Steelers Two Opponents Sunday: Jets and NFL

Are you ready for some football?

Are you ready for a screwjob of epic proportions?

A running joke this season has been the Pittsburgh Steelers having to battle two separate foes each and every Sunday.  Most obviously, they had to defeat the team lined up across from them.  Then they had to contend with their hidden opponents; the officials.  I’ve tried to not subscribe to Pittsburgh Paranoia or whine like a Ratbird fan but it’s nigh impossible to ignore the anti-Steelers bias coming from the NFL this season.

Who can forget the debacle against Oakland where the Black and Gold racked up the most penalty yardage in their eighty year history?  Or the Ravens game where Heath Miller was knocked out by an obvious cheapshot shortly after Ben Roethlisberger had his snoot crushed by Haloti Ngata and no flags were thrown on either play?   I’m sure Steeler Nation expected the officiating to improve in the playoffs only to see our team penalized nine times for 93 yards last Saturday.  Yeah, the zebras missed a couple personal fouls on Ike Taylor and Kemo but they also missed Ed Reed attempting to corkscrew Hines’ head off by the facemask.

Worse, the referees continued their habit of providing no protection to Big Ben.  If you watch the Suggs fumble in slo-mo, you’ll notice Ben was hit well above the shoulder pads.  As die hard fans will recall,  LaMarr Woodley was flagged for a PF when he hit Drew Brees in exactly the same manner.  I also counted at least three occasions when dirty Ravens thugs dove in at Ben’s knees, a clear violation of the Brady Rule which prohibits going low on a QB.

Prepare for more of the same on Sunday.  If you thought the Ginger Dictator and his striped monkeys were out to get the Steelers before, they’ll kick it up a notch this weekend.  Make no mistake, the NFL does not want Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl.  It would be their worst nightmare.

Starting with Big Ben’s totally unwarranted and unfair suspension, everything the league has done this season has been designed to keep the Black and Gold from reaching the big game.  We all know Ginger is a public relations whore who goes to sleep at night thinking of new ways to protect the shield.  If you thought the five ninja virgins who picketed Heinz Field when Ben returned was bad, imagine the picketing when he reaches the Super Bowl.  Every hairy-armpitted Womyn’s Libber within a hundred miles will be taking time off from watching Oprah and snuggling with their cats to protest.

I fully expect the yellow flags to fly early and often on Sunday.  Don’t expect any borderline calls to go our way.  And before you say, “Well, we’ve overcome the biased officiating all year.  What’s one more game?” allow me to remind you of our first meeting with the New York Jets.  Down five with a little less than two minutes left, Emmanuel Sanders blew past the Jets secondary then had his jersey practically torn off his back by the toast corner.  No flag.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that this time.

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  • http://facebook alijandro torres

    its ok that the nfl doesnt want us there cause our boy in black yellow are strong and tah we’ve gotten jipt before but whatss one more oppsickle to prove the steelers run the nfl and are the best team in the afc confrence and thats how i feel but we need to get santonio holmes back he belong in black in gold not green and white so lets get our boys another ring this year cause mendenhall aint going to stop taken it to the and ward will smile his way ther to and our defence is one of a kind every ones favorit player troy polamalu

  • Wow

    This is why people hate Pittsburgh fans.

    • chris

      No, they hate us because we’re the most successful franchise in NFL history and jealousy is a terrible thing.

      Since you’re likely only here because whatever pitiful team you follow has been eliminated, I don’t suppose you have any clue what happened to the Steelers this year. They were screwed over by the NFL on a weekly basis.

      • Ed

        So you think you were screwed this year. The NFL referees handed you the division title in your Miami game. The Ravens are the true division winners who got screwed out od the division and home field during the playoffs. Now the Jets are getting screwed out of home field because the Steelers are really the wild card team and the Jets have the head to head tie breaker. So when you think you are getting screwed just pinch yourself and you will wake up to reality.

        • chris


          Perhaps if Baltimore’s suckass QB or their defense filled with murdering raping thugs didn’t suck so badly, they could have, I dunno, BEATEN THE STEELERS head-to-head and won the division outright?

          Oh, right, it’s easier to blame the refs for the Miami game than admit the overrated Ratbirds choked not once but twice when they had to beat the Steelers. Losers.

