Noli nothis permittere te terere

Big Ben Refuses To Back Down

Noli nothis permittere te terere

When Ben Roethlisberger dropped to his knees at the conclusion of the AFC Championship game, I teared up a little right along with him.  No man should ever have to experience what he’s gone through this season.  As Super Bowl XLV approaches, be prepared for every one of his sins, a few of them real, most of them imagined, to be rehashed ad nauseum by the horde of reporters covering the big game.  Remember Media Week is more akin to a circus where every garbage picking TMZ reporter or bubble-assed bimbo from TV Azteca is issued a press pass.

Hell, when the NFL offers a goofy blogger like me media credentials, you know anybody can get in.

Remember last week when I told all of you the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl is the NFL’s worst nightmare?  As soon as the first pseudo-journalist questions Big Ben about Milledgville, that nightmare will have become reality.   Don’t believe me?   It’s already started.

New York Daily News fired the first shot with this article condemning ESPN for not rehashing every one of the phony trumped up allegations made by that drunk skank down Georgia.  How dare they skip over every totally unproven detail!  Should we also flash a picture of a mutilated dog every time we speak of Michael Vick?  Or how about the bloody knife Ray Lewis used to stab that guy to death in Atlanta?

Yesterday, the Daily News was trumped in the stupidity department by the venerable New York Times. A hairy arm-pitted disciple of Oprah is evidently upset by the stories of Ben’s redemption.  “How exactly is winning football games making up for mistreating women,” she asks in the same indignant tone she no doubt uses when one of her 37 cats breaks a vase.  She then goes on to suggest, “If Roethlisberger were to take his playoff winnings and use it to make the lives of abused women better,” then he would be redeemed.

Where to start with this inanity.  Truly, it makes me sad that a once great newspaper allows unmitigated hacks to print this drivel within its pages.  First off, honey, nice of you to automatically assume Ben mistreated women without the benefit of pesky little things like facts or evidence.  Perhaps instead of worrying about Ben Roethlisberger, you might pen a column wondering why a twenty year old girl would have such low moral character that she’d get wasted and blow an athlete in a dingy bathroom.  As for the charity suggestion, I guess she missed all the charitable efforts Ben has made on behalf of firemen, policemen, and the John Challis Foundation.

I guess being exceeding kind to a kid with terminal cancer didn’t fit her womyn’s libber agenda.

The caption under the above picture is Latin.  Yes, I speak Latin.  I went to Carnegie Mellon, I’m a nerd.  It roughly translates to “Never let the bastards bring you down.”  Which is a fitting caption, both figurative and literal, for Big Ben’s life.  He never allows opposing players to drag him down without a fight.  And he’s never let the people standing in the way of his dreams take them away.

In 2004, teams fought over Philip Rivers and Eli Manning while Ben was an afterthought.  Ten players were chosen before him, including such luminaries as Robert Gallery and Reggie Williams.  Ben never let the bastards bring him down.

In 2005, people derided him as a game-manager.  He answered them in the playoffs when he out-dueled Peyton Manning among others while guiding the first sixth seed to ever win a Lombardi Trophy.  Ben never let the bastards bring him down.

In 2008, Ben was coming off a sub-par year thanks to the after-effects of a near-fatal motorcycle accident.  People wondered if he was truly a franchise quarterback.  Facing the toughest schedule in 30 years, Ben led six fourth quarter comebacks against a host of playoff caliber teams.   But he saved his best for last when he heroically led the team down the field in the greatest last second game-winning drive in Super Bowl history.  Ben never let the bastards bring him down.

In 2010, Ben was unjustly suspended after baseless accusations by a slutty sorority girl.  Despite no charges being filed, he was vilified in the media and punished by the league.  When he returned to the field, opposing players suckerpunched and cheapshotted him on a regular basis with absolutely no protection from either the officials or the NFL.  In the AFC Championship game, he faced the New York Jets, whose classless fans chanted “She Said No” at the NFL Draft several months earlier despite their inept quarterback having the exact same accusations made against him in college, and defeated them.

When Ben brings home his third championship in six years a little over a week from now, I’m sure he’ll break down yet again.  And he’ll have every reason to.  For at that moment, Ben will have proven once and for all he’ll never let the bastards bring him down.

