Rashard Mendenhall Really Excited About Super Bowl

Thirty-six hours after the Pittsburgh Steelers punched their ticket to Super Bowl XLV, everybody’s talking about…

Well, they’re talking about a lot of things except the big game.  They’re talking about Mark Sanchez picking a winner.  They’re talking about Jay Cutler and his lack of testicles.  Seriously, Steeler Nation, how lucky are we to have Ben Roethlisberger?  Can you imagine if we had a crybaby like Tom Brady who whines for a flag every time somebody breathes on him or a human mangina like Cutler?   I goof on Ben occasionally being a drama queen but the man really is a piece of iron.

He’s also a hot piece of ass, according to Rashard Mendenhall.  I understand getting excited about going to the Super Bowl but that’s just wrong man…  At least give the big fella a reach around.  See what you missed out on by always blowing things in the playoffs, Kordell?

I’m not sure why I failed to notice the video above during the game.  I was probably distracted by the fight breaking out in the background since violence interests me much more than sex.  If you recall, a New York Jet came diving over the line on the first Victory Formation kneel down which got tempers flaring.   Ordinarily, I’d accuse them of playing dirty but considering the Big Legursky flubbed a couple snaps earlier, I don’t blame them for trying desperate tactics.

Speaking of the center situation, still no word whose crotch Big Ben will be reaching under in Dallas.  Maurkice Pouncey is being listed as a high ankle sprain which usually keeps guys out anywhere from three to six weeks.  Pouncer claims he had the same injury in college and played the next game.  I’m not going to make any predictions but as long as he doesn’t see the same gynecologist as Cutler, I have a feeling the kid is going to at least give it a go.

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  • CaptainAge

    LOL – my wife and I saw that during the game – we were killing ourselves laughing….

  • McCallister

    Strange, I didn’t notice that because I too was excited. My wife noticed, which is ironic because at the time, I was humping her leg.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Yeah, as I said, I was distracted by the fight. So you see what I’m interested in.

      And I guess now we know what both you and your wife are interested in. LOL If she starts asking for a #34 jersey, be worried. Or happy. I’m not sure.

  • Tom G

    For some reason, the video isn’t showing up for me. Damnit all to hell!! Gotta check the codecs..

    I love the “Cutler’s mangina” line.

    • Tom G

      ok, got it. How did I miss that??? FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!!! Like you, I was watching the fight.

      • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

        I hope Champion lets me interview Mendy again this offseason. I’m totally going to ask him about that.

  • zam

    Chris you’re so right that we’re lucky to have Ben. He has redeemed himself in so many ways over this season. Playing with a broken nose, and a broken foot – taking a beating for the team, and all the while, never bitching about it.

    Those chumps at the NFL (network) better be eating their words right now. I cancelled that joke of a channel after the Stillers played their Thursday night game. The overrated Peyton Manning was in the top TEN on their “100 greatest NFL players” countdown! How Ben got left off that list is beyond me. Oh, wait – it’s because that entire network has a clear bias against the Steelers (I call them the “Fox News” of football).

    It seems like whenever we face extreme adversity in a season, that’s when we come out on top…that, and the well-wishes of Steeler Nation! I just can’t believe we made it to the Super Bowl this year!!! SO EXCITED!

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Blame fantasy football, zam. Stats, stats, and more stats. That’s all people care about it seems. Best quote of the night from Sunday’s AFC Championship telecast was when Simms said, “Ben said he knows he’ll never lead the league in yardage or touchdowns. But he says it’s fine with him because all he’s interested in is championships.”

      And that’s why Ben is the best there is right now. To borrow a catchphrase, I don’t care about stats, just win baby.

  • Hoss

    Speaking of video, toward the beginning of the game I watched as one of the Jets players ( looked like Sanchez to me) picked his nose and wiped a booger on his teammate. They were both wearing an overcoat at the time but the camera was right there on the Jet sidline. When I saw that I looked over at my viewing mate and asked if he saw the sme thing I did and he confirmed.