2011 Pittsburgh Steelers Season Preview - Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh

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Ahh, the Seahawks. The Steelers’ foes from their “one for the thumb” Super Bowl win in SB40.

While the Steelers were in the midst of creating their legacy of championship football, great northwest was getting an expansion team.

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The Seahawks first took the field in 1976 and managed to set a couple of interesting (and dubious) records in their brief history.

They are the only team to have switch conferences twice, and they are the only team to ever win their division with a losing record in a non-strike shortened year. Well done, Seattle.

Let’s see what’s in store for Seattle when they travel to the ‘Burgh for a SB40 rematch.

Recent History

Actually, these two teams have met since the Steelers won SB40 (or the refs gave them the game, if you are from Seattle). It says a lot that years later Seahawks’ fans are still grousing about how they were jobbed by the refs in that game. Try losing a Super Bowl when your quarterback, who threw only seven picks in the entire regular season, throws three in the Super Bowl. Then you will have a reason to cut yourself, Seattle.

In their last meeting on Oct. 7, 2007, the Steelers won handily, 21-0, in Pittsburgh.

We all know what happened in SB40.

The meeting prior to that was on Nov. 2, 2003 in Seattle. The Seahawks took one from the Steelers that day, 23-16.

The Steelers and Seahawks have only met 16 times all-time, one of those in the Super Bowl. In the rest of the games, the Seahawks are 8-7. Twelve teams have all-time even or winning records against the Steelers and Seattle is one of those teams. Remember, most of the rest of those teams (Cowboys, Giants, Reskins, Eagles) were playing the Steelers when they were horrid (1933-1971). Seattle is one of the few teams with an even record against the Steelers in the Super Bowl era.

Seattle’s Offense vs. Pittsburgh’s Defense

One has to wonder who will be playing quarterback for the Birds in 2011. Right now, the only QB under contract on their roster is Charlie Whitehurst. I know what you are thinking, “Umm, who?”

Matt Hasselbeck and J.P. Losman are both unrestricted free agents along with a small army of other players on both sides of the ball. It stands to reason that one of these guys will be signing a deal within a few days of the end of the lockout, or Seattle will make a play for a guy like Kevin Kolb from Philadelphia.

Either way, Head Coach Pete Carroll is going to have a lot of coaching to do to even bring this passing offense up to mediocrity.

Seattle ranked 19th in yards per game passing and 28th in passing touchdowns. According to footballoutsiders.com, the Seahawks ranked 29th in Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA) in passing offense. Their rating of -8.4% means they were 8.4 percent worse than the average passing offense.

The rushing offense was not much better, ranking 31st in rushing yards per game, even with Marshawn Lynch running the ball. Anyone who saw Lynch go all “beast mode” on the then-defending champion New Orleans Saints in January knows this man can run the ball when he wants to, but his pedestrian 3.6 yards per carry last year is not going to get it done against the Steelers’ aggressive run-stopping defense. One has to think most defenses were loading up to stop Lynch and daring Hasselbeck to find one of his band of no-name receivers.

Footballoustsiders.com says the DVOA of Seattles’ rushing offense ranked 28th in the league.

Clearly, the Seahawks knew they needed help on the offensive line. With their first two picks in the draft, they took guards. They took a receiver in the fourth round, but it’s doubtful he will see too much time in the offense unless there is an outbreak of cholera in the Seattle locker room.

Whomever is under center for the Seahawks should have a little better protection. The question will be: Are the rookies on that line going to be enough to stop that great front seven in Pittsburgh.

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  • Randy Renner

    When breaking down the Seahaawks record and stats you better look at the players that were injured during the season. You should start with the Oakland game. I’m truely hoping that the Steelers make the same mistake in evaluating the Seahawks. Especially on defense.
    And aside from the scoreboard you should lok at the game stats from SB40, not exactly the ass handing you mqake it out be. One of our starting DBs wasnt even playing football two weeks before

  • Craig

    Is there ANY Seahawk fan sane enough out there to admit that they actually loss and just get over it? It’s like trying to find the Ancient Mysteries….

    • randy renner

      are ther any Stealer fans with balls enough to admit that the refs threw that game? denial is a horrible thing to live with….just admit that one of yer rings is always going to be tarnished

  • randy renner

    Never denied they lost, just pointing out that it wasn’t a blowout and was actually Seattle’s game minus a couple bad plays on defense. Any Stealer fan that says they weren’t a little nervous at 1/2 time is a bald faced liar….and minus some poor reffing it may have been different final score. But yes, the Hawks blew that game…shoulda won it by 14



      • randy renner

        “SEATTLE!! LOL . THURMOND III WAS MY TEAMMATE…. n trust u got no talent n seattle” and yet there he is probably going to start for an NFL team in 2011 and yer posting messages on a Stealers board…sad, sad little man…jealous much….