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  • Fred Weiner

    Fautores parte elegi, et sta in incepto

  • Julee H

    So Chris, when did you have the big change of heart against our QB, who back in April, you said this about: “On Monday afternoon, disgraced Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger spoke for the first time since Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down his suspension. Well, spoke is a bit of an exaggeration. He actually emailed a phony and laughable statement to the press. Since I’m as sick of writing about this big goon as many of you are probably sick of reading, I’ll let this be my final word on his eight month r@pe spree which has left his reputation in ruins.”
    What an effin hypocrite you are!! People like you make me want to vomit…repeatedly!!

    • Gary Barndollar

      Julie, maybe it was just that he kept an open mind and changed his opinion after more facts came to light.

      • CaptainAge


        To what facts do you speak of – there were no “facts” that prove Ben’s innocence. In fact, I challenge you to do some research on the topic. If you find some concrete evidence on a legitimate site proving Ben’s innocence please post the link.

        • Steelady

          Ben doesn’t have to prove his innocence; they have to prove his guilt

  • Gary Barndollar

    Love it, great article my friend!

  • Christina

    Wow, you are so mad that people are making statements about allegations against Big Ben. The tone of this article leads me to believe that you are literally taking these comments personally. Relax dude, people aren’t burning you on a stake, they are discussing the fact that allegations were made and they aren’t a joke. Why of course Big Ben isn’t a role model, no one should put athletes on any kind of pedestal like that. Time and time again society is in absolute shock by the lack of moral thread that athletes contain. The truth is, we should be shocked when they do have moral standards. But those players are less exciting to follow, right?
    Also….using “honey” in a condescending way just makes you sound bitter. Dudes that call girls “honey” in that way are just losers that think because they have a penis they are somehow superior to the female sex. Whatever, I could care less if you feel that way…but I just wish you could use your words in a more educated manner. It sounds like you wrote this article while slamming sake bombs and throwing darts at pictures of Sarah Palin. Come on….you said you went to Carnegie Melon and are “a nerd.” I’d assume that someone with your educational background could write a little more eloquently.
    And to answer your question: yes, I think people should remember what Michael Vick and all of those lame ass humans you listed did as well. It doesn’t take away from the fact that they are excellent athletes…I just believe they shouldn’t be put on any kind of moral platform.
    So, Chris, put down the pen, punch a couple of your pitbull’s in the head, and relax before you write your next article. I hope they aren’t paying you more than 50k a year, because googling big word synonyms does make you a writer.

    • Bill

      Christina honey, Chris is a blogger and this is a blog. A blog is defined as a combination of the words weB LOG. It is know to be a regular posting of events in the said bloggers life or commentary by that individual about events or subjects of their personnal liking.
      Vick was tried and convicted. Lewis was charged and avoided jail time thanks to his friends.
      Both of them in my mind (yes even Lewis) have gone a long way to redemption.
      Ben HAS NEVER BEEN CHARGED, let alone convicted. Why should he have to be redeemed?
      This article is very precise on what Ben went through this year.
      Chris is passionate about the team and it’s players. Take it for what it is.
      And by the way who ever said men like to be referred to as Dudes?

  • Trish

    Right on Brother!!! Go Big ben and Go Steelers….screw all the holier than thou idiots who think they know what happened without knowing the FACTS…but yea sensationalism sells.

  • Steven Joseph

    I’ll give Ben Roethlisberger alot of credit for enduring what he did this season and; in spite of all of it, successfully leading the Steelers to Super Bowl XLV; however, I hope the most important thing he learned from the experience in Milledgville is that he stops being in the wrong places at the right times. I hope he takes I Corinthians 13:11 to heart for now on – that being this:

    “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

    Ben is a man now and he should put away the childish things that should never have happened in Milledgville and that also goes for Willie Colon, who also had no business being there.

    I think I’ve said all I’m going to say on this. I think it’s time to move on and try to get the seventh one – the one for Myron Cope.


  • Christina

    Hi Bill….thank you for referring to me as honey, considering the fact that I have beautiful blonde hair it I feel like you’re looking right into my soul. Anywho, thank you also for defining what a blog is. I just thought it was funny he mentioned his educational background – so I took a stab at his writing…NBD. I’m not sure how old you are but NBD simply is short for “no big deal.”
    I could care less about this issue – I think Ben R is ugly so any girl that messed with him obviously had their beer goggles in full effect. I commented because I thought the blogger’s thought processes sucked.
    GO NINERS!!!!!!

