Terry Loves Ben, Steelers Hate Goodell, And Keisel's Beard

Well, that went better than expected…

Super Bowl XLV Media Day ended without incident for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It was actually a fairly subdued affair with Troy’s hair, Brett Keisel‘s beard, and Ines Sainz‘s ass garnering as much publicity as the Green Bay Packers.  The Diesel’s epic facial hair inspired some of the best quotes of the day.  Asked if the beard was ready for the big game, Keisel responded, “The beard’s getting too caught up in all this media attention.  It’s basking in all its glory.  It needs to focus more on the game.”  Meanwhile, Antwaan Randle-El paid it the ultimate compliment by predicting it would win in a fight against Troy’s flowing locks.

The expected ambush of superstar quarterback Ben Roethlisberger never occurred.   Oh, the media jackals peppered him with a number of thinly veiled questions about his turbulent off-season but Ben was prepared to answer them with a friendly smile and good-natured quips.  In fact, he was so successful Deadspin was reduced to taking one sentence from an hour of interview time and making a forced unfunny joke so the trucker hat wearing fratboys who skim that site in between bong hits could giggle like Beavis and Butthead.

Watching Big Ben joke around with a little kid (an eleven-year-old from Dallas was there covering the game for his school paper) and speak so eloquently about his faith makes it impossible to not root for the guy.  Clearly, the mentoring he’s received from the Rooney Family, Bill Cowher, and Merril Hoge (who will be autographing copies of his fantastic autobiography at the BOOKS-A-MILLION in Grapevine Mills Mall from 4-5 P.M. this Saturday for those of you in the Dallas area) has allowed him to turn his life around.  Ben has clearly embraced the Christian values he learned growing up in Findlay, Ohio.  Truly only the willfully ignorant or stubbornly obtuse refuse to see Ben has successfully transformed into the hero he wishes to be.

One person who no longer fits that description is Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw.  With FOX broadcasting this year’s Super Bowl, their entire broadcasting team was also on hand for Media Day festivities.   Reporters asked the Blonde Bomber about his current relationship with Big Ben.

I hope this puts to rest any talk of T.B. “hating the Steelers.”  One of the things which makes Steeler Nation great is the fact we respect the history of our franchise.  It embarrasses me to no end when people rag on or attempt to discredit what Bradshaw did for this city.  He was exactly right when he said championships are the ultimate measure of a player’s worth and Bradshaw has the rings to back him up.  Still, the fact two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history have patched things up has to be heartening for any true fan of the Black and Gold.

While hugs were exchanged between Terry and Ben, one person feeling no love was Roger Goodell.  The Steelers used this platform to blast the Ginger Dictator at every opportunity.  Good for them.  He spent the entire year pulling one stunt after the other in his never-ending crusade to screw over the Steelers.  Only a blind man or an utter fool couldn’t see Ginger’s obvious vendetta against the boys from the ‘Burgh.

Hines Ward, donning a Troy wig (told ya the entire day was about hair), started by blasting the league’s hypocritical stance on concussions.  Max Starks went off on the Ginger Dictator for straight up lying about the “The Steelers Hate Ben” story Peter King published then later retracted from SI.  According to Max, if Ginger was so interested in player feedback, how come he refused to answer any questions about Ben’s unfair suspension when he met with the team during training camp?   But perhaps the OH SNAP moment of the afternoon was when James Harrison was asked about the clean aggressive hard-hitting style of  football men used to play before Ginger’s attempted pussification of the game.

Greatest  burn ever?   GREATEST BURN EVER.

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  • sally

    Oh, come on. “Ben has clearly embraced the Christian values he learned growing up in Findlay, Ohio.” Look, I truly hope that’s the case, but you just don’t know that he’s changed just because he hasn’t gotten in to any kind of reported trouble in 6 months. And I’m sure you don’t know him well enough to make that kind of judgment.

    Loved the James Harrison clip. Good for Max – Goodell is a punk.

    • CaptainAge

      Sally, I agree with you – time will tell what type of person Ben’s become.

      Some people can have the wool pulled over their eyes too easily.

      Finally, there is no cause and effect in spreading Christian beliefs and being a good person. Many people have claimed to be good Christians but are horrible people.

    • tim

      I agree completely. “It’s impossible not to root for the guy.” Really???

      I mean, I’m rooting for him to play well, because I’m a Steelers fan, but if I wasn’t, I would it impossible not to root against the Steelers. I can believe anybody would fall for this whole hiding-behind-his-religion nonsense – it’s so obviously something Roethlisberger has been coached to do by his public relations people. Because it’s taboo to call BS on that kind of thing.

  • Michele Scott

    Well, this Nation member will not forget how Terry BRADSHAW stated on FOX the weekend of the AFC Championship how the STEELERS were going to FALL TO THE JETS! Oh, NO! Then right before the show went to the game he climbed back on board with I PICK THE STEELERS! Terry your either with us or against us! It was a CHAMPIONSHIP GAME and you should have been FIRM in your CONVICTION of the TEAM that you HELPED BUILD THE HISTORY! We are not longer just a “curtain” but a NATION!

  • Fred Weiner

    Wonderful post, thank you. The most moving part for me was Terry’s interview–obviously not scripted, or learned from a consultant–emotionally satisfying because, for me, it seemed to come from his heart. Ben, understandably, not quite so much. He’s learned–learning–to say those things that place him in a different light than before the incidents. Which is an excellent way to change one’s image and one’s sense of self. I felt no hypocrisy.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Thanks, Fred. That’s always been TB’s problem. He doesn’t script things out or read off a teleprompter. He just speaks from the head (and heart) which sometimes leaves him with a foot in the mouth. But in this age of boring soundbites and kiss-ass commentators, I admire Terry for being himself.

  • Hennessy

    Great Post.. *louder than golf clap-clap*.

    I loved everything about media day this year. Some observations:
    - Loved Harrison joking with the reporter and putting on his best mean face and short replies to her. She said it was the first player that “intimidated” her, and he totally went with it. He was laughing like a 5 year old as she walked away. Good Job Silverback.
    - Loved that all our boys looked so laid back and relaxed. The jamboree that goes on can really get to a team, and it’s great to see so many white jerseys and smiling faces who have been there before and are just having fun with it. In contrast, how many cheese-eaters looked like it was the first time they were on camera? Nerves = Bad for GB good for Steel City.
    - I am not saying it was a great idea, but leave it to the media to make grown men out as philandering pigs for going out to a gentlemens club. I was glad to hear that those lucky enough to watch live media day coverage said they made next to no mention about it there. It was all i heard on the radio and the internets though. Good for them, burn that stress boys (just not close to gameday).
    - Hines Ward wins “most hilarious with the troy hair 2011″. Next to his rippin cowboy outfit, that was the most awesome thing I saw yet.
    -Kudos to Keisel for trying to spell Polamalu – only to resort to T-R-O-Y. That was great. Also was his Troy hair look, making me believe that the Polamaeisel actually exists. I hope it plays.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

      Thanks, Hennessy.

      I have a Hines post for later today (Two posts a day? Must be Super Bowl!) but I think you’ll find my take on things more to your liking. Hines has been quite the center of attention the past few days.

      And, yeah, I saw that Silverback interview you speak of. I’m not lying, if I had gone to Media Circus and talked to James, the microphone would’ve been shaking a little when I put it to his face. Man is a BMF of the highest order.