    • ben

      A year ago, Bill Leavy, head ref of SB40 and Pittsburgh native, publicly apologized for the terrible mess he made of that game.

  • tmd39

    For clarification, most of America thinks that the Seahawks were jobbed in SB40.* Only Steelers fans think it was a clean win.

    * A February 7, 2006 online ESPN poll found that, with 103,167 votes cast, 61.7% of those votes were cast for the choice of “officiating mistakes affected the outcome of Super Bowl XL.”

    • tmd39

      I’ve got a question – WTF are you talking about?

      • Todd

        I’m talking about the Steelers against the Seahawks in the up-coming season.

        Was that not clear from the title of the article?


  • Craig

    ‘most of America’?? You are saying that 60% of .0005% of the population who decided to vote on an ESPN poll on some random day counts as ‘most of America’? No further comment needed…..

    • tmd39

      Exit polling for elections use smaller sampling sizes than the ESPN poll. And it wasn’t some random day; it was two days after the fact, when every piss poor call was still in everyone’s mind. It doesn’t change the outcome, but it does shed some light on the Steeler myth that only Seahawk fans think the Seahawks got screwed that day.

      • randy renner


  • B Fletcher

    You all can talk and write all you want for the next umpteen years and it won’t change the fact that the Seahawks got jobbed in the Super Bowl. The NFL wanted Bettis to get his ring and the revenue they would gain from the Steelers winning compared to what they would get with the Seahawks as the winner. The East Coast bias was never more apparent than on Feb. 6, 2006 in Detroit. If a call could go either way, it went against the Seahawks. It was a tainted win for Pittsburgh and it will always be that way.

    • Todd

      Wow, Fletcher, a conspiracy to allow the Steelers to win the Super Bowl?

      The problem with conspiracy theories is that too many people have to know about them, and someone always wants to be “the guy” who outs the conspiracy.

      I’ll never believe the fix is on in any professional sport. Bad calls? I’ll give you that, but no way there was a conspiracy. It’s just not possible in the world we live in.

      This is the NFL, not the CIA.


      • randy renner

        “The problem with conspiracy theories is that too many people have to know about them, and someone always wants to be “the guy” who outs the conspiracy” um, no. In this case the only ones that need be “in on it” are the refs….

  • ben

    Two guards with the first two picks? Do some fact checking next time, buddy, before you talk shit.

    • Todd

      Well, Ben, after checking my facts, I discovered that the Seahawks’ first pick was James Carpenter who, according to nfl.com “can play immediately at right tackle or slide inside to play along the interior at guard.”

      Their second pick was John Moffit, who is, in fact, a guard.

      I’m not sure in what way I’m “talking shit.”

      I’ll admit that Carpenter may not be a guard only, but he can play the position.

      If you have some facts to back up your statements, instead of just blurting out the first thing that you can think of, please feel feel to post them. Especially if you feel I have said anything untrue.


  • randy renner

    “If you have some facts to back up your statements, instead of just blurting out the first thing that you can think of, please feel feel to post them. Especially if you feel I have said anything untrue.” bwahahaha, funny coming from a guy who left out any facts regarding Seattle’s numbers….say for instance, numerous injuries, new system, nearly 300 roster moves. And the Hawks draft was great…just not in line what the “experts” thought they should do. Our problem in ’10 was the O-line more than anything and guess what..the first two picks went towrd fixing that problem. On D the problem was we lost all our “meat” early on in the season….so limited pass rush and poor run defense…..it aint rocket science dude. Stick with Stealer football ok. And yes, someone DID come out and be ‘the man’..as was pointed out…he came ‘to Seattle’ and apologized for the refing in that game….obviously not being able to say the fix was in…after all refs need to work too. B)

  • Z


    All of your facts are just wonderful… they really are, and I’m sure that everyone reading them is so very impressed with your knowledge about your crappy football team. You can say this and that about the bad officiating in SB40… I’m not going to deny it! But the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of games that get bad calls… do you really want to start breaking them down? At the end of the day.. you lost. Please let it go. From the looks of it, your going to continue losing… you might feel real good about the playoffs last year, but come on… if you team had to last a season in the AFC… it, um… wouldn’t.

    I am going to love watching your team try to run on us next year, I really am.