    • Pete

      Oh get off your high horse Christina. Like you’ve never done anything unscrupulous in college, if you even went. Give me a break, maybe you should take a look at your own pathetic life instead of judging not only the writer of this blog but an athlete that was NEVER CHARGED.

      Here’s a news flash for you, people screw up all the time. Even athletes. I know that may be hard for you to understand while you are sitting pretty in your glass house, but its true. People let people down. Hell I’m sure you let people down all the time with your condescending and judgmental attitude.

  • Nick

    Chris, I have the same question as the first gentleman who posted on here. Back when Ben was first accused of sexual assault in Georgia, you were more than a little harsh. He was a “scumbag” and you suggested that the Rooney family get rid of him.

    Now, maybe I missed a few of your postings between then and now, but I was just wondering what caused you to switch your views so drastically. I love your blog, keep on keeping on man.

  • Nick

    My fault. The second young lady. NOT the first gentleman.

  • Rodney

    Ben is going to be roasted at the stake next week and if you are behind him then you need to be heard load and clear, I wish he would come out and say he is getting married in June! from what I have read his agent has advised him not to talk about it in the public until after the playoffs are over but I would advise him now is the time.

  • Rodney

    As far as these women, I just do not buy it, the one in Nevada has mental problems and had a make believe boy friend online that was named Ben, plus she is older and from what I have seen Ben does not date older women or have never seen pictures of him with them so that does not fit. The other girl just seems like she had no idea what went down, not saying something did not happen in the stall, but from her story and no DNA! which just kills me because she said he wore no protection at all, well sums it up pretty well, I think her girlfriends may be to blame here and may have been the reason we got a few different accounts of what went down out of her and I am sure that’s why the parents wrote the letter to the DA and said get us out of here please, plus her girlfriend decided to transfer to another college right away! Why run from the Truth???

  • Nick

    Thanks Chris. I defintely remember seeing that post, and rolling right by it because:

    1. I didn’t want to read about the retards outside of Heinz field.

    2. I was a few days late, and only wanted to read your comments on the game.

    Thanks, and HERE WE GO

  • Christina

    Oh snap! What’s up with all the bitter men on this blog?
    Dear Peter, I am currently pursuing my masters degree from USC, thank you for asking. And if you’re so offended that I commented negatively on this blog, you might want to rethink your emotions. It’s a blog, he’s putting his thoughts out to the world because he can. He can say whatever he wants…and he has allowed for people to comment on his thoughts, in turn, allowing people to both praise and criticize him. It’s all in good fun – get a life. I don’t have a condescending attitude brosef…I thought the author did and it seems like the concurring undertone of the followers of this blog is – women = yucky. I’m just giving my opinion….I’m sure the author can appreciate that.
    Also Peter….you are right, I’ve def let people down, but no one has ever accused me of r@pe I can guarantee you that. Please also note, I’m not sticking up for the girls and I’m not attacking Ben. I was literally attacking the author in the manner he chose to write about these women.

  • Nick

    So…he referred to her as “honey” and then proceeded to blow her column out of the water with the most dastardly of all weapons…logic. Man, you gotta HATE when that happens.

    Christina, you are a joke, and everything you have written here is a joke as well. The man made logical, factual arguments which support his argument. That, honey, is called good writing.

    One would think that your expensive USC education would have taught you something about that…

    Now I’ll take the low road…or the lower road. One more angry, left coast hag who can’t stand Ben, or most males for that matter. Exposing you broads is getting SO old.

  • Nick

    In my boiling red anger, I mistyped. Eat it. I don’t care.

    • Julee H

      Thanks, Chris for posting this link. It makes me feel a little better about you…even though I never believed for a second that Ben would r@pe that horse-face McNulty(turns out they had consensual sex, how lovely!) Then the second chick wearing her Down-To Fu*k name tag, following Ben’s entourage from bar to bar in Atlanta…come on people!! Don’t need Dr. Phil to figure that one out! If I’m wearing a DTF name badge and blowing NFL or NBA players ($$) in nightclub bathrooms, I’m not going to cry r@pe the next day…common sense!! Sorry, but I have a little resentment against these stupid girls out to make some money that end up nearly ruining a man’s career…
      GO STEELERS!!!!!!!

