Thank You Chris Viola

My name is Brian Miller and I am the Director of NFL sites here at the FanSided Network.  Over the last several years, Chris Viola has been the only writer on this site.  Recently, Chris and FanSided parted company and I wanted to personally thank Chris for all his hard work and dedication to the site and to the network and to wish him well in his future covering the Steelers.

To all of you Pittsburgh Steeler fans, we want to let you know that we are not abandoning the site and will have a new lead writer/editor in place soon as well as additional staff to make this site even more informative.  With the perspectives of more than one writer, we hope to provide you with the same solid coverage that we have had over the last few years and seasons of Steeler football.

While the network searches for our new staff for this site, we encourage you all to continue posting and communicating here on this site and to watch for our new staff hires which should be very soon.

With all of that said, if you would like more information on possibly joining the Nice Pick, Cowher staff or possibly taking over the site as a lead writer or editor, please contact us and apply by visiting this link.

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  • Hennessy

    Say it Aint’ So!!!

    Great coverage during your tenure Chris. I speak for all the NPC followers in saying we will miss your wit and wisdom. We only hope someone can pick up the chains and keep this going.

    All the best to your future endeavors….

  • Bill

    Cheers Chris! My day won’t seem quite the same without your words of wisdom to pick through a couple times each week.

  • Tom G

    Bummmer, I loved the site…

  • Daniel Watchorn

    This site will now suck!

  • mikereese

    Thanks for the effort Chris but…..If all things were REALLY good, they would NEVER come to an end.

  • Fred

    Sounds like a management move. Such a shame. Chris is a talented writer. This was my favorite site. I’m not sure you can replace Chris and provide the same level of quality. I have a bad feeling that this site may be destined for a downward spiral. Good luck to you Chris. And thank you for the years of great Steelers and NFL analysis.

  • chris

    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for all the kind words. I’m sorry I never got a chance to post my own announcement but I guess the powers-that-be couldn’t wait to usher me out the door. Anyway, I am looking into continuing to blog for my own site and I have been assured they would announce my new site when I get it up (we’ll see). So if anybody knows anything about site design or just wants to drop me a line, feel free to contact me at nicepickchris@gmail or cman429@gmail.

    On a final note, it has been my pleasure to entertain you all these years. I hope to continue to do so at another time and place. Rabid Steeler fans like you are what made this whole venture worthwhile. And with that, I sign off NPC for the final time Be well.



    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Will definitely miss Chris. Doubt it could possibly be the same. I like the Steelers-biased thoughts & reports. Dang it! Now where will I go. Hope to hear from you soon, Chris!

  • Boss Steeler Chick

    I hate to hear that. I have very much enjoyed Chris’s humorous prose. He always keeps it real. Best of luck, Chris! Keep us posted on your whereabouts.

  • Brian Miller

    Chris, I will absolutely announce your site. I said I would and I will. I really do appreciate what you have done here. It simply didn’t work out in the end. I hadn’t heard from you in a couple of days so I wasn’t sure if you were wanting to post a message, that offer is still open and I can have you set up to do that if you wish. That call is completely yours.

    Thank you again, seriously. And please Email me when you have your site up. I will make sure it gets added in the links as well.


  • Boss Steeler Chick

    Couldn’t agree more with Fred.

  • psyche

    Mr. Viola,

    Thank you for the years of entertainment.