          • Ed

            What are you six years old?

      • CaptainAge


  • pbj

    poor pittsburgh: world’s biggest whiners.

    • PumaMan

      exactly! they are as good as the refs want them to be

  • Mike

    Haha – this is such a great article on what a bunch of fucktwad pansies this country has become and how the stuffed suit soceer watchers running the NFL are nothing but a bunch of fruity ass media whores who couldn’t give a bleep about the game. Love it how he refers to Goodell as “nothing but a Ginger Dictator – a public relations whore who goes to sleep at night thinking of new ways to protect the shield.” How true – tell me again why the femmie son of a senator who played cricket at Yale is running the ultimate “blue collar” man’s league all about brutal violence and dogged determination? Love his description of the protestors too – “ninja virgins . . .homely hairy-armpitted Womyn’s Libbers . . .watching Oprah and snuggling with their cats.” Is it just me or is our country filled with way too many femme-nazi’s these days? Dang, If this country had more guys like the authori of this article maybe we wouldn’t have or at least tolerate a president who thinks its cool to throw parties for and bow before chinky little commie dictators who want to challenge our supremacy and attack our dominance of the world.

    • chris

      It’s true. My chest is very very hairy. And I eat red meat. RAW.

    • CaptainAge

      Wow Mike,

      You’ve singlehandedly put your country back 40 years with your ridiculously ignorant comments. Definitely what your country needs is more ignorant redneck hicks running things – because 2001-2008 went so well for the States.

      • Mike

        Well I guess if being an Ivy League educated attorney makes me a Red Neck then I guess you’re right, I am. And if being pro toughness and anti-douchebaggery makes me a red neck, again, sign me up. If being against whinny weak-kneed complainers, ignorant activists that march endlessly just because, and corporate managers who know nothing about the sport they are managing, then again, I am. And Seeing as how my country, 40 years ago, was on top of the world – I would gladly turn back the clock 40 years. And what, may I ask, mighty and powerful nation are you from CaptainAge? Our simpering, spineless, ungreatful little brothers to the north? Or perhaps the Ol’ Island whose ass we beat twice before preceding to put a leash on them and walk them around the global neighborhood like a little bitch poodle? Either way, having traveled the world, I’ll take my nation in a recession over any other pigeonhearted, pusillanimous, lilly-livered, weak kneed, pathetic, afraid of their own shadow, androgynous manhood hating, politically correct spewing, peacenik, naive, pathetic, cowardly excuse for a nation you represent. Alas, I fear my country too is heading the way of pink shirts, tight jeans, and soccer. In the mean time, I’ll fight for red meat (rare), hard hits, and a the sort of tough, shut up or put up, get over it and move on, take no prisoner’s mentality that defined this nation (see General Washington, Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, General Patton, John Wayne, etc.) and this sport (see Negurski, Dick Butkus, the Steel Curtain, Ronnie Lott (who had his finger amputated so he could play in the Super Bowl)). For the life of me I can’t understand why a bunch of tree hugging, tea-totaling, spinach eating, namby-pamby fantasy sports playing band geeks even comment on these boards (and for the record I was a four year starter at line backer in college) – you obviously aren’t the “football type” so go back to watching soccer or playing cricket or something.

        • CaptainAge


          I feel dumber for having read your post, good work as I’ve read a lot of garbage before and I can’t say that too often.

          You should ask for your money back on your Ivy League education – it does not appear to be money well spent.

          I wouldn’t throw out the fact your an attorney – as it gives attorneys a bad name.

          Ramblings such as yours are usually reserved for drunks in a bar – so hopefully you were drunk when you wrote it.


  • Tree

    In no way does the author of this article represent Steeler Nation. He is one Steeler fan, and I am another Steeler fan. Yes there we some missed calls by the refs that could have gone either in favor of the Steelers or the Ravens. I don’t think either team is dirty, I think they play a very physical game and lay it all out there. I don’t think the league has any reason to keep the Steelers out of the superbowl, being that the Steelers are one of the most popular teams in the NFL, it makes no sense to keep them out. I don’t beleive they necessarily want the Steelers in the super bowl either, but I do believe they want a super bowl which will draw big numbers, regardless of who is playing. The Steelers won the game because they outplayed the Ravens by the end of the game.