      • Julee H

        Sorry I had to reply there, I couldn’t do it above for some reason.
        That reply was in reference to the link from above that Chris posted, his 10/19 story.

        • chris

          Yeah, my reply system gets a bit wonky at times. Sorry about that.

          You’re welcome, Julee. I realize there will always be a segment of the female population who immediately thinks the worst of men but I confess I’m surprised more women don’t assess the situation as intelligently as you (or maybe they just don’t comment).

          It blows my mind that the onus of blame is continually placed on Ben for “boorish behavior” as if he forced the girl to follow him from bar to bar and poured those shots down her throat until she was blackout drunk. How about a little personal responsibility on behalf of the “ladies” (and I use that term loosely in DTFs case)?

          Nice to know there is at least one woman out there who holds her fellow women to the same standards as she holds men.

          • Julee H

            I tend to see things for what they are, and I know what these girls do and what they are capable of-if things don’t turn out the way they hoped.
            I enjoyed this article…I think Ben has done a phenomenal job in spite of all the turmoil he has faced this season. Staying strong through all of the media/legal issues and a broken foot, nose, etc…
            After surviving all of that, how can he NOT lead the Steelers to their 7th Superbowl win???

  • Christina

    Nick – really? Left coast hag? Haha, why are you guys so mad? The best, and I mean, the BEST part about this all is that I’m a 49ers fan. Why don’t you guys relax and enjoy the fact that your team is going to the super bowl and mine is at home crying? I have to say I’m pretty proud of how riled up I got you boys. You shouldn’t let anyone’s mundane words have such a huge impact on your life. I mean you don’t even know me and you practically have my voodoo doll completed with the fire lit under my feet. Chill…

    • John

      You’re a 49ers fan, get off our blog. Your team sucks. HONEY Go Steelers and Go Irish! FUSC

  • Nick

    Don’t give yourself THAT much credit. It’s a slow sports week in Pittsburgh, and we need SOMETHING to do while the snow piles up.

  • Derp

    He is a great quarterback….and a rapist.

  • http://none treva pickering

    I love the steelers , and my heart bleeds for ben, that gold digging thing maybe has hurt his image with some, but I live in steeler country and we all love him still . Keep your head up Ben!

  • Christina

    ohai derp!! :)

  • CaptainAge


    Not even sure what to say to you – first you make Ben out to be a martyr, and second you speak about his sexual assaults like you have insider information. I’ve read countless articles regarding that night, and I’ve yet to find anything that indicates that Ben’s innocent. What proof do you have that Ben didn’t sexually assault that female in Georgia? Is it just blind faith? Where you there that night? Or do you have such a high opinion of athletes that you find it impossible that any woman would say no to them?

    I find it very hard to believe that anyone can say with absolute certainty that he’s innocent. I’ve never said that I believe he intended to assault that female and I can’t say with 100% certainty that he’s guilty – but by the same token, I can not conclude that he’s innocent either. It’s interesting how you demonize an article for ignoring the “facts” yet continue to post your “facts” about the night.

    That’s a nice segue onto my next topic. I’ve posted some facts regarding that night on a previous blog of yours – perhaps you should read it. One of the facts I list states that the investigating officer resigned due to his piss poor handling of the investigation. That same officer bullied the victim before, during, and likely after her statements – which would make anyone nervous (except for maybe you and some of the other readers), and on top of what she just went through – I’m even surprised she could get any words out. But perhaps I’m just one of Oprah’s disciples.

    Please explain to me why the officer felt the need to resign if he followed the proper protocols?

    You repeatedly refer to Ray Lewis as a murder – which “kills me” pun intended. Take the blinders off and actually look at the facts that are available. Ray Ray wasn’t convicted – do you just ignore this fact because it doesn’t suit your articles?

    It’s no wonder that a large number of sexual assaults go unreported. Considering how much of an expert you and some of the knuckle draggers are on this topic, and how you blame the victims for being assaulted. It’s disgraceful and disrespectful.

    Ben’s been an ass for quite some time and it’s well documented. I mean, he was such an ass that everyone is making a point to comment on how much he’s changed. So, I guess he’s just an ass all the time except when he’s in a bar hitting on the ladies drunk out of his mind.