Bart Scott Needs To Switch To Decaf

That’s New York Jets linebacker (and former Ratbird) Bart Scott voicing his displeasure with pretty much every prognosticator riding New England’s jock for the last two months.  Give Sal Pal a lot of credit for remaining calm while a crazed maniac cuts a promo with murderous intent in his eyes.  Sal has bigger balls than Tom Brady.  If that was Tommy Terrific conducting the interview, he’d just spike the microphone in the ground at the first sign of danger.

Scott’s WWE-style antics present an interesting contrast with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Since the epic comeback against the Ravens on Saturday, I’ve heard many members of Steeler Nation wonder what Mike Tomlin said to his team at halftime.  Tomlin is an interesting guy because he strikes me as a fiery and passionate man but unlike Bill Cowher doesn’t have spittle-spewing nuclear meltdowns on the sideline.  Still, people have assumed he reamed the team a new one after that sloppily played first half.

Actually, he didn’t.  Hines Ward said on his Facebook page that “no rah-rah” speeches were given nor needed.   Ryan Clark was on local talk radio yesterday and backed Hines up.  He said the only challenge put to the team was Dick LeBeau telling the defense, “They forced their turnovers.  What are you guys gonna do?”  The Steelers let their actions do the inspiring, not their words.

Oh. and a little “Renegade” doesn’t hurt, either.

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  • http://sprotsilistrated w moyer

    Don’t forget the fans did a little inspiring also!!

    • chris

      I believe NFL players play primarily for themselves. But I’ve heard many people say the Ketchup Bottle was coming unglued like never before during that comeback. So, yes, Steeler Nation deserves a few kudos as well.

  • Rich C

    Bart Scott is now a JETS Rat Bird. But changing uniforms does not change his lunacy.

    I like the reference to “WWE-style antics”, it also suits Rex Ryan’s style.

    Belive me, it is tough being a Steelers Fan in Metro NY, with all of the idiot JETS fans crowing about what they did to the Patsies and what they are going to do the the Black and Gold.

    Hey, talk is cheap, and the Steelers do their best talking on the field and they will beat Ryan’s fools.

    • chris

      Well, they did do us a huge favor by beating the Pats.

      It’s hard for me to get too worked up over the Jets because they’ve been nothing for so long, it’s not like you can really hate them. I keep waiting for Toe Sucker or one of his motormouth little players to start shooting off their mouths to give me a little motivation but they’ve kept quiet so far. Weird.

  • Mark

    I thought it was hilarious! He was calling people out right and left. Dude was saying what was on his mind.

  • Matt

    If you had been disrespected as long as the Jets have you’d be upset too. The Pats and Jets have despised each other since well before Ryan and co. The Pats have dominated the Jets time and time again since Brady. It was a very emotional game and it spilled out into the interview after. As for the Steelers, the Jets are gonna give you guys a run for your money. Doug Brien isn’t around to wrap up any gifts anymore