    If you are a Steeler hater, then so be it. It is just football and not the end of the world regardless.

  • larry gregory

    this the biggest BS ever , Pittsburgh owns the REFS , they get every call because Rooney controls rules committee , how many TD’s have refs called back in forth quarter that gave Ravens the lead , 4 in three years

    • Bill

      First of all I thought it’s the Competition Committee and it’s current members are Rich McKay, Jeff Fisher (both co-chairs), Marvin Lewis, Rick Smith, John Mara, Ozzie Newsome, Bill Polian and Stephen Jones.

      Funny how I don’t see a Rooney listed there?

      • Johnny

        Well, I don’t think the NFL likes the Ravens or the Steelers, and they STILL dislike the Ravens more. Tagliabue hated them for moving from Cleveland, and his hand picked successor, Goodell, is almost as bad. If they hadn’t beaten the Giants so soundly, I bet the Refs would’ve given that Super Bowl to the team from NY, with the uspoken blessing of the NFL.

    • chris

      Whiny Ravens fans emerging from the woodwork claiming a conspiracy against their chokers? HAHA. So predictable.

      I guess the Steelers owned the refs when Ngata broke Ben’s nose to NO FLAG. Or when Heath was knocked out for 3 weeks thanks to an ILLEGAL cheapshot hit to NO FLAG.

      See, this is why nobody likes your team or your fanbase. You have no reason to complain yet you complain anyway. And instead of blaming your inept team or your suckass quarterback or washed up Ray-Ray, you make things up about Rooneys owning refs. Losers.

  • PumaMan

    the refs gave the SuperBowl to the Squealers when they played the Seahawks, fact!

    • Aaron

      BULL SHIT!!!! The steelers won and earned wins in 40 and 43. and they going to win again in 45. Haters keep hating, the steelers will just keep winning. They are Americas team and a modern day dynasty, Ben doesnt get the praise of a brady or a manning, but he is the best QB in the league and hes about to get his 3rd Superbowl ring!!!! I dont know what league youve been watching this year but the steelers got screwed by the refs in every game this year. GO STEELERS!!!!

  • Smoking Tire

    HA! Here we go. Someone bringing up the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. They did make a bad call saying Hasselbeck tripped a Steeler after he threw the INT. They also missed a call where a player clipped Ben after his INT. And the play where ben dove and scored the TD, that could have gone either way. It takes indisputable evidence to overturn a call. There was not indisputable evidence. Plus, it would have been 4th and an inch if reversed, so we likely would have scored on the next play.

    Here is the infamous push-off that negated a TD for Seattle. This gets called for pass interference every time a receiver does it. You can’t push off, especially when a ref is 5 feet away from you. Period. This was the right call.

    So that about covers it.

    • chris

      See, this is the only drawback to being in the AFC Championship. All the fans of teams who’ve long since been eliminated come out of the woodwork.

      Hey, Seahag fans, nice job against the Bears last weekend. How about worrying about how to fix that shipwreck of a franchise you call a team so that you maybe win your division with A WINNING RECORD next year instead of whining about a Super Bowl you got soundly beaten in six years ago?

    • Ed

      I watched your video and both players equally barely touched each other. Now this video shows you what pass interference really is.

      • Ed

        Here is another game where the Steelers got screwed

    • Fred Zarguna

      “They did make a bad call saying Hasselbeck tripped a Steeler after he threw the INT.”

      You’re mostly right, but you’re wrong here. That was not a bad call, it was a correct call of a terrible rule. That rule — which said that a player could not cut the lead blocker for a ball carrier — was a terrible rule. It existed for exactly ONE year, and was rescinded after that season.

      That very same idiotic rule, by the way, hurt The Steelers in a late game that season AND was called against Roethlisberger in the AFC playoff game against the colts, nearly giving them the game. So, it hurt the Black and Gold as well.

      But it wasn’t a bad call.

  • Jerry

    You’ve got to be kidding me!? I guess on the intial drive by pitt the pass inference call was spot on…..not….the replay clearly showed contact initiated by the pitt receiver and that wasn’t called. Ed Reed took smiley’s head off because smiley (Hines Ward) made a comment about Ed’s brother. Face it the Steelers are a bunch thugs and the NFL noticed it and fined them accordingly. As for the jealousy thing keep dreaming …. not a team playing right now that I think can beat the Packers.

