing” or trying to imitate the Steelers identity… Pittsburgh might be the most successful franchise in history to subscribe to the tough defensive mindset, but it’s not the first, last or only franchise to try it. Don’t point fingers at Baltimore just because we’ve been just as successful in our short history.

          • BmoreDave

            Actually, it seems the “City of Champions” name transfers to a new city anytime that city wins two pro-sports championships (Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey) in a single year.

            Pittsburgh took the title from Boston when both the Penguins and the Steelers won their respective sports in 2009.


            …well, Baltimore is effed then. No way the O’s pull out a World Series this year.

          • Pisbug reaks

            I like that if I want knifed or raped coming from the team that produced Ben Rapistberger.

  • jrock

    lol curtis get out of here before i give everyone your home address and tell them that you’re a bengals fan

  • Razor

    You have alot of nerve to say woman in “charm city” are fat.
    Have you looked around pittsburg lately?
    Heads r gonna roll at heinze (did i spell that right?) (who cares) Those heads will all be steeler fans.

    • DeadBirds

      Looks like the heads on Steeler fans stayed on long enough to enjoy the Ratbirds epic collapse. Maybe next time your team will learn that a football game is 60 minutes.

  • Jay

    You know who else won’t shut up besides Suggs?

    This clown Chris and his Ravens Obsession.

    Hey Chris, stay classy and enjoy the rest of your 8th grade year.