Jets Reveal Design For Super Bowl Rings

I like it.  Not as gaudy as the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL rings.  Slightly reminiscent of their IX rings with a hint of XIV styling.  I would suggest a setting similar to the XIII version with an engraving identical to XLIII.  Or they could just go old school and copy the eternal elegance worn by the victors of Super Bowl X.

Gosh, so many styles to choose from…

I’m kidding of course.  Did you really think I’d let the week go by without one foot joke?  Astute readers may wonder why I’ve been fairly restrained in my comments pertaining to this week’s opponent.  Well, good-natured ribbing aside, it’s proven fairly difficult to get too worked up over playing the New York Jets.

First, there’s head coach Rex Ryan and his perverted little fetish.  It may be funny to joke about a guy getting off on sucking grimy gnarly toes but there’s nothing inherently wrong with it.  Everybody has their own particular kink and if his wife talking footy to him rings his bell, more power to him.   Whatever paddles your ass or floats your boat I always say.  A foot fixation certainly isn’t any more or less weird than asking your girlfriend to don a wig, a #43 jersey, and a pair of black & gold panties before a night of raucous lovemaking.

Er, um, as I imagine some strange Steeler-obsessed blogger fan out there somewhere has done at one time.  ONE TIME.

No, nothing wrong with inviting strange men over to caress your wife’s feet while you do the five-knuckle shuffle.   Wrong is fathering nine kids with eight women over six states like Antonio Cromartie.  Wrong is driving home with a car full of teammates when your blood alcohol is twice the legal limit like Braylon Edwards.  Wrong is sexually assaulting a sweet little coed then having your criminal factory of a university cover it up like Mark Sanchez.

But sucking your wife’s toes?   Nothing wrong with that.

You know the worst part of a Pittsburgh Super Bowl run?  No, not the agonizingly long wait between games.  It’s the Playoff Beard.  Damn the thing itches and don’t even get me started on the pitfalls of eating Cheetohs.  Since us menfolk have had to make a sacrifice in support of our team, it’s time for you ladies to do the same.  Black and Gold toenail polish doesn’t seem much to ask.  Sure it may be a bit unusual and it may be a bit Goth but putting the jinx on Rexy and the Jets should be incentive enough for any card-carrying member of Steeler Nation.

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  • Hennessy

    I take this opportunity to use your blog as a blog of my own, given that I am not too lazy to create one of my own blood… but am not too lazy to finger-tap my pride in the Stees’ and hatred of others onto my keyboard:

    Nolloweromlin…… the new Lombardi trophy once the ginger dictator concedes that he and cohorts can’t stop Pittsburgh from winning superbowls, even if they stage Green Bay to play us!!!!!!!! Face it NFL fans…. whether or not we lose to the New Youurrrk J.ust E.nd T.he S.eason’s, or to the NFC champs, or everyone for the next 50 years…. we are the supreme NFL franchise… Own it, love it… But we love our team more than you do.

    On that note; Nobody use the term “America’s Team” if you reply to this… we are not “America’s Team”… the blue-starred “Brokeback Mountains” already claimed that and we don’t want it associated with THE “City of Champions”.

    This is especially true whenwe are poised to take the trophy in Dallas’ “How in the hell do we get people to come to games when we cant win a football game? Jerry Jones: spend MORE money convincing lab-test monkeys and Emmit Smith’s (no discredit to your amazing years in the league) jersey wearing, lamb wrast’lin hillbillies to stand by my $1B creation to cover my overhead costs” joke of a Disney-Style arena? DallaLosers.We’re adding SEATS because we got wrong only how many people we can get to support the home team, and not support your brokeback investment in the blue and silver. You crashed quicker than the steel industry, maybe one day your efforts will re-build themselves like the men and women of Pittsburgh did… but not likely.

    Though the Chicago Bears fan / future Berkely,CA resident of a President says he wants his team in there, I care not if you can not attend the superbowl because Gay Butler threw 5 more interceptions than the 10 you expected in a heated game meant for men and not girly boys like the other Tennessee famed quarterback watching the championship game(s) from his couch with bubble-wrapped pajamas thinking about how bad he choked last year and this….

    Back to point… Mr. Obama, Wish for a sense of pride in the country you lead and not in pretending to know what football is to that same country. Blue-collar built it, blue collar defended it and defends it, and we have no care for your elitist type in a blue-collar oriented national sport. Go worry about baseball and throwing first pitch to a Washington team you want to lose for the sake of your “cubbies”. I am going to have the pleasure of watching the first two defensive (not defence Mr. Canadian post-season football fan) minded teams go at it in the only superbowl of that type since Brady learned to sit his ass on the couch where he belongs… I would gladly serve him popcorn, Capri-sun’s, and Midol if I had the opportunity to see him with his supermodel entourage paying no attention to a used-to-be winner…

    “Here we go Steelers!!!!” – You … yeah you …

    • chris

      *golf clap* Well done, sir. I think you hit on just about everything/everybody we stand against. Nolloweromlin Trophy, here we come!