    • hahaha

      just watch.

  • Todd

    I agree that the Packers are playing well, but Pittsburgh’s defense will make it a long day for Rodgers. We’ve yet to see if Aaron can handle the pressure of the playoffs over time…we’ll know more after they play Chicago, whom they should beat.

    I guarantee the media (and the NFL) is not happy that neither Tom Brady, Peyton, or Brees are in the playoffs. I mean, how many stories did we have to hear about when the Patriots were going for an unbeaten season? Yet, whenever the Steelers approach the Super Bowl, the headlines suddenly die down. We’re a hard-working blue collar team that plays with grit and determination. We don’t try to rely on star power or by throwing a bazillion 5-yard touch-football passes to win games.

    I always think it’s funny when Pittsburgh starts knocking teams out of the playoffs…you get the feeling that the media is just “trying to make the best of it,” all the while moping because they can’t write stories about Tom Brady.

    • save the drama for your mama!

      Well said. Bravo brother.

  • Tom G
  • Tom G

    No html allowed, I see…

    • chris

      Yeah, sorry about that Tom. The version of WordPress I use claims to have image tags in the comments but nothing shows up when it’s posted. I added your image to my post because it is too great not to use. Thanks.

      • Tom G

        I just saw that! I’m glad you like it!

  • CaptainAge

    Chris, first off you make me laugh out loud quite often with your commentaries, but seriously you need to stop with the whining about the officials.
    This is becoming an epidemic, and quite frankly tarnishes your credibility as a Steelers Blogger.
    The whole anti-Steeler propaganda is getting old.
    You completely ignore any issues with officials when they miss calls against the Steelers – likely because you either believe it’s justified because of how badly the Steelers have been screwed or because it wasn’t a penalty. However, the first instant the officials make a call against the Steelers you’re on your blog complaining about them.
    There is NO vendetta against the Steelers – let me restate this, “There IS NO VENDETTA against the Steelers”.
    Finally, enough with the whining about the Roethlisberger suspension, you’re lucky that he wasn’t imprisoned. However, for all of those knuckle draggers who say he wasn’t charged – I’ve answered this in one of Chris’ previous blogs.
    It’s also laughable that you constantly refer to the Ravens as and I quote “filled with murdering raping thugs” – yet you turn a blind eye to Roethlisberger’s allegations. According to your view on justice, Ray Lewis is innocent because he wasn’t found guilty. Yet you constantly refer to him as a murder. Interesting how you don’t hold Roethlisberger to the same “standard”.
    I feel that you believe if a store has no milk, that it only has no milk because you are a Steeler Fan.
    You’re better than this, and I’ve read many of your articles that prove that you are! So please, please, please STOP move on – there is no conspiracy.

    • save the drama for your mama!

      Another well spoken comment. Kudos.

  • save the drama for your mama!

    Have any of you ever considered the notion of putting the blame where it truly belongs? The refs are supposed to be completely neutral. We all know that’s a fantasy at best. It’s just not possible in any way to have completely unbiased officiating. The closest thing you could ever have is a full play review for every play with reps from each team and a mediator. It’s just not practical. The games would be 3-4 hours long.

    The fact is that no matter whether the refs are governed by the NFL or not, once the call has been made and the next play played, it can’t be taken back. Not even by the NFL. I’m a Steeler fan. I practically bleed black and gold, and truth be told, I’m pretty proud of the fact that our boys manage to beat not only their opponent every week, but the dirty refs too. The Steelers are able to win even in spite of piss poor officiating. Have we benefited from bad calls? Of course we have. Show me a team that hasn’t. Are the refs crooked? I have no doubt that some are. Some are straight too. And still their are a few left that are just plain blind, stupid, or drunk.

    Bottom line, put the blame on the refs’ shoulders where it belongs. Then quit your whining, sniveling, moaning, griping and all other forms of complaining…take your medication…find a happy place and your favorite blanky…and just enjoy some football.

  • Aaron

    Haters keep hating on the steelers, I love it. all the steelers do is keep winning superbowls, they dont need to trash talk they just WIN. sorry Baltimore but you choked again…….. 7 in 11 BABY!!!! GO STEELERS!!!